In regards to the trending topic #WatchBrooklynNineNine campaign suggested by a fan, I’m thinking you should follow us on Twitter @itsbrooklyn99 and/or make a Twitter account and then follow us.

Once that happens, we should kick off the trend right before the new episode airs on the East Coast (EST) and keep it going through Central Time (CST). And, then the rest of us can pick it up during the West Coast airing.

The official tag for Twitter will be: #WatchBrooklyn99 (short, clear and to the point)

- Goal: To get people to watch our favorite show so we can get those views up!

- Date: TUESDAY, MARCH 15TH, 2016

- Time and Place: 9/8PM CENTRAL on TWITTER.COM

Things to remember:
• You only need to use the tag ONCE for each tweet you post (i.e: “Can’t wait for tonight’s episode of #Brooklyn99! #WatchBrooklyn99”)

• Doing this: “#WatchBrooklyn99 #WatchBrooklyn99 #WatchBrooklyn99 #WatchBrooklyn99 #WatchBrooklyn99” is considered spam on Twitter! It doesn’t count for anything, so don’t do it.

• Don’t spam the actors nor the @brooklyn99fox Twitter account with your tweets. Be respectful, please! They see us, believe me!

• Even if the show airs late in your country (or not at all but you still watch online), you can still show your support by tweeting #WatchBrooklyn99! We need all of the fans we can get! I know you’re out there!

Last, but not least, happy tweeting! Hopefully, we can all successfully come together and create something spectacular! Spread the word, please!

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