TW - misohomy, ableism

Dear ‘homophobia is gay’ people:

YOU ARE NOT HELPING. One, you’re being ableist and you can’t fight one oppression while perpetuating others. And two, you’re trying to fight fire with fire. And that ain’t gonna work.

The normalisation of 'gay’ as a synonym for 'bad’ in our culture is a direct function of misohomy (misohomy = hatred of homosexuality). It associates gay with bad, thus associating gay people with bad people, thus saying it’s bad to be gay. AND THAT’S PRETTY DAMN MISOHOMIST. If gay isn’t bad in the phrase, then you’re saying misohomy isn’t bad. And if it is, you’re saying gay is bad. So basically it’s a lose-lose situation as long as you’re using that phrase.

So please stop. It might seem all witty and cool to you, but it’s damn harmful. Mainstream hetero misohomist culture has normalised misohomy - we don’t need to help them. We need to speak out against 'gay’ as a synonym for 'bad’ as well as misohomy, because the one is a part of the other.