This is probably one of the worst things you guys have ever posted, and that’s saying a lot.

This is exactly the opposite of what people need to hear, but it’s really important for you guys to put minorities in their place, huh?

Seriously, if you think “reverse racism", “misandry”, “heterophobia”, “cisphobia”, or “anti-rich classism”, any of those, are worse than actual bigotry, you aren’t spreading love. You’re just repeating the same tripe that marginalized groups get told every day so that you can comfort privileged assholes.

Zoe Quinn Explains Her Decision to Drop Her Charges Against Her Ex
It's been a year and a half of constant misogynist abuse - from people she knows and people she doesn't know - and Zoe Quinn is tired.

TMS stands behind Zoe 100%, and though it’s disappointing that her ex and abusers will see this as a victory, this is one of those cases where safety trumps taking a stand.

Women’s opinions matter and boy’s looks matter. Women will never take your opinion seriously. As a boy, you’re too dumb to know what you’re talking about, especially about sex or feminism or politics. Realize you sound like a moron.
Better to have your mouth buried deep inside a woman’s pussy.

anonym fragte:

What's scammy about WoLF or DGR?

DGR is completely male-centric and has no problem promoting abusive, racist misogynists like Jonah Mix (despite having a “zero tolerance policy” on abuse and calling themselves a radical feminist organization???), and both DGR and WoLF have deluded, ableist anti-medical beliefs (their “anti-civilization” views extend to believing that those who suffer from chronic illnesses should forego treatments) and freely use transphobic and bigoted language when talking about trans people and detransitioned men and women and will call them “mutilated” and “wasted.”

Not Sorry Feminism: Thank You, Zoe Quinn

What’s really heartbreaking is the end of her post, where she talks about it being “too early,” because our justice system is still too much of a fucking joke and she’s not capable of being the perfect victim due to both ableism and whorephobia in our society. It’s tragic. It breaks my heart. But I also so so so appreciate her for trying. She’s gone through incredible wave of shit, just massive fuck tornadoes and ass tsunamis all because she supposedly cheated on some guy who ended up being the fucking worst ever and refused to go into hiding in the face of the tidal wave of misogynistic backlash that was just waiting for an excuse. And a target.

More than anything, Zoe was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But she stood up and fought anyway, and she’s still fighting. She used the opportunity to create Crash Override to help other people who have become targets of online hate mobs. She went to the UN to speak about online harassment, despite the fact that there was no way that wouldn’t end up in the news and worsen the harassment against her. And she’s going to continue her fight so that the next victim might be able to be the one who lands their harasser in jail.

Seriously tho. Why *should* she be asked to smile?

Asking a woman to smile is to make her more approachable. It’s to make you feel more comfortable- not her. I, personally, have zero fucks to give about being approachable to strange men on the street. Women are not here to entertain and please random folks.

Asking me to smile is akin to asking me to jump. Um. For what? There’s this weird responsibility placed on women to be happy and lady-like and pleasant all of the time. It rids us of being able to express our own range of human emotions.

No one is asking men and women not to interact with each other. That’s silly. This project is asking for women to be interacted with as if they have agency over their own bodies.

—  Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

anonym fragte:

I got in an argument on whisper over the word "feminazi" & they said I don't have the right to tell them it's offensive because I am neither a woman nor Jewish. am I in the wrong?

No, you’re not in the wrong. It’s inherently antisemitic along with misogynist and thus shouldn’t be used.

The exception would be if this was a Jewish woman reclaiming it, then your place would be to back down after expressing your discomfort.

- damegreywulf

shit takashi0′s followers said after he reblogged an old post that I’ve already said I no longer agree with

The post is here, if you wanna see it.



Nah, you guys are just willfully ignorant of power balances.

I could explain it in one sentence if you’d actually listen, but whatevs.

I can’t see in the future and tell that my opinion is going to change about something.

The only reason I haven’t deleted it is because I own up to my mistakes, lol.

The first two parts of this are generic “YOU’RE A C*NT, YOU’RE MAKING THE TRANSEXUALS LOOK BAD,” etc., but that last part makes no sense. “An equal lack of putting up with your bullshit.”? I know you were trying to sound cool, but you have to make sense for that to work.

“Replace privileged group with oppressed group and you’re a bigot”?

“Hating people for supporting SJ isn’t anti-SJ”?

“You’re not allowed to disagree with other trans people or you’re a foul monster”?

This is part 1, BTW. I’m waiting for more responses to make part 2, so the post isn’t overly long.

late night rambles about my past and that bothered me

So I was talking to my brother about my downstairs neighbors when we first moved in because they always blasted their music (they threw lots) until the early morning, it was so loud it was shaking our apartment to the point we could feel it through the furniture and pictures were getting knocked down. We tried talking to them but the problem still went on a weekly basis and we decided to file a formal complaint with the office because it was making being at home at night unbearable, and with my husband working early and me having to take medication just to sleep we couldn’t take it anymore. My brother asked if they were black (for the record I and my bro are black) unsure of why it mattered I said yes, here’s where it got bad. 

My brother told me that I should just move and not file a complaint (at this time we were only in new our apartment for a month and just signed a new lease not to mention they filed a complaint with the office against us just for leaving our garage open which isn’t even a rule ) why? Because apparently doing so would cause my neighbours to do me physical harm. He goes on to tell me about this disabled woman in a wheelchair who lived in his complex and filed complaints because people were using drugs, blasting music, basically violating their lease and these grown ass men start harassing this woman. They vandalised her home repeatedly, left dead animals on her porch, threw urine at her, and fucking assaulted this disabled woman for simply filing a complaint and the poor thing had to continuously move apartments in the complex. I’m listening horrified that he’s so unphased by it all and can tell me his little sister to uproot myself or suffer their noise to avoid assault. When I told him I am not backing down and gonna live in fear or move just because they can’t be bothered to obey the rules or listen when we nicely asked them to stop and how you can’t just harass and assault people like that. His response was a matter of factly saying “that’s how just black people are” and the fact he could sit there and just accept such a negative stereotype of his own people as fact disgusted me.

I mean my family (mother’s side), in general, normalizes violence and abuse as just something that just happens in black families. It sucks. It sucks because being a young black woman raised in a home where child abuse, sexism, and domestic violence were treated as just normal for a black family was so damaging. The fact I’m married is a miracle (my parents had unstable toxic relationships and I was afraid I’d end up in one too), but I fear every day I will harm or abuse my husband unconsciously  because I saw how my mother and step mother treated the men in their lives over the years.When I wanted children I worried I would pick up on my mother’s behavior and abusive or neglectful to my own kids. I’m constantly told how I should serve my husband as if I’m his damn maid by female family members. And whether or not my brother realizes it he attempted to install fear in me to just submit and not speak up when I have a problem, not to mention push negative stereotypes about our own people.

“Valizadeh, who has been the subject of protests in the US and New Zealand, Australia and the UK, is on record as advocating women be banned from voting, describing a woman’s value as dependent on her “fertility and beauty”, and stating that women with eating disorders make the best girlfriends.

In a highly-criticised blog he said that if a woman was raped on private property, it should be legal. Today he told police that it was meant to be a satirical article and that he had written it in early 2015 and had since put a disclaimer on the piece saying it was satire.

But asked when he had added the disclaimer he admitted it had been placed only “yesterday”.”

Coder Applies for Job, Gets This

A coder applies for a job with a game company. This is the response she got.

And before everyone jumps in with the expressions of shock and horror, let me say for the 900th time, that this is not an anomaly. This isn’t one “bad apple,” or whatever the shitty responsibility-avoiding idiom of the day is. THIS IS THE FUCKING NORM.