what i love about this one is that there are SO MANY DUDES who are just looking for someone to lecture about their misogynist bullshit and their heads are so far up their own assholes they NEVER figure out they’re talking to a machine with less than two dozen responses

Carla’s Facts To Consider Number Eleven: Americans – Stop Forgetting Other Countries Exist

Carla’s Facts To Consider Number Eleven: Americans – Stop Forgetting Other Countries Exist

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Often, when I’m talking to a man (sometimes a woman, but this one is directed mostly towards men), we get into a discussion as to why feminism isn’t about gender equality and how men are disadvantaged and women/feminists don’t care about the problems men face.

Which, firstly, is not true – thereby making that a false statement.

Fact: Feminism is about gender equality.

There may be radical…

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Like I’m still asexual as fuck but the amount of homophobia in the ace community is astounding. Like, to the point where I tell people my romantic attraction (bi) rather than my sexual (ace) because so many aces - specifically het AFAB aces - mistake misogyny for acephobia. And I’ve seen plenty of AMAB aces sex shame non-ace women like crazy. The community is cringe and needs an attitude overhaul tbh.

Misogyny And Racism Exists In The American Media! Media Endanger The Lives Of 11 Million Plus Children And Adults With HIV/AIDS.

Misogyny And Racism Exists In The American Media! Media Endanger The Lives Of 11 Million Plus Children And Adults With HIV/AIDS.

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The AP And Other News Agencies Put At Risk Over 11 Million Children And Adults [Mostly Africans In Africa] That Depends On The Life Saving Drugs The Clinton Foundation Provide To Treat HIV/AIDS World Wide Yet, The AP Wrote A Half Baked Story About The CGI, Endangering The Lives Of Millions, Mostly Africans.

The Clinton Foundation Received An “A” Rating For Spreading 89% Of Funds Received On…

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I’ll be at Short Run comix and zine fest on nov 5!! I’ll have some new stuff like “sea animals that kinda express what it feels like to be queer and disabled” (collaged pages from wildlife books with a wacky spin), and sad cats (in color this time! it’s all about being depressed as fuck!), and also the sequel to i don’t have a body, “i do have a body” (about some real fucked up internalized misogyny and queer shit and how that manifests physically). I’ll also have tons of older stuff, including the HONEYBEE ZINE!!! and probably some other new stuff as well.

anyway thanks to a post about that whole argument over whether bisexuals can say we’re gay or not, i was unfortunately informed that someone actually calls themselves pomo-phobic as a grand joke on homophobia as if homophobia, misogyny, and transmisogyny were not some of the predominating lines of critique of postmodernism? i mean they’re an open transmisogynist but the absolute lack of nuance in their rejection of postmodernism is frankly absurd even given the circumstances

i think the best thing i saw was the accusing of postmodernism of pushing the notion of gender as binary. much like how critics of postmodernism often blame it for neoliberal sublimation of radicalism (rather than acknowledging the reterritorializing actions of capital) it is blamed for describing gender in binary terms. instead, the claim goes, it must be understood as a hierarchy. 

of course, looking to Derrida, we see that there is a specific relation between the dominant sign and the one called upon in deconstruction, a hierarchy of privileged signification. The master has hierarchical power over the servant, but is not a master without a servant to exert power over. Deleuze & Guattari talk extensively about the danger of creating binaries, additionally discussing the manner in which becoming-woman evokes reaction from a man, in turn forcing a becoming on his part. And to specifically point towards gender, Butler discusses the oppression of women in a fashion that specifically recognizes the binary nature of the hierarchical structure. 

the arboreality of gender and sex is specifically contingent on its hierarchical structure but furthermore on this binary as a manner of dictating the treatment of bodies. and rejecting the specific manner in which this allows structural critique that is neither objective nor entirely contingent on the individual is a rejection of one of the most important manners of understanding the temporal stance that characterizes postmodernity

okay listen I know I know I KNOW season three of Veronica Mars was bad and had a lot of really awful plot lines and misogyny and racism and bad characterization and recycled plot lines I KNOW but like….y'all need to give it a break it had a lot of really precious storylines especially between Logan and Veronica and PARKER IS THERE and a lot of really precious beautiful tender cherished forever LV moments if i didn’t say that already whatever it’s fine everyone can skip it on rewatches and on their first time watching ever I guess that’s fine just go straight to the movie it doesn’t bother me

anyway this has been a call out post @evilbrochu and @tatasmaslany and @ everyone else who just skipped the season it’s fine it’s cool you all suck

I can’t believe what they did to Leslie Jones, she is so good and nice, why do they hate her so much?! why?! i fucking hate the internet and the men who did that shit and this fucking sick culture of misogyny and pettiness and an emasculated superiority complex that is drilled into our heads as boys and men. I don’t fucking believe it

22 Pictures that Capture the Beauty and Power of America’s Olympic Hurdlers and Sprinters
The Rio Olympic Games were full of black girl magic, but the sprinting and hurdles categories were especially awesome, with the American women not only winning individually, but also excelling in r…


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Nobody cares about your fat whore ass. If I see you in the gym, I'll kick your ass, faggot.

i mean like ngl i am grateful that you’re here to remind me that people don’t just like me for my body but also for my sparkling personality, but, like, tbh that is not really a slur that actually applies to me, please try again

also, take note of how much fat-shamers are just doing it because they care about my health! nothing says caring about my health like attempting to scare me into not taking part in exercise with the threat of physical harm! that’s actually what personal trainers do- just threaten to beat their clients up if they go to the gym

  • people on tumblr:we must protect young girls from being adversely influenced by JokerxHarley and prevent them from romanticising abuse! For their own wellbeing! This is about women's rights! Protect women from harm!
  • exact same people on tumblr:omg all you dumb teenage girls who ship JokerxHarley, how fucking stupid and twisted do you have to be, it's so pathetic and sad, you probably advocate abuse in real life!

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maybe don't call women 'worthless cunts' in a post about misogyny and feminism?

they are worthless cunts and just because they’re women doesn’t mean they’re incapable of being garbage so bye

I’m so sick of this idea that people hack and leak women’s nudes for some sort of shared sexual gratification. Yeah sure people will jerk off to them but that’s not why people leak them

They do it for the purely malicious purpose of harassing and humiliating women. They do it because they know that this one act will cause massive ramifications for these women and they enjoy tearing us down

So all these people saying “Leslie Jones is ugly (she isn’t, fuck you) why would anyone want to leak her nudes anyway” are missing the fundamental point that this isn’t about sex or arousal this is about misogyny and an attempt to shame and silence women