Men Kill Women in the U.S. So Often that It’s Usually Not Even Newsworthy
Hearing that some man's entitled attitude toward women led him to kill is so common that it hardly counts as newsworthy. We don't know exactly why Houser shot up a theater that was showing a movie written by an unapologetic feminist, but this moment should still be a wake-up call about the problem of misogynist violence in our culture. If we're not going to talk about gun control, then let's talk about how to get fewer men to see guns as the solution to their inchoate rage at women.
Hollywood, It’s Time to Retire the ‘Loveable Misogynist’ Movie Hero
Thanks Max Rockatansky for showing us there can be another way.

“…We see more of the same with Pratt’s character in Jurassic World, where once again he plays a tells-it-like-it-is, I-didn’t-go-to-no-fancy-school leveled-up Andy Dwyer shot through a shitty-to-women filter. “Burt Macklin: Lovable Misogynist.” 

It is a little bit surprising that Chris Pratt has made this a part of his “brand” in such a way, considering it is Parks and Recreation to which he owes his fame. Through seven seasons of the NBC sitcom, Pratt’s character Andy supports his wife and values her intelligence and advice, supports all of his co-workers equally, and respects his boss, Leslie. Despite his immaturity, and even how initially terrible he is in his relationship with Anne, he rarely if ever exhibits even benign sexism. 

Hell, he takes a women’s studies class (which Ron Swanson pays for, no less) and never thinks twice about it. So when Pratt made the jump from television to film, not much changed about his onscreen persona, except in the way his characters view and treat women — a karaoke version of early 80′s Harrison Ford. I’m only disappointed because I believe in you, Chris Pratt. 

We all believe in you, you beautiful boob.”

I will not pretend

I will not pretend white people have not historically done despicable things to others based on race

I will not pretend that men have not historically used and abused women and depraved them of basic human rights

I will not pretend cis people generally understand the issues of the trans community

I will not pretend religion hasn’t lead to mass murder and genocide

I will not pretend that “fat” people have suffered a huge amount of harassment from “thin” people

I will not pretend that the mentally ill have not suffered greatly from being abused by those who have no mental illness 

I will not pretend that Capitalism causes there to be more poverty and increases the gap between the rich and the poor

I will not pretend that heterosexuals historically have not tortured the LGBT community


I will not pretend that every white person is racist

I will not pretend that every man is a sexist abuser and/or rapist

I will not pretend that a person hates trans people just because they’re cis

I will not pretend that religion has not helped people through hard times and inspired breathtaking artwork

I will not pretend that thinner body types are not also shamed and stereotyped in harmful ways, nor will I pretend that a person hates fat people because they’re thin

I will not pretend that a person lacking mental illness automatically hates and abuses the mentally ill, nor will I pretend mental illness is an admissible excuse for hurting someone else

I will not pretend Communism is the solution to Capitalism

I will not pretend a heterosexual cannot understand and help the LGBT community

 I will not pretend that hating someone and calling them a terrible person because of how they were born

I will not pretend people do not have feelings just because their race, gender, or sexuality differs from my own

I will not pretend the way someone is born has any impact on their

Toronto police look for man who shouted FHRITP at CBC reporter during Pan Am closing
Misogynistic slogan shouted as Charlsie Agro signs off from closing ceremonies

Toronto police are looking for a man who shouted an infamous misogynistic slogan at a CBC reporter Sunday after the Pan Am Games closing ceremony.

As Charlsie Agro was finishing her on-air reporting of the ceremony outside of the CBC atrium, two men and a woman walked behind her and one of the men yelled out the phrase with the acronym FHRITP.

Agro confronted the group after her report ended.

“In that exact moment, I was talking about how proud I am of our female athletes,” she said. “This was not the way I wanted people to go away thinking about the Pan Am Games and our CBC coverage.”

In addition, Agro said, it was just about an hour after the closing ceremony ended, and there were still many families and children in the area.

“I finished what I had to do on-air and then took out my iPhone and took video of them.”

The man who said the offending words ran away.

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men are entitled and lazy

this is why they are always asking women to do shit for them like get them a beer or make them a sandwich and then they complain when you don’t wanna do it because they act like it’s your job that you’re expected to do these things, and if you don’t, they’ll call you a misogynistic slur or guilt trip you or some other emotional manipulation and they can count on society to get their back for it.

Women, you don’t need to do shit for men. If he acts like doing these things are just normal and expected out of you, but then every time he does anything remotely nice for you he acts like it was something special that deserves cookies and praise, he’s fucking taking you for granted and you deserve better.

Dump his worthless lazy ass.


This video is freaking awesome, showing how much fun doing drag can be; thrilled to see this community finally portrayed as something “other” or “strange” or “not the norm.”

Really makes me curious to see what I’d look like in drag haha.

Elliot Rodger, these MRAs, they’re specifically going after women. That terrorizes over 50% of our population. I don’t think guys realize how that is a visceral constant fear for women. Where we’re just very aware that men can just kill us. I think guys are like ‘that’s an exaggeration, you don’t really believe that,’ and it’s like oh no, we do really believe that. Because we’re not fucking stupid and we see what happens in our culture every single day and we hear how you guys talk to each other and we know you don’t value our lives. We absolutely think that every day, and it magnifies if you’re a woman of color. It gets infinitely more scary if you don’t have the privilege of being white.
—  Allison Kilkenny, Citizen Radio episode 7/27/2015

anonymous asked:

"Who knowingly accepts any kind of role playing that is offensive and horrible? Have I done this? I’m genuinely curious." Well, I guess you have probably watched movies or read books. Very likely you did. Correct me if I'm wrong. A few of them portraying serial killers, rapists, racists, homophobics... Game of Thrones, Clockwork Orange... Look for the list of fictional rapists and serial killers on Wikipedia. Hundreds of them. But in music this is somehow forbidden.

Why are there so many Eminem apologists?

I honestly have zero problem with people hating other people for their political opinions. Would you prefer I hate people for no other reason than I’m not physically attracted to like you? Nah, I’m going to keep hating people who’s ‘opinion’ infringes on the rights of others and perpetrates abuse and oppression. I’m not going to 'get over’ a person’s belief that I do not deserve autonomy or that my level of value and the respect I deserve lies in their hands. I’m not 'missing out’ on friends or romantic partners, I’m avoiding damaging and toxic relationships.

I think MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) needs a major reform movement. I’ve got a few starting ideas.

MGTOW has begun to catch fire as a movement. Its google presence has exploded in the last 2 years and more men are silently starting to consider the facts and belief system behind MGTOW. As MGTOW marches inexorably toward numerical legitimacy, however, it suffers from a toxic level of anger that threatens to destroy its credibility.

Serious reform of the movement is desperately needed, now, so MGTOW can free itself from the male version of the “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” radical feminist mindset. Only through reform can we achieve the success that the Herbivore Man has achieved in Japan. 

Here are a few of what should become many, many reform ideas, as other MRAs see this and add in their own ideas.

1) Completely refuse to accept the separation of men into hierarchies (alphas, betas, etc.) even as we acknowledge and point out the fact that women do separate men into these hierarchies. “He’s a beta” is not something we should ever think or say; “women classify non-aggressive men as betas” is something we should point out and use as a starting point for explaining why this hierarchal system is wrong.

1a) Clarify that men are not things and should not be classified into hierarchies. MGTOW is about freedom from such things, and avoiding women who (verbally or nonverbally) classify men in such ways.

2) Completely abandon the classification of women by their weight and/or looks. Referring to women as a 3/10 or a 10/10 according to her looks is treating her like a product or a thing, which is what we’re trying to free men from. Plus, rating a woman in this fashion means we are ignoring her personality altogether. If we cannot outgrow this silliness, how can we expect women to outgrow it?

2a) Put an end to comparing Western women against foreign women. There are only three types of women - hypergamic, misandrists (the “I hate men” crowd), and egalitarians.

3) Abandon the notion that all marriage is bad and all female companionship is risky. This is identical to feminism’s “don’t tell me all men aren’t like that” madness. MGTOW needs to continue to point out the fact that the system is biased against men, but without broadbrushing women. This broadbrushing blinds them to the good women who don’t practice hypergamy and indulge in the female privilege incurred by male expendability. Some women even vehemently oppose that culture - these women are our allies. Saying no to all long term relationships unfairly tars them as well.

4) MGTOW should focus on the message that:

A) Each individual man is free to define masculinity by his own terms, and no one else has the right to decide that for him.

B) Women who subconsciously or verbally classify men into alpha/beta/etc hierarchies should be avoided. They cannot be reasoned with, the only thing a sensible man can do is keep his distance from this toxic creature.

C) In the context of romantic relationships, men need to focus on egalitarian women, instead of writing off all women.