I hate when misogynist/racists etc. use “life isn’t fair” as an excuse to derail people talking about their hardships. They say “stop living in a fantasy, this is what you got” Well yeah, this is what you got, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t improve on that. There are people dying of cancer, that’s what we got, it doesn’t mean we don’t need medicine. You don’t hear anyone saying “He got stabbed, don’t try to help him” no, it’s because people feel uncomfortable that they might lose some form of prvilege from feminism. Life isn’t fair. That doesn’t mean life shouldn’t be fair.

We need men’s rights activism because when a man is abusive towards a woman, rather than attempting the futile endeavor of talking him out of being abusive, we shower the women with resources to empower her to get out of the unhealthy situation; but when a woman is abusive towards a man we call the man weak and whiny and say he probably deserved it and praise the woman for asserting so much power.

WOW. Men REALLY don't like it when you confront them about their catcalling, do they?

Just walked past 2 guys (topless fuckboys fyi) that thought it would be a good idea to shout stuff at me like: *whistle* “Nice tits darlin’!”
I’m wearing a crew neck tshirt. My tits are not on show in any way, shape or form. Yes they’re big but its a fairly loose fitting tshirt.
So i stopped, walked over to them and asked them to “Please, do continue.”
They went silent and just looked at each other blankly. I then told them, very politely i might add, that saying shit like that to women is actually a shitty thing to do and makes us feel uncomfortable.
I was then called, and i quote, “a fat ugly dyke who should be grateful to get compliments from men when your tits are the only thing you’ve got going for you.”
I then managed to anger them further by laughing and asking them why they catcalled me if they think i’m so ugly and fat, and why so they clearly hate women so much. I was told to go fuck myself and they walked off.

The male ego at work my friends. So fragile, so precious.

One of the things that amuses me most about my book vs show Sansa post...

Nearly all that tags are like, LONG POST but there are so many reblogs. And I’m happy, because that was sort of the point, you know? Like, I could have put a read further line, but I didn’t because I felt it would reduce the effect. Like, you have to see the sheer SCOPE of EVERYTHING they left out or directly contradicted in order to disempower Sansa as much as possible. The best part? I didn’t even have to mention all the ridiculous plot gymnastic they had to do to get Sansa raped. Most of that stuff was from seasons 1-4. I mean, it says a lot that they replaced something like the Erryk and Arryk line that exemplified Sansa’s historical knowledge to the impulsive, stupid, “I saw you cry”, saving no time by doing so. Or replaced the Baelor the Blessed conversation she has with Tyrion, Oberyn, and Ellaria with stupid shit like, “Sheep shift!” Or changed her scenes in the kingswood using the isolated location to try and warn Margaery into walks in the rose garden where she says treasonous things out loud and gives another moment for the other characters to prove that they’re smarter than her. Why not have her learning the harp or playing the bells? Because that would show intellect and talent. And remember, teenage girls who like girly things must be stupid. Why not replace her scenes with Shae with scenes of her meeting with Dontos to GTFO of King’s Landing? Oh, right, because we have to prove Shae is cool ONLY to make Tyrion look better. If they had to have those Tyrion and Sansa bonding scenes, why not have them discuss history or legends? Oh, right, because that would suggest that Sansa has an intellect, and we have to keep making jokes at the young POW’s expense about how stupid she supposedly is. Why not have her react to the Hound with compassion outright like in the books? That might make her look brave and strong, and girly girls who don’t get naked are supposed to be stupid wimps. Basically, they took so many moments and completely reversed Sansa’s characterization, or cut things out. And conveniently, they were almost always moments of agency, strength, and intelligence. The sheer expanse of everything they got wrong, all to the character’s detriment, is mind-blowing, which is why I refused to put any of it under the cut. Because people need to just see the sheer size of it all. The absolute depths of their misogyny and desperation to disempower any female character that doesn’t fit into their pre-assigned roles for women. So yeah. Long post, but that’s the point. This is just ONE CHARACTER, too. Think about that. That’s how bad this show is at adapting its source material. And writing women. And how misogynistic it is. So yeah. It’s long and relentless for a reason. Because that’s how relentless their bullshit it.

The way I approach men is that they are crazed, sexless murder bots, who, if you just conduct your business, be friendly but not sociable, and exit the scene as soon as possible, then they won’t pop out the machine-gun.

I don’t try to get any romance, sex, whatever, from any of them. I see them when I am in public, if I am sitting alone eating, especially, how they walk right by me when any number of different, easier paths are available, and come in gangs of two so one can see how girls react to the other.

I don’t even look at them. Thank God for smart phones. You can instantly be busy with something far more fascinating than anything or anyone around you at any time, in any place. When I see men approach when I’m out walking in not-terribly-populous places, I whip out the smart phone and start doing some stuff that needs doing. There is ALWAYS something that needs doing.

Ironically, in this age of connnnnectednessss we are ever-more able to avoid actual contact far more easily than ever before. No contact=no interaction=no “scenarios”=peace.

Like it must be possible to talk negatively about a group that has structural power over me without members of this group instantly seeing that as an attack on them personally and then attacking me for this perceived attack

But apparently around some men that isn’t possible

im so sick of female characters being attacked and demonized for their flaws but you know what’s worse is seeing male characters be glorified and excused for the same fucking things.

and even if a female character has fucked up majorly why are people so pressed and determined to remind you every single time you bring them up that they’re ‘terrible’ and you should be ashamed for liking them. please put your hateful energy into doing something that doesn’t involve bringing fem chars down another level more than their shitty creators and terrible fans already do.

It seems crucial to resist the model of power that would set up racism
and homophobia and misogyny as parallel or analogical relations. The assertion of their abstract or structural equivalence not only misses the specific histories of their construction and elaboration, but also delays the important work of thinking through the ways in which these vectors of power require and deploy each other for the purpose of their own articulation. Indeed, it may not be possible to think any of these notions or their interrelations without a substantially revised conception of power in both its geopolitical dimensions and in the contemporary tributaries of its intersecting circulation.
—  Judith Butler, “Introduction,” Bodies that Matter: On the Discursive Limits of Sex, pg.xvii (x)

The MRM has taught men to discard their most handsome years (about 15-19.999, your results may vary) on pogo-ing on one pussy after another. The 20th birthday isn’t the beginning of the rest of your life, gents, it’s the beginning of the era of not being as beautiful as you used to be.

Men are bitter. They lash out and aren’t as friendly as they used to be, because they USED to get married and have a loving family early in life, not the delusion of waiting until they are 60 or whatever, then thawing out some cryogenically frozen sperm and having a kid.

Maybe when I was fourteen, I chose this life, because nobody fucking told me what this life would actually be like. I chose a life I’d seen glimpses of on glossy pages. I built some bullshit fairytale in my head of what it would be like. Now I’m in that fairytale, only it’s not a real fairytale, it’s not magical. The people in this world aren’t clear-cut; they’re not divided into wicked witches and princesses. It’s a weird fairytale. It’s like Alice in Wonderland or something. Twisted and trippy. The beauty is so horrific. Full of these absurd people, where you never quite know who they are because they’re so fake, always pretending, always lying. We take whatever drugs we can get our hands on to convince ourselves we’re happy with this rabbit hole we ignorantly threw ourselves into. We can’t leave; we all dropped out of school, we don’t have anything else. This is the only life we know how to live. And our job is to put on clothes, walk down a runway, pose for a camera – and diligently maintain these exteriors we should have grown out of long ago – all of it ties together, it’s all to convince everyone else that the grotesque is beautiful. Everyone wants to be like us, whether they admit it or not – they want this. I want to tell them, I do; I want to go to those little girls and tell them. Tell them to stay in school and eat cheesecake. But I can’t. I have to keep up the façade about Paradise.

from a new play I am writing.

(the second act takes place in the office of a fashion magazine.)

Iowa State Supreme Court Says Telemedicine Abortions Are Legal
Iowa’s State Supreme Court has struck down a ban on telemedicine abortions, saying the prohibition is unconstitutional. It’s the first time in more than 40 years Iowa’s highest court has considered an abortion case. It could also have national implications: other states have considered setting up a similar system to serve abortion-seeking patients in rural areas.
By Anna Merlan

This shouldn’t even be necessary, but thank goodness there’s something available for the women of Iowa.

When you consider myself – the value I have will continue to grow as I get older – i’ll continue to make more and more money, and increase my market value.

Now take a man – when it comes to most of you the only thing you’re really only good for is what is between your legs and your looks. That is what I consider a depreciating asset since eventually your looks will fade. Why should I have to MARRY you? No what I will do though – I will lease you. When our contract is up – I’ll replace you with a newer model.

Freshman year of college I was dating this guy and he was in a really unhealthy relationship not long before we met. And when we would talk about it he would say how crazy bitches like her are and how glad he was that I wasn’t a crazy bitch and not like all the other girls.

And I can’t believe I ever thought that was a compliment. Because what he was really saying was “I’m going to separate you from other women because i like you, but mess up and you’re just another crazy bitch”

And what do you know. When I broke up with him a year later i heard he called me a crazy bitch.

Let it be known far and wide: a man who will say hateful things about women to you will eventually put you back in with them. Your sister’s backs are not a pedestal you want to be on.

Give your support to players like Sesselmann and Bassett. And remember that as much as it hurts that your team lost = it’s just a game and the world is bigger than that. There’s no mistake on the pitch that is worth sending death threats over. Or being misogynistic. Women in sports have a lot to deal with in a world where they’re normally told only men’s sports matter. Don’t make it worse for them. And that goes for every team.

If it comes down to a “staring contest” (modern version: who can ignore whom the longest) women can win this, hands down.

It isn’t a matter of “depriving” men of attention. It is a matter of avoiding potential maniacal behavior. Men begin their infiltration into your life through eye contact. Don’t look at them. 

Realistically, how many men do you see that are good-looking enough to bother with? Not many. Don’t open a door for him to get his fat, hairy leg into. Yes, it takes self-discipline, but so do many things in life.

There may have been a time when the majority of men weren’t fuckboys, and they actually ENJOYED attention from women. Now? They seem to prey on women “weak” enough to find them desirable. The younger they are, the less bitter and poisoned they’ve been.

But, yeah, men age in dog years after 16, if they remain single. And they get bitter exponentially quicker the more of a douchebag they are, and the more woman-hate they have been steeped in.