“Captain Marvel should smile more” “she looks so serious all the time” “she lacks charisma” “she’d look better with a smile”


Edit: Jane Ritt made these photoshops that Brie later posted on her instagram stories, as a response to some random dude on twitter changing the Captain Marvel posters and trailer scenes to make her smile and claiming “i fixed Captain Marvel”.

This new “sensitive” masculinity, where a softer voice and body, creativity and sensitivity, and sophisticated sensibilities replace alpha male imagery, is dangerous. A man aware of the phrases “toxic masculinity”, “intersectionality”, and “socialization” more often than not will use them as disguised weapons for his soft misogyny, rather than use them to interrogate his own position. Switching from one category of masculinity to another is not a solution. When given the chance, the sensitive artist will enact the same violence as the muscular frat boy, to pretend otherwise is foolish. 

Hey, I’m honestly trying to comprehend the US Open final, so can someone please explain to me why we’re defending Serena? Because:

1) Her coach admitted he was coaching her. That’s a valid violation.

2) She broke her racket in anger. “Racket abuse” is a valid violation.

3) The only violation I’m not sure of is verbal abuse, but she was calling him a liar and a theif, even though all he did was call her on the above two violations, which were valid. Like, you can’t deny she did both.

I don’t get how racism plays in because Osaka is also not white or how misogyny plays in because we weren’t comparing Serena to a man, we were comparing her to Osaka, who’s a woman.

If anyone could explain these points, I’d appreciate it! Not trying to start a fight, I’d just like some insight.

I hate that with liberal feminism, every conversation gets shut down with “its her choice!!”. Like in one of my women’s studies classes we were talking about body hair and I shared how I think the societal expectation of women to shave is bullshit on so many levels but I still feel the immense pressure to shave during the summer due to fear of ridicule or personal embarrassment and another woman in my class responded with “but it’s your choice to shave so it’s empowering!!” Like no. Shaving my legs to alleviate feelings of shame if I don’t is not ‘empowering’. Being uncomfortable with my body’s natural state is not ‘empowering’.