Why I Delete My Comments (And Why It Isn’t Censorship)
Losing my religion for equality
Women and girls have been discriminated against for too long in a twisted interpretation of the word of God.

“The truth is that male religious leaders have had - and still have - an option to interpret holy teachings either to exalt or subjugate women. They have, for their own selfish ends, overwhelmingly chosen the latter. Their continuing choice provides the foundation or justification for much of the pervasive persecution and abuse of women throughout the world. This is in clear violation not just of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but also the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, Moses and the prophets, Muhammad, and founders of other great religions - all of whom have called for proper and equitable treatment of all the children of God. It is time we had the courage to challenge these views.”

Jimmy Carter, best of all ex-presidents.

men are never going to be intimidated by by the idea of you reclaiming any feminine traits. do you know WHY theyre not? because every single one of those traits were forced on us BY MEN as a way of keeping our sex oppressed. what, exactly, is reclaiming a life of docility and subservience, of hours spent minimizing our pores and wearing painful high heels, supposed to do to liberate us? who do you think youre actually benefiting? 

the head brewer at the brewery i work at did a q&a on reddit recently, & though it is full of mindfully asked questions & good commentary, there is an obligatory nonsense comment about me, the only woman who works at the brewery.

a reddit post about beer that has a misogynistic comment? SHOCKER! such creative. very man.


anonymous asked:

[This is the anon who was messaging NorthernSugar.] What makes you think that I have "internalized misogyny"? My beliefs are based on actual facts, rather than any sort of self-hatred. Tell me, have you ever even questioned the basic tenets of feminism? Something tells me you haven't. You probably just blindly believe everything that other feminists tell you to believe.

Your beliefs are based on actual facts? Like what facts are those exactly? Because let me tell you some facts: according to the US Census bureau, Caucasian women make 77 cents to ever dollar a Caucasian man makes. If you are a minority, it’s even worse. African Americans are at 69 cents and Latin Americans are at 48 cents. The vast majority of rapes go unreported because women are ashamed and often get harassed by the police if they do report it. I have collected rape kits before and I have NEVER gotten called to court to testify, which means they probably never pressed charges and maybe they never even did anything with the rape kit. Not to mention women are blamed for their own rapes most of the time. “Oh she was too drunk, oh she was wearing a short skirt, oh she was walking alone”.

On top of that, women are being tossed out of restaurants, their children have been refused vaccines and medical care after she breastfeed in public. Men can walk around with their tits hanging out, no problem, even though there is zero practical use for them. However, women actually provide sustenance to another living, breathing, human being and they are told to cover up. Families refuse to give their daughters HPV vaccines because they don’t want to make them promiscuous or refuse to believe their daughters will ever have sex. Yet the HPV vaccine is the only vaccine known to prevent cancer.

You want me to keep going? Oh sure, I will, why the hell not? Males commit 90.5% of homicides in the US. Almost 70% of domestic related homicides are women. Almost 85% of sexual homicides are women. This all speaks for itself but let’s switch gears. Men are often told not to cry, or “stop being a girl”. If a boy gets raped by his female teacher, he is applauded. However, this is very traumatic to a child. So the patriarchy does not only oppress women, it also dictates how men should act.

So in conclusion, can females bully males? Sure. But it’s not the same because women don’t kill, rape, and torment the way men do. Men are, by and large, not afraid of a woman. Woman, on the other hand, pretty much live in fear that their life and safety could be taken away at any moment.

I’m a psychology major so I can help psychopaths, haha. I just want to fix all those crazy motherfuckers.
—  Sophomore Psychology Major
Gay Marriage: I Now Pronounce You Colonizer and Colonized
Dear White Gay Americans: When I was young and scared and growing up into my queerness in a violently heteronormative world, I let you dictate what I could be, which box I could fit neatly into...

So I was catcalled an hour ago walking through the parking lot to get tacos with a friend. Basically this guy was sitting at a table with his friend and they were staring at me and when I got closer/towards the door of the taco place they commented on my outfit and were like 

“ayyyyy look at you and your little crop top!!!”

and I responded by kinda staring at him back and was sarcastically like “wow you’re so observantt”

It’s really difficult to try and respond constructively in a way that you hope will end catcalling and general disrespect of women when you’re put in the defensive. It also makes me angry when others in that public setting are aware of what is happening and they stay SILENT and don’t call out disrespectful misogynist behavior and treat it like it’s totally okay to tolerate. I seriously just want to eat tacos in peace and talk with my friends and not feel like I’ll be disrespected by men who want to sexualize me.

I’m also kinda agoraphobic and it’s pretty scary when your fears are confirmed and people ARE staring at you with bad intentions and then they harass you. It makes me angry that some men who understand and HAVE agoraphobia are unsympathetic to female street harassment.

While I hate catcalling and sometimes scarier harassment situations make me scared to leave my house/be alone in public, I feel a lot more empowered now that I’m older and I have more experience handling situations and trying to diffuse potentially violent situations but it pisses me off that so many other women and younger women endure the same and end up feeling really scared and vulnerable and unprotected and invalidated because society often makes light of catcalling as if catcalling is not related to violent misogyny.

I’m not even sure if I like the term “catcalling” because it equates women with animals that are objectified as pets by our society. And I don’t know if referring to it as “catcalling” instead of “street harassment” misrepresents the situation in another way that makes light of the scary reality of it.

Basically, it comes down to people devaluing the accomplishments of female athletes because they are female. This is something I have experienced participating in athletics my whole life, sometimes on girls’ team and sometimes mixed (where I was the only person making it “mixed) and, in our culture, it doesn’t matter what female athletes accomplish it will always be “worth less” in the eyes of our culture because of the fact they are women. The pay gap is just one very easily quantifiable example of that.

Like if you think athletes are overpaid (which honestly makes me think you only know about the salaries of the top tier male athletes), that’s not really a rebuttal for people who are justifiably upset that amazing female athletes are being devalued. Would you really respond to comparisons of CEO salaries to average workers with “well, the CEOs get paid too much so I don’t care”? It really doesn’t make sense.

The misogyny in these comments is pretty evident and it is reminiscent of what I have seen a lot specifically when it comes to female athletes. In my opinion this has A LOT to do with how our culture (and even some self-labeled feminists) view and treat gender non-conforming women since participating in sports, especially making it one’s career, is not expected of women.

Accepting the labels

I’ve stuck upon mentions of accepting the labels as a good tactics to bring the discussion back into the reason.

“You misogynist!” - “Yes I am; I do not automatically like women just because they are women. So, what now?”

“You believe in gender equality? Then you are a feminist!” - “Cool. Then anything I say is a legitimate feminist message.”

“What are you, an MRA?” - “Yes I am. Yes, I do believe that men deserve human rights and am proud of it.”

“Check your privilege!” - “Already done this morning. Being a man, alive and out of prison in your late 20s is a privilege in this country and this century.”

And so on.

Don’t be afraid of your beliefs. And NEVER apologize.

Even being wrong is not a crime. If you can admit you were wrong, you can grow up. But those who try to “tag” you with their buzzlabels - never will.

So tired of the idea that girls need to prove themselves in order to be respected. Like, have you seen girls? They are amazing. They do everything, and wearing heels and looking bomb as hell. I can’t believe boys still have the idea that women get dressed up for men, like fuck you, I look awesome and it’s not for your crusty white boy ass. Girls are so supportive and great and you can get the fuck out of here if you want to tell me I’m wrong. Cis boys are a dime a fucking dozen and you want to tell me that they’re somehow better than girls? Get the fuck out of here.