Tim Roberts vs. the Cumberbatch Fandom: a long post

As you all probably have noticed already, a story about how a theatre worker named Tim Roberts got fired/quit for tweeting about Benedict Cumberbatch fans is spreading through the internet. I’ve noticed that some people seem to be taking his side, considering the fact that he has been fired/forced to quit to be an overreaction, or as he would like us to believe, a gross infringement of his free speech rights.

For a clarification, he wasn’t fired, or forced to quit. When faced with a private investigation from his employers, he decided to quit. Why do that if you have done nothing wrong? I’ll leave it out to you to decide.

But why did all this happened? As I’ve been told, he has deleted most of the “offensive” tweets about it, but according to him, this is the reason of all of his misfortunes:

He insists on pointing that this tweet, and only this tweet, is the only reason he got into trouble, and he says so several times on his timeline. If you didn’t know better, you would totally believe this guy’s story and considered it a gross miscarriage of justice, am I right? After all, that tweet is just an observation, that doesn’t contain any foul language. Just a criticism of the way some people behave during live theatre.

Except, dear old Tim isn’t being truthful. That’s not the tweet that got him into trouble. That’s not the reason his employers decided to do a review of his behaviour on social media. And that’s not the reason he decided it was best for him to quit before being investigated either. Dear Tim, being so completely tone-deaf about how incredibly gross, hateful and misogynistic his words are, has deleted some tweets, but the ones that are still on his timeline, will give you an idea of what kind of person he is, and why people got so riled up with his comments:

I am not going to insult your intelligence and point out the obvious. But let me tell you that he’s not the first person to get canned because of hateful speech (Remember Justine?).

Mr. Roberts seems to regard his current predicament as a great injustice, and as a sign that his freedom of speech has been thwarted. But the thing is, freedom of speech does not mean that you can spread hate and nobody has the right to challenge you. Freedom of speech means that you can say whatever you want (as he has rightly done), but it does not protect you from the consequences of your words. It does not mean that anybody who disagrees with you is a bully. And it certainly does not mean that your employers are weaklings that bow under the pressure of the public opinion. As Tim’s employers, the Really Useful Theatre company can be held accountable about the way he and all the people who work with them express themselves on social media. Tim’s words and unjustified attacks on female fans reflect very poorly on RUT, so it’s completely understandable that they would want to get to the bottom of the issue and sever ties with him immediately.

I’ve seen that Tim is not only orchestrating a campaign to tell his very biased side of the story by rewriting history on his Twitter, but he is also contacting members of the press. The Independent has fallen for his excuses, as you can see on their article. Tim has also contacted via his account the Evening Standard, the BBC programme Victoria LIVE, and The Sun, as you can see:

He’s also receiving the help of other like-minded individuals, but the way they are going about it is probably not helping that much Tim’s cause:

I will end up this very long post (sorry, I wanted to get this out of my chest and move on, this man is not worth my time) by pointing out that he is claiming he’s being bullied and threatened. And, he chose this to exemplify his claims:

Does that person sound like a troll to you? or a bully? Because to me it looks like Tim likes to dish on people, but when said people fight back, he cannot take it and starts crying about being the victim of bullies.

About Amanda, I think she simply does not know the whole story. If you go by what Tim says in his timeline, he is a completely innocent victim of evil Cumberfans, just like Amanda and Ben’s wife (according to him, that is). I hope she decides to take a closer look to his timeline and realizes who this guy really is.


Thank you to all the people who is sending me links and screencaps to the original tweets that were deleted. The internet never forgets, Tim!

Anita Sarkeesian interview: 'The word "troll" feels too childish. This is abuse'
When Anita Sarkeesian launched a YouTube series on misogyny in video games, she received death threats and was forced into hiding. A year on from GamerGate, she explains why a global ‘temper tantrum’ won’t make her quit
By Jessica Valenti

Proud to have interviewed the very brave Anita Sarkeesian about GG, feminism, and her life. 

Men financially support women for the same reason cats bring their owners dead animals. You think it’s because they love and respect you, but really they just think you’re too incompetent to earn money for yourself.

I really hope women who see this post don’t think its just a joke. Every man I have ever known to work full-time for his female significant other has done it bc he literally does not think she is capable.

anonymous asked:

hi. found you from our mutual dislike of new 52 batgirl (of burnside? i don't even know.) aside from the poor characterization of barbara gordon, i think what bugs me the MOST about this "reboot" is the fact that they kept the killing joke canon. that's absolutely fucking disgusting to me.

Yeah, we’d definitely get along over that mutual dislike. Hmm, concerning keeping The Killing Joke canon, hear me out.

For starters, things that are wrong with The Killing Joke:

My biggest issue is the editor who said to “Shoot the bitch.” I don’t think Alan Moore himself (the writer) was misogynistic in how he approached this story, and in past interviews, he’s indicated that he regrets this story and is not proud of it. I remember him saying that he wishes DC editors would try to stop him rather than giving him free reign. This is important, I think, because I get the vibe that Alan Moore didn’t realize the repercussions of what he did until after the fact. The Killing Joke was originally meant to be a stand-alone story outside of the main continuity, hence the ending where it’s suggested that Bruce kills the Joker. Clearly this can’t happen in main continuity, yet The Killing Joke became so popular that DC adapted it to their main continuity… meaning suddenly Barbara is paralyzed in the main continuity. I don’t think this was ever Alan Moore’s intention.

I do think misogyny was involved in this process. For one thing, that editor is an ass hole. For another, there was clearly a discussion among the DC heads that got this storyline to be their main canon, and that seems to have misogynistic implications as well, because they didn’t have any plans for Barbara outside of that. They were basically crippling her for the hell of it and being done with it.

That’s more the fault of DC editors, though, and to me personally, that does make a difference because this sort of thing happens with editors all the time. That doesn’t mean I’m condoning it– I’m just saying that editors notoriously have a bad grasp of how to do a writer’s job -glances at the entire New 52-

I personally do not take issue with what happened in The Killing Joke itself. I don’t mind dark storylines so long as they’re handled respectfully, and I don’t think TKJ was disrespectful. It was disturbing and uncomfortable, but it was supposed to be disturbing and uncomfortable, and it wasn’t glorifying anything that happened in a positive way. Not everyone enjoys a story like this, but I don’t think the story itself was problematic. What I do take issue with is the creative process that caused this story to happen at all (”Shoot the bitch”) and the fact that it was merged into main continuity without any plans for Babs once she was paralyzed.

So basically, it’s the inner politics of DC that I’m mad about.

However, look at the flip side. We have Kim Yale and John Ostrander who made this character a famous hacker and one of the most recognizable disabled heroes, period. We’re always talking about how we want more disabled representation, and Babs filled this role beautifully once she got writers who cared about making that happen.

Theoretically speaking, if TKJ happened in a different way– if the editors and the writers had a discussion from the very beginning about making Babs an important paraplegic hacker / hero, then I would take no issue with that story whatsoever. I’m okay with a dark story if it’s done to drive a character. It’s how it should have happened. Instead, DC editorial got involved in a negative way, which is why we now associate that story with misogynistic implications.

So concerning TKJ being canon New 52? It doesn’t bother me that the story itself is canon. Ideally, with it being a reboot, it means we’re detaching Babs from the gross DC politics of that storyline. My personal issue with New 52 Babs is not that the TKJ is still canon– it’s that TKJ is still canon and yet Babs is not a disabled hero. She experienced the same trauma as before, yet we don’t have strong disabled representation to go with it. It basically comes back to editors. They wanted TKJ to be canon because it’s such a critically acclaimed story, and yet they don’t want Babs to be disabled because they want her to run around and be Batgirl. We barely even see the implications of this in how she’s being written.

So, yeah… I agree with you about it being gross. I wouldn’t mind them keeping it canon if it meant we still get Oracle out of it, but I do think it’s gross that they wanted it to be canon while still denying us Oracle, because IMO it means they only care about that story in terms of how much money it’s made them rather than the impact it should have on Babs and the importance it has to disabled people who look up to Babs.

I realize TKJ is a sensitive topic in this fandom, but that’s my personal view on the entire thing.

Hey Baby…

… do you want a ride?…come sit on my lap…can I be your boyfriend?…what’s your name?… can I have your phone number?

Women are not only frightened and annoyed by this; we are also puzzled. We ask ourselves and each other how anybody could possibly think that will work to get a date?

Are they that clueless? Do these men actually think that their “attempts” will yield them a positive response? Or is there some other reason they do it?

Could it possibly be that it is a power display? A way to remind women that their acceptance in a public space is conditional? … that they are always an object for men to judge, harass, and belittle? A way to bond with their fellow men by reminding themselves that they share the safety and privilege of being able to do this to women?

No, that would be silly. If that were the case, women would have a reason to complain about these “sincere” compliments and honest but naive attempts at social interaction. 

Men would rather pretend that they are just THAT stupid.


A few pictures from last nights protest. We were there supporting not only women’s rights but immigrant rights, trans rights, black right, disabled rights, etc. The protest was in Norwood outside of Ernie Boch Jr’s home where Donald Trump was hosting a fundraiser. (Supposedly not a fundraiser but each person was charged $100 to get in)
We stood right outside the gates along with another group. We got some coverage and appeared on Fox 25 news, 7 News Boston, and 5 News Boston. There were multiple other reporters and news shows as well.

This fucktard is friends with me on fb and he posted a selfie with a captain in Francophone Algerian slang…Translation : “If you lose weight/get in shape, I’ll marry you/make you my wife.” And I can’t fucking believe how gross and misogynistic that sounds. Like if the only thing keeping you from getting married to a woman is her weight, you’re an asshole. Fuck you.

The people who say that feminism is nothing but first-world problems and that feminists are all whiny entitled brats are always the same people who think that “corruption in video game journalism” is a real-world problem, throw temper tantrums when women don’t shave their armpits, and compare women being rude to them on the Internet to the holocaust

Me:  I hate this restaurant.  They have poor service.  The waiters are terrible.

Person: Ugh, but not ALL the waiters are bad.  Every once in a while you’ll get a good one.

Me:  But that doesn’t fix the overall problem in the restaurant.  Me going in hoping and praying for a 50% percent chance that my waiter will be good?  No, I should always expect great service.  Stop giving this place and the waitstaff free passes by writing good reviews.  You’re not fixing the problem.  I want the restaurant to fix their bad waiter problem.  No, not all the waiters are bad, but the bad ones are ruining it for the rest of them, and the restaurant should fix this in order to gain a better reputation, but most importantly to make their customers happy.  Fix whatever the customers say is broken.  Don’t just brush it off.  Get Gordon Ramsay to come in and help, for all I care…

(spoiler alert: I’m not actually talking about a restaurant)

“Ward was actually praising Natasha’s abilities when he made the “eye candy” comment he isn’t sexist”

no no n O like he was LITERALLY CALLING BOTH NAT AND HILL EYE CANDY I’m sorry to burst your bubble here but that is the exact opposite of praising someones abilities jesus fucking chRIST 

My Terrifying and Angering Experience In Starbucks Today

I cannot believe how awful men can be. I walk into a Starbucks and get in line. As I’m looking at the menu, I notice the man in front of me keeps looking my way then making disgusted faces and gestures towards something behind me. I look, and see nothing. He keeps this up and I at first think he is deaf and trying to communicate, so I ask “what?” Then he speaks and says “can you believe that?!” I look again and see nothing, and I look at him quizzically. This man proceeds to say “her” and points to a woman on the bathroom line, still making disgusted faces. I say “what” again and he proceeds to yell across the Starbucks “I LIKE MY WOMEN THIN” and look back at me laughing, as if I’m going to laugh and high five him. I stare him down until his smile vanishes and I state “that was incredibly rude”. This horrifying man looks confused and gets defensive, so I state again that what he just said was unbelievably rude. He then starts getting louder and exclaiming that I am the rude one, that what I just said was “so unbelievably rude” and proceeded to threaten to rip my heart out of my chest. Horrified, I immediately leave the Starbucks and buy my coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

Needless to say, men are disgusting, violent pigs and I’ll never walk into that Starbucks again.