@ that anon frankly I don’t care enough to start any public shit but, no, there are absolutely no circumstances under which it’s okay for a man to violently hurl misogynist slurs at women, point blank, the end, no questions to be answered about context. A man who considers calling a woman an ugly bitch when angry is a man who’s just holding his tongue the rest of the time, a man for whom that is always on the backburner, and ultimately is another violent misogynist no matter what his reasoning. You’re not being unreasonable, sorry for not publishing the ask!

I have recently gained around 20 lbs and am currently 170 lbs due to a side effect of medication. It is a daily struggle not to obsess over my weight and to love myself. I find myself continuously oscillating between self acceptance and utter disgust, binge eating and counting calories. One of the only things that has helped derail this cycle is this blog. Seeing so many beautiful people of all sizes is a really good way of interrupting the barrage of body shaming thoughts I have daily. We are beautiful and sexually attractive at any size. Furthermore, we do not exist to be sexualized by the male gaze or for the approval of those influences by misogynist standards of beauty. Bodies are beautiful in all their idiosyncrasies.

@gay4zayn how are u ugly AND racist AND islamophobic AND misogynistic? also why do u have zayn in BOTH ur tumblr url and twitter handle AND YET ur anti-pakistani?

I feel like the Johnny Depp- Amber Heard situation is the perfect example of how to separate feminists from femi-nazi’s as follows:

⭐the ones supporting Johnny as a default and calling Amber a slut, whore, etc, are the kind of misogynistic people we all have a thing against.

⭐the people supporting Amber just because she’s the woman in the situation and hating on Johnny because men are the usual culprits are FEMI-NAZI’S, people who stand up only for women and don’t view men objectively in such situations.

⭐people waiting it out for proof and not supporting or hating either solely because of gender stereotypes are FEMINISTS. We want equal judgement for both. We stand by whoever is the victim in the situation, And acknowledge that the victim could be either one.


Leave teen girls alone

Every time I see people on this site harassing a teenage radfem or lesbian I’m like–if you want to fight a grown ass woman it’s always high noon in my house.

If you’re:
-a disgusting kinkster about to tell a literal child about your disgusting pedophile daddy fantasy
-a lesbophobic piece of human smegma about to tell a girl that she isn’t allowed to not like penises
-a suicide baiting rat’s anus about to prey on vulnerable girls
-any other misogynist, homophobic, controlling piece of roach

Then hit me the fuck up and leave teen girls alone. Preying on teen girls is a big part of rape culture and pedophile culture. Come at a grown woman, if you have a bone of courage in your worthless bodies.

Sister Wives is so misogynistic, the women should be allowed to marry as many guys as they want if the man gets to. But.. I wouldn’t mind it myself.. It’d be so great… Having other women around to raise your kids with… Having other women around to talk and laugh with… Having other women in your immediate family…. It might even be hard to imagine going through life without Sister Wives… Even though I’m not religious. 

I identify as an agender woman due to my orientation and due to my past trauma as a personal comfort that helps me handle existence. i never try and claim that this label places me outside the realm of women as a class, which is why i say I’m “women-aligned.” and i make efforts to recognize the ways i still benefit from transmisogyny and from racism/binarism (not perfectly but i try). i absolutely reject the idea that my identity is a coherent class of oppression without the class of womanhood or that there is any specific “binary privilege” i miss out on. I’m nowhere close to having MOGAI politics and you can’t just call me a MOGAI to excuse any shitty misogynistic thing you say to me when i clearly reject everything they stand for.

not trusting how men talk about women, especially women who do ID as agender or otherwise nb, is not MOGAI politics. this lack of trust comes from the ways ALL men (but particularly cis and white one) choose to ignore the ways gender shapes the experience of women.

and honestly, of fucking course i don’t trust this coming from a cis white man; cis white men have always done everything possible to enact gendered violence on trans people and people of color in addition to women more generally. my distrust of them comes as a result of trying to position myself in solidarity with the people of color and trans people (especially the women) who have been fighting and resisting for decades.

Something That's Been Bothering Me

I took an acting class recently in a city I didn’t know with people I had never met. In the beginning, it was actually quite nice. I quickly made friends with everyone, and they seemed to really like me. But when we were working on my piece, I started to get a weird feeling. Because I brought in a piece in which a girl discusses the discrimination of Major League Baseball, the teacher thought it would be a good idea to simulate actual discrimination to get me in that mindset. So, he had all of the guys in the class sit around me and yell misogynistic things. What really bothered me was how easily these boys could come up with the things they said. They were horribly dirty and gross and made me feel overall sick. And I know that these guys didn’t mean any of what they said, but it felt so genuine and they never seemed to be out of awful things to say. I had met them about 2 hours ago and they were already able to completely wreck how I felt. I think that really speaks to how ingrained the idea of misogyny really is in our culture. It’s subconscious. They didn’t even have to try. I don’t even think they knew how it made me feel.

gay4zayn seems like one of those typical gay dudes who stan lady gaga and pretend they know about feminism bc they have female faves while being a misogynist and who use their sexuality to try and justify their racism/islamophobia 

I know I’m more violent than you guys anyway bc my reaction to looking at ugly sofas is “oh god!
Whoever designed that should be killed!”

baseball bat to the head of a misogynist is a step up from my reaction to bad aesthetics tbh

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How do I get a sugardaddy? I'm very new to this whole thing!

Fortunately for you, the SDJ School of Sugaring has rolling admissions and classes start all the time!  

However, before you are admitted, you have to take a short entrance exam!  In other words, you have to ask yourself the following questions, and, you have to do a self-assessment to determine whether you passed or “failed”.

  1. Why do you want to become a sugar baby?  Are you doing it primarily out of immediate financial need?  If so, think twice.

  2. Do you have an idea in your own mind of what it means to be a sugar baby?  If you believe that it is all glitz and glamour, think twice.  

  3. Are you mentally and emotionally prepared for the toll that sugaring may take on your life?  

  4. Are you prepared to have your views about and feelings for men and relationships changed forever?

  5. Are you self-confident and secure enough to put up with the cruel, mean, misogynistic things that men may say about your appearance, your personality and your motivations?

  6. Do you have a good instinct and the ability to avoid dangerous situations or get out of one if you get a bad feeling?

  7. Do you have a good internal “bullshit meter” to be able to spot, avoid and/or dump a guy who is attempting to take advantage of you, fuck you for free, use you, control you and/or manipulate you?

  8. Do you have the ability to tell a man “No” if he attempts to cross a sexual boundary of yours, especially if you are naked and in his bed at the time?

  9. Are you aware that most arrangements involve having sex with your sugar daddy and are you comfortable with your own sexuality?

  10. Are you willing to persevere in the face of irrational or unexplained rejections, lack of replies to messages, having to deal with seemingly endless numbers of salty guys who demand so much of your time and offer nothing in return, flaking POTs, ghosting POTs, stalkers, creepers, weirdos and/or really ugly guys who really have nothing to offer other than potentially some cash?

That’s a tough test, isn’t it?  You don’t need me to tell you all the good things about sugaring, and, believe me, there are a lot of good things!  Rather, you need someone to point out the challenges, difficulties, frustrations and potential dangers that you may encounter so that you walk into this with your eyes wide open. And, trust me, I’m not trying to talk you out of your decision to become a sugar baby, but, obviously, I’m not trying to talk you into it either!

If you believe that you passed this test, then, good for you, Freshman Sugar Baby!  A collection of “course materials” immediately follows!  Good luck and try to have fun!

Sugaring 101

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My favorite thing is watching people give Eleanor the benefit of the doubt claiming she only bearded because mean Modest pressured her into it, yet right after the break up she (1DHQ) was calling paps to her moms house😂. She wants fame just like they all do, Danielle is just more obvious because she's an actress so her motives are more transparent . I hate you get accused of misogyny if you dislike the women involved in this. Why would I support people who use an oppressed man for fame?? Gross.

Well, quite. 

It’s hard for me to get my feathers ruffled by a post with ten notes calling me a misogynist when my original sentiment has been met with a healthy dose of agreement from the people whose opinions I actually care about, like your own. I do appreciate your message though because I regard myself as rather level-headed and it takes an incredible amount of bullshit before I crack. I do try to avoid making superficial or cheap jokes about other women because cruelty isn’t my particular style of comedy. I tend to hold back a considerable amount when it comes to people involved with stunting that are not directly involved with the band (like beards) because honestly I think they’re distinctly irrelevant beyond their purpose in this charade when it comes to the real problems with this band, which go much further up through the ranks of Sony, Modest and Syco. 

What is clear is that people are angry for two reasons, the first of which is that I’m using what are perceived as gendered insults like “gold-digger” which I saw one person claimed is typically only used to refer to females. Be that as it may, I stand by the fact that I didn’t use “gold-digger” because I thought it was a slur against women, I used it as an insult against people working with the motive of extracting money from someone else that they didn’t earn. I also used “attention seeker” as someone who is profiting off of the fame of someone else. I don’t care if those terms are typically applied to women, if the shoe fits I will call anyone those names.

The other larger issue is that I’m blaming the girl and not the boy, as is the case in a lot of situations. For example, with cheating where recently people were more obsessed with figuring out who Becky with the good hair was than chastising Jay Z even though Beyonce had effectively tore him a new one with Lemonade. Even going all the way back to the (Bill) Clinton administration the judgment and shame fell on Monica Lewinsky and Hilary far more than it did the president.    

As I explained here, it is very difficult for me to consider Danielle and Louis’ participation at all similar. People say things such as, “Simon Cowell is evil” but until you have worked for a Simon Cowell of the world you have absolutely no idea just how abusive a relationship like that can be. I have written about what it’s like to work for someone like that here, but long story short: my boss (also the CEO of a huge corporation) emotionally abused me for months before he actually physically hit me. Having that close of a working relationship with an emotionally volatile psychopath (as many people have claimed Cowell to be) is entirely different to signing a contract to make money off of playing someone’s girlfriend and I don’t think that anyone should be under the impression that what is happening to Louis is designed to do anything but hurt him.  

The reason I am not blaming or chastising Louis’ actions is because simply I do not believe them to be done out of a desire for exposure and money. The same cannot be said for Danielle Campbell. 

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Honestly speaking all of the female characters in Naruto, their worth disappeared when they had a child, they've all been degraded to whining house wives. Even character's like Temari fell into this hole. They could've been so much more! The entire series is misogynistic, the writer included. I guess when people hate on any kunoichi, they should remember that a man wrote them that way.

I really don’t like comments like this.

No, the Kunoichis’ worth didn’t all disappear when they had a child, and you’re the one with the issue if you think they had so little worth in the first place. If you wanna watch a show about girl power so much, then go watch Sailor Moon. And hey, a woman wrote that one, so it’s even better right?

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what's with the big love for milah?

Because Milah was a tough, amazing woman who decided to take her life in her own hands rather than lay down and accept the one her husband was trying to force her into. Because she cared about Killian Jones enough to risk the wrath of the Dark One rather than run. Because she realized leaving her son behind was a mistake and that had been her unfinished business for centuries down in the Underworld. Because she was having none of Rumple’s shit when he came to her in the Underworld and only helped out because Killian needed it. Because despite all of Rumple’s attempts to make her hate Emma, Milah set that aside and chose to fight along side her to get back the man they both shared something with. Because she had no intention of coming between Emma and Killian. Because most of her life, aside from when she ran off with Killian Jones, was decided for her by a misogynistic, jealous asshole who not only KILLED HER for not loving him, but DAMNED HER SOUL to save himself from a bad deal he had reneged on. 

i hate that everytime i sort of dislike a female character for what i feel are valid reasons i have to berate myself because i’m like what if i hate her for internalized misogyny etc. and at this point it’s so annoying bc i can’t just watch a show and dislike a character without thinking about how ppl on tumblr would react to my dislike of that character and call me out for being a misogynist even though i don’t like their personality or the way they were written or the choices they make ugsdfasdfasdf

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please respond to this. their gross beliefs are NOT based on facts: sexatoxbridge*tumblr*com/post/145093080783/so-what-youre-showing-me


Unfortunately anon, I don’t know what there is really to respond to. Obviously it bothers trash larries to be called misogynists and they use the argument that they can hate a person regardless of gender for doing shitty things, but they have yet to FACTUALLY associate anything shitty WITH Danielle or Briana to justify the hatred they harbor. Even the language they use to allude to the reasons for their hatred (“gold digging”) is steeped in misogyny. In the interest of gender equality, Louis is literally earning his paycheck this week, they in fact characterize this as “stunting” and admit it is in his (currently mysterious to them) benefit to do, financially, publicity-wise, and other, and they have yet to unstan him.

The fact is they assert that Danielle is evil because she, according to them, signed a business contract to make money when Louis ALSO signed a business contract to make money in this scenario. They want to hold Danielle responsible for a situation Louis agreed to and felt benefitted him enough to RE-UP FOR ALONG WITH HER such that they can no longer in any way argue he is being forced to comply (not that this was a valid or plausible argument in the first place). They want to argue that Danielle’s participating in closeting an adult, wealthy, professional gay man with a legal team and representation (powerful tools they assert he has so that he can throw them around at hackers and wayward baby mamas!) is a more reprehensible crime than using a baby for hire, talking to press about the baby, involving his minor siblings in the scheme to perpetuate the idea that he has a baby, engaging in felony fraud and the bribery of government officials to give the impression he has fathered a baby, and recording a scripted, staged conversation intended to elicit sympathy that he has received death threats from known hackers for a two month old infant, so that he and his team can justify a shift in fan base and thus profit more from their support. And this Louis doesn’t even have an actual child to support: this additional profit would be all for him (well, split 50/50 in the state of California with Dunkirk actor Harry Styles). Speaking of gold.

This trash larrie wants to argue that both men and women can be shitty people, but that to justify a laundry list of crimes committed by their (male) fave is supporting him and the person he is - who is that person, that person who would commit crimes for love of money and use their power and wealth to escape punishment for them - and to point out that a (female) who was presumably AUDITIONED BY AND THEREFORE CHOSEN by said fave for her role and can at best be assumed to be earning a living legally by doing such reprehensible things as “smiling” or “touching an actual felony fraudster by the hand” or in fact even suggest that she might be nice or do something to be kind or helpful to another human being like “hold their things” is to be “up her ass.”

The fact that this morally outraged defense of hating women - AS SHITTY PEOPLE, TOTALLY EQUALLY!!! - because they do things we don’t like was prompted by the mere suggestion that Danielle, as Louis’ girlfriend and someone he has CANONICALLY spent more time with than even Harry in their “Larry of the Gaps,” might carry his things for her in her hands or her gigantic purse, an accessory Louis does not possess, absolutely resonates with me as the reasoned response of someone who sees all genders as equal and considers them and their flaws with the same scrutiny. I guess some women are just more equal than others, to them.

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Y'know, I wouldn't go as far as saying Kishi is misogynistic or the female characters had no/lost their worth, but I do feel there is a rather prominent preference for male characters in this series in terms of spotlight and general focus. I don't mean just Naruto and Sasuke, I mean the vast majority of the male cast. Sure, females who are perceived as powerful (Sakura, Tsunade, Temari etc) do get their time to shine, but the amount of spotlight they get compared to other characters

(Cont.) and especially the emphasis on their particular feats is noticeably smaller in comparison to male characters. Sakura should have been the same freaking level as Naruto and Sasuke. Temari should have gotten more battles. Hell, KONAN. That woman was amazing, but what did Kishi do? He killed her off after only one big battle. Hinata too; she did become strongER, but when faced with bigger threats that clearly proves to not be enough. It’s just that the women HAVE feats and achievements, but (Cont.) many of those are seen more on paper than in the show, are seen at much smaller intervals than male feats and that is irritating. It’s not necessarily about wanting “girl power”, but while the development of women is acknowledged in the series, it’s not enough, it’s less than that of male characters and as proud as I am of all my Naruto ladies, that can irk me at times. Sorry for the rant, let’s danceヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

Yes, there was more attention given to the male characters, but that doesn’t downplay the role of the females, nor does it make them less important. Also, sure Sakura should have gotten more fights, but Naruto and Sasuke were the characters that the series revolved around, so Sakura was never gonna be on their level. Considering the plot direction, it would have been out of place.

If you want a show that truly gives a preference for the male characters, then look no further than Dragon Ball, where essentially every single fighter/warrior (apart from Videl) whose power transcends that of a human, is male, and Videl is still nothing in comparison to 99% of the cast. The attention/focus given to the female characters in that show by comparison, is slim to none. Yet, I don’t see anyone making a big deal of it there and calling Dragon Ball misogynistic, so why is it a big deal here? Especially considering how relative to Dragon Ball, the females in Naruto get all the attention in the world. Don’t get me wrong Anon, I’m not saying that you’re making a big deal of it, and I can definitely understand your points, but I’ve seen this “Naruto is misogynistic” nonsense float around the fandom for a long time, and the notion just irritates me.

At the end of the day, Naruto is a shounen; there’s bound to be a preference given to the male characters in some way or another. It’s definitely more prominent in Naruto than some other shounens like Fairy Tail, but it’s nothing that hasn’t been seen before, and to much greater degrees.

why is it that when someone gets called out on doing something homophobic they say “i’m gay, but nice try” like….. u can be gay… n still be homophobic… just like u can be a woman n be misogynistic…. n u can be a person of color n still be racist …. like …… my dude…