Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift: The Misogynistic Feud That Will Never End
Nearly seven years after he interrupted her at the VMAs, West references the incident in a misogynistic new song that has both parties attacking each other. Will it ever finish?

“Friday morning West, the grown man who insinuated in his new song that a 26-year-old singer will probably bang him because she owes him for making her more famous with his rude antics, was affronted that people, namely Swift, called him a misogynist.

It all started when Swift’s spokesperson released a statement in response to the lyrics.

“Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single ‘Famous’ on her Twitter account,” it reads. “She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message. Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, ‘I made that bitch famous.’”

Cue the Twitter rant, an exercise that’s become a favorite pastime of West’s whenever anyone questions his infallible genius.

“I did not diss Taylor Swift and I’ve never dissed her,” he tweeted. “First thing is I’m an artist and as an artist I will express how I feel with no censorship.”

He goes on to tweet the classiest thing possible when a person finds themselves the subject of controversy and outrage. He passes the blame. He claims it was Swift’s idea to use that lyric, a Eureka moment manifested at a dinner with a mutual friend “who’s [sic] name I’ll keep out of this and she told him.”

Then he goes on to the second-classiest thing to do when a person finds themselves the subject of controversy and outrage. He makes himself the victim.”

Read the full piece here

What a “month in misogyny” for Kanye!

1. Attempts stripper shaming of Amber Rose and gets his ass handed to him, literally.

2. Defends serial rapist Bill Cosby (?!?!?!?)

3. Calls Taylor Swift a bitch in a song

list of x files villains
  • evil siri
  • misogynist pinup girl tattoo
  • man made of cancer???
  • moth men, implied to have partaken of the fountain of youth, who look like those Tree Face sculptures marketed to people with horrifying gardens
  • a LOT of doctors doing Really Really Bad
  • the government, all the time,
  • walnut tree orchard
  • 90s mean girls with psychic powers thanks to planetary alignments
  • evil doll that wont stay at the bottom of the ocean
  • the military
  • a man who really really loves cher
  • mark sheppard, who hates the bourgeois and loves fire
  • a lot of bugs and/or parasites that were dead thousands of years ago but some fuckhead scientist dug out of a tree/ice/desert/volcano and set free
  • the satanist PTA
  • cannibal chicken ranchers
  • shape shifting alien bounty hunter who looks like half an arnold schwarzenegger 
  • sea salt???
  • a gargoyle
  • the loch ness monster but in georgia (least believable IMO, nessie is gentle???)
  • subliminal messaging in cable television
  • satanist plastic surgeons
  • fungus OR el chupacabra?? unclear
  • bees

Kanye die hards are the worst…

they’re mostly made up of a bunch of misogynistic, anti- black women, skinny jean wearing, mad at the world because they can’t get pussy still sleeping in my childhood room mama’s boys

I'm sorry but like????

I’m not usually one to go “HEY THIS BLOG IS TRASH AND NEEDS TO GET DEACTIVATED…” But in this case with @waterboarding , he totally needs to be gone . A 34 year old, libertarian, misogynistic piece of shit, devoted to making women feel like shit.
Can we like report this fuck??? I want him gone?? I don’t want to see his trash posts anywhere???? I don’t want him to be cruel to girls anymore???

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racists: *desperately searches for white men in tfa* *sweats nervously* * the progtags are mocs* *sweats even more* *eyes lands on kylo ren* ah yES REYLO HAS SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION, REY PREFERS BEING TOTURED > FORCED HANDHOLDING, BEST COUPLE EVER

throwing a girl against a giant tree and almost breaking her neck is romantic but when the main character who has more storyline, an implied romantic interest in her, and is one of the kindest people in the whole galaxy takes her hand, it’s ‘misogynistic’

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Can you summarize what the hell is going on with kanye?

He wrote a misogynistic lyric towards Taylor in his new song “Famous” that says: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous. Goddamn I made that bitch famous.” And whilst he claims that Taylor approved and made the lyric up (which is obviously not true), Tree Paine (Tay’s publicist, manager, spokesperson, etc.) told Perez and Media that Taylor did speak with Kanye because Kanye WANTED Taylor to promote the single on her Twitter but she warned of the misogynistic lyrics and was unaware of the lyric about her.

The fact that she clearly was uncomfortable with the song and didn’t want to promote the lyrics he has written… The fact that she’s been through so much shit and still has kept her sanity and hasn’t gone all Blank Space.

I’m not here for the policing of folks’ reactions to the death of a racist-homophobe-misogynist (especially when that death = removal from the Supreme Court and the dismantling of a powerhouse that has repeatedly advocated for hateful discrimination of oppressed folks). To those regulating others’ reactions, focus your energy instead on regulating and reforming the process so that the death of a Justice does not carry such a powerful political significance.


So, you’re telling me that Taylor not only consented to your use of this misogynistic, sexist line but also CAME UP WITH IT? Yeah, I’m SURE Taylor sat down and was like, “you know what would be SO funny? If I publicly shamed myself by calling myself a lesser artist compared to a man who has dismissed the legitimacy of my career several times, even though that is the exact kind of media assumption I have been working to denounce for the entirety of the 1989 era!!! Oh, and while I’m at it, why don’t I throw in a line suggesting that I’m interested in violating the sanctity of a man’s marriage with his wife!!! Let me go call Kanye!!”

Yeah, definitely.

After all of the forgiveness Taylor has found in her heart for you, it disgusts me to see that you have, once again, disrespected her success and innovativeness as an artist (a media portrayal you frequently “advocate for”), for the sole purpose of promoting yourself.

38 and still growing up now, huh?


Can’t believe some toxic blogs have stooped to a new low and insist that Taylor and Kanye orchestrated the whole fiasco just so Kanye can sell more albums, and Taylor will be in the news for the Grammys. 

No, this is not how good marketing works. This is bad publicity, and isn’t going to help secure the Grammys for Taylor. Neither will her win be more pronounced because of this, because people will bombard her with questions of Kanye, instead of focusing on her win and career again.

Like I said, if you don’t have it covered, please stop acting like you know how marketing and the music industry works. You got it confused, like you did with the words, misogynist (a noun used to describe a person who hates women) and misogynistic (an adjective used to describe something or someone that is prejudiced against women). Reading your toxic blog makes me cringe on so many levels. 


VanityFair’s review of #WaronEveryone:

Finally, the kind of role Michael Peña deserves.

Imagine if Quentin Tarantino directed Starsky and Hutch and didn’t mess it up with his whole malignant misanthropic, misogynistic look-at-me thing. The result would be John Michael McDonagh’s snort-milk-out-your-nose-funny buddy cop comedy War on Everyone, premiering at the 66th Berlin Film Festival. Michael Peña and Alexander Skarsgard play Bob and Terry, co-dependent corrupt Albuquerque pigs snorting and shooting their way to tumble a supercilious English Lord (Divergent’s posh Theo James) into horseracing, heists, and kiddy porn.

McDonagh (The Guard, Calvary), like his brother Martin (In Bruges), has a virtuosic way with dialogue, interlacing philosophical musings with ridiculous questions like “if you hit a mime does he make a sound?” One of the movie’s greatest pleasures is that it gives Peña, an actor often forced by Hollywood to play roles beneath his skill set (exception: his cop bromance End of Watch, opposite Jake Gyllenhaal), long riffs of dialogue that he spins out like a Howard Hawks cockeyed hero. Finally, he gets to play the smartest guy in the room, not the Hispanic sidekick.

And then there’s Skarsgard, pausing in that career moment before he goes full on studio Tarzan. No one can fault a critic for pausing to salivate over the True Blood star, as he rolls out of bed with his new squeeze (the alluring Tessa Thompson), sweat slicked and gorgeous, in nothing more than a tiny pair of mustard-colored briefs. Here is an actor who recently made a horny boy-man sleeping with an under-aged teen in The Diary of a Teenage Girl oddly appealing if not quite sympathetic. In War on Everyone, Skarsgard plays a bruised beauty with a tarnished badge. Terry’s life plays out to a soundtrack of Glen Campbell songs, underscoring the achy twangy yearning white boy at his core. Terry’s hard-drinking, hard-punching policeman is a Rhinestone Cowboy, a Wichita Lineman. It’s a rueful comedic performance that he pounds out like pavement into something deeper and darker and more touching than your average buddy cop.

The opening sequences of War on Everyone are so furiously fast and funny it’s nearly unimaginable that McDonagh can sustain the pace. And yet he does. When the script eases up on the rapid-fire quips, seguing into hilarious music cues (all that Campbell!) and slapstick violence, it brings its best game. Because these flawed but funny characters have dimension, depth, deep desires and, damn it, cry out for a franchise.

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R.I.P., Justice Scalia

You had a good, long life, and you died at a luxury resort during a hunting trip with friends.  You had an incredibly-well-paying job with guaranteed tenure and income for life.

I try not to rejoice in anyone’s death.  I do, though, rejoice in whatever circumstances removed you from the Supreme Court. 

Imagine the progress that might have been made if you had retired back when you were first eligible!  Imagine how many people would have better lives right now if it had not been for your service to the Koch brothers and the Ultra-Right.

This country will be SO MUCH BETTER OFF without your backwards, misogynistic, homophobic, elitist, racist, hate-filled, wealth-worshiping influence.

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oh my god I am getting so angry with the whole “you can’t judge a flight by one person” and “#notallplague” shit

we KNOW we can’t judge your whole flight over one person. We’re judging your flight over one person,(who isn’t only a spy but is also extremely misogynist so thanks)  the screenshots we’ve seen of the Plague dom team endorsing that person, and the screenshots we’ve seen of other Plague members supporting that person or at least completely blowing off the situation as if it didn’t matter.

Yeah we can’t judge your flight over the actions of one person. We are gonna judge your flight over the actions of like 30 people though, especially when a number of those people are your fucking dom team you know the peeps in charge of your flight the peeps who are ambassadors to your flight the ones everyone sees as representative of Plague flight as a whole? I’m sorry your leadership has failed you and made your flight look like shit when most of you had nothing to do with it but that’s what’s going on. the people who represent Plague fight as a whole have been shitty people and predictably all of Plague looks shitty because of it. Blame them for making everyone hate Plague because of this; not just that one person who fucked up.

stop trying to dodge the blame stop pulling the no true scotsman bullshit stop victim blaming and trying to be like “well light probably has spies too wehhhwheheehh” own up to the mistakes your flight has made even if you didn’t have anything to do with it. If light has spies it’ll come out and we’ll rip on them too but you don’t get to excuse your shitty behavior by victim blaming.

Some of the Plague members have been really open about how this is all bullshit and no one knew it was going on and it shouldn’t have happened and they’re bothered by their flight members’ responses and that’s v cool. It’s even cool that those plaguelings are still supporting Plague in the battle because at least you’ve at least acknowledged that what BH and the dom leaders did was shady and you don’t endorse it so good for you that’s all we ask. you know what, kudos to you guys you rock. Nice to know #notallplague members are immature and #someplaguemembers can acknowledge when they’ve been part of a shitty thing.

Being that I am a blog dedicated to roleplaying a god of love, lust, and sexual desire (of ALL degrees) I decided to do something for Valentines Day! You do NOT have to be following me to participate at all!

On Sunday, 2-14-16, between 7pm and 9pm CST I will be answering questions regarding love/sex IC (or ooc if asked specifically) as Eros!

I will be SELECTIVE if I have to be (meaning if I get a LOT and can’t answer them all or if some of the questions are not something I can answer for whatever reason) and I will be allowing them on and off anon.

I will not answer anything that is grossly misogynistic, transphobic or homophobic! I will encourage questions to include topics relating to the ENTIRE spectrum of love and sex. This means celebrating those who are Ace in both regards too!! My Eros in the modern age is completely all about celebrating people like that!

DISCLAIMER: I am no expert on these subjects and this is mostly for pretendy fun times but anyone sending in serious questions marked as such will get the most honest and loving answer the mun is able to give.

ASKBOX IS HERE. autoplay IS on so feel free to just hover over my URL to send from the dash instead! PLEASE WRITE: FOR AMA before your question so I don’t answer it prematurely! Thanks!

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h oly???????? what did richard dawkins do??????????????????? like im 100% ready to fite him but wha t did he d o

he’s racist/anti-islam and misogynist as hell like…imagine if 4chan was a college professor 

@ jjps. we all know that snsd (AND jessica lol) have said some racist/colorist shit. but that isn’t even an argument. we can call u guys out bc you guys are being directly racist and ableist. we can’t control what our favs do but you guys can control what you all do. lmao. first of all u all call them r*ts (which is a racial slur), you always make fun of snsd member’s bodies (that’s misogynistic), and you guys called sooyoung a burnt anorexic pancake (colorist + misogynistic + bodyshaming). you guys use the slur r*t*rd*d (which is ableist). you guys say that because snsd sings abt boys and love it makes me official Anti Feminists Who Want To Be Oppressed. like you guys are the misogynistic ones? a girl can’t sing about love without having internalized misogyny. what is this ugly ass logic. i can’t believe you guys would label me some type of meninist bc i love listening to sad ballads abt love lmao. and you all say you guys don’t stan colorists and racists while basically all of u stan fx (love them but they are equally as problematic as snsd), one of you stans big bang and 2ne1 (lol big bang has literally done blackface and said the n word), one of you LITERALLY biases wendy from red velvet, all of you stan krystal (who said ‘luna should stay in africa bc her skin is dark’ and then said ‘idk why luna isn’t offended whn i said that’), one of you stans bts (they have said the n word + said like 77 colorist things), and the other two are exo ls & one of them stans chanyeol and baekhyun (pcy has been saying colorist things like every other month). so basically shut up. you can stan idols who have messed up but it becomes a problem when you all are saying racist and colorist and misogynistic bs.

anyways i have to tag m’friends @icesica @tiffanysgorlfriend apparently like u all lmao

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I ship you with Krem or The Iron Bull. Or both. Both is good.

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Both, yeah. Both is good. 

Both at the same time? *-*

OK but in all seriousness, I joke about it a lot but the Iron Bull and I would actually make a good couple. x’D It’s not like you trip over guys who hit that intersection of “dominant in bed” and “not a fucking douchebag dickwad misogynist” in real life. 

You know what else goes too far Kanye??? Your misogynistic mouth! You say we don’t know what you’ve had to go through but you also don’t know what Taylor has had to go through because of you. Music is no joke for Taylor and instead of tearing people down and writing such vulgar lyrics like you do, she instead decides to empower not only women but as many people as possible. That is the different between you Kanye and Taylor. When you don’t get what you want you go online and rant. When Taylor doesn’t get what she DESERVES, she remembers that there are millions of fans out there that are looking up to her actions and decides to turn make it into the best lesson possible every single time even though she is truly hurt. 

That is the difference between Kanye and Taylor!