misogynistic irony

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ah. yikes. Were they complaining about Moffat/Eleven/Amy in general, or about the episode itself? ‘Cos I can’t recall anything offensive about that episode either.

Both. Someone would say something like “It makes sense that Amy would choose to forget after learning about the whale because she’s fairly empathetic” and someone else would be like “except that Amy actually has no character except for her relationships” which is untrue and sounds pretty sexist to me, tbh. Like every point always came around to “but Eleven is a bad Doctor and Moffat tries too hard and is a bad writer and Amy has no personality and her existence is sexist”.

The irony is someone who said that it was sexist that people kept mistaking the Doctor and Amy for a couple (I guess… because it’s sexist to assume that two people are dating just because they’re young and attractive?) also said all the companions are basically the same and that one of their defining traits is “whore and cries a lot”.