Crowdfunding campaign aims to unseat virulently sexist r/RedPill creator and state rep Robert Fisher

  • Claire Everhart, a woman based in Washington, D.C., is determined to unseat New Hampshire representative and virulent misogynist Robert Fisher in 2018.
  • Last month, the Daily Beast unmasked Fisher as the founder of The Red Pill, a subreddit for men’s rights activists and pick-up artists to join together in their hatred of women.
  • Fisher, who reportedly goes by Pk_atheist on the site, has made comments mocking women’s “subpar intelligence” and decrying the feminist movement for stripping men — particularly fathers and husbands — of their rights.
  • The worst of his comments was posted in 2008, when Fisher argued that rape isn’t an “absolute bad.”
  • “I’m going to say it — rape isn’t an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot,” Fisher wrote at the time. “I think he’d say it’s quite good, really.”
  • Everhart’s heard enough. This week, she launched a campaign on CrowdPac to crowdfund a future female candidate’s campaign against Fisher in the midterm elections. Read more (5/3/17)

anonymous asked:

Hi cunt women are lesser animals,with usually smaller brains, less neurons, and less synapses. That's why women rely more on instinct and emotion, rather than logic or reason. That also explains women's relative lack of intellectual accomplishments or invention over the past 3,000 years (and more). Your gender's main contributions have been singing, giving birth, cooking and cleaning, Nearly everything women have accomplished is with help from men or from a group of men. Women deserve no rights

Hi dickhead I’m feeling petty this morning so I’m gonna eviscerate this swill part by part. It seems like the concept of basic science confuses you. I’ll start by citing this article for you and provide some choice quotes. It used a heavily peer-reviewed study and the methodology was completely sound (i read the whole goddamn original work and several of its external citations).

“On average, for example, men tend to have a larger amygdala, a region associated with emotion. Such differences are small and highly influenced by the environment, yet they have still been used to paint a binary picture of the human brain,“

“Depending on whether the researchers looked at gray matter, white matter, or the diffusion tensor imaging data, between 23% and 53% of brains contained a mix of regions that fell on the male-end and female-end of the spectrum. Very few of the brains—between 0% and 8%—contained all male or all female structures.” 

A list of early inventions by women (it includes elevated rail-lines, Kevlar, and the submarine telescope! the lack of patents taken out by women early on is actually because men made it illegal for a woman to hold a patent in her name until the early 1900s. those darn men, always inhibiting progress)

 A detailed list of several well-known contemporary female scholars

Here’s Wikipedia’s list of Muslim women who made significant intellectual achievements

A list of 30 Black women who made history

A detailed history of Asian women’s contributions

Notable Native American women from the past 350 years

Here’s TWO articles on the contributions of trans women in contemporary culture (the first one also includes nonbinary people, just a heads up. It seemed more relevant than many of the others tho)

You know what fuck you here’s 50 more women who did important shit

Wikipedia’s history of lesbian literature (which lists a lot of books and authors)

Tbh I do agree with you on the singing being a main contribution, just because women have nicer voices (in my opinion) and are much more likely to use their songwriting expertise to push activist and progressive agendas.

Maybe don’t come into my inbox with this shit when you don’t know what you’re talking about? Put away the 18th century medical book and take a chill pill.

  • what boys say: Man, my ex was craaaazy!
  • what boys mean: My socially-justified narcissism means that I'd rather assume my partner is mentally ill than engage in the remotest shred of self criticism or internal analysis to determine how my own behaviour might have contributed to the situation.