When men dress in drag and supposedly imitate women, it is most often very sexist in a remarkably similar way to the whites imitating racial minorities… All the things I have shunned as part of the ancient ‘cult of womanhood,’ all the superficial, commercialized, and fake aspects of ‘femininity’ that I have fought to be freed from, these men were embracing as their ‘womanhood!’ Tons of make up, huge dyed bouffant hair-dos, binding lingerie, heels, nylons, shaving…and these men in drag who were supposedly acting like women, also acted giddy, stupid, shallow…it is odd to me that this could be seen as anything but blatant sexism.

Imitating Others As Control: Is Drag Sexist/Racist?, Kirsten Anderberg - from Why Has Drag Escaped Criticism From Feminists and the LGBTQ Community? http://feministcurrent.com/8932/why-has-drag-escaped-critique-from-feminists-and-the-lgbtq-community/