I just saw something that almost broke me down to tears.


Radfems have created their own version of the lgbT community to completely remove trans people from it.

7+ people I know are trans. 3 fully transitioned, and 4 that have either not finished due to their health, or have no desire to.

Trans people are queer. Everyone except radfems have been saying that for years.

Chopping off the T because “O H NO!!!1!! R A PIST MISOG YNIS TS!!!!1!1! F E MAL ES ONLY!!! LE SBOPHOBES!!1!1! TRANS CULT!! GENDERISTS!!1!1!1!”

Violently expelling trans people from their own community, because Terfs/radfems/WHATEVER are fucking violently oppressing trans people further by stirring up a new stereotype that will follow trans people for years to come. Killing many more trans people.

How dare YOU rewrite our damn community because you don’t like how it is. Things change.
And you’re tiny little opinions aren’t going to help anyone. It’ll only hurt.

You’re hurting trans people.
You’re hurting other lesbians.
You’re hurting our community.

“Men don’t experience sexism.”

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“Kill all men”

“Teach men not to-”

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Gamers are nothing but basement dwelling misog-“

"Girls are perfect and beautiful but boys are ugly”

“It’s not rape when a woman does it because-”


What regressives really think about women.