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Cat Parents (Wonwoo)

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Wonwoo slept peacefully on your bed before he felt a fuzzy sensation against his nose. His eyes opened and he caught sight of a small kitty sitting on him purring away. “Babe” he calls as you look over from your desk “who is this?” he asked “Miso” you say as he nods lightly. “When did you get a cat?” he asked “last week. He wondered into my apartment from the cold. And I just didn’t have the heart to put him back out there” you say as Wonwoo smiles. “You’re cute” he told you as he lightly stroked the kitten.


As Wonwoo came over to visit he seemed to come baring new things for your new cat each time. Most recently a feather toy which Miso loved to bits. “Are you here to see me or the cat?” you tease as he smiles at you. You walk over placing a kiss onto his lips. “I think Miso is my main man now” he coos as Miso slept calmly in his lap. “He seems to like you a lot ” you tell him as he laughs lightly.

“You can be his dad” you say as he raises a brow “you want me to be a cat dad?” he asked as you nodded. “Am I your dad Miso?” he asked the cat as he purred as Wonwoo scratched under his chin. “Does that make you the mom?” he asked as you made a sound “of course it does” you say as he smiles.


“Why did you get one with a bell?” you asked as Wonwoo put the collar on Miso. “Its cute” he told you “its cute until he runs around at 2 in the morning and that’s all you hear” you tell him. “Then I’ll buy him a different collar” he told you. You wrapped your arms around him and pouted “why don’t you spoil me like him?” you whine as he chuckles “what do you want?” he asked as you smiled. “A random special treat every now and again” you tell him as he nods “I’ll get you candy then” he promises “special special candy” you say as you lean close. “Alright” he told you as he chuckles as he leans in and kisses you lightly.

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What would the butler do if they meet mc a child that she adopt before she met them?

Finally you are settling down in Tokyo and you decide to bring your adopted daughter over. That night, you finally tell your Butler about it and you wonder how his reaction would be. You also explained that she was actually your cousin’s daughter. However, your cousin and her husband passed away in a car accident leaving the child as the only survival. So you decide to adopt her.

Your butler is very understanding and he even praises you for your kindness. That is what he loves about you. Finally the weekend arrives, and your adopted daughter arrives at your place. She was shy and keeps hiding behind your back. Your butler smiles and tries to break the ice with her.

“Do you like cake? I bake many different cakes for you today. Do you want some?” Yuma asks and smiles sweetly at her. He then leads her to the table where choice of cakes waiting for her. Your girl blinks with excitement and slowly warm up with him.

“I know you are coming today and I bought a lot of your favourite books. Do you want to start reading now?” Aoi asked while showing her a few of the books which he had bought. She immediately ran over and takes the books from him. She soon gets chatting with Aoi and even explains the stories to him.

“Do you like to play piano? I am very good at it. Do you want me to show you?” Tomoki smiles at her while she nodded her head shyly. Tomoki extend his hand and lead her to the piano. Slowly, she is getting comfortable with him.

“Do you like miso soup? Your mum loves my miso soup. Do you want to try some?” Kyo asked nervously and your girl gives a little nod. She breaks into smiles and praise Kyo that the soup is wonderful. Slow, she starts talking more to Kyo.

“You have beautiful hair. Can I help you tie your hair? I will make you a beautiful girl.” Itsuki smiles and extend his hand to her. She was shy but eventually accepts his offer. She can’t stop blinking when she saw how beautiful Itsuki done to her hair.