miso for life

today is misophonia visibility day so i wanted to say a few things!

misophonia literally means “hatred of sound”, and anyone who has it knows that this is exactly how it feels! we are simply overstimulated from specific sounds. these triggering sounds are usually repetitive and include chewing, breathing, tapping, specific speaking sounds, and more. of course, sounds that trigger are different for everyone who has misophonia!

people who have misophonia know that most folks don’t mean to chew / breathe / exist loudly. just remember that we can’t help our reaction to these sounds either! we aren’t trying to be malicious or rude, we just get overstimulated very easily.

lastly, if someone asks you to stop doing something because of the sound, please make an effort to stop doing it. also understand that if you are unable to stop we will probably avoid you in order to avoid the sound. even if it’s something that you can’t hear or notice, be respectful and understand that it’s not a personal attack on you!