miso and tofu


NAME: Hime Yozora

AGE: 27

HEIGHT: 4′9″

SPECIES: “Artificial” Voidsent, glamoured over

GENDER: Female

NAMEDAY: 28th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon (January 28th)

RESIDENCE: Shop in Limsa Lominsa doubles as her home; currently working on moving her shop to Kugane.


ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
DRINK: Steppe Tea | Rolanberry Lassi
FOOD: Miso Soup with Tofu | Persimmon Leaf Sushi
SNACKS: Pearl Chocolate | Honey Muffin

PET: Vulpes, a fox kit
COLOUR: White; Turquoise; Red; Black; Purple
SEXUALITY: Demisexual
ROMANTIC ORIENTATION: Demiromantic, Monogamous
BODY TYPE: Well toned, curvaceous

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Gakuen Bungou Stray Dogs - Translations!! Part THREE

Gakuen Bungou Stray Dogs is a school AU that the official anime Twitter came up with!

Have the third and final round! Translations were made by my awesome friend Maya @erochuya (Twitter) and yours truly! Enjoy~!

The question for part three is: Describe what you had for dinner tonight.

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Gakuen Bungou Stray Dogs 2017 Character Profile and Q&A

i’m so excited for this new anime! the visuals look great and i can’t wait uwu

(i’m not an active part of bungou fandom, but i saw this on twitter and i decided to try my hand at it! also can someone please let this grandma know how to put this all under a read more, that would be much appreciated)


Our spring is still young and a little painful! The return of Bungou Seishun Graffitti! 

Nakajima Atsushi
A very normal high school student except for the fact that his white hair stands out. He became a member of the Armed School Council (as an assistant) due to certain reasons and helps solve fights at school. According to Dazai, he’s “a man of love and justice”.

Dazai Osamu
A mysterious young man who’s tall and has disheveled hair. He’s the secretary of the Armed Student Council, but never does any paperwork. His hobby is committing suicide. Because he keeps going in and out of the hospital, his real age is unknown.

Oda Sakunosuke
A student teacher who was assigned to the school. It seems like he’s acquainted with Dazai, but the details are a mystery. His usual breakfast is Canadian bacon and scrambled eggs. His favorite food is mixed curry.

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke
Known as “Prince of the Infirmary”. He wears a frilly piece of cloth around his neck, but even he doesn’t know what it’s called. Since he coughs often, he’s frequently in the infirmary.

Nakahara Chuuya
A delinquent transfer student who wears a black hat and knows about Dazai’s past. His hat was confiscated on the first day of his transfer because it was against the school’s dress code. Short.

Sakaguchi Ango
A prefect who’s trademark is his glasses. He doubts if Atsushi’s white hair is natural. Known as “Professor[-like] Glasses”.


Question 1 - Please introduce yourself.

Atsushi: My name is Nakajima Atsushi. Other than the fact that my white hair stands out, I’m just another normal high schooler. I became a member of the Armed Student Council because of certain reasons. My favorite food is chazuke! Being alive is such a wonderful thing. It’s another new day after you sleep and wake up, and you get to eat! 

… Um, my hair is actually natural?

Dazai: Introduce myself? A self introduction… what do you want to know about me? My name? It’s Dazai Osamu. I’m the secretary of the Armed Student Council, though paperwork is rather annoying. I spend my days looking for good ways to commit suicide. Since I’m always in and out of the hospital, I’ve had to repeat the school year for a number of times… 

Hmm? What is it? So… you’re curious about my age. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Akutagawa: I am Akutagawa. I am a mere high school student who learns at school and lives on the streets. I suffer from a respiratorial disease, so I unwittingly spend half of my time at the school infirmary. I know more about the arrangement of the medicine cabinet than the school nurse. I am greatly troubled by the fact that someone has started calling me by the nickname “Prince of the Infirmary”. I would like to ruthlessly get rid of useless hindrances and people who create needless havoc, but at this point in time there are no such people for me to get rid of at school.

… That frilly thing on my lapel? I know not of it’s name.

Chuuya: Aa? Why the hell do I have to introduce myself. It’s damn annoying. 

… Ugh! Fine! I just gotta do it, right?! I’m Nakahara Chuuya. It pains me to say this, but I have something like an unfortunate acquintance with that asshole Dazai. That hat that I like… is at home right now. Like hell I’m letting the school confiscate it because it goes against the dress code!

My height…? If you treasure your life then you sure as hell better not say any more than that.

Ango: I’m Sakaguchi Ango from Class 3B. My height is 178cm, and my weight is 62kg. I am currently appointed as a school prefect. It seems like the recent transfer student has a very striking hair color. He claims that it’s natural, but whether or not that’s true…

Pardon me? … Wait, this is a mole. It’s not dirt.

Odasaku: A self-introduction? My name’s Oda Sakunosuke. My friends call me Odasaku. I’ve been assigned to this school as a student teacher, and I teach Literature. I don’t think it’s anything particularly worth mentioning… Is this enough [for a self-introduction]? Ah right, I eat curry rice three times a week. It’s not that I like it specifically, it’s just a habit of mine. The curry rice that I eat has vegtables that would melt in your mouth and beef tendon that’s been stir-fried with garlic. It tastes light. I cook that with an excellent blend of spices, then mix it all up with a lot of rice. I eat it with eggs and sauce.

… Hmm? Dazai? Dazai is… 

Aa, sorry looks like it’s time for the staff meeting. We’ll talk more about that later.

Question 2 - Tell us your favorite class.

Atsushi: My best subject is Physical Education! Today we had a joint-PE class with Dazai-san and the others, but Akutagawa had to leave for the infirmary in the middle, and Nakahara-san picked a fight with Dazai-san, then Dazai-san disappeared all of a sudden… It’s a pity it didn’t seem like a Physical Education class anymore. It’d be great if I could do sports properly next time…

My favorite subject is probably Literature. I don’t really understand some of the more difficult things, but I’m happy that I get to read a lot of books!

Dazai: I don’t particularly like class. I already know these things without having to be taught, so why do I have to go out of my way to be locked up in a small room just for that. It’s not even a good way to kill time. Especially Physical Education, since it’s still so cold during this time of the year that I’d rather sleep in the infirmary. But Akutagawa-kun’s there in the infirmary… and Yosano-sensei would find out that I’m skipping class. Kunikida-kun would start nagging at me too.

But during joint-PE class today I passed by Odasaku. That wasn’t bad.

Akutagawa: Due to the fact that I spend half of the school year in the infirmary, I lack enough information to form a proper opinion of my likes and dislikes of the classes. In general, I don’t dislike any of the classes. Though I’m rather stumped over the calculation of definite integrals [in mathematics], I’m satisfied with the classes overall. 

I would like to join swimming classes once.

Chuuya: … Class? Not interested. It’s just that I can’t stand to be worse than that asshole Dazai. Even though that jerk’s literally just a bandage attachment, his brains piss me off…

That’s why it’s not a matter of liking or disliking it. This is a showdown between me and Dazai. And if it’s a fight then there’s no way I’m falling behind. That’s all there is to it.

Ango: I don’t really understand the point of this question. To like or dislike it, I’ve never thought of class from that point of view. It’s because class is something you’re always supposed to attend. It’d be troublesome to constantly skip class the way Dazai does. Ah yes… to be good or bad at it, if it’s from that perspective then I understand. Anyone would have a tendency to score well or score badly in particular subjects.

Naturally I don’t have any subjects that I’m bad at.

Odasaku: My favorite class? I’ve never thought about it. I don’t decide to do things based on whether I like something or not. For most things in general at least. I’m a teacher, and since teaching is a job where it’s required for me to conduct classes, then that applies even more. If we’re just talking about likes and dislikes, then I don’t dislike my job as a teacher. Though I don’t look like it.

Speaking of, I passed by Dazai on campus today. It seemed like he’s actually attending class for once, though I wonder how long he intends on staying a high schooler.

Question 3 - Please tell us what you had for dinner tonight.

Atsushi: I had chicken chazuke today! Umeboshi topped with shredded nori, and also yesterday’s leftover chicken. When you take a bite of that together with hot soup and the little strips of konbu floating on top… that’s the best! Every day I get to eat, go to school, and work for the Armed Student Council even though it’s a little tough. I’ll work hard tomorrow as well!

Ah… um, I really have to go talk to Sakaguchi-san… He probably won’t believe me even if I tell him that my hair’s natural. I’ll go ask Dazai-san for advice…

Dazai: Hm…. How annoying. If Odasaku’s there then I’ll have to properly go to school, so I might as well go to sleep. But I’m hungry… But since we had Physical Education today I’m exhausted… And I hate having to boil water. I want my food to come to me…

Hey fooooood – cooooooome –

Akutagawa: Western-style food. I designed a menu that considers nuitritional value and prioritizes nourishment to the respiratorial system. However, as I do not have a large appetite, I do not consume very much.

I hate mikans, but I occasionally crave some after meals.

Chuuya: Boiled spinach with mitsuba and miso soup. The ingredients [for the miso soup] are tofu and green onion. And grilled fish. And rice. Then I might as well make the side dishes for tomorrow’s bento. That fucking Dazai always steals from my bento…

I’ll definitely make him cry tomorrow.

Ango: Since I have to prepare the paperwork that’s due for submission, I don’t really have time to cook. When this happens I eat energy bars that I bought from the drugstore with other nuitritional suppliments… 

Haa… I’d like to have a warm meal.

Also, Nakajima Atsushi-kun. Let’s have a proper talk tomorrow.

Odasaku: I was gonna go with curry but I’ve already had that yesterday. I made nikujaga today. I was thinking about things while making it so I made a bit too much. There are a lot of things to think about in this world, and whatever you think about wouldn’t necessarily come to a good conclusion. Since it can’t be helped, I brought the extras to Dazai’s place. He probably thought that preparing a meal was too troublesome and was rolling around on his bed anyway. Dazai’s been living next door for a while now. Hopefully he found the food before it got cold.

I’ll see you tomorrow then. Don’t be late because you stayed up all night.


if you thought akutagawa’s answers sound weird, it was deliberate because he is literally an old man and hey, it’s april fool’s. hope y’all enjoyed this and lmk if i messed up anything o/

Plant-Based easy, affordable meals.

Some meals for the 28 day health challenge. Cheap, affordable and really easy to make. I’m lazy but i still like eating delicious food. 

- Fruit salad
- Fruit smoothies
- Overnight oats with fruit
- Breakfast smoothie bowl (Any frozen fruit with fresh fruits) topped with muesli/cereal.
- Cereal and dairy free milk
- Toast with tofu scramble
- Toast with spread (jam, peanut butter and what ever you like).
- Toast served with grilled tomatoes, mushroom, spinach and hash brown.
- Pancakes with fresh fruits

- Mixed salad with mixed beans
- Salads in general (mixed with whole grains, broccoli, pumpkin, beans, leafy salads etc.)
- Burrito wrap with beans, tomato and veggies
- Tacos, mixed beans, lettuce, tomato and baked wedges 
- Salad sandwich 
- Veggie burger with sweet potatoe wedges 
- Baked potatoe/sweet potatoe with mix salad
- Salad bowl - cous cous, mixed veggies, roasted potato and mixed beans
- Vegan pizza - tomato paste, garlic, mushrooms, onion, rocket, capsicum, olives, Italian herbs
- Cous cous salad
- Grilled veggies + tofu and hommus dip
- Rice and vegetable stir fry + tofu
- Rice, grilled tofu with mixed beans
- Hokkien noodle/rice noodle stiry fry with vegetable + tofu
- Tom yum noodles - rice noodles, vegetables + tofu
- Miso soup noodles - rice noodles, vegetables + tofu

Generally, i have a big lunch and smaller dinner but always eat till satisfied.
Simple little meals that i make on a daily basis, to which i’ll will play around with for the challenge.  And of course there will be other meals on the menu which may use a little bit more expensive ingredients, e.g. quinoa, chia seeds, mushrooms etc.  

Click for 28 day Health Challenge 

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Miso Noodle Soup

  • 7 cups of water
  • ½ cup of miso paste
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • ½ teaspoon minced ginger
  • 1 tablespoon tamari
  • 1 carrot, chopped into thin rounds
  • 1 cup of baby spinach
  • 1 chilli, chopped finely
  • 2 sheets of nori, sliced into small squares
  • 2 portobello mushrooms, sliced into strips
  • 100g of tofu, chopped into small cubes
  • 180 grams of soba noodles

1. In a large pot add your water (not boiled, warm at most) and miso paste and heat on medium until the paste has dissolved. Never let the water boil or it will kill the miso.
2. Add in the garlic, ginger and tamari and stir until its all combined well.
3. Add your prepped vegetables and tofu (spinach, chilli, nori and mushrooms, tofu), turn the heat down to low and put a lid on the pot for about 30 minutes, check every now and then until the veggies have cooked to your liking.
4. When you’re about to be ready to eat yo soup, add your soba noodles and stir through for a few minutes until they’re cooked (if they’re dry soba like I use, they should cook in less than 5 minutes)

petit dejeuner aujourd’hui.


You were making some dinner when you heard a knock on the door. Wiping your hands, you went over, but then remembered what Yoongi said about Matthew popping by and you stopped. Looking through the peephole on the door, you saw Namjoon standing there looking confused as he held up his hand to knock once more. Opening the door suddenly, Namjoon jumped back a little and smiled.

Hi, I was worried you had left or something. Namjoon mumbled and you shook your head.

I was worried you were Matthew. You said and Namjoon looked at you with concern.

Did Matthew come by?! He asked quickly and you shook your head.

No, I just … Oh nevermind. You replied and then stepped aside to let Namjoon in. Want dinner? You asked and he walked in.

Actually, dinner would be great. But I also have news … Where are the guys? He asked and you looked around.

Oh, Tae had to go to the bathroom, but he said he didn’t want to mess up my bathroom. Kind of sweet in a disgusting way. You said and Namjoon rolled his eyes.

Oh god. And the rest of the guys? He asked and you shrugged.

Jimin said he had to do something, and Hobi wanted to see what Jin was making for dinner. You answered and shrugged. Namjoon shook his head lightly.

I give them one command and they don’t listen. He mumbled and you laughed.

Yea, well you also said you would be back in a couple hours and like 5 hours later, here you are. You retorted and Namjoon gave you a half smile.

Jeez, you are not afraid to tell me off, huh? He asked and you shrugged.

I feel like you deserve to be taken off your pedestal sometimes. You replied and went back into the kitchen to check on the food. Can you set the table? I’m finishing up here. You called over your shoulder and Namjoon made a small agreeing noise behind you. His tall frame reached into the cabinets to get plates out and set out the utensils. Ah, we need bowls. You corrected him and he laughed, grabbing the bowls instead.

So what’s for dinner? He asked as he set up the table and walked up next to you. You looked over and for a moment, you felt your heart race. It was like a grade school crush, when your hands got sweaty and you felt like you were going to puke, because the way he was looking at you and the smile he wore was showcasing his dimples and you were pretty sure you looked like a damn fucking mess. He looked at you expectantly, he had ditched the suit and tie and was now wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of black joggers, yet somehow it seemed inappropriate for someone to look so good in such simple attire. You shook your head and shrugged.

Uhm, I was getting a little homesick so I decided to make doenjang guk (Korean miso soup) with tofu. You held up a spoon for him and he took a bite. Looking down at you, he smiled like a little kid.

Hey, you’re actually pretty good at this! He exclaimed and you laughed.

Pretty good at what? Cooking? You asked and he nodded happily.

I was worried that you were going to feed me some shitty, undercooked, wannabe slop. He replied and you rolled your eyes.

Wow, woo me. You said unenthusiastically, but then you laughed a little. But I’m glad you like it. My mom makes it all the time and would bring it to my apartment. You explained and Namjoon smiled as you recalled the memory. You brought the pot over to the table and set it down on the placemat. Ladling the soup into bowls, Namjoon handed you yours and you took it graciously. Taking in the aroma, you seemed to be transported into a different time. A time when your mom would stop by unexpectedly and make you dinner, then press you for details about class or ask how you were feeling. You were always close to your mom and she made you feel completely at ease. She was one of your best friends.

Y/N? You heard Namjoon call out to you and you snapped out of your thoughts.

Yea? Sorry, I just was thinking about something. You muttered and took a spoonful of soup to your lips.

I just wanted to say thanks for the dinner, it’s really good. He said back and you were surprised by the sincerity of his voice. You nodded with a smile as you watched him eat as well. So your mom used to make this? He asked to break the silence that engulfed the table. You nodded.

Yea, she would come over all the time. I moved out when I was 17 because I knew my expiration date was coming up and I wanted to experience the world. I knew I wasn’t going to get married and I was kind of introverted because I didn’t want to get attached to people, but my mom was always stopping by to keep me company. You replied quickly. You didn’t want to bring up your expiration date because you didn’t want pity for living such a secluded life, but the words seemed to spill out of your mouth.

Well she sounds like an amazing woman. Namjoon gave a genuine response and you were a bit surprised. What? He asked and you shook your head.

I just didn’t think you were such a nice guy. You murmured and Namjoon looked at you with annoyance.

Oh thanks, that really boosted my confidence. He muttered and you laughed.

Ah! You said as you thought of something, causing Namjoon to look up at you. You know a lot about me, but I know nothing about you. You said and Namjoon looked down at his food.

Yea, and I like it that way. He muttered and you shook your head.

Come on, Namjoon. I just want to know a little bit more about you. You said and for the first time you saw Namjoon scratch his forearm like you had for the past couple of days. Namjoon? Are you okay? You asked and he sighed.

I’m trying to think of the right words. He muttered and you reached out for his hand. Although he didn’t grasp your hand, he didn’t shake you off. You sat there apprehensively as he took another deep breath and began.

My parent’s had the same expiration date. He murmured and you looked at him with alarm. It was incredibly uncommon to have the same expiration date as someone, but it was looked down upon for a couple to share an expiration date. And my grandmother was late picking me up to take me from the house. He said slowly and you saw where this story was going.

Namjoon was at home, only 10 years old, when his parents told him that they were calling his grandmother because they would both expire. He was a mixture of confused and terrified, not only would he have to leave his childhood home, but he had to say goodbye to his parents. He wanted to stay with them forever, never let go. The next day arrived and Namjoon stood in front of the house, waiting for his grandmother, who never showed up. Namjoon looked back at the house and then at his watch, he knew that his parents would be mad if he walked through the front door, so wandering to the back of the house, he found his bedroom window, and climbed through. That was when hell came to Earth.

Namjoon sat in his room and contemplated what he could do, but then he heard a loud knock on the front door. His parents spoke quietly to one another, saying the last of their goodbyes, and opened the door. Namjoon looked through a sliver in his door to see a group of men, clad in black and they walked into the house. Namjoon’s parents bowed and the men seemed to not be in the mood for pleasantries.

Face the wall. One of the men said and Namjoon’s mother looked at his father with confusion. But the two slowly turned to face the wall. Then Namjoon saw the glint of the gun and took in a breath. His father was shot straight in the head and his mother screamed in horror.

I THOUGHT THEY SAID THIS WOULD BE HUMANE! She screamed and before she could hear a response, the man shot her between the eyes.

Namjoon shut the door, but the sound caused for the men to be interested in who or what was in the house. Running to his room, Namjoon heard the stomping footsteps and knew he had to run. Climbing back out of his window, he took his things and sprinted away from the house.

I wandered the streets for about a week. He muttered and you felt yourself take a shaky breath. I just couldn’t get the images out of my head. I still can’t. He murmured and you looked at him, trying to blink the tears out of your eyes. It was pure luck that I found the Society, your father took me in and for that I’m eternally grateful. He said and squeezed your hand. I promise I will protect you from them. I will not let them hurt you. He said and you felt the breathing get kicked out of your lungs as you tried to form words.

You don’t need to worry about me. You croaked and Namjoon smiled.

I may not need to, but I want to. He responded and you smiled back. You had never let anyone in because of your impending expiration date, but now you were looking at Namjoon and the way your heart was beating made you think that maybe he was the exception to the rule.