miso and tofu



I just added two Original Acrylic Paintings to our Etsy Shop!  No Face from Spirited Away in Miso Soup AND Godzilla in Miso Soup!


anonymous asked:

Lately i feel like i dont quite enjoy my food as much as i used to. Im no pro when it comes to cooking but make basic dishes like daal and veggie curries. I really dont like smoothie bowls or nice creams etc so feel like i have limited options idk especially when it comes to leafy greens which i really cannot eat unless it is cooked. Send me inspiration pls lol

here are some #basicbitch meals for you pal:

lentil salad; cooked green french lentils tossed in some lemon juice, salt and ACV w diced roasted veggies (e.g. pumpkin, capsicum, zucchini), maybe some shredded baby spinach as well, dressed in a lemony tahini dressing (used to be obsessed with this meal in 2015)

asian inspired bowls of steamed tofu w a gingery garlicy soy sauce dressing, basmati or jasmine rice, chopped greens, avocado

miso broth w spinach, tofu, rice noodles and mushrooms

stuffed sweet potatoes; baked potatoes stuffed w roasted veg, herbed chickpeas, tomato/corriander salsa, dressed w tahini

vietnameseish bowls; rice noodles w chopped spring rolls, lightly steamed veg, chopped spinach and sweet chilli sauce

easy buddha bowls; pick a protein (tofu, beans, lentils), add veg, carbs of choice n some fattz (avo, tahini)

ba$ic pad thai; fried tofu, rice noodles, shredded cabbage and other chopped veg of choice, tossed through a sauce of blended peanut butter/soy sauce/ginger/garlic/water

for eating more leafieszz i generally like them in smoothies or juices so they defs absorb and you can have them in high quantities, but even tossing spinach through pasta sauces or making kale chips is good

also there are some easy recipes like one pot fettucine alfredo, laksa, vegan honey chicken and a bunch of desserts on my website www.tanisha.co, and heaps of meal inspo on my ig @taniangel7 x x x x


Finally got around to visiting Hanamizuki Cafe in the midtown Chelsea area, not too far from Penn Station. I’m not sure how I heard of this place originally, but think I might have passed it once or twice and it had quipped my interest. The cafe decor was really quite lovely though I’m probably a bit biased and would it my ideal aesthetic lol with it’s minimalist-chic theme going on, with lofty high ceilings, fresh plants, and cute trinkets and knickknacks. 

The cafe is mainly known for serving it’s specialized onigiri along with a few other Japanese-style finger food snacks. I was originally just planning to get the onigiri but was actually convinced to get the lunch special set with came with the choice of two onigiri, a side dish (I chose edamame) and a soup (I picked the soft tofu miso soup). The onigiri that I chose were the Hawaiian onigiri (made with dried tomato, chili, and a slice of spam on top) and the Cha Shu Pork onigiri. Sadly they were all out of the curry and egg onigiri so I’ll try to get it another time. Everything tasted delightfully scrumptious and fresh, and I think they’re aiming for a ‘healthy’ fast food-esque theme overall, which I feel like they succeeded in. Definitely see myself coming back some time, and can think of a few friends that I want to take here next time.