James (Logan) Howlett’s code name should be the Lynx, not Wolverine.

It is clear that all of Wolverine’s most iconic characteristics are more related to the lynx than they are to the wolverine.

First, let’s look at his hair.

See the tufts of hair above his ears?  A lynx has those.

The wolverine does not.

Speaking of Wolverine’s hair, what about mutton chops?

Those look a lot like the mutton chop-like hair that a lynx has.

The wolverine, not so much.

And of course, there are the retractable claws that Wolverine can slide in and out.

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Guess which animal has retractable claws! That’s right, the lynx! The claws can be in.

The claws can be out.

The wolverine also has claws, but they aren’t retractable. See them all sticking out! They are always out! Always!

And, of course, we all know that Wolverine is Canadian.

Sure both wolverines and lynxes can be found in Canada, but there is a species of lynx that is specifically named the Canadian Lynx.


And there are coins! Canadian Lynx coins!

The wolverine, however, is most associated with the Michigan Wolverines.

Pretty sad. But it doesn’t end there.  We all know that Wolverine is one of the shortest of Marvel’s characters.

Similarly, the lynx is one of the shortest of the non-domestic cats (the Felidae family.)

While the wolverine is one of the largest of the Mustelidae family.

And there you have it, fandom. James Howlett is a lynx-like mutant with little in common with the wolverine. We must demand that the name be changed to THE LYNX! We will march on the Marvel offices! March to the copyright offices! March! MARCH, I SAY!

(It’ll never happen.)

Ok but you know what trope I love and don’t get NEARLY enough of?

Accidental sex

“Anything you can do I can do better INCLUDING THAT” sex

“You played a prank on me and now I’m going to play one on you except oops this accidentally got hot” sex

“You made an inaccurate assumption about *insert sexual or sexuality misnomer here* and I’m going to teach you the truth” sex

“You think you’re so smart so I’m going to teach you a lesson” sex

“Do you think I look good/hot/provocative in this? Wait is this turning you on???” sex

“You don’t know what *insert kink here* is and I’m really bad at explaining things and now we’re doing it oops” sex

“I bet I can dance/move/act like that and I don’t even have to be a dancer/stripper/actor/whatever wait are you turned on?” sex

“I lost a bet to you and the circumstances were supposed to be a joke but I took them seriously” sex

“You were joking about something and I took you seriously” sex

“You seem to think that __ won’t feel good and I intend to prove you wrong” sex

“You’re intentionally getting under my skin so I threaten to spank you/playfully spank you and now you look like you just got banged against a wall” sex

“I didn’t know you were a sub and when I called you a good boy/girl you almost cried” sex

“I didn’t know you were a dom and when I called you Sir/Ma'am you almost jumped me” sex

“Playing a prank on our freinds to make them think we’re a couple and now we’re in bed together” sex

“I’m fixing you *insert appliance/furniture/house thing hee* for you and now I’m sweaty and half naked and you’re drooling” sex

“I noticed the way you were watching me eat this popsicle so I purposely started making it an inuendo and now we’re both hot and bothered” sex

“Haha that thing they do in movies/porn/online is so corny like no way that’s actually hot haha oops it is” sex

“Freinds can totally watch porn together and nothing can happen…. no they can’t” sex

“I showed you *insert sexual thing here* as a joke but you’re actually turned on” sex

“You found my sex toys and I teasingly offered to demonstrate them welp here we are” sex

“I started pretending to dirty talk to you an hour ago and it stopped being pretending 58 minutes ago” sex

“All I’m saying is that I’ve been told I’m a good lay, wanna find out?” sex

“You said you don’t like __ but I bet the people you were with just don’t know how to do it, I, however, have experience and bet I could make you like it” sex

“We platonically slept together last night because of circumstances and we both woke up horny” sex

“This started as a tickle fight and it isn’t tickling anymore” sex

“We’re just bros being bros and doing something 100% platonic but somehow we’re turning eachother on because of not-so-burried feelings for eachother and we can’t make it stop” sex

Accidental sex ok?

Touka and Amon’s Conversation Says More About How They Haven’t Grown

I’ve noticed that I had a vastly different interpretation of the conversation between Touka and Amon then most of the fandom. To be fair the conversation itself seemed okay, until I got to a certain panel. 

Amon’s rhetoric has always been a simplification of a much more complicated situation, but this is an especially glaring example. What exactly about the Daughter arc gave Kureo no choice but to murder Hinami’s mom in the middle of the street in front of her daughter, then use her kakuhou and severed arm to lure that same thirteen year old child into a death trap?

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The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… A Hand in Everything.

Our spacesuits are built up from various piece parts, torso, arms with sizing rings, legs with sizing rings, boots, helmet, and gloves. The variation of the different pieces allows the engineers to construct a suit from generic hardware that fits, or at least come as close as they can make it. One of the most important elements of a spacesuit are our gloves. They are the only piece tailored specifically for us. Spacewalking is a bit of a misnomer on the International Space Station, since we don’t do any walking. We are floating and have to use our hands as the means for moving ourselves from place to place. This sped up example of one of my pool runs demonstrates this form of space “walking.”

With the increased pressure of the suit (to protect our bodies from the vacuum of space) and all the operations with our hands, it can be very fatiguing. Hence, the custom gloves allow us to work for longer periods of time, with much more dexterity for repairs.  

How do you make custom gloves?

Bobby Jones literally had a hand in everything, because his work included making my space suit gloves. He noted that “as part of the process, we traveled to Houston to make casts of the astronaut’s hands for use in the design process. The hand casts are very life like.  When I had these hands all over my office it looked like a zombie movie, where the dead are coming back to life and digging their way out of the ground.”

This scary looking hand looks familiar! Using the hand molds, the engineers make the design requirements for each aspect of the glove. They determine the EXACT dimensions that are required in order to have the knuckles bend in just the right places, with just enough spacing to allow the hands to flex more easily, but snug enough to provide the needed dexterity.

Then with those very precise patterns, the fingers and palm are hand-sewn within tenths of millimeters of margin!

Olga Bustos is shown sewing the fingers of a glove. She has been sewing gloves since the Apollo days and even participated in the construction of Apollo era space suits.  

The space suit has to be pressure-tight. In other words, while working in the vacuum of space, we don’t want any leaks! The inner lining of the suit is cut according to a very specific pattern and then the pieces are heat sealed together to form the barrier that protects us from the vacuum. You can see the yellow inner bladder being heat sealed by Whitney Lowery. You might be surprised that her degree is in fashion design!

There are other layers of protective material over the inner bladder, which is why you see the white fabric on the outer surface.

Fun facts you may not have known about spacesuits: The space suit weights 250 lbs with the backpack. 

The suit components come in sizes like medium, large and extra-large. (Females have to work that much harder in a spacesuit because of all the extra room).

The suits are all hand sewn on old sewing machines.

The gloves take 14 months to design and build.

Engineering is a good start, but they don’t teach space suit design in college. Get exposed to as many things as possible if you want to work on spacesuits someday.

Do you want more stories? Find our NASA Villagers here!


There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Habitable Super-Earth’

“ What they find is that the transition from “rocky” world to “gaseous” world occurs at just twice the Earth’s mass. If you’re more that twice the mass of Earth and you receive the same amount of energy from your star, you’ll be able to hold onto a substantial hydrogen-and-helium envelope of gas, creating an atmospheric pressure that’s hundreds or even thousands of times as great as what we have on Earth’s surface. The hope that Super-Earth worlds would be Earth-like is shattered, and we can safely put Super-Earths, Mini-Neptunes and Neptune-like worlds into the same overall category. ”

It was quite a surprise when we started discovering all the exoplanets that were out there. While there’s a big gap between a world like Earth and a world like Uranus or Neptune in our Solar System – 17 times the mass and 4 times the radius – most of the worlds out there fall in between these two types. Super-Earths and Mini-Neptunes are the most common. But it turns out that what we’re calling a “Super-Earth” is a total misnomer! These worlds may be larger than Earth, but they’re much more like Uranus or Neptune than they are like our own. They have big gas envelopes surrounding them, and can even hold on to their young hydrogen and helium. The only way out is to boil the atmosphere away, and if you do, you’ve got a rocky core that’s close enough to its star to be roasted.

Come find out the full story behind why there’s no such thing as a habitable Super-Earth!

Molecule of the Day: Eucalyptol

Eucalyptol (C10H18O) is a colourless liquid with a piercing, minty, camphor-like scent under room conditions. It is a naturally occurring compound, and can be found in eucalyptus leaves and essential oils.

Eucalyptol has many uses in various industries. For example, it is used as a flavouring agent in mouthwashes, and is also used as an additive to fragrances and cigarettes. It is also used as an environmentally-friendly insect repellent, insecticide, and fungicide.

It has also been shown to relieve inflammation in many chronic diseases, such as respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, and also acts as an antioxidant. Consequently, it is also found in some inhalation-type medications for sinusitis.

In nature, eucalyptol is biosynthesised from geranyl diphosphate:

Note: As you can see, the name “eucalyptol” is somewhat of a misnomer, as there is no alcohol functional group within the molecule!

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A master of hand-to-hand combat, long-range and melee weapons; and several forms of lightsaber combat, The mysterious enforcer of Dorrek VIII is no Jedi. Yet her prowess with a lightsaber earns her the misnomer of a force-user. As the right-hand of the King, she isn’t afraid to voice out her doubts on the true intentions of the crew of Speed - especially with its Captain, Captain Shepherd.

Star Wars: The House of M.
Where Genosha is a planet, Mutants are an alien race,
and the House of Magnus reigns supreme
under the banner of the Galactic Empire.

 a series of unfortunate events,
 book the second: the reptile room.

  • i’m sorry if you’re uncomfortable. 
  • after living so long in the city, i think you will find the countryside to be a pleasant change. 
  • he has travelled a great deal, so he has plenty of stories to tell. 
  • i’ve heard his house is filled with things he’s brought from all the places he’s been.
  • i’m sure he’s very sensitive about that, so don’t ridicule him. 
  • this is really perfect timing! i just finished making a coconut cream cake!
  • questions show an inquisitive mind. 
  • that is interesting. very interesting. but isn’t it dangerous?
  • i will be glad to have your help.
  • well, we’d better get started. 
  • no time like the present, i always say. 
  • he doesn’t seem intimidating at all. 
  • i’m so excited to have you here with me, you’re lucky i’m not speaking gibberish. 
  • i hope he is torn apart by wild animals someday. 
  • this is an amazing place. 
  • because i discovered it, i got to name it.
  • you must be very frightened. 
  • it’s a misnomer. 
  • my god! it’s escaped! 
  • won’t that be hysterical? 
  • are there any snakes in this room that are dangerous?
  • i have a whole cabinet of venom samples from every poisonous snake known to people. 
  • what does ‘giddy’ mean?
  • i wish we still lived in our real home. 
  • they wouldn’t want us to be miserable. 
  • i’m not going to give you a tip because you talk too much. not everybody wants to hear about your new baby, you know. 
  • we will certainly not help you with your luggage because we will not let you in this house. 
  • we are not midgets, we are children. 
  • you are still the same despicable person and we will not let you in this house. 
  • i don’t know what you’re talking about. 
  • if i got angry, who knows what i would do?
  • we’ll have lots of time to get to know one another later. 
  • you obviously haven’t changed a bit. 
  • it is clear to me that you are as stubborn as ever. 
  • you wouldn’t dare. 
  • let’s not discuss what i would or would not dare to do.
  • i think we should run away. 
  • we haven’t any money.
  • i hate losing my train of thought.
  • i suppose we have to go in now. 
  • i don’t mean to be vainglorious. 
  • when people are jealous, they will do anything. they will do crazy things.
  • i’m afraid i don’t quite follow you. 
  • this sort of behaviour is indeed as dastardly as that terrible man’s. 
  • it’s a good thing it didn’t land on my head, or it really could have done some damage. 
  • we’ll find a place for it where it’s safe. 
  • you’ve always been clever. a little too clever for my taste, but you won’t be around for long, so i’m not troubled by it. 
  • you’re not very clever yourself.
  • if i wanted to harm you, your blood would already be pouring down these stairs like a waterfall. 
  • you needn’t be afraid of me, until we find ourselves in a location where crimes are more difficult to trace.
  • even the best plans can change if there’s an accident.
  • accidents happen all the time.
  • last night i felt as if i were in a jail cell, worrying all by myself.
  • what a terrible accident has happened here.
  • stop it! don’t talk like that! 
  • we’re not going anywhere with you. 
  • i am so tired of having to explain everything to you. you’re supposed to be so very smart, and yet you always seem to forget about this! 
  • this is my knife. it is very sharp and very eager to hurt you – almost as eager as i am. 
  • if you don’t do what i say, you will suffer bodily harm.
  • luckily, it looks like nobody was hurt. 
  • i’m sorry to tell you there’s been a horrible accident. 
  • try to understand. there’s been a serious accident. 
  • would you mind showing me your ankle? 
  • i believe that speed is of the essence in an emergency, don’t you?
  • why did you say 'murder’? 
  • terrible accidents, i have found, are often odd. 
  • if it wasn’t an accident, then someone would have had to do this on purpose.
  • we know the truth, but in order to convince the adults, we have to find evidence and proof of his plan. 
  • it’ll be perfectly safe.
  • that scream is absolutely fake. 
  • you were lying! and you are lying now! 
  • you’re nothing but a liar and a murderer!
  • nice girls shouldn’t know how to do such things. 
  • she is a nice girl, and she knows how to do all sorts of things. 
  • we weren’t suspicious! if someone is suspicious, it means they’re not sure! 
  • i would have had nothing to gain from his death. 
  • if you are really who they say you are, the germs are the least of your problems. 
  • i am most definitely shocked. 
  • that’s nothing compared to what i will do to you. you have won this round, but i will return for your fortune and for your precious skin. 
  • this is not a game, you horrible man.
  • dominos is a game. water polo is a game. murder is a crime, and you will go to jail for it.
  • i can’t let you run out after two dangerous criminals. 
  • i am responsible for the safety of you and i will not have any harm come to you. 
  • a grown man does not get involved in a car chase.
  • he was a brilliant man and we will always remember him as such. 
  • it’s nice you feel that way. 
  • you’re brilliant.

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hi! i understand that it must be difficult to provide so many shitposts daily (thank you!), and that posts that people might not consider shitposts happen sometimes because of that, so i really don't want to be rude with this, but categorizing your recent teddy lupin post, something that asks for support in a trans headcanon, as a shitpost, seems a little... trivializing of something that gives comfort to a marginalized group?

Hey there! That’s a valid concern, I’ll grant you. To my book, the ‘shitpost’ part of our name is a bit of a misnomer these days - we post shitposts, sure, but also just straight-up jokes and sad posts and PSAs and headcanons. Shitposts are like about 25% of our output these days.

And we don’t really want to stop posting headcanons! They make us happy, especially because we are not straight or cis and we like putting a bit of our identities into posts. So, I understand your hesitation, but tbh I wouldn’t even class any of our posts that deal mostly with trans headcanons (or any other minority headcanon) as shitposts, because they’re clearly just headcanons. 

The only thing I can think for situations like this is to start a headcanon tag, to make it clear that these aren’t to be considered shitposts? If that’ll make you and others more comfortable I’d be happy to start doing that. Like I say, I understand where you’re coming from completely with all this. If we tag headcanon posts like this as ‘Accio Headcanon’, say, would that work/be less trivialising?

(Does that make sense? It makes sense to me but I’m the one writing it so please let me know if this post is an incoherent mess.)

Jon Stewart on being called “fake news” – in 2014

Rachel Maddow: Even though you identify yourself as fake news, and having [it] built with a fake news process, I think…

Jon Stewart: We don’t say «fake», I mean, fake is wrong. It’s a misnomer that we use, and it’s glib. It’s not. We’re not «news» anything.

Rachel Maddow: Right.

Jon Stewart: We’re *commenting* on the news. Comedically.


Rachel Maddow: Even if you’re not launching it in the same way, it’s being received in the same way. And the barriers between what actually happens in cable news that you’re satirizing, and what you’re doing – we’re not seen as being all that different. Is that worrying you?

Jon Stewart: The only thing that I would say – it doesn’t worry me. I think, I can understand how it would worry people in the news. But I have existed… I am the Highlander. You know, there has been a form of me around in… forever. A comedian who with political and social concepts, criticizes them from a haughty yet ultimately feckless purge, throwing things. Like, the box that I’m in, has always existed.

(transcribed from source)

Okay, so everyone’s done their take on this at least once, and you know what, it’s fun to do, so I’m gonna throw out my own version of this.  Here is my take on the classic 3x3 DnD Alignment Grid!

First, let’s get some key terms defined.

Lawful - To me, lawful just means that the character follows a clear and codified set of objective standards.  A list of things they ideally will or won’t do, and a standard for behavior.  This code can be broken, but it will feel wrong to that character, and they will be upset when they are put into a situation where they must violate one of their standards.  Lawful may give too strong a sense of “Law” being the driving force.  I think “Principled” would be the better choice.

Chaotic - To me, Chaotic is not ‘lol so randumb’.  It’s the antithesis of Lawful.  Where a lawful character has an ideal standard they strive to conform to, a chaotic character has no such high standard for themselves.  They only have their goals and philosophy.  In fact, a chaotic character sees standards, rules, and other strictures as impediments.  Chaotics won’t break rules for the sake of breaking them, necessarily.  They just don’t care for such things and aren’t going to even consider them while making their choices.  They act more on primal sensation than logic, making “Instinctive” a good alternate term.

Good - I find this and its counterparts, Neutral and Evil, to be misnomers.  Good isn’t always ‘goody 2-shoes’ or ‘FOR THE GREATER GOOD’.  Let’s be honest, a kingdom ruled by a caste of Lawful Good Paladins isn’t going to be a very happy place for long. Additionally, a Good Paladin may not think twice about cutting down a tree, but a Good Druid might very strongly object to that, and consider it Evil… or at least worthy of a good lecture.  So I think Good would better be called Selfless.  A Selfless character will always make decisions with the consequences to other people or things in mind.  What those other things are will vary by the character, but they all want to avoid collateral consequences that would hurt others.

Evil - Now, you might be expecting me to ask what the opposite of Selfless is and then apply it to evil, but I don’t think that fits.  When I look at classic examples of Evil characters, they share basically one thing in common: they aren’t necessarily the antagonists and villains of the story, but they all strive for domination and control.  Of others, of their environment, of their kingdom, of other people: They want to be in control.  So I feel Dominant is the better descriptor.  Their driving motive is to gain power and control for its own sake.

Neutral - Ah yes.  Nestled between Selfless (Good) and Dominant (Evil) is this little slice of ambiguity that often has a horrible reputation for being mind-numbingly bland or pure off-the-wall bonkers.  Both of these misrepresent what I find to be one of the more compelling alignment sets.  Neutral is, again, a poor choice of word, in my opinion; especially juxtaposed against Selfless and Dominant.  What are Neutral characters after?  If they’re not looking out for other people (Good/Selfless) or trying to take control (Evil/Dominant), what are they doing?  Well.. they’re looking after themselves, and/or after a very select and small group of people.  They are Selfish.  Not necessarily in the negative sense, just that their frame of reference is their own well-being.  They don’t necessarily care about collateral, and they really don’t want to impose on other people either.  They will act for their own satisfaction, whether that be financial, emotional, spiritual, whatever.

So, with those terms out of the way, let’s ACTUALLY do the 9 alignments and give you a taste of how I see them.

PRINCIPLED SELFLESS - (Lawful Good) This is the home of the Noble Knight, the Holy Paladin, the benevolent King, the beleaguered Town Mayor, the Hunter watching over the sleepy village during the night, the Girl who puts herself between the victim and the bully’s fist, the young patriotic Soldier on the front lines.  These men and women hold themselves to a standard of action and behavior, and are always thinking about the well-being of others, even to the point of putting themselves in harms way to secure it.  Whatever their source of values, it puts a high priority on defending others and they are uncomfortable with, if not downright hostile to, the idea of acting outside of their principles, as they feel that doing so may actually hurt others around them, or make them no better than the ones they’re trying to stop.

PRAGMATIC SELFLESS -  (Neutral Good) This is the Town Medic, doing all they can within the limits of their knowledge, but knowing that some injuries just aren’t worth treating when supplies are limited.  It hurts, but it’s necessary, and they are comfortable with shouldering that burden.  It’s the Upstanding Citizen, who knows they can’t face the threat themselves, but will scramble to make sure the authorities know what’s happening.  This class of character will do everything they can reasonably be expected to do to protect those around them, even bend some rules or take a blow to their principles if it means getting results.  But they’re not going to overextend themselves when all that’s going to do is hurt them.

INSTINCTIVE SELFLESS - (Chaotic Good) This is woodland Ranger who poaches to feed the orphanage; the grizzled Bounty Hunter who kills his targets in cold blood to stop them from repeating their crimes; the Royal Assassin who kills the enemy general before his invasion plans come to fruition.  These characters just want to help.  Screw the rules, screw anything that stands between them and helping, they’re going to make sure other people are secure by any means necessary, and they will fight to correct anything they see as threatening other people, even if that threat comes from seemingly noble sources.

PRINCIPLED SELFISH - (Lawful Neutral) This is the Merchant plying his trade in the capitol; the Blacksmith who refuses to do business with cutthroats because it would spoil his reputation; the Mercenary who keeps a blacklist of persons or organizations he won’t work for.  Characters in this bracket are in it for themselves, but they have standards.  There’s a list of things they most definitely will not do, and are very reliable and trustworthy because of it.  While this might put them in a bind, where their well-being may suffer due to their principles, they will staunchly adhere to them, or grimace bitterly if forced to cross those lines.   Like all Selfish types, it’s not that they won’t protect others or try to gain control, but they won’t do it to their own detriment.

PRAGMATIC SELFISH - (True Neutral)  This classification is often misrepresented as being boring.  However, characters in this bracket are purely self-driven and that means this is a very unstable alignment.  Keeping a character purely Pragmatic Selfish is hard.  They have to frame everything in terms of how it will benefit or hurt them.  They’ll do whatever they reasonably can to promote their own well-being, and willingly swallow some bitter pills to do it, but they’re not going to stick their neck out too far.  This means they’re easily pulled along into other alignments based events around them, but this also gives characters starting in this classification the largest room for growth and the coolest potential stories.  Like all Selfish types, it’s not that they won’t protect others or try to gain control, but they won’t do it to their own detriment.

INSTINCTIVE SELFISH - (Chaotic Neutral) These people will do anything in service to their own well being.  They don’t want control, and they don’t care about collateral, all they want is their own security and happiness.  The Sellsword who will fight for whoever is the highest bidder, the citizen who refuses to share his food with his starving neighbors out of fear of starving himself, the streetrat who steals to survive, the Deserter who flees the battlefield when he realizes the battle is lost.  These people have a finely honed sense of self-preservation, making them great allies if you can convince them that working with you is in their best interest.  But if you haven’t fully convinced them, they will just as easily abandon you.   Like all Selfish types, it’s not that they won’t protect others or try to gain control, but they won’t do it to their own detriment.

PRINCIPLED DOMINANT -  (Lawful Evil) These are your Moguls, who play by the rules as they consolidate control of a market.  The Paladin who’s stopped caring about others and is only in it for the authority it brings.  The mediocre King who manages to keep his people content, but really is only in it for the privileges of the Monarchy.  Characters in this category relish the sense of power they have and thirst for more.  But they’ve got principles, and there are lines they won’t cross.  Sure, they can be controlling assholes, but they stay in line and play by the book.  At least, by whatever book they’ve elected to use as their rules.

PRAGMATIC DOMINANT - (Neutral Evil)  You could also call these guys ‘Lazy Dominant’.  They want power, and they want to keep accumulating it for themselves more and more, but they’re not going to get over-excited about it.  It’s the corrupt Sheriff who just enjoys skimming the coffers every so often, the Commander who waits for a superior to make a mistake before trying to take his seat.  They’ll slowly, patiently accumulate power and influence for its own sake, using some dubious methods, but nothing so radical as to be called ‘grasping’.  They’re more… opportunists than anything else.

INSTINCTIVE DOMINANT - (Chaotic Evil)  These guys just like flaunting the fact they’re in control.  They will get up in your face with that, and they will definitely have the power to back them up.  They like seeing other people bow or kowtow to their whims, and will take ample opportunities to demonstrate their power.  In short, these guys are assholes, and they love being assholes.  The problem is that if they’ve been doing it for any decent length of time, it usually means they have the power to justify their power plays.  And they’re always on the lookout for ways to get more power, by any means they can devise.

So, there we go, my own personal take on the old RPG meme.  Is this useful, probably not.  Was it fun to write?  Hell yeah!  And being of Principled Selfish nature, that’s all that matters to me :P

Binary Star (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jaebum / Mark

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3,282

Summary: In some cases, these close binary systems can exchange mass, which may bring their evolution to stages that single stars cannot attain.”

You and Jaebum have been dating forever when Mark Tuan shows up in your classroom. You’ve always been against change - a bit debilitating, being a writer - but for some reason this new kid has you thinking there might be an upside to chaos.

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We know how many partners Yuuri has had, but what about Victor?

Hmmm, to be honest, I don’t really know how many partners Victor has had. I haven’t talked to him about it yet. 😂😆 (I’ll have to ask him before a conversation they’re going to have in a few chapters.)

It’s definitely more than Yuuri. Although the media/tabloids do exaggerate, there is some truth to all the rumours that Yuuri’s heard. Victor’s ‘playboy’ label is not a misnomer. 

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Im really agree about the meaning conversation between amon n touka, bu im not such amazing n detailed as u did. I even didnt recognize if touka has some little decrease in her development after closure in this chapter. But how ur thought about the last panel? Bc for me, ishida didnt make that just for fun right? Is something bad/good will happen for ccg soon? What furuta purpose for do that?do u can see that panel indicate some sad or does ishida want to tell something on that panel? Thanks 😊

Thank you! I don’t think Touka is regressing so much as her arc isn’t over yet and it’s a misnomer to look at this conversation and say “Touka’s grown so much”, because she has just not necessarily in the right ways. 

As for this panel: 

I think this is commonly what is referred to as a ‘victory lap’. 

As for why the chapter ended in this specific panel, I think it solidifies with really quick visual imagery Furuta’s takeover of the CCG’s narrative. 

Charlie Chaplin is quoted as saying: "Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.“ Appearance wise, Furuta’s outfit and design is heavily based off of Charlie Chaplin, and hes’ even associated with him in the calendar. 

To explain what that quote means though, genre wise there’s not actually that much of a difference in the content of a comedy. Characters can die in comedies as well, and even really tragic happenings can occur within a comedy. The difference lies in how it’s framed. A tragic narrative requires tight up close and personal framing, while a comedy tends to play more fast and loose. Therefore, close up vs a long shot. 

There are even times in Tokyo Ghoul a story which is specifically called by Kaneki “A Tragedy” in the first chapter alone, is instead called a comedy by characters other than Kaneki. 

Consider this, Tokyo Ghoul is a tragedy because Kaneki is it’s main character and therefore we define it as such. We see the events that happen to Kaneki as tragic because as the main character were are constantly up close and personal with both the traumatic happenings to Kaneki’s life, and also his own personal thoughts and reactions to them.

Furuta however is a character that we only see from a distance. We almost always see his personal mask in the situation and never his inner narration. The reason we are suddenly cutting to Furuta now only to see him do something absolutely ridiculous is to solidify this point, Kaneki frames his life as a tragedy and Furuta as a comedy. 

He also has kind of a point to highlight the CCG’s side of things as comedic. Look at the characters honored in this chapter, besides Tanakamaru whose a minor character so who cares, none of them really deserve the honors they’re getting. Urie is getting rank and accomodation, plus the S2 Squad leadership that he’s wanted for what exactly? Framing out and screaming a bunch but not actually managing to capture Donato? Ui is taking the role of Furuta’s chief advisor, but he’s really just Furuta’s unwitting pawn, being strung along to believe that Furuta saved them when really he just made up the conflict entirely. 

Then we have Furuta, who became Bureau chief by orchestrating a fake fight between the clowns and the CCG, and leaving a note on his father’s desk reccomending him even though he was the one who murdered every last Washuu except himself. Not to mention that, but he very clearly got away with it all and now he’s just gloating.

I think this panel is just as important for showing the contrast. Things are tragic for goat because they are taking things seriously and getting deeply personal with the conflict, whereas the CCG’s narrative is now one of a comedy because Furuta treats the CCG as a whole as impersonal, just an objective for him to climb. 

@bloodycarnations does a better job of summarizing the difference between the two organizations right now than me though:

Kaneki’s group is facing an internal crisis? Meanwhile, Furuta is at the peak of his power. Kaneki despairs because he’s a horrible leader and his organization is only held together by the lack of other options, meanwhile Furuta laughs in the face of his own success, and all of his scheming give way to the exact outcome he’s envisioned.

As for why Furuta adopts this comedy attitude towards life though, I think it has something to do with the clowns. His birthday poem hints that it might be a coping mechanism to deal with the circumstances of his birth:

Even if I celebrate it, I can’t help it.
I’m just a human being who doesn’t think of anything about the day they were born.

PS: (Laugh, it’s fun!)



However, to his relationship to the clowns as a whole, the clowns are pretty intent on getting what they call, “the last laugh.”

There’s been interpretations on what this means, but keeping to what they’ve been doing recently, it seems what the clowns want is to apply fictional tropes to life and then comment on it like it was one big book they were reading. Donato himself simply spelled out what Urie’s character flaws were, Roma has always been a big fan of Kaneki but loves him the same way that the fandom loves the so called “tragic shironeki.”

Say Furuta is not really the king of the clowns and he’s instead just cooperating with him. Perhaps then, Furuta’s way of getting the clowns’ involvement is promising them this. “I will find a way to make a big joke out of the CCG and point out to everybody what hypocrites they are, I just need you to help me with this, this and this.” The clowns being the purveyors of what they call comedy would probably cooperate on those terms. Their modus Operandi seems to be to point and laugh at the flaws inherent in the system, that’s their source of “comedy”. 

So no, it’s not just for fun. There’s a lot of inherent meaning to framing the CCG as a comedy now that Furuta has become the bureau chief.