mismess's ocs


I had a dream about a guy who kept finding portals to different dimensions in the school he worked at.

So I quickly drew up the designs if the characters I remembered with a purple marker that was running out of ink. I also woke up with titles for them all, like “the man who never stopped running”… He was the main character.

I’m the most unmotivated little shit at the moment so I’m just looking for older doodles to post instead of making new art.

This is an OC by the name Jason smith, a very typical name he has. He’s a doctor, but also seems to be a cryptozoologists in his spare time.

He once got possessed by a demon, hasn’t really gone away. Often has restless sleep and sometimes scratches himself and other stuff yeah idk…

I made an ice cream guy for the background of a picture I’m working on and then I drew him again and I gave him personality and he became one of the cutest little fuckers I have ever made. My sister named him Zacharie Wells. Me and my friend call him ice cream guy.

And he has become addictive to draw and maybe expect some doodles of him in the future….