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Ok so I was going to reblog this and add on, but I want to deviate a little from the original post, and specifically address a comment made in response to it. But the original post is here (x).

Alright so this is the comment from @mrsgilbertholtzmann I want to touch on just a little bit:

Now I’m going to start off with yes, there is absolutely truth to this comment in the sense that with it being one singular movie, where there are four main characters, this means there is limited screen time to truly flesh out individual characters and give them back stories - because plot, and action etc. This can be wonderful for fandom, look characters for us to really delve into and play with, create head cannons on their history, how they would act in certain situations etc. So no we cannot truly say what the creators of the movie TRULY intended. BUT we can work with what we are given. This is what the original post is actually about.


1. Holtzmann is not fantastic with feelings. Her speech at the end of the movie makes this one pretty obvious straight off. It’s very rehearsed and stilted. She does not speak with easy nor comfort. 

Physics is the study of movement of bodies and space and it can unlock the mysteries of the universe but it cannot answer the essential question of what is our purpose here and to me the purpose of life is to love and to love is what you have shown me. I didn’t think that I would ever really have a friend until I met Abby and then I feel like I have a family of my own and I love you, thank you.

Two other aspects of this scene often ignored, firstly Abby’s face during the whole speech for starters, but this face right here, this is the exact moment where Holtzmann says she didn’t think she would every really have a friend until she met Abby. 

This is completely new information to Abby. They’ve been friends for potentially years depending on your views of canon timeline. But Holtzmann has clearly never spoken about her past in great depth, not enough to reveal she’d never had friends or even a good family environment.

Secondly the sound Holtzmann makes once she’s done and sits down, and the fact she won’t even make eye contact with any of the others as they acknowledge what she has said.

This is someone really uncomfortable with sharing her feelings and any potential response she receives. 

2. The majority of the movie Holtzmann only engages in conversation when it is about the science, either loosely or directly. Beyond that it’s jokes (primarily at Erin’s expense) or comments made to another character/s. Now this one is probably a little vague. But hear me out, I’m going to define conversation as being an exchange of ideas, thought, or feelings between two or more people. I’m also going to add on to that, being involved in a discussion means contributing more than a line here or there.

Now not every interaction Holtzmann has would be classed as a discussion. So just a couple of examples.

The speech we just looked at, not a discussion, she said what she wanted to say, then closed down, there was no exchange of thoughts and feelings, it was one sided.

Her first scene, where she introduces herself to Erin, other than really the opening statement, and the occasional remark to Abby. Most of this scene is Abby doing the talking.

The ghost in the subway, Holtzmann actually engages here a little more than she has thus far, but it’s about the science, the equipment she’s created and what needs to happen.

The same can be said for when they’re trying out her new toys in the alley (both times)

Holtzmann has the least amount of lines in the movie that the other three ladies. Most of her lines are short and amusing. But note when I say amusing here I mean it is amusing to us as an audience (which is a whole other thing).

3. Science is her safe place. This one is fairly obvious, its clearly somewhere she often retreats to. The movie takes place over a very short timeline yet Holtzmann has created all these wonderful toys to play with within that time. Now don’t get me wrong she’s very good at what she does, but that’s a lot of time she’s spending on this stuff. Science is also where she feels most comfortable to engage with new people. It’s where she’s happy to be open and talk more (as I just covered off.

Things Holtzmann is not:

1. A sex god - this is not canon, this is not implied at all. Feelings and sex for some are absolutely two different things. So saying Holtzmann is bad with feelings does not automatically mean she cannot also be a sex god. BUT the fact that Holtzmann is bad with feelings, and does not easily engage in conversation with new people other than science based conversations indicates that meeting and having sex with random strangers is probably not something she is doing on the regular.

2. Always knows what to say and it’s hilarious - consider what you actually find “hilarious” about Holtzmann. Think about the moments in the movie really hard. Now ask yourself this question, would you find that line, that action just as funny if you were in the scene, if it was real life. You’ll probably find if you really give it some thought, that answer is probably no. That’s because what’s funny about Holtzmann is humorous to us as an audience ONLY.

3. Makes you gay - now talk about a problematic statement right there. Now where to actually start here. So sure it’s all fun and games to say I was straight until I saw this person and now I’m gay. It’s humorous, everyone has a good laugh, and it’s overused something shocking. What you are implying is being gay is a choice, it is something that can be changed about a person. I’m going to assume that the majority of the people who will read this post would define their sexuality as something different from strictly heterosexual. Now consider how you feel about been told that your sexuality which might have taken you years of heartache, anguish, and struggle to come to terms with, is really only just a choice. It’s laughable even. Ignoring all of that though, again you’re projecting a lot of your outside opinions onto a character. If you met this awkward, admittedly attractive, science geek, in horribly mismatched clothing and coloured glasses, are you going to automatically think “well shit I never realised this but I’m totally gay!” Probably not, let’s be real.

In summary YES we can all have different head cannons of Holtzmann, or any of the other ladies, they don’t all have to be the same. We all do see different things in the movie. BUT there are some clearly defined aspects of Holtzmann’s character from the movie being actively ignored or twisted. 

I can’t stop thinking about the Bas boys all sitting around with the Wild World colouring book: Kyle colouring everything in with mismatching bright colours, Will getting cross with Woody because ‘why can’t you just colour inside the lines?’ whilst Charlie happily finishes the join-the-dots, and Dan can’t even decide what colours to use

Home away from home.

Fandom: Harry Potter 
Pairing: Muggle!James x Lily

Lily almost didn’t notice the small cafe, tucked away on a busy London street. The rain had come as a surprise on her way back from university, and she was caught in the middle of it with no umbrella. Hurriedly, she sloshed through the puddles, pulling her hood further down to shield her face. Then she saw it from the corner of her eye. Turning around, she stood in front of the cafe, admiring it in all its glory. Its teal painted, wooden exterior was completed with a large divided window with decorative potted plants clustered below it, thriving in the recent change of weather. Reaching for the door knob, she twisted it and stepped inside to be greeted by a wave of warmth. Wiping her soggy feet on the doormat, she slipped off her hood revealing her deep red hair. Inside the exposed brick walls were adorned with shelves holding books of all genres and colours. Mismatched armchairs were littered around the room in small groups, occupied by friends huddling together over warm beverages, having conversations lit by fairy lights dangled from the ceiling.

 Lily stepped onto the wood floor, wet shoes leaving footprints behind them, and ambled her way towards the back of the cafe where a tall boy with noticeably messy, black hair stood behind a counter. Within a closer proximity, lily could see that he managed a deadpan expression with every word he spoke. While she was examining the chalkboard menu that hung behind him, he grumbled something that sounded along the lines of a ‘how can I help you?’ and lily wondered if he was breaking records for just how reluctant to actually follow through with that offer he looked. Skimming over the wide variety of beverages, her eyes came to a stop at a drink she was delighted to see. 
“Can I have a salted caramel tea, please?”
Gaining his attention, the boy looked up and for a moment lily was sure his eyes softened at the sight of her, but then he quickly casted his gaze back down and proceeded to make her order. Subconsciously, she tapped her foot along to the beat of a quietly played song, coming from a record player which had been dismissed into a corner. Lily recognised it as not something up and coming, but from the memories of her childhood instead. This, and the fact that she could hear someone humming along brought a nostalgic feeling and a happy smile to her face.  But when she turned her attention back to the bedraggled boy making her tea, she discovered that it was infact him humming over the bubbling of the kettle. How could such a miserable git have such good music taste? Lily found it infuriating so she ceased her foot tapping and furrowed her brow, fighting her sudden desire to like him. He placed her steamy drink on the counter, an absent-minded look in his eyes hidden behind fogged glassed as she slid him her money and took her drink in search for a chair.

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Sunday Morning

Hi you all! Here I bring you my newest oneshot. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and finally I wrote it this week. Hope you like it and as always, any feedback is welcome :D

summary: it’s a rainy sunday morning when Dan wakes up alone on their bed. Where is Phil? Is he stealing his cereal again?
Or the fic where Dan is ready to catch Phil stealing his cereal one more time but a nicer surprise awaits for him.

words: 1.1k

no trigger warnings

Dan woke up frowning at the morning light that streamed from the white coloured curtains of the bedroom, the sound of the rain falling against the window annoying him a bit. He was lying on his stomach, the duvet covering his naked legs and back, not letting the cold reach his skin. He groaned a bit before opening his eyes, squinting at the light but easily adjusting to it.

The brown eyed lifted his body a bit by pushing his hands against the matress and was about to voice a sweet ‘good morning’ to his bed partner when he noticed the empty spot to his left, another frown appearing on his face.

Phil usually woke him up before leaving their bed, and he was sure he would have noticed the usual cheek kisses his boyfriend often woke him up with. That’s when he heard some sounds coming from the kitchen, instantly smiling at the fact that Phil was probably stealing his cereal once again. He might go and catch him right in the act as he had done that one time.

He picked up his phone from the bedside table and checked the time; 'It’s not that late’ was what Dan thought before fully standing up from his bed and snatching a pair of black sweatpants that were on the bedroom floor and putting them on.

He grabbed his phone and checked the few notifications that had popped up on his phone during the night while slowly making his way out of the bedroom, trying not stumble onto the walls of the hallway.

Once Dan reached the kitchen he stopped in the doorway ready to snap a photo of his boyfriend stealing his cereal when he surprisedly spotted Phil, only wearing a pair of grey sweatpants (who made his butt look great if you asked Dan) and coloured mismatched socks, while humming some nameless tune at the same time he carefully flipped a pancake into the pan.

The brown haired just bit his lower lip at the sight. Phil just looked so damn attractive like that, it wasn’t fair. Dan realized he needed to keep this sight in his mind forever so he might better get a picture before it fades away.

Trying to be as fast as possible, Dan opened up the camera on his phone and lifted it, getting the image to focus before he snapped around 12 pictures of Phil flipping a few more pancakes, who was still unaware of what was happening behind him.  

After checking out that the pictures were fine and taking one last glance at Phil, Dan quietly made his way to him, sneaking up behind him and putting a hand on Phil’s right butt cheek, squeezing it cheekily, which made the blue eyed let out a tiny scream, “Dan! Don’t scare me like that ever again!”

Dan laughed loudly before embracing Phil by the waist, leaning in to pose a lingering kiss on Phil’s left shoulder, “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” Phil replied, a soft smile appearing on his face. He instantly melted into Dan’s arms, his back touching the other man’s chest, skin-to-skin, putting his hands over Dan’s; but before he got carried away by his boyfriend’s sweet touch, he turned off the stove so he would burn the whole house down.

“I wanted to bring you breakfast to bed, but you woke up earlier than expected…” Phil said, a hint of sadness on his voice now that he couldn’t do what he had intended to.

Dan noticed the tone and squeezed his arms more around Phil, bringing him even closer. “We can still have breakfast in bed if you want; I mean, we might get syrup all over the sheets but I don’t care.”

That made both of them laugh. Knowing their luck and their clumsiness, that would end up happening for sure.

Phil turned around to look at Dan, who was smirking at him, and put his arms over Dan’s shoulders, lacing them behind his neck. “I like that idea…” the blue eyed said while he bit his lower lip.

“Well then…” Dan started saying, bringing his hands to touch Phil’s butt as he leaned as close as he could till their foreheads touched, their breaths intertwining; “what are we waiting for?”, he finally whispered before leaning in and trapping Phil’s lower lip between his teeth, making both open their mouths in a slow morning kiss.

Once they parted for air they both smiled, a comfortable silence between them before Phil spoke “You take the syrup and forks and I bring the pancakes and plates, uh?”

Dan just nodded and let Phil detach himself from him, the two of them quickly moving around the kitchen to get what they needed and headed towards the bedroom together, not losing any minute.

They chatted of everything and nothing while they ate the delicious pancakes for breakfast, sitting comfortably next to each other in the popped up pillows, sometimes feeding each other and managing to get a bit of the golden liquid in the sheets as Dan had said before.

Dan disscarded the plates that had been on their laps so he could scoot closer to his boyfriend so he could feed him the last bite of pancake that was left but somehow the syrup dripped all over Phil’s naked chest and stomach, “Oh no.” the blue eyed whispered, biting the pancake but looking down at the mess, “I’m going to be all sticky now…”

Phil was looking for a napkin or even a tissue to clean all the mess when he felt Dan’s tongue on his stomach, slowly tracing the track that the syrup had left. “Dan…” Phil could only say, closing his eyes at the feeling of the brown eyed leaving some kisses against his skin, trailing upwards to Phil’s neck, where he left a hickey.

“Just, let me…” Dan whispered in his ear, making Phil’s body shake at the feeling of being so close, making his body melt against the pillows.

The brown eyed continued kissing the pale neck of his boyfriend for a few more minutes before trailing back down with more kisses, licking all the syrup that he hadn’t spotted on his first go.

Once he reached the waistband of Phil’s sweatpants he looked up at Phil, who was already staring at him with flushed skin and a face full of bliss. The blue eyed just nodded, giving Dan all the permission he needed before he did what he intended to do.

They both hopped into the shower afterwards, but not before Dan had instagramed one of the many pictures he had taken of Phil flipping the pancakes.

“@danisnotonfire what a delicious breakfast i had this morning. oh, and the pancakes were good too.”

He hoped it was a nice surprise for all of their followers that were bored on this rainy Sunday morning.

Possible hints about Hide gaining power in CCG during :re

I’ve gathered them here for easier access, because they were all scrambled on some of my other posts. Will contain quotes from older posts and also some new things. A theme in all of them depict Hide as somebody with a good leadership sense who wants to do the right thing and is acceptant of others. You can debate why exactly this organisation, but if you look at all the things as a whole it points to CCG.

But first, a few words paragraphs about CCG’s future as an organisation. As we can see, things aren’t going well neither for CCG nor for Aogiri. Marude’s ominous words that there will be trouble in the future if Matsuri takes power and the many secrets and shady business going on behind the scenes don’t really help the situation. So a downfall is a pretty logical outcome, which will lead to CCG crumbling down and no longer existing.

However, when was the answer to anything big in this manga destruction? A positive outcome is usually achieved by change. Most of the Investigators in CCG are likeable people with good intentions from whom the truth is often hidden.The problem isn’t in the organisation as a whole, it’s the system and the way it’s controlled. Rather than destroy everything, there is always the possibility to change the system into something better.

In Hide’s tarot cards and trump card the key words are always: “new beginning“ and “change“ rather than “new beginning“ and “destruction“.

I’d also like to point out how CCG isn’t the organisation’s first name: it was Counter Ghoul Institution, but later on it was renamed. In a sense, we can expect for CCG to “die”  by changing the system and the name, creating an organisation that fights for real justice, both for humans and ghouls.

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Prompt: Imagine where the reader is in Alexandria and shows the most respect towards the Saviors, so Negan messes with her and pushes as far as he can to make her snap and lash out on him? – Via Anon

Ships: Negan x Reader (Minor, one sided)
Words: 1,664
Warnings: Curses
Category: Angst with a little fluff

It had been two months since the Saviors had taken over Alexandria. Food was low. Moral was even lower. Fights broke out constantly so almost every day you could see someone scurrying toward the makeshift hospital with a bloody nose or a split lip. 

You had lost most of your friends because you actually attempted to find things for the Saviors, good things. Those people often confused staying alive with a brutal admiration for the people who had enslaved you.

You were finding it harder and harder to hold onto your sanity each time that Negan would visit. He seemed to be playing a game with you, a cruel game to see when you would crack. You, however, didn’t have any plans on cracking.

You were stood outside your small, suburban home in Alexandria when you heard the loud rattling of the steel gates which announced the arrival of your new ‘friends’.

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Gah okay seriously now I need a blurb or writing focused on the Mrs and Harry in their new relationship giving handjobs and blowjobs

Here we have a mixture of fluff and smut, for our sweet little Harry. A little reminiscent something between the missus and Harry during their engagement, getting some flashbacks to the cheeky moments they had. I changed up this story a little bit, but, it’s still got the general idea of the missus giving Harry some pleasure; some handjobs, some blowjobs, some sneaky touches. 

Enjoy. xx

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anonymous asked:

new merch!!!

more big boxy pictures printed on mismatching colours

honestly I’m considering making nicely designed ariana shirts etc for her songs

If needed I could just upload a picture and slap it on a shirt like she does but like, what if I designed nice shirts for the fandom…. thoughts?


Mesh edit of the fireplace from the holiday patch-pack. I also made a slight edit to the texture (the original had a mismatching colour on the top), and then switched around the runner/cloth texture so that all 3 fireplace colours can use all 3 runner colours. I also added a bunch of slots on top. 

It’s a normally functional fireplace. It’s not slaved to the original because I couldn’t get it to work (and I replaced both the textures and mesh anyway). The original is in fact an edited BG fireplace mesh, but they were a bit too different in design as well (bump/spec). So, it’s not slaved to anything but should require the holiday patch. 

✦♦︎ Download: http://www.simfileshare.net/download/144439/ ♦︎✦

Search “fireplace” or “confetti” in the catalogue, or fireplace category. Lower polycount than the original. Let me know if there are any problems. :-) My ToU is here

Good Vibrations

Summary: Phil’s band gets a shot at impressing a talent scout, but their drummer drops out just three days before the big gig. Their only shot at a replacement comes in the form of the lead singer’s younger brother, the lead singer’s deaf brother with a fondness for soft pastel colours.

AO3 Link

Genre: Fluff, AU

Warnings: Deafness

POV: Third

Words: 3247

Beta: gatsbys-old-sport

A/n: Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote a deaf!Dan story. Also I love the punk!Phil, pastel!Dan AU and couldn’t resist combining them :D

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Hufflepuff common room headcannons

- It’s a warm place, not in temperature but in feeling,  like if a hug could be a place it would be the Hufflepuff common room 

- That being said in the winter it’s the coziest place in the castle, there’s always a fire but in summer the Hufflepuff’s charm the flames so they don’t heat up the room so much - a constant temperature that’s good to work in

- Everything is warm, autumn colours, mismatch armchairs and couches - some high backed ones that look as old as Hogwarts and patchwork, warn ones that you sink a little when you sit in but they’re all incredibly comfortable

- Seriously place is like a large hobbit hole

- The place smell’s like Roses, tea leaves and earth but the smell isn’t ever overpowering, and when the house elves are cooking the faint wiff of mouthwatering food wafts through the house

- The common room is dotted with all sorts of plants, some magicical - one’s that kiss you cheek as you pass buy (but if you’re an uninvited guest breaking in they might just give you a nip as you sneak past), little cacti that move and dance, beautiful miniature threes that produce miniature fruits and a womping willow sappling that takes cover in the common room during the colder months (the hufflepuffs knit scarves to help keep the large willow warm) but also flowers from the muggle world like snowdrops and wild strawberries

- There is always music playing in the common room, either from the radio or a student playing the cello or piano that sit in the corner

- The floor is either heated flagstones or thick, fluffy carpet that you can bury your toes in

- There’s several, well lit, tunnels that lead to several places (the great hall, the kitchen, the greenhouses and there’s one that can lead too all the other houses entrances ) and all have passing places encase it gets crowded

- The bedrooms are on ground level as well as the common room, they all have east facing windows so the rising sun can shine in - though the windows are higher up in the common room as the floor is underground.

Tailored - [NCT] Boyfie!Jaehyun

[A/N] If you asked me who has my heart, my answer would be Jaehyun, my casper, my 97-liner, my milky-white prince who has pretty hands, tall af and an amazing voice. I love him so much.

Originally posted by oh-prankster

A sharp intake of air shot through your lungs like you’ve been resuscitated to life.

Your stinging eyes wouldn’t greet the sun just yet so you were left palming your desk, searching for your phone to check the time.



Bringing yourself up in your seat, your hand flew to the back of your neck, lulling your head back to ease the cramps. You were left sleeping on your desk doing the pleatings for the new costume for the boys. Exhaustion must have overpowered you to sleep in the most unnatural pose.

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So this was actually one of the easier chapters for me to write, hopefully you guys will find it easy to read! I’ve been told that long chapters are good, but this one is a bit long even by my standards. Whoops. Fortunately actual plot is built so it’s not just fluff, no matter how nice fluff can be lol. 

Also; I messed up before. Lucy and Natsu are currently living in Hargeon, not Magnolia. Magnolia does come up later, but I don’t want to spoil too much for you guys!!

Natsu Dragneel is just an ordinary 21 year old trying to get by on his craft’s business, keep his landlady off his ass, and grow his friendship with his new weird neighbor Lucy. Without revealing that he’s a witch. Or his cat can fly and talk. So maybe Natsu isn’t that normal. Things take a serious left turn for him when people from his past start showing up, and he and Lucy as well as some new -and old- friends travel across Fiore trying to find some answers. But the question is, will they be happy with what they find?

Wiccan!Natsu AU

Pairings: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 7026

Rating: M

Part: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen,Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen, Part Nineteen, Part Twenty, Part Twenty One, Part Twenty Two, Part Twenty Three

She had a crush on an idiot.

An hour after finishing cleaning the kitchen Lucy had kicked Natsu out of her apartment so she could shower and get ready. While she had been picking out her outfit she had solidified her plan of attack. Key place for the order, groceries, any other errands Natsu needed, pick up key, and then home. With that set aside, Lucy had spent the following twenty minutes deciding on her clothes. She had finally picked out a loose cream t-shirt that tended to pull off of her right shoulder, a pink cat silhouette in the center. She had paired it with a light brown pair of short shorts and white belt, as well as a low pair of cork wedges. Her blonde hair was thrown up into a messy bun, locks framing her face that didn’t quite reach the ribbon she used to tie up her hair, and Lucy had applied minimal make up. She knew she rocked the ‘I didn’t even try’ look, and she had hoped to catch Natsu’s eye.

This thought had abandoned her when she had heard a knock at the door. She really hoped it wasn’t the landlady, she didn’t want to have to explain why her lock was scratched up so badly. She was halfway through a ‘hello’ when she realized she was staring at the most offensively bright and over patterned shirt Lucy had seen in all of her life. Blues, yellows, pinks, and greens were all shoved together in lines and waves going in all directions, black accents burning into Lucy’s eyes for added horror. The top two buttons were undone and the the collar was smoothed down, but it was too late.

“Umm, Luce…?” Natsu questioned, Lucy still frozen in her spot at her doorway. The strangeness of Natsu knocking wasn’t enough to break the grip his shirt had on her. Truly, the thing belonged in the incinerator.

What are you wearing?” Lucy gaped, gaze glued to the pattern. She couldn’t look away, it had her trapped. The monstrosity was alive. Natsu shoved his hands into the pockets of the dark leather jacket he was wearing, the black only further emphasizing the manic patterns.

“A shirt?” Natsu answered, but the insecurity in his voice made it sound more like a question. Lucy finally lifted her eyes to his face. His were confused, clearly not understanding the insult to fashion he was wearing. He lifted his hand and pressed it against her forehead, the action making heat start to spread across her cheeks. She swatted at his hand and stepped back a bit, cheeks puffing out in a pout. He didn’t even have to open his mouth, the confusion turning into a teasing sharpness as Lucy held his onyx eyes.

“I am not sick,” Lucy harrumphed, eyes taking in his overall look. His hair was pulled back into a ponytail, the pink strands jutting out in all directions after they were bound. Bangs still framed his face a little, and Lucy had to wonder if he styled it so they poked up a bit. There was no way his hair was that floofy naturally. His signature white scaled scarf was hung loosely around his neck, the leather jacket and mistake combination fitting snugly on his well toned body. He completed whatever look he was going for with a pair of washed out and ripped jeans -not the kind that Lucy had seen in stores either. No, these were genuinely lived in and had gained all the runs and slightly ripped knees all on their own- and a dark pair of combat boots.

Nothing matched.

At all.

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i think it’s okay to like literally whatever you want. and i don’t mean there’s something too weird or too childish or whatever. you can watch ‘minecraft’ videos on youtube and you can wear mismatched neon colours and you can do your eyeliner 'way too big’ and you can watch movies and never have a single criticism for them and you can listen to 'mcr’ or 'nickleback’ or 'ke$ha’ and you can have opinions on things because we’re all human and it’s down to you and only you the things u learn to love. live and do whatever the fuck because at the end of the day why is it so hard to let people just enjoy things?