mismatched colours


Amazing’Amazonite’Phil &  Dan‘danburite’isnotonfire

my designs of amazingphil​‘s & danisnotonfire‘s Gemsonas
(inspired by the Gem characters from Steven Universe
which is a show you should all watch! it’s so good!)

Phil’s gem stone is actually square shaped - it’s just cut diagonally to become his pupils because I thought the amazonite gem resembled the colour of his eyes really well :D Might also highlight how Phil always seems to find the good in situations/people!
I don’t really know what inspired his outfit but because of Phil’s habit of wearing odd socks, I felt mismatching the colours was necessary C:

Dan’s gem stone appears to be very rocky (due to Dan’s awkwardness, he may not seem kind on first impression) but residers over his heart to symbolise the compassion and honesty inside him ^^. The danburite gem is actually colourless but sometimes has a hint of yellow, so I felt dark colours (black is the absence of colour) and yellowy/brown tints were appropriate. I also tried to make his attire appear symmetrical because of Dan’s perfectionist attitude toward how things look ahah.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I had making them <3 Gonna draw their fusion and then KickthePJ’s gemsona next!
inspired by this anon ask I got | more phan doodles here

Possible hints about Hide gaining power in CCG during :re

I’ve gathered them here for easier access, because they were all scrambled on some of my other posts. Will contain quotes from older posts and also some new things. A theme in all of them depict Hide as somebody with a good leadership sense who wants to do the right thing and is acceptant of others. You can debate why exactly this organisation, but if you look at all the things as a whole it points to CCG.

But first, a few words paragraphs about CCG’s future as an organisation. As we can see, things aren’t going well neither for CCG nor for Aogiri. Marude’s ominous words that there will be trouble in the future if Matsuri takes power and the many secrets and shady business going on behind the scenes don’t really help the situation. So a downfall is a pretty logical outcome, which will lead to CCG crumbling down and no longer existing.

However, when was the answer to anything big in this manga destruction? A positive outcome is usually achieved by change. Most of the Investigators in CCG are likeable people with good intentions from whom the truth is often hidden.The problem isn’t in the organisation as a whole, it’s the system and the way it’s controlled. Rather than destroy everything, there is always the possibility to change the system into something better.

In Hide’s tarot cards and trump card the key words are always: “new beginning“ and “change“ rather than “new beginning“ and “destruction“.

I’d also like to point out how CCG isn’t the organisation’s first name: it was Counter Ghoul Institution, but later on it was renamed. In a sense, we can expect for CCG to “die”  by changing the system and the name, creating an organisation that fights for real justice, both for humans and ghouls.

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Francisco just looks super off on the Homme body to me cuz the neck is wider than his jaw and the colour mismatch is off putting too.

I much prefer him on the Coomodel body but I don’t know if I want to commit to it just yet…

Hufflepuff common room headcannons

- It’s a warm place, not in temperature but in feeling,  like if a hug could be a place it would be the Hufflepuff common room 

- That being said in the winter it’s the coziest place in the castle, there’s always a fire but in summer the Hufflepuff’s charm the flames so they don’t heat up the room so much - a constant temperature that’s good to work in

- Everything is warm, autumn colours, mismatch armchairs and couches - some high backed ones that look as old as Hogwarts and patchwork, warn ones that you sink a little when you sit in but they’re all incredibly comfortable

- Seriously place is like a large hobbit hole

- The place smell’s like Roses, tea leaves and earth but the smell isn’t ever overpowering, and when the house elves are cooking the faint wiff of mouthwatering food wafts through the house

- The common room is dotted with all sorts of plants, some magicical - one’s that kiss you cheek as you pass buy (but if you’re an uninvited guest breaking in they might just give you a nip as you sneak past), little cacti that move and dance, beautiful miniature threes that produce miniature fruits and a womping willow sappling that takes cover in the common room during the colder months (the hufflepuffs knit scarves to help keep the large willow warm) but also flowers from the muggle world like snowdrops and wild strawberries

- There is always music playing in the common room, either from the radio or a student playing the cello or piano that sit in the corner

- The floor is either heated flagstones or thick, fluffy carpet that you can bury your toes in

- There’s several, well lit, tunnels that lead to several places (the great hall, the kitchen, the greenhouses and there’s one that can lead too all the other houses entrances ) and all have passing places encase it gets crowded

- The bedrooms are on ground level as well as the common room, they all have east facing windows so the rising sun can shine in - though the windows are higher up in the common room as the floor is underground.

Breathing heavily, looking up to finally, finally see someone walking by. Struggling to get to his feet, grabbing onto the other. He looked like he just barely survived a bear attack with how badly injured he was.

“P-please, help me out here. We don’t have much time,” he spoke weakly, mismatched coloured eyes looking to the person. Right now he was between being himself and being what possessed him. However, both sides were merged, asking, begging for a helping hand.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW5hjT-8G4o)

This is very impressive. The models are very well made despite some mismatching colours. it is for sure worth watching.

(Not mine)

Considering I did the picture with the sweaters last week, I thought I’d go back and give this one a try as well… once again, a watercolour piece.

Credit to Boa once again for the lineart! ♥


I finished Tiny Box Tim!

A lot of people were interested in seeing me finished him! I tried to be realistic but I couldn’t help but put his adorable little face on one side c:

I also went ahead and put on most of the markings seen on the box and tried to paint it mismatched wood colours. All in all, I’m pretty proud of him and happy to now own my own little biscuit c:

Jehanparnasse | Canon Era | Lazy mornings, ugly waistcoats and outraged Montparnasses

from a lovely prompt conversation with @nakedbrownie

The light of day was filtering through the wooden window shutters, speckling Jehan’s skin here and there with flecks of gold. He liked mornings. He liked the scent of wet grass and the earthy smell of dirt freshly stirred by the rain. His morning routine usually involved a stroll in the nearby park, but Montparnasse’s frequent nocturnal visits had somewhat broken his habits. It didn’t matter, instead of the Parisian sky, it was another wonder of Nature he had the leisure to observe.

Already fully dressed, Montparnasse was storming through his wardrobe, huffing, whimper and whining a bit louder at each new garment. He often teased Jehan about his bad taste, but having a whole array of mismatched colours and often self made garbs burning his eyes seemed beyond his strength. Still, Jehan gazed on fondly, holding back many a chuckle.

“This is—This is unacceptable!” Montparnasse whined, brandishing a yellowish waistcoat at arm’s length, trying to put as much distance between himself and the fabric as possible.

This time, Jehan burst out laughing, filling the room with the dozen laughs he had repressed before. Montparnasse glared at him, but his eyes quickly flew back to the waistcoat. He wrinkled his nose and sighed.

“This is no laughing matter! How can you go around in the guise of a court jester?”

“Put it on.”

Montparnasse blinked and cocked an eyebrow.

“Excuse me?”

The offended tone brought yet another smile onto Jehan’s lips.

“Put it on,” he repeated, carefully articulating every word

He tilted his head on the side with a coy expression. The man huffed in response, lowering his arms.

“I would rather be caught naked, drowned and drifting down the Seine rather than parading in this!”

Jehan sighed and parted the covers. Very well, he’d do it itself, since this stubborn crow wouldn’t comply. Montparnasse didn’t budge when his hands expertly undid the buttons of the handsomely embroidered waistcoat. When the fabric began to slide along his arms, however, the hum of a protest rose in his throat.

“You can’t expect me to—”

A kiss promptly muffled his indignation. The smooth caress of Jehan’s lips proved itself enough of a distraction for the waistcoat to leave him without further objections. Montparnasse sought to deepen the delightful touch, but Jehan pulled back, pleased with himself. He took the waistcoat from his lover’s hand with an ill-concealed smirk. Montparnasse pursed his lips in annoyance and reluctantly let Jehan dress him. The poet meticulously flattened the collar and buttoned the garment with care, his hands stroking the cloth and, more importantly, the man behind it.

Once the deed was done, Montparnasse took an apprehensive look at his reflection. A cry escaped him almost immediately.

“I look like Harlequin in his Sunday best!” he moaned.

Amused, Jehan wound his arms around this new found Harlequin, leaving a kiss on his nape. As ever, his words were exaggerated. Montparnasse was a man of hyperboles and magnifications.

“I, for one, find you quite dashing, mon chaton.”

Montparnasse turned around, pouting to his heart’s content.

“Love is blind, fortunately for you.”

“Don’t lie, I’m certain it was one of these beauties that caught your eyes in the first place!”

A gentle index went to tip Jehan’s chin up, alining his gaze with the taller man. He could feel Montparnasse’s breath on his lips and a flush spreading on his cheeks.

“I’ll take my revenge one day, Jean Prouvaire. Of that you can be sure.”