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I have a theory that 80s Joey is basically the Bob Ross of DC. Do you agree with that assessment?

bob ross never really reached my country so i only know about him through memes and gifsets as Kind Afro Artist Dad, but this seems pretty accurate

just call bruce already, dick

In Each Others Eyes

Third of my new Soulmate au stories.

Tag list:  @rabidwrestlingfan @wrestlingnoob @anonwriter-lady @somehow-lovable-trash @youngandbiitter

Warnings: None. I was a good girl.

Summary: Everyone has heterochromia, where one eye is their natural eye colour, and the other is your soulmate’s eye colour. You always wondered how it was possible for someone to have eyes so blue, until you saw him for yourself.

Word Count: 3625


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Ok so I was going to reblog this and add on, but I want to deviate a little from the original post, and specifically address a comment made in response to it. But the original post is here (x).

Alright so this is the comment from @mrsgilbertholtzmann I want to touch on just a little bit:

Now I’m going to start off with yes, there is absolutely truth to this comment in the sense that with it being one singular movie, where there are four main characters, this means there is limited screen time to truly flesh out individual characters and give them back stories - because plot, and action etc. This can be wonderful for fandom, look characters for us to really delve into and play with, create head cannons on their history, how they would act in certain situations etc. So no we cannot truly say what the creators of the movie TRULY intended. BUT we can work with what we are given. This is what the original post is actually about.


1. Holtzmann is not fantastic with feelings. Her speech at the end of the movie makes this one pretty obvious straight off. It’s very rehearsed and stilted. She does not speak with easy nor comfort. 

Physics is the study of movement of bodies and space and it can unlock the mysteries of the universe but it cannot answer the essential question of what is our purpose here and to me the purpose of life is to love and to love is what you have shown me. I didn’t think that I would ever really have a friend until I met Abby and then I feel like I have a family of my own and I love you, thank you.

Two other aspects of this scene often ignored, firstly Abby’s face during the whole speech for starters, but this face right here, this is the exact moment where Holtzmann says she didn’t think she would every really have a friend until she met Abby. 

This is completely new information to Abby. They’ve been friends for potentially years depending on your views of canon timeline. But Holtzmann has clearly never spoken about her past in great depth, not enough to reveal she’d never had friends or even a good family environment.

Secondly the sound Holtzmann makes once she’s done and sits down, and the fact she won’t even make eye contact with any of the others as they acknowledge what she has said.

This is someone really uncomfortable with sharing her feelings and any potential response she receives. 

2. The majority of the movie Holtzmann only engages in conversation when it is about the science, either loosely or directly. Beyond that it’s jokes (primarily at Erin’s expense) or comments made to another character/s. Now this one is probably a little vague. But hear me out, I’m going to define conversation as being an exchange of ideas, thought, or feelings between two or more people. I’m also going to add on to that, being involved in a discussion means contributing more than a line here or there.

Now not every interaction Holtzmann has would be classed as a discussion. So just a couple of examples.

The speech we just looked at, not a discussion, she said what she wanted to say, then closed down, there was no exchange of thoughts and feelings, it was one sided.

Her first scene, where she introduces herself to Erin, other than really the opening statement, and the occasional remark to Abby. Most of this scene is Abby doing the talking.

The ghost in the subway, Holtzmann actually engages here a little more than she has thus far, but it’s about the science, the equipment she’s created and what needs to happen.

The same can be said for when they’re trying out her new toys in the alley (both times)

Holtzmann has the least amount of lines in the movie that the other three ladies. Most of her lines are short and amusing. But note when I say amusing here I mean it is amusing to us as an audience (which is a whole other thing).

3. Science is her safe place. This one is fairly obvious, its clearly somewhere she often retreats to. The movie takes place over a very short timeline yet Holtzmann has created all these wonderful toys to play with within that time. Now don’t get me wrong she’s very good at what she does, but that’s a lot of time she’s spending on this stuff. Science is also where she feels most comfortable to engage with new people. It’s where she’s happy to be open and talk more (as I just covered off.

Things Holtzmann is not:

1. A sex god - this is not canon, this is not implied at all. Feelings and sex for some are absolutely two different things. So saying Holtzmann is bad with feelings does not automatically mean she cannot also be a sex god. BUT the fact that Holtzmann is bad with feelings, and does not easily engage in conversation with new people other than science based conversations indicates that meeting and having sex with random strangers is probably not something she is doing on the regular.

2. Always knows what to say and it’s hilarious - consider what you actually find “hilarious” about Holtzmann. Think about the moments in the movie really hard. Now ask yourself this question, would you find that line, that action just as funny if you were in the scene, if it was real life. You’ll probably find if you really give it some thought, that answer is probably no. That’s because what’s funny about Holtzmann is humorous to us as an audience ONLY.

3. Makes you gay - now talk about a problematic statement right there. Now where to actually start here. So sure it’s all fun and games to say I was straight until I saw this person and now I’m gay. It’s humorous, everyone has a good laugh, and it’s overused something shocking. What you are implying is being gay is a choice, it is something that can be changed about a person. I’m going to assume that the majority of the people who will read this post would define their sexuality as something different from strictly heterosexual. Now consider how you feel about been told that your sexuality which might have taken you years of heartache, anguish, and struggle to come to terms with, is really only just a choice. It’s laughable even. Ignoring all of that though, again you’re projecting a lot of your outside opinions onto a character. If you met this awkward, admittedly attractive, science geek, in horribly mismatched clothing and coloured glasses, are you going to automatically think “well shit I never realised this but I’m totally gay!” Probably not, let’s be real.

In summary YES we can all have different head cannons of Holtzmann, or any of the other ladies, they don’t all have to be the same. We all do see different things in the movie. BUT there are some clearly defined aspects of Holtzmann’s character from the movie being actively ignored or twisted. 

I can’t stop thinking about the Bas boys all sitting around with the Wild World colouring book: Kyle colouring everything in with mismatching bright colours, Will getting cross with Woody because ‘why can’t you just colour inside the lines?’ whilst Charlie happily finishes the join-the-dots, and Dan can’t even decide what colours to use


Fandom: Harry Potter 
Pairing: Muggle!James x Lily

Lily almost didn’t notice the small cafe, tucked away on a busy London street. The rain had come as a surprise on her way back from university, and she was caught in the middle of it with no umbrella. Hurriedly, she sloshed through the puddles, pulling her hood further down to shield her face. Then she saw it from the corner of her eye. Turning around, she stood in front of the cafe, admiring it in all its glory. Its teal painted, wooden exterior was completed with a large divided window with decorative potted plants clustered below it, thriving in the recent change of weather. Reaching for the door knob, she twisted it and stepped inside to be greeted by a wave of warmth. Wiping her soggy feet on the doormat, she slipped off her hood revealing her deep red hair. Inside the exposed brick walls were adorned with shelves holding books of all genres and colours. Mismatched armchairs were littered around the room in small groups, occupied by friends huddling together over warm beverages, having conversations lit by fairy lights dangled from the ceiling.

 Lily stepped onto the wood floor, wet shoes leaving footprints behind them, and ambled her way towards the back of the cafe where a tall boy with noticeably messy, black hair stood behind a counter. Within a closer proximity, lily could see that he managed a deadpan expression with every word he spoke. While she was examining the chalkboard menu that hung behind him, he grumbled something that sounded along the lines of a ‘how can I help you?’ and lily wondered if he was breaking records for just how reluctant to actually follow through with that offer he looked. Skimming over the wide variety of beverages, her eyes came to a stop at a drink she was delighted to see. 
“Can I have a salted caramel tea, please?”
Gaining his attention, the boy looked up and for a moment lily was sure his eyes softened at the sight of her, but then he quickly casted his gaze back down and proceeded to make her order. Subconsciously, she tapped her foot along to the beat of a quietly played song, coming from a record player which had been dismissed into a corner. Lily recognised it as not something up and coming, but from the memories of her childhood instead. This, and the fact that she could hear someone humming along brought a nostalgic feeling and a happy smile to her face.  But when she turned her attention back to the bedraggled boy making her tea, she discovered that it was infact him humming over the bubbling of the kettle. How could such a miserable git have such good music taste? Lily found it infuriating so she ceased her foot tapping and furrowed her brow, fighting her sudden desire to like him. He placed her steamy drink on the counter, an absent-minded look in his eyes hidden behind fogged glassed as she slid him her money and took her drink in search for a chair.

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Somebody once told me modern/college AU is a cheap shot but here’s one from me anyway even if i don’t know much about dressing up and may have created some fashion victims, screw somebody (with extra crayons and traditional art)!

I did a modern berseria AU comic some times ago but I’ll probably upload more in the future, now i don’t have much idea but i’m always open if you have any input feel, free to talk to me and also feel free to disagree lol ;)

Keep reading below if you have nothing to do for the details:

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Sunday Morning

Hi you all! Here I bring you my newest oneshot. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and finally I wrote it this week. Hope you like it and as always, any feedback is welcome :D

summary: it’s a rainy sunday morning when Dan wakes up alone on their bed. Where is Phil? Is he stealing his cereal again?
Or the fic where Dan is ready to catch Phil stealing his cereal one more time but a nicer surprise awaits for him.

words: 1.1k

no trigger warnings

Dan woke up frowning at the morning light that streamed from the white coloured curtains of the bedroom, the sound of the rain falling against the window annoying him a bit. He was lying on his stomach, the duvet covering his naked legs and back, not letting the cold reach his skin. He groaned a bit before opening his eyes, squinting at the light but easily adjusting to it.

The brown eyed lifted his body a bit by pushing his hands against the matress and was about to voice a sweet ‘good morning’ to his bed partner when he noticed the empty spot to his left, another frown appearing on his face.

Phil usually woke him up before leaving their bed, and he was sure he would have noticed the usual cheek kisses his boyfriend often woke him up with. That’s when he heard some sounds coming from the kitchen, instantly smiling at the fact that Phil was probably stealing his cereal once again. He might go and catch him right in the act as he had done that one time.

He picked up his phone from the bedside table and checked the time; 'It’s not that late’ was what Dan thought before fully standing up from his bed and snatching a pair of black sweatpants that were on the bedroom floor and putting them on.

He grabbed his phone and checked the few notifications that had popped up on his phone during the night while slowly making his way out of the bedroom, trying not stumble onto the walls of the hallway.

Once Dan reached the kitchen he stopped in the doorway ready to snap a photo of his boyfriend stealing his cereal when he surprisedly spotted Phil, only wearing a pair of grey sweatpants (who made his butt look great if you asked Dan) and coloured mismatched socks, while humming some nameless tune at the same time he carefully flipped a pancake into the pan.

The brown haired just bit his lower lip at the sight. Phil just looked so damn attractive like that, it wasn’t fair. Dan realized he needed to keep this sight in his mind forever so he might better get a picture before it fades away.

Trying to be as fast as possible, Dan opened up the camera on his phone and lifted it, getting the image to focus before he snapped around 12 pictures of Phil flipping a few more pancakes, who was still unaware of what was happening behind him.  

After checking out that the pictures were fine and taking one last glance at Phil, Dan quietly made his way to him, sneaking up behind him and putting a hand on Phil’s right butt cheek, squeezing it cheekily, which made the blue eyed let out a tiny scream, “Dan! Don’t scare me like that ever again!”

Dan laughed loudly before embracing Phil by the waist, leaning in to pose a lingering kiss on Phil’s left shoulder, “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” Phil replied, a soft smile appearing on his face. He instantly melted into Dan’s arms, his back touching the other man’s chest, skin-to-skin, putting his hands over Dan’s; but before he got carried away by his boyfriend’s sweet touch, he turned off the stove so he would burn the whole house down.

“I wanted to bring you breakfast to bed, but you woke up earlier than expected…” Phil said, a hint of sadness on his voice now that he couldn’t do what he had intended to.

Dan noticed the tone and squeezed his arms more around Phil, bringing him even closer. “We can still have breakfast in bed if you want; I mean, we might get syrup all over the sheets but I don’t care.”

That made both of them laugh. Knowing their luck and their clumsiness, that would end up happening for sure.

Phil turned around to look at Dan, who was smirking at him, and put his arms over Dan’s shoulders, lacing them behind his neck. “I like that idea…” the blue eyed said while he bit his lower lip.

“Well then…” Dan started saying, bringing his hands to touch Phil’s butt as he leaned as close as he could till their foreheads touched, their breaths intertwining; “what are we waiting for?”, he finally whispered before leaning in and trapping Phil’s lower lip between his teeth, making both open their mouths in a slow morning kiss.

Once they parted for air they both smiled, a comfortable silence between them before Phil spoke “You take the syrup and forks and I bring the pancakes and plates, uh?”

Dan just nodded and let Phil detach himself from him, the two of them quickly moving around the kitchen to get what they needed and headed towards the bedroom together, not losing any minute.

They chatted of everything and nothing while they ate the delicious pancakes for breakfast, sitting comfortably next to each other in the popped up pillows, sometimes feeding each other and managing to get a bit of the golden liquid in the sheets as Dan had said before.

Dan disscarded the plates that had been on their laps so he could scoot closer to his boyfriend so he could feed him the last bite of pancake that was left but somehow the syrup dripped all over Phil’s naked chest and stomach, “Oh no.” the blue eyed whispered, biting the pancake but looking down at the mess, “I’m going to be all sticky now…”

Phil was looking for a napkin or even a tissue to clean all the mess when he felt Dan’s tongue on his stomach, slowly tracing the track that the syrup had left. “Dan…” Phil could only say, closing his eyes at the feeling of the brown eyed leaving some kisses against his skin, trailing upwards to Phil’s neck, where he left a hickey.

“Just, let me…” Dan whispered in his ear, making Phil’s body shake at the feeling of being so close, making his body melt against the pillows.

The brown eyed continued kissing the pale neck of his boyfriend for a few more minutes before trailing back down with more kisses, licking all the syrup that he hadn’t spotted on his first go.

Once he reached the waistband of Phil’s sweatpants he looked up at Phil, who was already staring at him with flushed skin and a face full of bliss. The blue eyed just nodded, giving Dan all the permission he needed before he did what he intended to do.

They both hopped into the shower afterwards, but not before Dan had instagramed one of the many pictures he had taken of Phil flipping the pancakes.

“@danisnotonfire what a delicious breakfast i had this morning. oh, and the pancakes were good too.”

He hoped it was a nice surprise for all of their followers that were bored on this rainy Sunday morning.

Bribery (RWBY AU Snippet)

Her Royal Highness Princess Weiss of Atlas was not having a good day. To be more accurate, the kingdom of Atlas was not having a good year. Drought had left their crops in a precarious state. War had left their armies teetering on the brink of defeat. Floods and other natural disasters had pushed their resources to the very limit.

Atlas needed relief, and there was only one god they could appeal to for help.

True, they could go to the gods of harvest for help with the draught, and the gods of war could help them with the battles still to come, and the various gods of destruction could be appeased to reduce the number of natural disasters. However, there was one god that could accomplish all of those things herself.

And that was how Weiss found herself being pushed into the temple of Death in little more than a silk robe with a large plate of the finest cookies in all of Atlas.

It didn’t make an iota of sense to Weiss. Well, some of it did. The gods were known to take mortal lovers from time to time, and she wasn’t being vain when she said she was one of the most beautiful women in the land. But what on Remnant was she supposed to do with a plate of cookies?

However, the priests and priestesses of Death had insisted on the cookies. She scowled and shivered as she walked barefoot toward the inner sanctum of the temple. They were a curious bunch, those priests and priestesses. They were always walking around in hooded cloaks that made them look supremely suspicious. And then there were the roses. The temple had roses everywhere, and the priests and priestesses could often be found scattering rose petals throughout the city. It was just bizarre.

And then there were the corgis.

Was it mandatory for every member of Death’s clergy to have a corgi? It certainly seemed so, but that didn’t make any sense. How exactly were Death and corgis related? Then there were the cookies. All of the clergy seemed to love cookies, and they were forever throwing money at the kingdom’s bakers to make better ones. 

A low growl left Weiss’s lips. The clergy of every god tended to be a bit eccentric - the less she thought about the clergy of Neopolitan, goddess of assassins, impersonators, and umbrellas, the better. They almost never spoke, and they had a tendency to dye their hair mismatching colours as well as to somehow change the colour of the eyes. They also liked stabbing people. It was bizarre. 

Weiss reached the inner sanctum and stepped inside past the large, gilded doors. The doors swung shut behind her, and she felt the first stirrings of unease. The priests and priestesses had instructed her to wait in this chamber in a silent vigil until Death appeared. 

With a sigh, Weiss settled down into as comfortable a position as possible. It was a bit drafty in the sanctum, and her lack of clothing made it difficult to get truly comfortable. Eventually, she settled into a sitting position and waited. 

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

At some point, she must have fallen asleep because the next thing she was aware of was the sound of someone munching on a cookie.

“What are you doing?” Weiss cried, leaping to her feet and jabbing one finger at the impudent fool who had decided to snack on Death’s cookies. She was trying to save her kingdom here! Was this idiot trying to ruin everything? “Those cookies belong to Death!”

The tall, silver-eyed woman with dark hair who was munching on the cookies turned to look at Weiss and then resumed eating the cookies, stopping now and then to dip them into a glass of milk.

“Hey!” Weiss shouted, raising her voice again. “I’m talking to you! Those cookies are for Death! You can’t eat them. As your princess, I demand you cease this foolishness at once!”

The woman held up one finger for silence, leaving Weiss to splutter in incoherent outrage as she continued to munch on a cookie before swallowing it and slowly turning to face Weiss.

“These are for Death, you say?” the woman asked, grinning. “Is that right?”

“That’s right,” Weiss retorted. “You’d best make an offering at once and beg for her forgiveness, or else she’ll claim your soul.”

“She’s pretty mean, right?” the woman asked, seemingly trying not to laugh. “Always waving that scythe around and stuff.” The woman looked at Weiss. “Were the priests and priestesses going to offer you to her as well? Yes, I can see it now, Death descending upon this shrine to claim you for herself. She’d go for the cookies first, I think, and then she’d get started on you. Who knows what she’d do? Probably ravish you senseless.”

Weiss’s mouth opened and closed. “How dare you! Who do you think you are?”

The woman grinned. “My name is Ruby, but I guess only my friends call me that. Most other people call me something else.”

“Well, what do they call you then?” Weiss hissed.

Ruby’s grin widened. “Why don’t I show you?”

Outside, every dog in the city began to howl. The wind whipped up into a hurricane. The roofs and windows rattled. Clouds covered the moon. A deathly chill fell over the inner sanctum. One by one, the candles lighting the sanctum went out. The shadows lengthened, growing and folding in on themselves until they were a writhing mass of living darkness that crawled across the floor and wrapped around Ruby.

From inside the seething miasma of shadows, Ruby’s eyes blazed like silver stars. The darkness around her exploded outward, and the whole kingdom shook. A vast, endless cloak of bloody red rippled into existence around Ruby as clothes darker than the dead of night coiled around her frame. A scythe, so black it seemed to radiate darkness, appeared in one of her hands, and Ruby gave a low chuckle before smiling at Weiss again.

“Like I said, most of my friends call me Ruby. But you mortals? You’ve got another name for me. You call me Death.”

Weiss fainted.

X     X     X

Ruby stared at the unconscious princess on the floor. Well… that hadn’t exactly gone to plan. Weiss was supposed to marvel at her divine awesomeness before getting her more cookies. Now, she had no more cookies, and Weiss was in no position to get her more. Even worse, the way Weiss had fallen had left her somewhat… exposed due to the lack of clothing underneath her robe.

Honestly, what were her clergy thinking? She’d been pretty clear on what she wanted in the way of offerings. Princesses were not on that list. Although… Ruby frowned. Yang had paid her clergy a visit recently. It would be just like her sister to add something like ‘sexy princesses’ to the list of acceptable offerings. It wasn’t like her clergy would argue. It was Yang. No mortal in their right mind would pick a fight with Yang.

Ruby knelt down beside the princess. It wouldn’t be polite to leave her all sprawled out on the floor like that with her robe out of place. The least she could do was prop her up against a pillar or something before looking for more cookies. Alas, the door of the inner sanctum opened up just as Ruby was adjusting Weiss’s robe into a more decorous position.

The eyes of her High Priest and High Priestess widened.

“Forgive us!” the High Priest threw himself to the ground. “We did not mean to interrupt you, Most Honoured Goddess!”

“Uh…” Ruby frowned. “You’re not really interrupting anything…”

“Silence, fool!” the High Priestess hissed at the High Priest as she dragged the man to his feet. “Can’t you see our Most Honoured Goddess is busy?” She turned to Ruby. “Please, forgive us, Most Honoured Goddess. We shall leave, so you may mercilessly ravish the princess to your heart’s content. By all means, make her your bride or failing that, perhaps a concubine. Only… please aid our kingdom!”

Ruby sighed. She was never, ever going to hear the end of this from Yang. In fact, she was pretty sure she could hear her sister’s laughter already. “Just… just go… and can you maybe get more cookies?”

Ruby covered her face with one hand as they scurried off. The princess gave a low groan but remained unconscious. “What am I going to do with you?”

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i lov ur watercolors! do u have any tips and tricks for usin them?

i have this one post but there’s not really any tricks in it per se… i’m not very experienced per se but!! i’d say mostly

  • take care to notice how dry you want your paper to be!! sometimes you want the colour to spread in a way it can only do when the paper is wet, and sometimes you want it to stick to place. study the effects of how watercolour works on different grades of wetness on paper to get better control over the end result.
  • i shared an awkward anectode about this already but seriously, all black ever does is make the rest of your colours ugly if you blend them so.. .don’t . .. use purple, green, blue, heck even red. any other pleasant colour.
  • don’t do lineart/sketch with charcoal or lead pencils! this will also make your colours muddy. use a colour pencil in any colour you like(i’m personally a fan of orange, but a lot of people use light blue because it’s close to white and harder to spot)
  • this is a personal tip but i guess while your colour dries, sometimes it’s really nice to put in a bit of other colours in it too… it looks vibrant and fun.
  • if you want a whole area the same colour, wet the area beforehand with just water and then add colour to it. this way, you won’t get weird lines between and mismatched colouring. 
  • don’t get too obsessed over details! i think at least. this is again, very personal but i find watercolour feels nicer when it’s more free and i guess less precise. but! do you honestly. 

that’s about.. all i can think of again, i’m by no means an expert at alLL it’s just something i do because it’s fun and………….. to be perfectly honest with you markers are too expensive for me LMAO…….. i’m only half kidding, but yeah. !!! hope this was.. of help!

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Hello ! I have a question about your taako design, im sorry if you've answered it before but why is one of his eyes purple ? o:

in a lot of cultures its believed people with mismatched eye colours are magic, and purple is pretty magic so I figured why not and gave him heterochromia

long story short: just ‘cuz

Good Vibrations

Summary: Phil’s band gets a shot at impressing a talent scout, but their drummer drops out just three days before the big gig. Their only shot at a replacement comes in the form of the lead singer’s younger brother, the lead singer’s deaf brother with a fondness for soft pastel colours.

AO3 Link

Genre: Fluff, AU

Warnings: Deafness

POV: Third

Words: 3247

Beta: gatsbys-old-sport

A/n: Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote a deaf!Dan story. Also I love the punk!Phil, pastel!Dan AU and couldn’t resist combining them :D

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Possible hints about Hide gaining power in CCG during :re

I’ve gathered them here for easier access, because they were all scrambled on some of my other posts. Will contain quotes from older posts and also some new things. A theme in all of them depict Hide as somebody with a good leadership sense who wants to do the right thing and is acceptant of others. You can debate why exactly this organisation, but if you look at all the things as a whole it points to CCG.

But first, a few words paragraphs about CCG’s future as an organisation. As we can see, things aren’t going well neither for CCG nor for Aogiri. Marude’s ominous words that there will be trouble in the future if Matsuri takes power and the many secrets and shady business going on behind the scenes don’t really help the situation. So a downfall is a pretty logical outcome, which will lead to CCG crumbling down and no longer existing.

However, when was the answer to anything big in this manga destruction? A positive outcome is usually achieved by change. Most of the Investigators in CCG are likeable people with good intentions from whom the truth is often hidden.The problem isn’t in the organisation as a whole, it’s the system and the way it’s controlled. Rather than destroy everything, there is always the possibility to change the system into something better.

In Hide’s tarot cards and trump card the key words are always: “new beginning“ and “change“ rather than “new beginning“ and “destruction“.

I’d also like to point out how CCG isn’t the organisation’s first name: it was Counter Ghoul Institution, but later on it was renamed. In a sense, we can expect for CCG to “die”  by changing the system and the name, creating an organisation that fights for real justice, both for humans and ghouls.

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top eight mythology au

1. Loathly by orphan_account (12k)

“The birds told me.”

There was a brief silence.

“The birds.”

“The birds,” Harry confirmed from beneath his red hood, “And the squirrels, but they’re all liars so I didn’t believe them.”

“All squirrels are liars,” Louis repeated faintly.

“Well, not all of them. Just most. It’s not nice to generalise.”

An Arthurian Legend/Faerie AU based on ‘The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle’, wherein Louis is a Knight of the Round Table and Harry is not what he seems.

2. inspire me (remember me) by Clamat_Submissa (10k)

Harry’s a writer stuck in a rut, and Louis’s the Muse who clears his mind.

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Skool Luv Affair

Pairings: Jikook, Yoonseok, Namjin

Words: 1287

Genre: Hogwarts!au, enemies to lovers

Read it on AO3

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

As he entered the Great Hall for a late lunch, Hoseok caught sight of Taehyung waving at him and jumping up and down by the Hufflepuff table.

“Hyung! Hyung! Come sit with me!” He yelled, completely unfazed by the considerable number of people giving him funny looks. It wasn’t his way to care about what other people thought.

“Tae, not so loud,” He shushed him, sliding onto the bench next to him and submitting to his enthusiastic hug.

“I waited for you,” He grinned, passing the plate of cold cuts he knew the elder was about to reach for.

“Thanks,” He smiled, “You didn’t have to, you know. It’s quite late,”

“It’s cool. I was in Green house number three all morning anyway,”

Now that he mentioned it, Hoseok noticed the smudge of earth on his left cheek and the messy state of his robes. Mind you, his robes were never in pristine condition. He usually had the garments of several different houses – today a Ravenclaw scarf, which he charitably guessed had been stolen from his brother rather than some unlucky stranger, and a Gryffindor prefect badge for which he had no explanation – none of which were worn in the conventional manner, as well as mismatched socks and brightly coloured items that definitely weren’t part of the uniform at all.

It wasn’t uncommon for a magical beast or plant to be found hiding in amongst the stashes of sweets, the pebble collection and long forgotten, but undoubtedly important, sheets of paper. Bowtruckles were Hoseok’s favourite, not that he had a great love of magical creatures, but because they were at least harmless, unlike so many of the other “cute” things the younger would carry around with him.

“Were you allowed to be?” He asked. It went without saying that Taehyung didn’t really care all that much about school rules. He followed them when and only when they suited him.

“Sure I was, Professor Longbottom let me in special,” He replied around a mouthful of bread. “I had to follow him around for a few hours yesterday til he relented, of course, but it was totally worth it,”

“Oh, cool, well I guess that’s fine then,” Well, at least he was being supervised. For some reason, either skill or sheer bloody luck, he never got hurt when cuddling up to Fanged Geranium or a Fire Crab, but he had a knack for creating mischief. Whether this was intention or not was a mystery to even his closest friends.

“Oh and speaking of, look at what I got!” He suddenly smiled, filling Hoseok with cold dread. There were no words which brought such fear to him as those coming out of the younger’s mouth.

“What?” He swallowed nervously as he reached beneath the table to pull out what looked like a plant of some sort covered with a thin cloth. He set it down and pulled of the top with a dramatic flourish.

“Ta da!” He exclaimed joyfully.

“Tae! Is that a…?”

“Devil’s Snare!” He grinned, “Look, isn’t it so cute?”

“Tae! No!” He cried in alarm as the violent plant began to stretch out tentacles to wrap around the younger’s wrists.

“Aw, it likes me,” He laughed, leaning in closer despite Hoseok’s frantic attempts to pull him away, and tickling the underside of one wriggling vine.

“Oh my god, Tae!”

This was almost as bad as the time with the Mandrake, hell this was worse! At least there was a Professor on hand to wrestle it away from him and give him a stern lecture on the dangers of killer plants. Right now it was just him and a bunch of terrified third years who were slowly edging away.

Thinking quickly he whipped out his wand and cast a hasty “Immobulus!” to prevent the strangling of his best friend.

“Hyung! What did you do that for?” Taehyung whined.

“Devil’s Snares can kill you!” He exclaimed. “You have to be more careful,”

“It’s fine, I know what I’m doing!”

“You’re going to take it back, right?”

“You’re such a spoilsport,” He muttered, pouting, but thankfully covered the plant up again and nodded his assent. He was many things, but he never went back on his word.

Hoseok was honestly very fond of him, even if he did give him a near daily heart attack. He was exuberant, playful and always knew how to make you smile. A lot of people thought he was stupid, but that wasn’t the case at all. He was as clever as his brother, Namjoon, and in some ways perhaps more so; his intelligence was just expressed differently to others. He excelled at the subjects he cared about, Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures, and for the rest he only did the work that interested him. For this he was deemed incapable by some of the less understanding teachers, who tried to define a student’s ability within a strict set of boundaries. But he didn’t give a damn; Taehyung had never had any respect for boundaries. Above all he was a brilliant friend, loyal to a fault

“Hey hyung, don’t look now but that Slytherin is totally checking you out again,” He whispered in his ear, making him jump.

“Don’t be ridiculous Tae,” He blushed.

“He watches you all the time! He totally likes you!”

“I barely know him,” He protested, but stole a glance at the far table anyway. The silver haired boy was indeed looking in his direction, face set into a displeased frown as his friend chatted animatedly to him.

“He’s cute,” Taehyung added appreciatively, “Not really my type, but definitely cute,”

“Keep it down won’t you?” Hoseok muttered. “He’s not looking at me, anyway,”

“Jiminie hyung is way more my type, pink hair too!” He continued, unperturbed. “But he’s in love with Jungkookie, so,”

“What? They hate each other, don’t they? There are bets running about who is gonna kill the other first,”

“Oh sure, but they’ll figure it out eventually,” He looked confident about it. “I’ve been taking bets on who is gonna kiss the other first, my money is on Jungkook, he’s way more impulsive, you know?”

“Taehyung! Again?”

The last time the school had found out he was ‘enabling gambling’, as they put it, he’d ended up with two months’ worth of detentions and a significant dent on their house point total. He then somehow managed to twist it so that he spent them all helping out in the greenhouses and mentoring younger students, which he would have done anyway, and earned the points back by discovering a rare breed of toad stool or something. But even so.

“Don’t worry, Hobi, they won’t find out this time,” He whispered conspiratorially, giggling happily.

“Whatever makes you happy,” He shook his head sighing.

“You’re the best, hyung,” He shot him his wonderful boxy smile and he was reminded of why he truly was so fond of him. “But, back on topic, what are you going to do about Min Yoongi?”


“Yeah, your not so subtle admirer!” Taehyung knew everyone’s name and pretty much everyone knew his.

“Oh,” He looked over at him again and was strangely disappointed to find he was no longer staring at him. “I think you’re taking it a bit far, he’s never even spoken to me,”

“If you insist,” He replied, though his tone clearly indicated that he still thought he was right.

Honestly, Hoseok wondered if he had done something to annoy the Slytherin, after all he always directed such a cross look in his direction. Then again, he could just as easily not be looking at him at all and not even know that he existed.

He couldn’t deny that he was cute.

Part 2

Nobody stopped me and I did the thing:

Montparnasse has made an error of judgement. He thought this would be harder sober. He was wrong. This would have been easier sober. Because right now his slightly muddled mind can’t sort the thoughts that he wants to have from the ones he doesn’t. He’s put his head down on his arms to stop himself from looking at Jehan. Jehan who’s wearing white tonight. White with lace edges. And not a single mismatched colour to spoil it. But still with that braided leather bracelet with little bells tied around their right ankle. Jehan…

There’s a gentle sound of hollow wood and suddenly there’s music. Montparnasse raises his head. Grantaire has a guitar. He blinks. Where did Grantaire get a guitar? Does Bahorel play the guitar?

“Yeah…play something R,” Bahorel drawls, stretching out even longer on the floor.

Grantaire plucks the strings idly, his eyes half closed. “I don’t entertain on my own,” he says. “I lack the exhibitionist soul.”

“Jehan,” Bahorel pipes up again. “Sing something so Grantaire’s fucking shy soul will play us a damn song.”

Montparnasse forgets to breathe. Jehan sings?

“You sing,” Jehan smiles, pushing at Bahorel’s knee with their bare foot.

“If Bahorel sings I leave,” Grantaire announces.

Montparnasse exhales and lowers his head onto his arms again. He’s wishes Éponine would hurry up with Wonder Boy and I’m-No-Longer-Allow-To-Call-Her-Wonder-Gal. She texted him they were twenty minutes away half an hour ago.

Grantaire keeps plucking the strings, but there seems a little more method to the rhythm this time. Suddenly there’s chords and Montparnasse’s stupid foggy head is still trying to figure out how notes became chords when-

“If you’ll be my star
I’ll be your sky
You can hide underneath me and come out at night…”

Jehan’s voice is sweet and lovely because of course it is. Montparnasse has heard them recite poetry before, but this is not the same. This is so so much worse.

“When I turn jet black
And you show off your light
I live to let you shine
I live to let you shine…”

The words are all wrong. Jehan has never worn a scrap of black. Half of Montparnasse wants to argue and the other half wants to shut up and listen and all of him raises his head and opens his eyes and he should not have done that.

Jehan is swaying, almost dancing, next to Grantaire who sits hunched over the guitar, eyes still half closed. Bahorel is now stretched out on the floor like a starfish, grinning at the ceiling. Jehan’s feet are moving and the bells on their ankle are making the softest possible sounds as they catch the light and Montparnasse is staring.

“But you can skyrocket away from me
And never come back if you find another galaxy
Far from here with more room to fly
Just leave me your stardust to remember you by…”

Something is burning at the back of Montparnasse’s throat. He can’t… Why should the black sky be satisfied with stardust? It didn’t even touch the star. The least the star can do is stay…

Jehan’s words start to blur together until he can only hear the sound, the warmth, the lovely rise and fall of their voice. Every now and again a sentence bleeds through the melody and they are so sweet and so painful.

“I live to make you free…
I live to make you free…”

Those are words describing someone selfless and generous. Someone capable of seeing something beautiful and not wanting it with their whole soul to never ever let it go again. Someone utterly unlike Montparnasse. Those are awful, mocking words and it is unfair that they are the most beautiful thing he has ever hear. So terribly, horribly unfair.

“Just leave me your stardust to remember you by…
Stardust… to remember you by…”

Jehan’s voice lingers even longer than the last note of the guitar. They stop swaying and turning and Montparnasse is still staring. Suddenly their hazel eyes look straight into his and they smile. Montparnasse can feel the starlight searing straight through him. He smiles back. It’s an empty excuse for a smile, but at least he means it. Because…he’s not going to let the star get away. But he’s not going to let it break apart into stardust either.