I don’t have any photos of my first two rats - My first was Pepper, a big lazy black boy. I brought him home from the shelter in a hat, and he used to fall asleep on my mom’s lap on the front lawn.

I only had Rocket for a few weeks because the poor little champagne baby had wet tail and we couldn’t save him.

Then there was Sugar.

Sugar was my baby. I fell in love with her when she was so little ans scared that all she did was sit in my hand and shake. And she grew up into the most loyal, personality-filled pet a kid could have. She fetched, she tormented the (100 pound) dog, she escaped one weekend I was away and my parents couldn’t catch her but she came running as soon as I got home. She came when I tapped a pattern on the floor, but ONLY to me. If she was on someone elses’ shoulder and I walked by, she would leap onto me. She stole stuff, she loved to be tossed in the air, she knew how to open her cage, and how to jump on juice boxes to get the juice out. I will forever have a place in my heart for spunky little rats with white forehead spots, because of her.

My next rats were a trio - Cassie (Sandcastle) was a big bear of a rat, forever good-natured and patient and with an unparalleled love of chasing feathers. Would take treats and stash them i the litter box for ages, never realizing I was just taking them back and giving her the same treats over and over.

Spotnick was so named because she came off adventurous at first, but she was a huge scardy-cat, and never trusted anyone but me to really handle her. Her trademark pose was just her nose and tail peeking out of a tissue box. She was forever hiding in an awkward-to-reach spot and making me panic thinking I’d lost her.

And then there was Squirt. Always tiny, and always full of spunk, she once managed to steal an entire package of milkbones an stash them in my sock drawer. She was forever pulling this trick to drink out my cups, and her sisters (Cas and Spot) never did figure out why their significantly heftier butts could never copy her without knocking the glass over. She used to run along at my heels when I walked around my room and never found a pocket she didn’t like.

A rescue-rat, Tai (or Tainy) was also a small rat, and was more commonly known as “The Pest”, Spotnick was the only older rat who ever had the patience for her antics. She stole things like a magpie, and was forever in your face, poking her pointy nose into whatever you were doing - or running off to explore places she wasn’t supposed to. I have very few photos of her because she was ever busy- she never stayed still.

Also a rescue, Gypsy was ever-calm, refused to drink out of a water bottle, and was more cuddly than many of my other girls.

Robbie(right) and Jakjak were a funny pair of sisters. Jakjak was a bit skittish  and always liked to nibble fingers a touch harder than was polite, and trick you into letting her go if she didn’t want to be caught, but she trusted ME, and had an adventurous streak that was fun to watch.

Robbie (Robin Hood) was a whiner (squeaked like crazy when Jak groomed her), but smart, and liked to both adventure and snuggle; she came to school with me a few times and always just fell asleep in my (or someone elses) sleeve.

For how similar they sometimes acted (and according to everyone else, LOOKED, even though I dont think they looked anything alike), they quarreled often and decided they didn’t want to live together int heir senior years.

Toby’s breeder told me he liked to he HIGH, and she was right - if he could climb something, he would. I once watched him scale my closet organizer to the top shelf. He would climb up to my desk then manage to ratty-parkour his way across three pieces of furniture to my bookshelf. He was forever a squeaker, and liked to scream when picked up in the hope you would let him go - the most adventurous male I’ve met, he was always trying to find a way to bust through the barriers I used to keep him in rat-proofed areas (and often succeeding).

Koda was my big squish (I could barely hold him with two hands without rat spilling over. he was BIG). He started as the smallest of his group (him, Toby and Badger came from the same breeder) but wound up the biggest. He was a big lazy snuggler, and when let out to free-range, was more likely to beg for a few treats then immediately find somewhere to sleep. His brothers would be exploring and he’d be napping in my laundry basket. I took him to stores and on walks all the time because he would stay in my hood, or in a purse and just chill.

And then there was Badger.

Ever since Sugar, I’d wanted another rat that got into my heart the same way she did. I swear it’s something about that white forehead mark, because I finally got my wish. I’ve loved all my ratty babies, but Sugar was Special, and Badger was too. From his gorgeously mismarked coloring to his dumbo ears, he stole my heart when I first saw him. And he kept it.

Because he LOVED to cuddle. He’d follow me around, begging to be picked up, he’d lay on my lap and nudge me if I stopped petting him. He loved riding around on my shoulder. He gave you kisses while you pet him. I once fella sleep while I had him out, and instead of wandering off into the apartment, when I woke up, he was snuggled into the side of my neck, napping with me. He loved every second of attention he got.

Badger passed away yesterday. He was my last rat.

I’ve developed an allergy to them, and I feel like I need to move on to rat-less stages of my life. But Badger, well, I’m glad HE was the last - my rat-love has been FULFILLED. I don’t plan on getting any more rats for a long time, if ever, so I’m glad my last rat was a REALLY REALLY good rat.

I mean, they were ALL good rats. I feel like, when you grow up with pets, you learn just as much about life from them as you do from other people, and I’ve learned a LOT from my rats.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that rats are some of the most amazing, charismatic, lovable animals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

And to all my ratty babies, I guess what I’m trying to say is Thank You.

protip if you ever want to commission an artist: it is very painfully obvious when a client is trying to get as much work out of us for as little money as they can get away with and there’s a difference between having a budget and being a cheapskate who wants us to bleed and sweat for every penny

don’t be that guy

dont try to fish up month old obselete sales to save a few bucks, don’t try to discretely push your commission past what you paid for, don’t treat our work like a frivelous luxury you can haggle when it’s literally how some of us pay the bills and buy food

you bought a bust but suddently need the art down to the elbows? pay the difference. you want a fullscale but only have money for a waist? save up, or get something in your price range. 

it’s really really not cool to penny pinch someone’s dedicated craft, let alone someone you’re going to be consistently talking to throughout the process, and it just contributes to the underpricing problem in the industry, ESPECIALLY when it comes to young kids who already charge too little and dont have the self confidence to assert their worth

because let me tell you, we absolutely know when you’re trying to do it

and you look exactly like the people who throw a fit in walmart when you’re told a sale sign was mismarked or that your coupon is no good

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Do you have a picture of Molasses? I'm so sorry.

I’m not gonna show you guys the sad mess she is now.

I’m gonna show you what I got to see.

In order.

The Ramsey Pidge and I have a very close relationship. 

Molasses was Richard and Victoria’s first baby, and when I asked, they let me see their shiny new egg.

I dealt with a lot of depression while she was a nestling, and dropped the photo ball pretty hard. (Normally, I take weekly update photos from hatch day on)

Here she was on Weaning Day, at Four weeks old.

Here she is at Seven weeks, showing outstanding potential. ^v^

On the First of February. And you can see her color getting deep and her better laced Big Girl feathers coming in.

Look at those shiny new lace feathers!

This is the last shot I have of her when she was well.

Now, let me introduce you to her Mother.

This is Victoria.

And this is her Father.


Her Grandmother, Nurray.

Remember that hen I told you about whose response to a 5 foot wild snake coming out of the wall into her cage was to PUNCH it in the FACE, STOMP on it, RAKE it with her claws, and BITE the FUCK out of it NONSTOP until I could save it from HER?

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the 4oz badass bitch, Nurray, whose name means Radient Moon in Turkish. ^

And her handsome mate, Metin.

His name in Turkish means Tough. ^v^

Tell me that Victoria is not his smooth, lady-like spittin’ image.

Metin was the best investment I ever made to improve a blood line!

This is Rosequartz (named her before discovering SU XD), Nurray’s Mother and Molasses’ Great Grandmother.

This was my Foundation hen. ^v^

And you can see the attitude in her bold stance! She was no more afraid to kick my ass for messing with her babies than her Daughter was of doing her DAMNEDEST to turn that ratsnake into a belt!

I’ll never forget the day her first baby hatched.

16 Grams. My very first baby COF.

I picked him up, kissed his little head, and cradled him against my cheek…

And oh my God, Rose went huge eyed, came the closest I have ever seen a pigeon come to WAILING, and leaped off her nest to attack me beak and claws first, with her poor mat looking all over the place in utter confusion at the back of the cage like “The fuck just happened?!”

Guys, she saw me lift it to my mouth and then it disappeared. 

She thought I ate it, and was going to MAKE ME FUCKING PAY!!!!

I had to show it to her, pick her up, and set her down on it to convince her that it was still ok.

And every day after that, I had to let her chase me down to bite me until she wore herself out chewing and flung my hand out of HER nest space!

Eventually, she came to realize that I never hurt any of her peeps and always returned them safe and comfy to her. And we developed a bond of trust.

Her husband (who never saw me as anything that even RESEMBLED danger to his peeps) was much more easygoing.

Behold, Rose’s mate Glasgow: the second most Structurally Excellent Cock I have ever encountered!

I fell in love with the COF as a breed the moment I laid eyes on him.

He has is share of mismarks, but his build is damn near perfect! 

He’s SO bold, and SO freindly and chill, and just… WHAT a pigeon! What a breed! I HAD to know more! And the more I learned about them, the deeper in love I fell.

Because of Glasgow, I will ALWAYS raise COFs!

He and his Wife gave me SO many amazing babies!

Guys, this is Glasgow and Rosequartz’s Son, Poorly Made Plush Toy: A fantastic red bar Satinette.

And by Fantastic, I mean the man who started the Classic Old Frill Club declared Plushy to be the best COF he had EVER SEEN produced!

He got his name from the way he used to loaf as a baby. His chill pose was such a disjointed pile of loose limbs that he looked like a haphazard rush job of a plush bird doll. XD

Look at them…

Now look at her.

Can you see them? Their stances? Their attitudes? Their faces? 

I would have loved nothing more than to see her loving life with her new human family. To see, as she grew, who influenced what part of her.

To be able to show her family these pictures of her ancestors and say things like: “She’s her Mama’s spittin’ image!” or “Hah! That’s DEFINITELY Nurray’s Granddaughter!” 

There is nothing worse than having to mourn a living thing that is still alive..

This was cathartic. I’ll treasure this ask when she’s gone.

Thank you.

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Hey, let me start by saying I absolutely love your blog, your work is amazing! I'm sure you're an awesome person too! And if I had to pick favorites, Virgin!Draco is just... I don't even have words to explain how amazing I find it. It's perfect!!! I've read it all, till 11 chapters. I saw you put up the 13th chapter but... Could you tell me where the 12th chapter is? I can't find it... It would be absolutely wonderful of you if you could help me... Thanks! 😘😘😘😘

My apologies, everyone, I mismarked the teaser of Virgin Draco as chapter 13 when it’s actually chapter 12. 😊


I’ve seen a lot of people doing Pokémon Variations and wanted to give it a shot… by taking it one step further.

I drew different “breeds” of Bunnelby, all based of real rabbit breeds (plus he original) But I also drew a collection of rabbit markings:3

All the markings are based of real rabbits, but I took some artistic liberty…for instance the “bottom color” on most of these should be white… I made them grey, since Bunnelby is grey. 

I also cannot guarantee that all these breeds come in these colors:p I know lop comes in most of them (I have yet to see Dutch rabbit that isn’t actually a purebred Dutch… Vienna markings do not count.) 

Breed notes:
- The rex Bunnelby has curled whiskers, their fur is also a lot softer than most. 
- Lionheads can come in both single maned (pictured) or double-maned which has a “skirt” of fur around its feet. 
- Being a popular breed the lop comes in many sizes and has been interbred with many other breeds, so they may also get a lionhead-mane, soft rex-fur or extremely long fur like the angora. 
- If broken looks random to you that’s because it is. Broken is a mismarked caped or checkered and may have just a few spots on the back or nearly a full cape. 
- Harlequin can be mixed with any of the other markings pictured above (except the pure white ones), resulting in a tricolored Bunnelby. 
- Breeding a blue-eyed white with any differently colored Bunnelby may create “vienna markings”. These come in the shape of random white spots on the body. It could be simply one spot on the nose or feet, or cover the Pokémon so much it resembles a dutch. Vienna marked rabbits may also have blue eyes, occasionally even one blue eye and one brown. 

Reblog, don’t repost. 



Our sweet angel Pip turned one a few days ago! She got a quirky, mismatched, but cute hammock, representing her mismarked white dot and quirky personality :3 she also got a pinata to share with her siblings, and a pigs ear as a special treat!

Pippin is currently our resident rat. Shes the glue of the family, facilitating important introductions. She loves to snuggle with mom in the people bed at night, and always has time to check on her people. Shes got such a unique personality, its hard to articulate. Shes just a wise, compassionate, but off-beat, character.

Happy birthday my angel :3

A guide to make retail workers like you

by a minimum wage retail worker

Closing time

  • Do NOT come in after five minutes till close
  • If you’re just coming to “browse” or “look around” come in 30-60 minutes till close, depending on how much you are looking at and the size of the store
  • If the door is locked/the sign says so, the store is closed. It doesn’t matter if you think the store has different hours
  • No matter how nice the worker is, them telling you the store is closed means they want to close and go home. Check out and leave ASAP. Even if they say you can keep looking, chances are they are just saying that to be nice
  • If the music goes off, that’s is usually the workers giving you a subtle clue that they are closing and want you to leave


  • If it isn’t in the store, that store doesn’t have it. Don’t blame the worker who tells you that
  • Workers cannot find out if the store have another color or a similar thing on the computers, the most they can do is look around the store and in the back
  • If it doesn’t have a barcode or sku number, the worker can’t ring it up. They’re sorry you have to wait while they get a label made but the guy behind the counter can’t do anything about that
  • If you aren’t willing to drive to another branch, tell the worker before they call and have them find something for you
  • If it was here last time and now isn’t, it was either sold or it got damaged. It isn’t the worker’s fault, if you wanted it you should have bought it, or some stores allow you to put things on hold

Money, Prices, and Coupons

  • If you’re credit card isn’t accepted, it isn’t the worker’s fault. Contact your credit card company and pay with something else in the mean time
  • If there isn’t change in the register, you have to wait for a manager to make change from another register. Certain associates could loose their job if they do, don’t blame them for wanting to keep their job.
  • If you’re coupon is expired/not valid for whatever reason, the worker literally can’t take it. The computer won’t accept it. Don’t blame the 16 year old behind the register
  • If the price is different than you thought it was, don’t blame the worker who scanned it. Also, don’t ask that worker to give you the price you thought, even if it was mismarked. The worker isn’t allowed to just change prices
  • (At least at my store) If you pay with a check, you need to show a driver’s license. The worker sometimes can’t afford to wait while you spend 10 minutes looking for it
  • Have your payment ready when you go to check out. Especially if it is busy. 
  • Also, have any coupons out and ready. If you think you have one, look before the worker asks for your payment


  • If you are with kids, make sure they are good. It is not the worker’s responsibility to babysit your kids
  • If the worker says you can’t eat, put the food away 
  • If there aren’t rules about eating, don’t spill anything and pick up all wrappers. There’s probably a garbage can behind the counter and if you need it, just ask. The worker would rather have you ask and throw away your wrappers/scraps now rather than finding them on shelves later
  • If you break something or find something broken, just let the worker know. They will find out eventually anyway. The sooner it is cleaned up, the better
  • Don’t be too loud. There aren’t technically rules against yelling, but it will create a better environment for everyone if you use your inside voice
  • The previous one includes your crying baby. If your baby is going to start screaming, leave what you are going to buy with the worker and take the kid outside until they calm down.
  • Service dogs are fine but don’t bring your pet in the store. Keep it outside or at home
  • If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. It is better to ask someone who knows what they are doing than to try it yourself
  • Yes, there are individual candies at the register. No, they are not free. They are wrapped and have barcodes
  • If you pick something up and decide you don’t want it anymore, that’s fine, but put it back where you found it, not in a random place. If you don’t remember where it was, give it to the worker and they will put it in the correct location

All of this is based on my personal experience working retail, and all of these are based on things that have really happened to me. 

If you work retail and you think I missed something feel free to add it yourself.