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81 Days

Well, I just found this fic in my phanfic folder from quite awhile ago - it’s not my best by a long shot but it’s also not my worst and I figured someone might enjoy it.

Word count: 1.1k

Warnings: swearing

Summary: It took 81 days for Phil Lester to be in love with Dan Howell.

A/N the more I think about the more I am against the idea of posting it so I’m just gonna do it and stop thinking about it

Day 1 was when Dan finally realized how head-over-heels in love he was with his best friend Phil, although if he was perfectly honest it was a long time coming. They were sitting on the couch and laughing at some absurd things on Tumblr when he looked over and that feeling he’d felt all week finally made sense. Butterflies were kicking up a storm in his stomach. Nothing was different about Phil, really, except that Dan was in love with him.

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Haha, Sparkles!

Right so I know Collateral Beauty got really bad reviews, but I saw it today. The trailer intrigued me and a friend wanted someone to see it with her.

I don’t understand why it got bad reviews.

I mean, sure, I understand that a lot of those negative reviews were “the plot is stupid” or “the trailer was misleading,” but I honestly feel like people are missing the point. I feel like our society is so much like WHEN IS SOMETHING GOING TO BLOW UP THOUGH? Can’t we be patient with a film that is relying on dialogue rather than special effects?

Or maybe it’s because people don’t want to face harsh realities of life. Maybe we would just rather watch something entertaining and not think about the hard stuff and that’s why there’s poor reviews.

I felt the pain of the characters here. I understood we were dealing with abstractions. There were moments when what was said felt so honest and so real that it cut like a knife. “Yes, I was there in her laugh, but I’m also here in your pain.” “You don’t get to choose who you love.” Which brings me to the point of…

Collateral Beauty. What the heck is that term supposed to mean? People were saying wow, what a dumb phrase that means nothing. I’m not 100% sure what it means but it did get me a bit teary eyed (though I didn’t actually cry because I never cry at movies). I think it means that in every loss is beauty. In every blessing there is a curse. In every curse, there’s a hidden blessing. Yes, you lost someone you loved. But how wonderful, how beautiful is it, that she was there? That she existed? That you loved her and she you? It’s bittersweet. It’s loss that defines some thing’s value. Loss… value. The shadow proves the sunshine. Our lives are so fragile and people die every day, yet that fact that we are so fragile and our time so limited gives us a sense of beauty in life and loss and death.

So that’s what I think it’s about. Pain is the proof of beauty and love.

Or maybe the movie really did suck. But I thought it was wonderful.

Texting Sherlock instead of rando redhead

I know I’m stretching but hear me out:

We know John texted her “hey”

We do NOT know that the “It’s been too long” text conversation is with the bus redhead

It could be Sherlock

Earlier in the episode, Sherlock texts John about the case saying “Mary says it’s fine” with NO SH like he normally signs off his texts. John could have been texting Sherlock.

This is just a very stretched theory, but everything about the whole John cheating sequence was purposefully misleading

Please feel free to correct anything I’ve said or talk to me about it because WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK

a little more action, please - act I

John Lennon and Ringo Starkey were two of the country’s best-known cons, until a botched heist four years ago led to their arrest. Once released from prison, to pay off a debt and earn their reputation back, the two embark on a mission to rob a collection of Las Vegas casinos in the course of one night. With the help of Brian, their financial backer and middleman, George, a bright and talented rookie thief, and McCartney, a con man as infamous as he is pretty, they just might save their skins and their legacy–if they can make it through three weeks in Sin City.

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this one is for @stonedlennon and @oldtoppermostofthepoppermost for egging this (and me) on, and for being lovely people and talented writers in general. thanks guys <3

Zestiria MBTI Part 1: Sorey and Mikleo

After seeing this post by @shippy-things, I’ve been thinking a lot about MBTI typing of Zestiria characters, in this case, Sorey and Mikleo.

Basically, I find it interesting that Zestiria, having the theme of “pursuing your own passion that lights up the world”, has two main characters of the Idealist temperament (NF)–people who seek out meaning and ideals.

I believe that Sorey is ENFP and Mikleo is INFJ. Now, while the consensus for Sorey is indeed ENFP, I know a lot of people type Mikleo as NT (I’ve seen both INTJ and INTP for him), but the main reason why I don’t interpret him as INTx is that MBTI is not about your personality itself, and more about how you take in information and why you make decisions. In this case the wording is a bit misleading because Feeling is more about deciding based on belief, while Thinking is deciding through calculating the facts, etc. So a Feeler can still be rational (and a Thinker emotional).

That only takes into account the dichotomies of MBTI (Extroversion vs. Introversion, iNtuition vs. Sensing, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Judging vs. Perceiving), which, while so far both ENFP and INFJ lines up to Sorey’s and Mikleo’s characters respectively (generally Sorey is sociable and intuitive, he has strongly held belief and keeps his options open; Mikleo is private and organized, and like Sorey, is more led by his belief and also future-oriented), it’s not what MBTI is really about, because the core of it is about the cognitive functions. I won’t get too detailed on the topic, but they are basically defined as ways of perceiving and judging. Each type usually prefers to use their top 4 functions in their stack, so to speak; they are dominant, auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior functions. Introverts have dominant function that focuses inwardly while extroverts have dominant function that focuses outwardly, the last letter in your type decides which function will be the first extroverted function (so, dominant functions for extroverts and auxiliary functions for introverts), with N/S being perceiving functions and T/F being judging functions, and the pattern will always be e/i/e/i for extroverts and i/e/i/e for introverts to balance it out.

That said, the function stacks for Sorey and Mikleo are as follow:

Sorey: Ne > Fi > Te > Si
Mikleo: Ni > Fe > Ti > Se

(Notice how they have the same order but what are extroverted in Sorey’s are introverted in Mikleo’s and vice-versa. I’ll get into this later.)

So, these functions describe how the characters learn from the world and what motivates them, and since they’re fictional characters, interpretation varies from one person to another, and as a disclaimer of sorts, this is my personal take on them.

Sorey - ENFP (The Inspirer)

As ExxP, Sorey is a perceiver–he takes in information first before he processes them. His dominant function is Extroverted Intuition (Ne), which can be basically seen as his curiosity. Ne sees posibility in every situation and Sorey is fascinated by the world and is all about exploring it more. He doesn’t stop at one thing; he decides he’ll become the Shepherd because he sees it as a step closer to his dream, and then there’s that time when he promises Edna to save Eizen… whether he’s able to fulfill it or not is another matter entirely, because what matters is that he considers that somewhere out there, there must be an answer. Sorey is an optimistic dreamer who will always try to find a way, who will just believe in others when asked about if the world won’t agree with his vision.

Next comes his auxiliary function, Introverted Feeling (Fi). This is being true to yourself and being passionate, which I feel define Sorey very well. It is what drives Sorey to look out there, to find meaning in his adventures. What he does, he does for himself; he seeks out everything to make his dream come true, and no one else’s. Sorey is Sorey, he’s not dictated by anyone else, and that’s why he can stay pure, because the essence of purity is staying true to your heart’s desires.

Extraverted Thinking (Te) is Sorey’s tertiary function, which helps him to consider things more objectively. Despite his tendency to jump to action, Sorey is far from reckless, he is aware of everything that comes with being the Shepherd. He needs to weight every factor and he needs to do it efficiently. As a leader, he needs to make firm decisions while not losing sight of his dream. Sorey sees possibilities, but he also takes chance to make use of these possibilities and work them out; the biggest example of this at work being his grandeur plan to purify Maotelus.

And then his last one. Despite being his inferior function, Sorey’s Introverted Sensing (Si) is well developed; he values the past, both his own personal past and the history in larger scale. Remembrance is the key; Sorey doesn’t forget. He learns from what he has experienced, both the good and the bad, so that he wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes, for one. Aside from that, Sorey seems to have quite a good memory, reciting lines from the Celestial Record from memory.

Mikleo - INFJ (The Advocate)

Contrary to the letter J being in his type standing for Judging, Mikleo, as an IxxJ, is actually a perceiver, as signified with Introverted Intuition (Ni) being his dominant function. As an Ni-dom, Mikleo is insightful–he sees the big picture, anticipates the future, and knows what will be. He’s focused on one thing, his shared dream with Sorey, and will do whatever it takes to realize it. Mikleo seeks meaning in everything: patterns, symbols, abstraction… and that’s why he’s able to perceive his own world. His depth is measured by his pursuit of knowledge to converge to a single truth.

His auxiliary function, Extroverted Feeling (Fe), is his compassion. Mikleo would put others’ needs before his own, stands up for others (when he defends Sorey bringing Alisha to Elysia for example, or when he defends Alisha from Edna’s fun bullying), he would support Sorey for what he is and what he does even if he doesn’t personally agree if it’s for the greater good and never pushes Sorey when he’s not ready to tell him about his problems. However, that’s not to say that Mikleo is a doormat; he’s altruistic but not defeatist, in that he would fight even the person who’s most important to him because he cares too much, and that’s what unconditional love really is. Extremely empathetic, Mikleo’s happiness comes from Sorey’s, that his reason to convince Rose is so that Sorey isn’t lonely (instead of thinking of Rose as an asset), his selfless self not aware of his own value to Sorey.

Mikleo’s analytical skills come from his tertiary function, Introverted Thinking (Ti). Ti is about making sure that everything is consistent to the subject. Mikleo is meticulous about researching and this is what aids him connect the dots of patterns from his Ni vision. He plans everything so that when Sorey leaves Elysia, he’s prepared. Another example of his Ni-Ti showing is him analyzing the family tree of Rolance royal family and reading books in pursuit of knowledge.

The last one in his stack is Extroverted Sensing (Se) or “why Mikleo is observant.” He picks up cues that people don’t realize, and combined with every function that comes before this one, he can be aware of things that others might not be aware (being in tune with others’ emotions + analytical skills + sensing his surroundings + connecting everything = coming up to his conclusion), the obvious example is when he realizes that Sorey’s right eye is blind before anyone else. In a less serious situation, Mikleo’s Se can be seen in his dessert making skills.

Sorey and Mikleo - ENFP and INFJ

As mentioned before, their J/P functions are in the same order with inverted E/I, and while I believe that every type can be compatible with each other, I think that why Sorey and Mikleo’s relationship works so much is because they’re so similar yet different at the same time, with their differences complementing each other’s, bringing out the best from each other. Mikleo keeps Sorey grounded with his focus and logical way of thinking, while Sorey inspires Mikleo to open up to more ideas. It is why they’re able to grow up, and complete each other as a unit.

senorsteiner  asked:

My intention explaining the following is doing it in a friendly manner. It is -sort of- a constructive critique with no intention of harm. Solicits stated this week's Deadpool guest-starred Rogue. Then again, there was no Rogue in the entire comic. I understand changes happen, but up to what point? Last summer, Deadpool #17 teased a whole plot about Madcap in its solicit; but the comic didn't mention him at all, even when appears on the cover. What can you do in thes cases? One may feel mislead.

That’s a fair critique.

When we were soliciting Deadpool #26, we knew it would be a Valentine’s day issue, and in talking to Gerry Duggan about it, he said he had an idea for a story involving him and Rogue. But then, in the process of writing the issues, those story bits ended up being in Uncanny Avengers instead of Deadpool, and our Valentine’s story was Rogue-less. It was a mistake.

Same goes for Deadpool #17–Madcap was in the arc in general, but we didn’t know what was happening in each issue exactly while soliciting. We took our best guess, and we missed.

But think of all the other times we took an educated guess and no one noticed, because we were right! :)

In all seriousness, I can understand being frustrated by it, and I am sorry. It’s a hazard of working on the tight turnaround time we do and on so many projects at once. If you bought the book just for Rogue, I am very sorry we disappointed you.

I feel mislead and misinformed by AT&T. The promise that Houston “is just the beginning of events” is incorrect according to Taylor. Making false promises to get more attention from Taylor’s fans is ridiculous and uncalled for. This is just unfair and very disappointing.

Change of name 😊

I only changed my name on here because I feel guilty misleading people into this being a strict tc blog when let’s be honest you all just put up with my daily mental health rants haha
I went with comebacks-notsetbacks because I think it’s a better representation of what I post.
It’s from the quote I sent A months ago and we remind each other of, that he printed off and stuck up around his department and shared in his assembly last week.
It’s just a good mix between encouragement for me to keep talking about and fighting to recover, and the importance that he has in that process ✨

i used 2 like tana mongeau a lot but after i saw the idubbz video i literally feel so mislead………. and like fuck idubbz but he really did expose her ass…..

anonymous asked:

I'm so tired of peeps telling me to trust Marc & company. They have proven time & again they're not to be. Marc is a lawyer. He knows his away around lies & truth.

You don’t have to trust anyone, nonnie. If you’re asking, i will tell you that i trust them because they haven’t broken a single promise to me yet and after nearly 5 years, I’m pretty happy and impressed by that.

But it’s fine if you feel like they made different promises to you. It all comes down to interpretation which often intent doesn’t factor into. If people feel mislead and betrayed, it sadly becomes irrelevant to them what the initial intent was because they feel how they feel.

It’s just the human experience.

I’m just so happy that I’m okay with the type of storytelling Arrow does. That works out very nicely for me. 😊