A new video is up! I’m talking about misleading quotes that I come across often here on Tumblr and I wanted to give my opinion about them. I know that many of them have a good message, but as the title of the video, some could be a little misleading. I would love to hear your opinions, if you ever stumbled across any bad quotes here or share the ones that motivates you the most :)xx

Partial credit for the tagline, zero credit for the false promise.

6 Most Misleading Movie Titles Ever

#6. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Nobody could screw this up, right? … Of course someone could, and all they had to do was make the titular monsters bit players compared to the boring-ass humans that dominate the runtime. The monsters, while certainly big and bloodthirsty, regularly take a back seat to truly important matters, like Debbie Gibson talking and drinking.

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Thanks, Cover-O-Tron 3000!

8 Hilariously Misleading Covers Slapped on Classic Books

#6. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz by L. Frank Baum

This cover is just one example from the apparently lucrative industry of taking an out-of-copyright classic, slapping together a print-on-demand edition of said classic, and fooling middle schoolers into buying it. And we have to admit that maybe they’re on to something, because the Vexin Classics series of classic novels — from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to Frankenstein — featuring completely irrelevant naked ladies on their covers would certainly have caught our adolescent eyeballs.

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First, a coal company’s ads were ruled misleading for touting the myth of “clean coal.”

Now, fracking:

The ASA has found that an ad run in UK newspaper The Telegraph in February, was misleading, reports the Guardian.

The ad … claimed the Britain suffered from a “near-catastrophic” gas shortage in early 2013 and that fracking could offer “decades worth of natural gas,” “millions of pounds in tax revenues,” “freedom from interruptions and stoppages as a result of Russia’s political games with your gas supply,” “lowering energy prices for millions,” and “reducing greenhouse emissions by replacing coal with natural gas for energy.”

After a reader complained that the ad exaggerated the gas shortage, that the benefits of fracking were unknown, and that Russia didn’t provide any of the UK’s gas supply, the ASA investigated and found against Breitling on all the charges. It told Breitling not to run any ads in the future without hard evidence.