i   know    there   is   a   common   tendency   in   the   roleplay   community   to   define   your   characters   fears   as   phobias.   as   someone   with   diagnosed   phobias   ,   i   just   want   to   make   sure   there   is   a   clear   distinction   &&   that   you   are   aware  that   when   someone   says   they   have   a   phobia   ,   it   is   an   extreme   reaction.  

if   your   character   is  AFRAID   of   something   ,   please   don’t   say   that   they   have   _____phobia.   it   feels   belittling   in   a   way   of   a   serious   mental   disorder   that   is   already   pretty   disregarded.   it    feels   almost   romanticized   in   a   way   ??   though   i’m   sure   that   is   no   one’s   intention.

if   your   character   has   a   PHOBIA   ,   just   make   sure   you   research   it   !!   i   see   it   mis   -   portrayed   so   often.   it   is   really   cool   to   see   characters   with   phobias   ,   since   it   is   so   rare   ,   but   just   make   sure   your   distinction   is   clear   !!   

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I feel silly now, as for that other surprise, I might know what you’re talking about, feels like we might be visiting Minerva’s Den once more, well notyet# that is.

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Oh. Um. I believe there was great miscommunication and misunderstanding there. (All courtesy of myself, I mean.) I haven’t actually seen (I watch, don’t play yet) the Minerva’s Den DLC. I mean, I plan to. I probably should soon to be honest. But no. The other surprise I mentioned has nothing to do with Minerva’s Den.

I’m sorry to you and anyone else who fell in the trap of misunderstanding due to my incompetence to properly hint at what I meant. The “other” surprise still has to do with this page.

I’m sure plenty of you are wondering why I made it stereotypically tech-ish and a poor imitation of a decompiler. One was so I had a page that was easier to update and took less time and energy to code. The previous one I kept having to adjust the small round icon to match its intended spot on the background, and, since I hated doing that, I wanted something incredibly simple. (Well, relatively simple. I ended up doing much more work than I wanted originally, but I absolute love how it came out and do not regret a thing.)

The second reason is the more important reason for you guys.

I promise you it’s not that hard of a secret to unravel. The whole layout of the secret is literally right under all your noses. ;)

If anyone has difficulty figuring out the second secret, I’ll be more than happy to assist you via hints and clues.

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4 Ways the Meat Industry Lies to You

1. Deceptive Animal Welfare Labels

You may see “cage-free,” “free-range,” and other so-called humane labels on meat, dairy, and eggs, but don’t get it twisted. All animals raised for food will meet the same violent and unnecessary death: having their throats slit.

Additionally, hatcheries that supply all sorts of “happy” egg farms still grind up male chicks alive or suffocate them in garbage bags. And cows on organic dairies have their babies ripped away from them only to be sold for veal. Sound humane to you? We didn’t think so.

2. Idyllic Portrayal of Farmed Animals

You know all those cute, cartoony images of smiling farmed animals being raised outdoors in open pastures? Don’t believe it for a minute. The vast majority of farmed animals raised for food in the United States endure a life of misery and pain on factory farms. These poor animals will never see sunlight or breathe fresh air until the day they are loaded in overcrowded transport trucks and shipped to slaughter.

3. Misleading Language

When the meat industry describes what it does with its animals to the public, it gets really crafty. Instead of using words like “killing” and “slaughtering,” the industry goes for gentler-sounding words such as “harvesting” or “processing.” We’ve heard of harvesting crops or processing a payment, but hanging someone upside down and cutting their throat open doesn’t sound like harvesting or processing to us.

4. Bogus Sustainability Claims

We can’t even. If someone tries to tell you that animal products are “sustainable” or “environmentally friendly,” tell them to check themselves. No matter what it says on the package, animal agriculture is one of the leading contributors to climate change. It also wastes valuable resources and has a major hand in deforestation and species extinction.

But what about grass-fed beef? Forget about it. According to Gidon Eshel, professor of environmental science at Bard College, “The only sustainable beef is beef that was never produced or consumed. Beef and sustainability are about as compatible as war and goodness.”


A new video is up! I’m talking about misleading quotes that I come across often here on Tumblr and I wanted to give my opinion about them. I know that many of them have a good message, but as the title of the video, some could be a little misleading. I would love to hear your opinions, if you ever stumbled across any bad quotes here or share the ones that motivates you the most :)xx

Lack of discipline; can wash out every talent, every effort, every dream from your life.