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The Lying Detective Setlock Recap

Time to talk about episode 2! As with my first episode recap, I am operating under the assumption that everything filmed in the second block is for ep 2, except those pieces where we know for certain that Rachel or Benjamin were directing.

Let’s start with a bare essentials summary of ep 2:

  • Sherlock grows some scruff
  • Cardiff University Students’ Union becomes Gedgrave Hospital
  • Car chase with police cars and a red Aston Martin
  • A house in Miskin featuring Mrs Hudson with handcuffs, Sherlock in his dressing gown, the mystery woman played by Sian Brooke, the Aston Martin, a limo, an ambulance, and Molly’s arrival
  • A board meeting complete with IV drips appears in the middle of the street
  • Sherlock standing in the middle of traffic
  • Mary goes to Morocco
  • Mycroft goes black tie
  • The many adventures of Sherlock and the lady in red: a bright light overhead and a window in the middle of the street, Baker Street in the rain, bus stop fish and chips, a painful collapse on the bridge, the gun in the Thames as the sun rises
  • The unexpected appearance of Molly and the Watsons’ front door
  • Mrs Hudson throwing John something (possibly keys) on the street outside 221B
  • Creepy board meeting part two, this time with creepy nurses

A more detailed recap is below the cut. Again, I’ve summarized the filming by location (mostly chronologically), listed all of Arwel’s tweets from block 2, and included a few other things of note about the episode that didn’t quite fit elsewhere.

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