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Imagine lingering kisses, getting hotter, tongues, hands, grinding...

excuse me i just woke up

listen i mean yes i think about this all the time but listen

just thighs resting on thighs and the slow drag of hips, fingers sinking into those broad shoulders. hot breath huffing against cheeks and the slow push and drag of hips, grinding slow, breath catching, magnus’s goatee rubbing the corner of alec’s mouth as he moans against his cheek.

all of that body heat starting to eclipse them, that pressure, pulsing, heartbeat through their bodies and fucking sweet friction, fingers sinking into flesh. before alec knows it there’s this shift and his back hits the damn couch, moans caught between lips, thighs tight around him tugging all that weight closer.

“alexander.” spilled down his throat with kisses over that deflect rune and magnus’s hips pushing, leaving alec sinking his fingers in as deep as he can, blunt nails scraping skin.

Perfect imperfection

So, Mon-el:

  • Is open and brutally honest about his feelings
  • Tries to move on when she rejects him
  • Doesn’t force Kara to anything or guilt trip her
  • Leaves when she asks
  • Doesn’t react when she offends him in the bar
  • Has no problems with apologizing and admitting that he was wrong or scared
  • Admits he was useless before he met her
  • Stops drinking and sleeping around for good
  • Is the damsel in distress more than once
  • Cooks, does the laundry, acts like a house wife
  • Supports and praises her
  • Cries in front of her
  • Makes her happy
  • Slowly, but he learns and changes for good

Basically, not only in most of the cases he acts like every fucking male character should (and NO, it’s not a common thing in tv shows), but also has a lot of scenes that usually are destined for female characters –and he is totally cool about it.

And we talk about a spoiled guy that probably hasn’t done one productive thing in most of his life, a guy that lost his home and everything he knew, was heavily misjudged, beaten, accused of thing he didn’t do and put in a cell. A guy that didn’t have time to mourn or being miserable. Instead he put a mask of a “happy go lucky” guy and tried to adapt. A guy that after his first selfless act of heroism was abducted, abused and shot. A guy that tried to cheer up girl he liked, even when he was dying or hurt. Three times. A guy that selflessly sacrificed himself for the greater good. Twice.

But all I see from the haters is the same, old shit and opinions based on his few mistakes and things from his past. What makes me think that Mon-el was able to change his whole behavior but real people can’t even change their damned minds. What is very sad if you think about it, but well – that’s not my problem :)

Mon-el of Daxam is a complexed and flawed character and that makes him very human.  He goes back and forth, what makes him, a spoiler alert, someone like all of us. We tend to make the same mistakes, we don’t change after one night. Progress of a character is not a linear thing, it’s not realistic even if they serve us shit like that in every tv show.

Mon-el of Daxam is a perfect imperfection and it’s one of the most amazing things we got in s2.

Look Away (Violet)
The Dear Hunter
Look Away (Violet)

Then, there’s the simple fact that
I was born this way
In such a taut assemblation of mistakes
And don’t you misjudge what I’m capable of
If I’m heir to a broken will
I’ll fall

the dear hunter || look away

i guess my biggest problem with all the people saying to just wait until the end before passing judgement is that that’s all i’ve ever wanted to do, i want for the story to shine light on things i misjudged, for characters to be redeemed, all i’ve wanted is for things to be happily resolved and i’m gonna have some hope for that until the last second of this show, i can’t drop that, but i think there’s a problem in assuming that resolution=fixed, that if these characters have a conversation that manages to answer the questions still left that somehow discredits all the frustration we’ve gone through, how problems have been strung along all season only to be presumably wrapped up at the very end, how events have happened with no build up or explanation for weeks, how the storylines have been all tangled up and picked up then dropped for two weeks then briefly mentioned again, how clip after clip i’ve been left with more questions and confusion, getting an answer in the end would be lovely, having these characters stories reach a fair and honest conclusion would make me so happy, but getting an answer here at the very end doesn’t fixed how this season has been played out and i couldn’t be sadder about that, the last thing i wanted was to leave this show not feeling content

Wayfinder trio personality flaws


  • pride. he’s too proud to admit that he might not have the strength to hold back his darkness, which makes him defensive against Eraqus’ and Aqua’s concern.
  • too emotional. when Aqua’s accusation hurts him, he walks out rather than stay and talk. when he’s upset over having used darkness against Braig, that disappointment in himself (among many other factors) temporarily overshadows his trust in Eraqus and he turns to Xehanort’s tutelage instead. minutes later, he walks out on Ven again rather than confide in him.


  • doesn’t trust her friends enough. she had zero evidence that Terra had done anything wrong besides Maleficent’s vague claims and still accused him; protective or not, she didn’t trust Ven enough to take him with her even though he’d proven himself in battle and his ability to survive on his own (he mentions having battled Vanitas prior, she walked in right after he’d obviously beaten the crap out of Maleficent, and she even fought alongside him and Terra against an Unversed). rather than asking Terra to explain his motives in pursuing Vanitas, she accuses him of having done wrong.
  • somewhat hypocritical. she questions Terra’s motives in ignoring their Master’s orders and pursing Vanitas, but then takes up the same mission on her own shortly after. she assures Ven that Terra would never willingly hurt anyone, but then accuses him of doing that very thing (”I’ve seen the things you’ve done” = only Maleficent had accused Terra of anything, which was stealing Aurora’s heart, and again, she had zero proof and saw evidence of no such thing).
  • besides misjudging Terra (as mentioned above), she also misjudges Ven in assuming he’ll actually go home just because she told him to. girl pls.


  • easily the most gullible of the three. He takes Vanitas at his word despite knowing him for all of ten seconds, starts to doubt Terra very early on going by nothing but the old hag’s and Maleficent’s words, and allows Xehanort to trick him into turning against Eraqus despite how suspicious that entire situation was.
  • too emotional/bad temper. he automatically takes Terra’s side against Aqua without inquiring about her part of the story. he threatens to start a fight with Vanitas over the Terra issue. he assumes Terra and Aqua aren’t his friends anymore just because they wouldn’t take him with them. he gets angry at Eraqus without even trying to confirm whether Xehanort’s words were true.

All three:

  • trusting. very trusting. all three take Maleficent at her word, Ven and Aqua even after they know she’s a hostile force. none of them saw Xehanort for who he was until it was too late. all three of them are sheltered babies who didn’t know to keep their guard up around strangers – but it’s still a flaw.

in summary, none of them are perfect. all of them screwed up. this is what makes them human and this is what makes them interesting. I’m all for the “[X] did nothing wrong” sentiments, but some people take this too far and assume only two of the three actually have flaws, or blame two of them for things beyond their control while only victimizing the third. that’s not how these characters work, yo.


Stefan x reader

2. “I know it’s 3 in the morning, but I can’t find my cat”

48. “Kiss me.”

Nervously, you waited on the end of the phone. You gnawed on your lower lip as you listened to the ringing on the other end, once, twice, three times. Eventually, Stefan picked up. “Y/N?” He answered, voice groggy with sleep.

 “Hi, sorry to ring so early. It’s just…” you tailed off, realising suddenly how stupid your request might sound, how bad a reason it was for waking someone up in the early hours of the morning.

After a moment or two’s silence, Stefan spoke again. “Y/N? What is it?”

“I know it’s 3 in the morning, but I can’t find my cat. And I know it’s stupid and he’s probably fine but I couldn’t think of anyone else to call and I didn’t want to go out looking by myself with everything going on and-”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Give me twenty minutes or so and I’ll come over and help you look, I just need to get dressed. Honestly, it’s fine, I wasn’t sleeping properly anyway.”

“Thank you so much,” you replied, before you both hung up. Stefan knew just how much you loved your pets, and with the current situation in Mystic Falls thought it best that you weren’t left to wander the streets alone at night. As promised, around twenty minutes later, there was a knock at your front door. “Hi,” you said softly, aware of the time. “I’m so sorry about this.”

“Hey, stop apologising. I wouldn’t have come if I didn’t want to help,” replied Stefan, smiling. His smile dropped a little as it became obvious how anxious you were about the missing feline. You became aware of your rather unconventional outfit- checky pyjama bottoms and an old, baggy t shirt covered with a hoodie, feet stuffed into old Ugg boots. You blushed a little and looked down at your feet. There was a moment’s slightly awkward silence. Stefan broke it. “So, where do you want to start first?”

“Oh, right, um, just the general neighborhood I suppose? I have some cat treats,” you explained. “He normally comes home every night, I hope nothing’s happened to him…”
“I’m sure he’ll be fine,” said Stefan gently. “Come on, let’s go.”

An hour or so later, and the two of you were still patrolling the streets, searching for your lost cat. “Tabs,” you called for what felt like the thousandth time, your voice trailing off into a yawn, also for what felt like the thousandth time. Stefan looked down at you, concerned. 

“Look, Y/N, I know you don’t want to give up but maybe it’s best to call it a day, You’re practically sleeping on your feet, and Tabby has probably found a nice cosy place to sleep. We’re best off starting again in the morning, after you’ve had some rest.”

You frowned, but you knew Stefan was right. “Okay,” you replied, albeit reluctantly, and turned to walk back in the direction of your house. “This isn’t like him at all,” you repeated, your voice a little wobbly. Stefan tentatively wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close to him. 

“We’ll find him, I promise.”

“You sure that you haven’t eaten him?” you joked, though it sounded a little forced. Stefan laughed.

“Y/N, I solemnly swear that I haven’t eaten your cat.”

“That’s a weight off my shoulders then,” you said with an easier smile. 

Before long, you had reached your house. As worried as you were about your cat, you had actually enjoyed spending some time with Stefan. It didn’t happen nearly as much as you would like, but you were far too shy to confess your feelings to him. Fumbling for your keys, you unlocked your front door and stepped inside. “Thank you so much for helping me out, Stefan. I’m sorry to drag you out for nothing,” you told him.

“That’s okay, it was nice to see you,” he replied, “Despite the circumstances. I’m sure you’ll find him soon.”

“Is there anything I can do to repay you?” You said genuinely.

“No, honestly it’s fin… Well, I suppose there is one thing.” A corner of his mouth quirked up into a smirk.

You raised an eyebrow at his change of expression. “What’s that?”

Stefan leaned a little closer to you, his voice soft. “Kiss me.”
Your eyes widened, shocked at his request. You had always thought Stefan saw you as nothing more than a friend. His did the same in return, as he panicked that he had hopelessly misjudged things. Then you smiled and leaned forward to connect your lips softly to his. 

Language Barriers

Summary: Sometimes you just can’t help but swear.

A/N: This is all because of snapchat and @imhereforbvcky blame her. Also this hasn’t been proofread lol

Warnings: Language

Words: 437

Сукин сын: Son of a bitch

Originally posted by imaginesofeveryfandom

It didn’t happen often. Maybe it was the fact that he’d see young kids running around dressed as Captain America but Steve always had an issue with swearing. It was a common joke throughout the tower, one that constantly got bought up and every time, Steve would simply scowl.

That was until one particularly bad morning. Everyone had just got home from quick mission which had ended up taking 14 hours. It was 6am and everyone was tired. But they had to wait for a debrief before they could go to bed. Needless to say, everyone was groggy.

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a request, a quiet s/o for the ocean man and they get their cycle and its baaaaad. To the point where s/o is exactly like jotaro and only replies in less than 4 words and grunts, always carries their heating pad/ blanket and eats whatever they want and even jotaro is weary around them b/c they have that look in their eye that says "I dare you to say something"

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sometimes I like to look at my life and remind myself that I have two cats named Merlin and Mordred, and three chickens called Lancelot, Percival and Gwaine. We’re still waiting for an Arthur.


3x01 / 2x24

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I hate that I’m a Rhaegar apologist, but, since this laid it all out there, I can’t help adding my two cents.

I don’t think Rhaegar’s decision to “run away” with Lyanna was him abandoning the political narrative; I think it was the culmination of it.

As the adult Crown Prince, Rhaegar had a significant amount of influence, but his power would always be trumped by his father’s. He did not get to chose who he married. Aerys did. And Aerys chose frustrating Tywin’s ambitions over making a good match for his only adult child. (And remember Viserys was only two or three when Rhaegar married; there was probably little hope that he would make it into adulthood.)

For all her personal virtues, Elia Martell was not a good match. Dorne is culturally and geographically isolated from the rest of Westeros. Her brothers did not make matches that strengthened their families ties in a substantial way to any of the other great houses. Doran married a woman from Essos. Oberyn already had three (bastard) daughters by the time Rhaegar and Elia were betrothed, making it highly unlikely that as a second son with his reputation he would ever make a good match. And, as Aerys would demonstrate in his distaste for his first grandchild’s appearance, there is definitely some ethnic prejudice towards the Dornish in Westeros.

Rhaegar marrying Elia gained the crown a firm alliance with only one of the seven kingdoms.

Now the hold of the Targaryen dynasty has been failing since the last dragon died. To start, there were very few Targaryens left. Aerys in his madness was fermenting the discord that already existed in the realm. And men always want more power. After all, if the Targaryens were now just men, then only the loyalties of other houses of the realm could keep another Great House from taking the throne. And I think it’s highly likely that Rhaegar realized he was standing on a political land mine.

Even if the meeting at Harrenhal had been able to proceed as planned, Rhaegar would have had to believe completely in the loyalty of those men to betray his father - and not to use the chaos to usurp his own claim. And, since Aerys was alerted to the possibility of a revolt, then it’s unlikely he would have had any of that confidence to proceed when the meetings fell apart. Worse for Rhaegar still - the tourney at Harrenhal likely put into even sharper focus how mad his father was perceived to be, how mad his father was, and how fractured the realm he hoped to rule was.

I don’t think Rhaegar would have left the tourney feeling as though not doing something was an option, but I think he would have realized that the chance of the realm not falling into war were slim. Then Aegon is born and Elia can no longer bear children.

This changes his perspective. Beyond “the dragon must have three heads,” there was no guarantee that Aegon would survive infancy, or that an accident wouldn’t take either of his children. Where his own mother had miscarried and lost babes again and again, there was always the possibility that he would one day have a living sibling. Worse, once Aerys learned of her barrenness, Elia’s position at court could become uncertain - while she had been used to insult Tywin, Aerys certainly had no affection for Elia after. It would not be outside the realm of possibility that Aerys would insist that Rhaegar take another wife or a mistress to produce more potential heirs. And, if Aerys knew, he would thus be involved in the process - and there would be no guarantee that the women he would put forth wouldn’t seek to advance their own standing and their own children by conspiring against Elia. (There’s also the chance Aerys might make that leap to mistress or second wife himself.)

So: 1) Alliances for a common cause (usurping a mad King) are off the table. 2) The crown needed allies to hold the realm together. 3) Elia’s barrenness would eventually be known. 4) Viserys and Rhaegar’s children are too young for marriage alliances to be effective. And thus, 5) if Rhaegar would need to make another marriage alliance, he would need to chose for himself.

And Lyanna’s the best choice for a second wife. Their connection at Harrenhal aside, the Stark’s are an old house and wardens of the largest territory in Westeros. Geographically, this would put allies for House Targaryen on each end of the kingdom. Better still, Lyanna has three brothers - one who is engaged to the eldest daughter of House Tully and the other who fostered with Lord Baratheon at the Vale with House Arryn. Essentially, the same alliances that ended Targaryen rule could have been used to hold it together. And what Rhaegar would have known of Lyanna’s character, if he did come to know her as the Knight of the Laughing Tree, would have reassured him that she wouldn’t be likely to conspire against Elia and her children.

It’s worth noting that Lyanna’s ‘abduction’ did not lead to any Houses revolting. Instead it was the deaths of Brandon Stark, who was on the way to his wedding to Catelyn Tully when he veered off to King’s Landing to call Rhaegar out, and Rickard Stark, who either remained at Winterfell or rode on to Riverrun following Lyanna’s abduction, that preceded the rebellion. And it was King Aerys calling for Ned’s (who had remained in the Vale) and Robert’s heads that led to Jon Arryn condoning the calling of banners. In short, it was when Aerys unjustly calling for an end of one of the great houses that caused the war.

Now, if this was the path that Rhaegar took, he misjudged three things: 1) Brandon’s location and what that would mean for his ability to reign in his temper, 2) the influence of the Small Council on Aerys to minimize any of his reactions, and 3) Robert’s feelings for himself* and Lyanna, in spite of the fact that he was going around fathering bastards.

(*I don’t think this gets examined enough. Robert is Rhaegar’s second cousin. Robert’s parents died looking for a wife for Rhaegar in Essos. And so forth.)

I also don’t think that Rhaegar could sue for peace once the war started. He needed to be winning if there was any hope for a Targaryen dynasty after the war. And I also think that it’s very possible that Lyanna was bedridden through much of her pregnancy - because she was in danger of miscarrying from either a shock or illness. Because their child, the embodiment of joining their houses, could have brought stability and peace to the realm had it all gone more to plan.

Hi! I really appreciate the political outlook of Rhaegar’s marriage to Elia but there’s also a lot I disagree with here. Allow me to condense this into main points for clarity’s sake and so I don’t end up arguing the same point at different intervals. God knows this is long enough as it is.

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Oikage 36!!

Thank you!! Sorry this took so long ):

“I wish I could hate you.”

The sound of the ball slamming against the court was more painful than his insides being twisted. Oikawa felt his world and body freeze as the ball slammed inside the line–he had let it go because it was out. He knew it was out; Oikawa didn’t misjudge things like this.

Even in college–his first damn year of college–Kageyama was incredible. The serve Kageyama ripped off from no one else but Oikawa had just won his rival the game. And yet, Oikawa felt entranced by the way Kageyama looked when serving–the focused look on his face, the way his blue eyes pinpointed exactly where he was going to serve it. 

That laugh, too. The damned laugh that Oikawa never heard, and the smile that he never got out of him. His teammates were ungrateful and spoiled: they didn’t realize what a precious thing they had.

Oikawa Tooru had been hopelessly in love with Kageyama for too long, now. His rage against geniuses causing a swirling world of inner conflict in his head and it only filled him with an anger that he didn’t know where to direct it. 

When they were shaking hands, he bitterly smiled at Kageyama, who he knew by the look on his face was thinking of whatever meal he was having next. How ignorant, blissfully unaware of the torture he enacted onto his rival.

Oikawa roughly gripped his hand and said “I wish I could hate you,”, gritting his teeth when he said it. Kageyama didn’t understand, and Oikawa didn’t explain. He didn’t think he ever could, he could only sit, suffer, and wait until hatred or love won. He only prayed there would be a victor.

some behaviours you might want to have in mind when writing pre-serum steve rogers

clearly sonickitty started something as this happened just now. oops. this is why i should not be encouraged when it comes to disability meta. 

listening to this song whilst reading this is optional but highly recommended

based on: my own experiences with a chronic illness/long term health condition that isn’t directly one of steve’s (i have cfs/me) but has similar symptoms to some of his 

for reference, steve’s conditions as they appear in tfa: 

i’m going to focus on the easy fatiguability as this is the one i have the most personal experience with. 

if steve rogers has easy fatiguability, that’s going to affect his mobility. if he gets tired easily, he’s going to know every single shortcut. he’s going to know the shortest route to everywhere so he doesn’t tire himself out too much. he’s not even going to necessarily register he does this. and he will take the shortcuts, even if they’re through dodgy areas, because he doesn’t have any other option. 

he is going to avoid taking stairs if he can. he’ll probably sit on the stairwell in between flights of stairs to catch his breath again, but only if he’s on his own. similarly, he’s going to struggle with standing for long periods of time. bread lines are going to be even less fun then they already would be. depending on how you think the bathroom facilities wherever he’s staying are will affect his behaviours - he’ll probably wash, shave, etc sitting down. same with cooking. 

if all of these are accepted in your fanon, you should probably consider the fact that your pre-serum steve rogers would benefit from walking with a cane, at least some of the time, at least when it gets really bad. he already has a bad back from the scoliosis (which i don’t have so can’t elaborate too much on) and the fatigue will cause his shoulders to lock up too - you hold yourself differently when you’re tired and that translates to stiffness and soreness in the long-term. however, it’s unlikely he can afford a cane. it’s unlikely as well he would use the cane. he’d probably be too proud. instead, it’s likely he’ll compensate by leaning against walls when he can and shifting his weight from one foot to the other a lot. he will have muscle and joint pain, and this will be aggravated by carrying heavy things or even just grocery bags. 

that’s also probably why he isn’t a great dancer. he’ll find it too tiring. it will aggravate any back or joint pain his conditions cause him. also, people with fatigue problems suffer from dizziness and poor co-ordination - his clumsiness will be things like misjudging distance. not in his art, but in his day-to-day interactions with people and objects and the world around him. he’ll walk into doorframes a lot. knock things over when he’s reaching for them. drop things. add another human in close physical proximity? that could go horribly wrong, unless he’s slow-dancing, and even then due to nervousness. steve is a fainting risk day-to-day. large and noisy crowds will tire him out and probably make him ill for a few days after. there is a payback factor with fatigue disorders: you pay for everything you do later, health-wise. 

fatigue disorders often have cognitive effects. if you continue on this thread, he’ll forget names (even people he’s known all his life e.g. bucky), words (even basic ones) and where he put things (even if it was only a second ago) with almost-constant regularity. this will make him an unreliable factory worker because he would literally forget how to operate the machines occasionally due to  the fatigue - this is called brain fog and can descend with no warning and in the absence of triggers, although triggers can exacerbate it. 

finally, someone (i can’t remember who) commented on how, in the pre-serum scenes, steve has a quality of stillness around him. i argue that this will be caused by his health conditions; people with fatigue disorders or pain as a symptom of their health conditions often develop this stillness as a way not to aggravate their bodies and prevent further pain or exhaustion. 

and this won’t be just occasionally. it will fluctuate hour to hour and day to day, but this will all be a constant. 

just some things i think it’s worth considering. 

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3. didn't have a "you pick the characters" note next to it, but could I please request that you write Chat Noir and Nino in that situation? I just got the mental image of them pressed back to back in an elevator shaft like Pacha and Kuzco in Emperor's New Groove with Nino freaking out and thought it would be really funny!

A/N: Let me just say something about that scene in Emperor’s New Groove.  It’s really hard to do the back to back thing!  No seriously!  I had to do it this summer as a camp counselor.  Long story short, we couldn’t figure it out so I effectively said “Screw IT!” and then proceeded to pull my partner on to my back by hauling them on to my back so they could get their feet under them.  They were quite surprised that little old me could pull them off the ground with brute strength.  Anywho!  Enjoy this one shot in which Chat Noir and Nino have to work together!
Words: 1911 (coincidentally the same year that the US Supreme Court deemed that Standard Oil was a monopoly and therefore a no-no)
Summary:  Chat Noir and Nino are thrown into an elevator shaft during an akuma fight and have to figure out how to get back out again!

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