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Imagine lingering kisses, getting hotter, tongues, hands, grinding...

excuse me i just woke up

listen i mean yes i think about this all the time but listen

just thighs resting on thighs and the slow drag of hips, fingers sinking into those broad shoulders. hot breath huffing against cheeks and the slow push and drag of hips, grinding slow, breath catching, magnus’s goatee rubbing the corner of alec’s mouth as he moans against his cheek.

all of that body heat starting to eclipse them, that pressure, pulsing, heartbeat through their bodies and fucking sweet friction, fingers sinking into flesh. before alec knows it there’s this shift and his back hits the damn couch, moans caught between lips, thighs tight around him tugging all that weight closer.

“alexander.” spilled down his throat with kisses over that deflect rune and magnus’s hips pushing, leaving alec sinking his fingers in as deep as he can, blunt nails scraping skin.

Wayfinder trio personality flaws


  • pride. he’s too proud to admit that he might not have the strength to hold back his darkness, which makes him defensive against Eraqus’ and Aqua’s concern.
  • too emotional. when Aqua’s accusation hurts him, he walks out rather than stay and talk. when he’s upset over having used darkness against Braig, that disappointment in himself (among many other factors) temporarily overshadows his trust in Eraqus and he turns to Xehanort’s tutelage instead. minutes later, he walks out on Ven again rather than confide in him.


  • doesn’t trust her friends enough. she had zero evidence that Terra had done anything wrong besides Maleficent’s vague claims and still accused him; protective or not, she didn’t trust Ven enough to take him with her even though he’d proven himself in battle and his ability to survive on his own (he mentions having battled Vanitas prior, she walked in right after he’d obviously beaten the crap out of Maleficent, and she even fought alongside him and Terra against an Unversed). rather than asking Terra to explain his motives in pursuing Vanitas, she accuses him of having done wrong.
  • somewhat hypocritical. she questions Terra’s motives in ignoring their Master’s orders and pursing Vanitas, but then takes up the same mission on her own shortly after. she assures Ven that Terra would never willingly hurt anyone, but then accuses him of doing that very thing (”I’ve seen the things you’ve done” = only Maleficent had accused Terra of anything, which was stealing Aurora’s heart, and again, she had zero proof and saw evidence of no such thing).
  • besides misjudging Terra (as mentioned above), she also misjudges Ven in assuming he’ll actually go home just because she told him to. girl pls.


  • easily the most gullible of the three. He takes Vanitas at his word despite knowing him for all of ten seconds, starts to doubt Terra very early on going by nothing but the old hag’s and Maleficent’s words, and allows Xehanort to trick him into turning against Eraqus despite how suspicious that entire situation was.
  • too emotional/bad temper. he automatically takes Terra’s side against Aqua without inquiring about her part of the story. he threatens to start a fight with Vanitas over the Terra issue. he assumes Terra and Aqua aren’t his friends anymore just because they wouldn’t take him with them. he gets angry at Eraqus without even trying to confirm whether Xehanort’s words were true.

All three:

  • trusting. very trusting. all three take Maleficent at her word, Ven and Aqua even after they know she’s a hostile force. none of them saw Xehanort for who he was until it was too late. all three of them are sheltered babies who didn’t know to keep their guard up around strangers – but it’s still a flaw.

in summary, none of them are perfect. all of them screwed up. this is what makes them human and this is what makes them interesting. I’m all for the “[X] did nothing wrong” sentiments, but some people take this too far and assume only two of the three actually have flaws, or blame two of them for things beyond their control while only victimizing the third. that’s not how these characters work, yo.


Stefan x reader

2. “I know it’s 3 in the morning, but I can’t find my cat”

48. “Kiss me.”

Nervously, you waited on the end of the phone. You gnawed on your lower lip as you listened to the ringing on the other end, once, twice, three times. Eventually, Stefan picked up. “Y/N?” He answered, voice groggy with sleep.

 “Hi, sorry to ring so early. It’s just…” you tailed off, realising suddenly how stupid your request might sound, how bad a reason it was for waking someone up in the early hours of the morning.

After a moment or two’s silence, Stefan spoke again. “Y/N? What is it?”

“I know it’s 3 in the morning, but I can’t find my cat. And I know it’s stupid and he’s probably fine but I couldn’t think of anyone else to call and I didn’t want to go out looking by myself with everything going on and-”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Give me twenty minutes or so and I’ll come over and help you look, I just need to get dressed. Honestly, it’s fine, I wasn’t sleeping properly anyway.”

“Thank you so much,” you replied, before you both hung up. Stefan knew just how much you loved your pets, and with the current situation in Mystic Falls thought it best that you weren’t left to wander the streets alone at night. As promised, around twenty minutes later, there was a knock at your front door. “Hi,” you said softly, aware of the time. “I’m so sorry about this.”

“Hey, stop apologising. I wouldn’t have come if I didn’t want to help,” replied Stefan, smiling. His smile dropped a little as it became obvious how anxious you were about the missing feline. You became aware of your rather unconventional outfit- checky pyjama bottoms and an old, baggy t shirt covered with a hoodie, feet stuffed into old Ugg boots. You blushed a little and looked down at your feet. There was a moment’s slightly awkward silence. Stefan broke it. “So, where do you want to start first?”

“Oh, right, um, just the general neighborhood I suppose? I have some cat treats,” you explained. “He normally comes home every night, I hope nothing’s happened to him…”
“I’m sure he’ll be fine,” said Stefan gently. “Come on, let’s go.”

An hour or so later, and the two of you were still patrolling the streets, searching for your lost cat. “Tabs,” you called for what felt like the thousandth time, your voice trailing off into a yawn, also for what felt like the thousandth time. Stefan looked down at you, concerned. 

“Look, Y/N, I know you don’t want to give up but maybe it’s best to call it a day, You’re practically sleeping on your feet, and Tabby has probably found a nice cosy place to sleep. We’re best off starting again in the morning, after you’ve had some rest.”

You frowned, but you knew Stefan was right. “Okay,” you replied, albeit reluctantly, and turned to walk back in the direction of your house. “This isn’t like him at all,” you repeated, your voice a little wobbly. Stefan tentatively wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close to him. 

“We’ll find him, I promise.”

“You sure that you haven’t eaten him?” you joked, though it sounded a little forced. Stefan laughed.

“Y/N, I solemnly swear that I haven’t eaten your cat.”

“That’s a weight off my shoulders then,” you said with an easier smile. 

Before long, you had reached your house. As worried as you were about your cat, you had actually enjoyed spending some time with Stefan. It didn’t happen nearly as much as you would like, but you were far too shy to confess your feelings to him. Fumbling for your keys, you unlocked your front door and stepped inside. “Thank you so much for helping me out, Stefan. I’m sorry to drag you out for nothing,” you told him.

“That’s okay, it was nice to see you,” he replied, “Despite the circumstances. I’m sure you’ll find him soon.”

“Is there anything I can do to repay you?” You said genuinely.

“No, honestly it’s fin… Well, I suppose there is one thing.” A corner of his mouth quirked up into a smirk.

You raised an eyebrow at his change of expression. “What’s that?”

Stefan leaned a little closer to you, his voice soft. “Kiss me.”
Your eyes widened, shocked at his request. You had always thought Stefan saw you as nothing more than a friend. His did the same in return, as he panicked that he had hopelessly misjudged things. Then you smiled and leaned forward to connect your lips softly to his. 

Look Away (Violet)
The Dear Hunter
Look Away (Violet)

Then, there’s the simple fact that
I was born this way
In such a taut assemblation of mistakes
And don’t you misjudge what I’m capable of
If I’m heir to a broken will
I’ll fall

the dear hunter || look away

sometimes I like to look at my life and remind myself that I have two cats named Merlin and Mordred, and three chickens called Lancelot, Percival and Gwaine. We’re still waiting for an Arthur.

I’m truly speechless, this is so disrespectful!!! Francesco is a wonderful artist and more importantly is a sensible person as the song itself would prove if people tried to understand the lyrics instead of judging him. What a pity it’s easier to misjudge things you don’t understand than knowing them. Funny enough that eurovision wants to celebrate diversity and this is the outcome!!! 🇬🇧👎🏻

Io sto con Francesco 🇮🇹❤️


3x01 / 2x24

Q for fellow lizard mamas and papas

What do u use for transporting ur lizlord 2 the vet? I bought a plastic kinda hamster container thing but misjudged how big it was compared to caspar. Its pretty small and he can’t turn around in it. The journey is only about 15 mins but do u think i should buy something larger? Or will he be ok ?

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Oikage 36!!

Thank you!! Sorry this took so long ):

“I wish I could hate you.”

The sound of the ball slamming against the court was more painful than his insides being twisted. Oikawa felt his world and body freeze as the ball slammed inside the line–he had let it go because it was out. He knew it was out; Oikawa didn’t misjudge things like this.

Even in college–his first damn year of college–Kageyama was incredible. The serve Kageyama ripped off from no one else but Oikawa had just won his rival the game. And yet, Oikawa felt entranced by the way Kageyama looked when serving–the focused look on his face, the way his blue eyes pinpointed exactly where he was going to serve it. 

That laugh, too. The damned laugh that Oikawa never heard, and the smile that he never got out of him. His teammates were ungrateful and spoiled: they didn’t realize what a precious thing they had.

Oikawa Tooru had been hopelessly in love with Kageyama for too long, now. His rage against geniuses causing a swirling world of inner conflict in his head and it only filled him with an anger that he didn’t know where to direct it. 

When they were shaking hands, he bitterly smiled at Kageyama, who he knew by the look on his face was thinking of whatever meal he was having next. How ignorant, blissfully unaware of the torture he enacted onto his rival.

Oikawa roughly gripped his hand and said “I wish I could hate you,”, gritting his teeth when he said it. Kageyama didn’t understand, and Oikawa didn’t explain. He didn’t think he ever could, he could only sit, suffer, and wait until hatred or love won. He only prayed there would be a victor.

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3. didn't have a "you pick the characters" note next to it, but could I please request that you write Chat Noir and Nino in that situation? I just got the mental image of them pressed back to back in an elevator shaft like Pacha and Kuzco in Emperor's New Groove with Nino freaking out and thought it would be really funny!

A/N: Let me just say something about that scene in Emperor’s New Groove.  It’s really hard to do the back to back thing!  No seriously!  I had to do it this summer as a camp counselor.  Long story short, we couldn’t figure it out so I effectively said “Screw IT!” and then proceeded to pull my partner on to my back by hauling them on to my back so they could get their feet under them.  They were quite surprised that little old me could pull them off the ground with brute strength.  Anywho!  Enjoy this one shot in which Chat Noir and Nino have to work together!
Words: 1911 (coincidentally the same year that the US Supreme Court deemed that Standard Oil was a monopoly and therefore a no-no)
Summary:  Chat Noir and Nino are thrown into an elevator shaft during an akuma fight and have to figure out how to get back out again!

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On the Importance of Mythomagic in a Healthy Relationship, Pt. 2

Part 1

Nico was half-sure he imagined the past few weeks. Some nights, as he said his goodbyes to the smiling, overly-enthusiastic son of Apollo, he felt so happy it grounded him. He felt tethered to the earth, a feeling he had never realized he was missing. It was as if his entire life, he was more shadow than flesh, and now, Will made him feel solid and real. When he would sneak a look back at the blond demigod’s retreating form, he would often get a passing thought wondering if he had actually died back in Tartarus and gone on to Elysium?

The last thing he wanted to do was ruin things.

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Do you have any headcanons about Matt? I have one that's sort of unimportant where Matt is chews gum when he hacks, that he's a vegetarian (somewhat)- just silly little headcanons like that. They always make my day when I think of Matt sitting at a computer screen chewing gum while he's focused on a program.

Ahhh I used to have so many of these but I always forget to write them down and I’m afraid a lot have been lost to my forgetfulness. I really like the gum one, it’s cuuuute. OuO Okay, so from what I can recall:

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5sos preference: His favorite part about your body (Requested)

Michael: Most people misjudge the things Michael likes. Many would say he liked your boobs best, or your hips, but really, his favorite part of you was your eyes. They were his favorite color and he could spend hours looking into them. He’s always telling you to look at him when he’s talking to you or when you’re talking to him just so he can see every emotion.

Luke: Luke’s favorite thing about your body were your legs. When you were sitting on the couch together, he would always insist on you resting your legs over his lap so he could run his hands over them as he watched tv. He loved them in anything you wore, shorts, jeans, dresses. He always got super defensive when he thought someone else was looking at them. “They’re mine,” he’d say pulling you close, “you’re mine.”

Ashton: Ashton loved your hips. No matter where you were, he always had at least one arm around your waist. He wrapped his arms around them as you cooked or got ready or the day. Always squeezing you tight and whispering sweet things to you followed by his adorable giggle.

Calum: Calum loved your arms. He always found some excuse to get you to wrap them around him. He touched them a lot when your wore tanks and sometimes at night you’d wake up to him running his fingers up and down them sleepily.


A/N: hope you guys like this one!:) I’m having major 5sos feels today.

Chapter 20 Part 1


My sister was giving birth so I had to put all my marital issues aside, and be there for her. I was actually kind of happy because I could get my mind off of the negative. There was an addition to the family, and I was excited. After 29 hours of labor Mercedeh finally had my nephew.

She named him Anthony Micah Williams

“Can I hold my baby? Y’all hogging up my child” Mercedeh said holding my arms out her arms to take him from me.

“Girl please this is my baby, you can borrow him though” I said smiling as I handed him back to her.

“I’m going to come stay over a few days with you, so you can get some rest” our mom said to Mercedeh.

“Good, I’m so tired. I am seriously never having another one of August’s kids again. That was too much work” she said blowing kisses at the baby.

“You know damn well we having more kids, stop trying to front, in front of company” August said walking back into the hospital room making us all laugh.

She smacked her teeth, and he gave her that keep talking look. Those two were something else. August was a really amazing guy. He’s so patient and nurturing. Breaking up with him was hard all those years ago, but I’m glad I introduced him to my sister. She couldn’t be happier, that and I would’ve died if August was Kevin.


“Mommy?” Christian said running up to couch.

“Yes, baby?” I asked helping him up.

“Um, I want a baby browder” he said smiling cutely at me.

I laughed. I could always count on him to lighten my mood. He’s been badgering me all day about another baby now that Mercedeh had Anthony.

“Really? I thought you liked being mommy’s baby?” I said poking his tummy.

He giggled “no, I’m big boy. We need new mommy baby!”

I fell out laughing, and he joined in “well can you keep a secret?”

He smiled wide and nodded “mommy might be having another baby. The doctor has to check me. We can’t say anything yet ok.”

It was true. I was beginning to feel like I did when I was pregnant with Christian. This happening was bittersweet literally. Bitter because Chris and I have been slowly falling apart these past few months, and sweet because it’s what he’s been wanting for the past year now. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure yet. I scheduled a doctor’s appointment to be sure though today at the hospital, so we’ll know next week.

Even though Chris, and I are fighting I wish he was here so I wouldn’t have to go alone. I planned on telling him the news when he was here for Thanksgiving , but things got real out of hand. Then to top it off we haven’t spoken since he walked out, and left so I didn’t know what was going on with him. I had to wait until he called me, and it was stressing me out.

“So if doctwor say yes, me be big browder?” He asked climbing onto my lap.

I nodded “you sure will be a big brother if the doctor says yes.”

He smiled and hugged me “yay, I wove you mommy!”

I felt my heart flutter with joy. Something about when your baby said they loved you made everything that was wrong at the moment better. I hugged him tight “I love you too Christian.”

*One Week Later*


“Ok, I’m here now what do you keep blowing up my phone about Chris?” I asked him as I walked into his sitting area at the rehab.

“I wanted to talk to you about us” he said ushering that I sit down.

The past week has been good. Chris and I are back to normal. I’m trying to decipher what exactly this means because I in no shape or form want to break up his marriage. That shit is or never was my intention. When we slept together it was so good, it was damn good, but I made sure it didn’t happen again. Chris knows how I feel, he always has, and loved to play the fiddle with my heart.

“Ok, what about us?” I said bobbing my head jokingly.

He laughed and shook his head “you know I love your friendship, and your company right?”

I nodded and smiled “I do, I’ve never had to question that. You just don’t love me more than you do her, and I get that.”

“Good, so please tell me you understand what I mean when I say we should be friends from a distance for a while. At least until I could convince her to start over with you clean slate, and all” he said genuinely.

“Um, I guess if that’s what you want then I’ll do that for you” I said truthfully.

Aside from the fact that I love Chris he truly is my friend. I just want him to be happy. He’s a good guy often misjudged by little things that happen in his life. So, if pulling away did that for him no matter how much it affected me it didn’t matter.

“Come here” he said to me.

I got up, and he pulled me onto his lap. He pushed my hair out my face, and I blushed as I looked him in the eyes. I think God gave him the perfect dose of perfection.

“I care about you I do, and I love you to death, but if I’m ever gonna to as much as get my wife to let me hug her again then I gotta let you go” he said uneasiness in his voice.

“Hey, your not hurting me like you think you are so you don’t have to be uneasy. I understand, and I’m granting your wish. I think this’ll be good. I could use the time to work on getting over you” I said making him smile.

“Thank you” he said before hugging me.

“Anything for you” I said before grabbing his face and softly pecking his lips.

It was a goodbye, and a thank you kiss. Chris did a lot of shit for me, so it was my turn to do something for him. I got up off his lap, and when we turned around Robin was standing there leaning against the wall. I don’t know how much she heard or what she saw, but Chris went pale real quick.

“That was so cute you guys” she said smiling wickedly, and clapping.

Oh shit!


These past few days haven’t really been normal. I think Trey’s upset about this whole Kevin thing and he isn’t saying anything to me. I’ve been trying to give him his space, but I can’t take the cold shoulder from my man anymore.

I got up and, headed downstairs to him. We needed to address things, I absolutely hate when we have issues. They make me crazy.

“Trey?” I called out walking downstairs

“I’m in the gym!” I heard him call out.

I walked to the other side of the house, and walked in before leaning against the arm extension machine. Trey grabbed his towel wiping his face, and chest before looking up at me.

“Damn why you coming in here like that? You tryna be the second half of my workout or nah?” He asked walking up on me smirking.

I pushed him back, and he frowned “you gotta talk to me.”

He mushed his eyebrows together, but nodded before sitting back on the leg extension machine “shoot.”

“We still haven’t talked about Kevin. You keep avoiding me, and the subject” I said crossing my arms.

“Man, what we got to talk about? My ideal conversation with my girl isn’t talking about how she fucked my brother. On top of that, you know that whole embarrassing your friends shit I never approved of” he said clearly frustrated.

“Trey I didn’t fucking know! Maybe if back then I was more involved in your life that would’ve never happened! YOU SHOULD’VE NEVER LEFT ME!” I said raising my voice.

I don’t cry, I hate crying, crying is something bitches do, but I was beginning to have a bitch moment. He was make making this my fault. He’s trying to say if I never went dark then he wouldn’t have to deal with
the fact that I slept with Kevin.

“How many times I got to explain to your dumbass, that if I didn’t handle shit the way I did this right here, me standing in front of you wouldn’t be happening. You think I wanted to leave? Back then I was running the streets with Kevin, and I got my ass set up. What’s done is done, but don’t make it seem like my being mad you was busting it open for my half brother is a problem! This nigga acting like he got one up on me, and I don’t appreciate feeling small India” he said standing up walking farther away from me.

“Ok, fine I fucked him. Hell I fucked Michael too, but that never bothered you. Fuck Kevin! You know I want nobody else’s hands on me except yours! I fucked Kevin because the motherfucker blackmailed me! Bet he didn’t tell you that part though” I said tears streaming down my face.

“What?” He said walking back over to me grabbing my chin so I could look in his eyes.

“He blackmailed me! He said that he’d make sure bad things happened to me if I didn’t do what he said, so I complied. At first I was scared so I did it until I got some information about him he didn’t want anyone to know” I said pushing his hands away from me.

He tried to grab me close, but I slapped his hands away. The last thing I wanted was to be touched. I was fuming, and when I was mad there wasn’t any telling what I’d do. I’m a crazy ass Latina bitch I own that.

“What the fuck! What was the news India? I swear I’m going to gut the motherfucker alive and feed his organs to the wolves!” He spat viciously.

I didn’t give a shit anymore so I just spilled the beans “he has a kid. Never seen or met the kid, but I would always hear him on the phone with some woman. I told him if he didn’t do what I said the kid he’s hiding for whatever he was planning would be brought to light so he fell back.”

Trey stood there for a second like he was thinking long, and hard. I said nothing I just waited because I was curious as to what he was thinking.

He grabbed his shirt and walked off “I’ll be back later. Don’t wait up, and don’t call me.”

“Trey where are you going?” I asked running after him as he grabbed his keys and slammed the door storming off.

“Trey, are we going to be ok?” I whispered to myself as my tears began to blur my vision completely.