misjudge thing

I’ve seen a lot of posts about zeref and Mavis and i think someone misjudge the whole thing or, maybe I am wrong, but however.. I do not agree with the thing that 

 Zeref kissed Mavis on purpose knowing he would kill her

 Zeref dropped Mavis that way because he is cruel and he lost interest

 Zeref made his kingdom with the purpose of moving war.. 


 in my opinion Zeref is just someone that HAS to pretend with himself, forcing his tought to not being filled with love because this is the only way he has to control his curse. The more he loves,the more he kills and he does not want to kill. So he has to stop every good feeling he has, pretending of being evil so his curse would not work….and can you imagine how difficult this can be?? He has to control every though and every feeling,  taking all the good ones and turning them into bad ones, in order to let  people live.

 He said he made his empire, thinking about all the people as pawns but at the beginning  he didn’t even had a purpose. he despise war.  He was just forcing himself to think about people that way,  so they could live! As long as he thinks about them as nothing more than useful, they are safe. He is stuck in a straggle with hiself forcing his mind and heart to do not see people as important so he could let them live. 

And with Mavis he loved her,so much he almost killed her with a kiss, even if she was technically immortal, and this just shows how much he loved her, because the more he cares,the more he takes and as soon as he understands what he did to Mavis he tried to act as he did not care about her (dropping her that way) but then, he cried,  because he do loves her and he feels horribly guilty,  to the length he thinks about himself as an ugly fairy because he hates himself and because he almost killed Mavis that for him is the good, the beautiful fairy. 

It is difficult to pretend to the others that you have no feeling over someone or something,  or that you don’t care when you do, now imagine if you should do this all day long because you have to pretend with yourself,not just to the outside because Zeref bigger opponent is the curse INSIDE of him so he has feelings but he has to constantly block them and pretend!!

This has to be terrible and confusing and tiring. So please do not just label Zeref as the bad guy because that poor boy is just being brave and deserves love!!

I don’t know what is the problem about the “there ain’t no me if there ain’t no you”. There is nothing like “wincest conspiracy” behind the script or something like that. That line is perfectly IC for Dean. 

Some people need to understand that the wincest fans add only the smut part. The emotionally part is already there.

I don’t care what you gonna think about me but… FUCK! I want a scene where Sam do something REALLY EVIL (I don’t care why or what) AND THEN HE LOOK AT DEAN AND SAY “The things I do for love” BECAUSE DEAN IS THE CERSEI TO HIS JAIME. AND THEN I THINK THAT THEY ALWAYS DO ANYTHING BECAUSE THE LOVE OF EACH OTHER AND I … OH GOSH..