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Friendly reminder that...

Sheith is not illegal by any standards.

Shance is not illegal by any standards.

Shidge is not illegal by any standards.

Shunk is not illegal by any standards.

No Shiro x Paladin (this is a stupid ass name, SHIRO IS A FUCKING PALADIN, FFS) ships are illegal by any standards.

Wanna know why?

Because, as we’ve pointed out time and time again, wasting our breaths due to you antis covering your eyes and ears to the undeniable TRUTH, these are CHARACTERS you are arguing over. Not real people.

Real life laws do not apply to fictional characters. They just don’t. If they did, a SHIT-TON of authors, directors, game developers, publishers, and other people who create fictional media for us to enjoy would be in jail right now for “condoning” their characters’ behavior or actions.

We HEADCANON their ages to be 18+, just as you HEADCANON Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge to be 17- (which is what I don’t fucking get, bc so many of you know they went to a GARRISON, a MILITARY INSTITUTE, so therefore they wouldn’t have gotten in if they were under 17, and even then, Keith would have had to be sent back to his foster home if he were 17 and under, not allowed to live in a shack on his own).

Just fuck off with your misinformation and stupid shitty debunked claims. Oh, and quit fucking using that SDCC video, it’s outdated af.

Sirius Black is Tall

The facts are these:

“he had forgotten that he was short and skinny and thirteen, whereas Black was a tall, full-grown man” - Prisoner of Azkaban, Ch. 17

“He was rather taller than Snape” - Order of the Phoenix, Ch. 24

“To Sirius’s right stood Pettigrew, more than a head shorter, plump, and watery-eyed” - Deathly Hallows, Ch. 10

“Sirius was tall and handsome and younger by far than Harry had seen him in life.” - Deathly Hallows, Ch. 34

Those are exact canon quotes on the matter of Sirius’s height. They aren’t ambiguous. Sirius is tall.

So, let’s say you’ve seen a post before that shows Remus and Sirius having heights at 6’4” and 5’10” respectively. What about that??? Well, those are the heights from the movies. The movies aren’t canon. I think part of why tumblr got confused was because someone copied their heights from hp wiki whose policy is that EVERYTHING is canon. But everything isn’t canon and Sirius being 5’10” contradicts actual canon because it’s average height, not tall.

Besides. Stop and think about everything the films got wrong or left out. It’s far too much to even list in a single post. But why cherry pick? Why say, “well, this thing that contradicts canon actually overrides canon but all this other stuff doesn’t?” It’s not logically consistent.

Also: No, JKR never said that was their heights. Just like she never said she was going to make Dean and Seamus canon. Fans make shit up and other fans just accept it. Before like it’s common misinformation and debunking it becomes difficult because many people don’t like knowing they are wrong and simply will choose not to believe it. 

And most people who see this post or any other about Sirius Black being tall in the books will ignore it. But I mean… again… the books are clear. This isn’t like “oh it’s open for interpretation.” Dude is tall. Explicitly.

On another post I said:

In particular let’s look at the quotes about Peter and Snape.

The human head (for “men” at least) is 9.4 inches tall.

That means that Peter is possibly under 5′0″ depending on how you want to interpret “more than a head shorter”. Peter is described as short but not tiny.

Next we have Snape. Sirius is “rather taller” so more than a few inches. Do you recall Snape being described as particularly short? If Snape were like 5′4″ HARRY WOULD NOTICE THAT. It would be a feature of Snape’s description and aside from his height Snape is very well described.

I also was alerted to this quote about Peter from POA:

“He was a very short man, hardly taller than Harry and Hermione.”

That pretty well debunks the idea that Peter is super tiny if he’s taller than Harry and Hermione at age 13/14. Average height for a boy at 14 is  5’4.5”. So Peter’s probably somewhere in the 5’3”-5’5 range which makes sense. So, if Peter is more than a head shorter (human male heads are 9.4 on average) that means Sirius HAS to be over 6’0”. Anything else doesn’t make sense. If we take the descriptions literally then Sirius is possibly as tall as 6’4”. But frankly, I don’t know that we need to be THAT literal. The point is: Sirius isn’t short and saying he’s short doesn’t gel with canon at all.

This means for Remus to TOWER over Sirius he’s gotta be like 7’0” which is ROFL ridiculous. He would be that tall guy that everyone notices is really tall. Instead, Sirius is that tall guy that Harry repeatedly notices is tall.

But frankly, I find the idea that Remus even grew to full height to not make a ton of sense. Guy turned into a werewolf on a perpetual cycle during his entire childhood, adolescence and teen years. Stress has a serious negative effect on height and growth.

So here’s what we know:

1. Peter is probably around 5’4” give or take an inch.

2. Sirius is more than a head taller Peter (at least 6’4” if taken literally)

3. Remus’s height isn’t described. Could he be taller than Sirius? I guess, but it stretches plausibility as he would have to be RIDICULOUSLY TALL. And then you have to figure out why no one ever mentioned it or noticed it. If you think someone being 7’0” is commonplace… you’re wrong. When you meet someone who is that tall YOU TAKE NOTICE.

Sirius Black being short is fanon. Sirius Black is tall. It’s not up for debate. If you like the fanon of him being short EMBRACE IT. But don’t perpetuate misinformation. I’m tired of being the person who sticks the books only to have people who have forgotten the books lecture me about what I got wrong. It’s ridiculous.

In the online justice system, the cast and crew are defended by two separate yet equally intense groups: The Shippers, who believe in SamCait, and the Truthers, who actively debunk misinformation. These are their stories.

Law & Order and Outlander Fans rejoice! A crossover between the two highly popular programs is set to grace television screens soon. Law & Order: Outlander Fandom is based on real online fandom experiences with the vigilante justice system.

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Although originating from different fandom groups, both the Shippers and the Truthers have something in common: seeking the truth and fighting the hate.

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Due to high levels of anonymous messaging on Tumblr and troll accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, investigators face numerous challenges in tracking down and dealing with fandom offenders.

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Unlike the criminal justice systems featured on previous Law & Order series, this vigilante justice system regularly denies defendants the opportunity to speak in their own defence through means of blocking, hosting the public shaming session on an unknown account or on a different social media platform altogether.

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Screencapping and public shaming is the most common method used to punish offenders. More severe punishments may include doxxing, the practice of researching and publishing the offender’s private information.

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Although punishment may be implemented anywhere and at anytime, the most public and disturbing cases of fandom offences are dealt with on Twitter in front of millions of followers.

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Some of the most interesting stories are those based on fans who have been mistakenly identified as members of a particular fandom sub-group and those who claim to have had their words taken out of context.

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Law & Order: Outlander Fandom has the potential to not only attract viewers from members from the Law & Order and Outlander fandoms but members of fandoms everywhere.

There are two sides to the vaccination debate

Yes, There are two sides to the vaccine “debate” just like there are two sides to the “earth is round” debate (yes, the Flat Earth Society really does exist). On the one hand there is the scientific consensus backed by extensive research that vaccines are safe and effective, and on the other there is obfuscation, half-truths, misinformation and debunked research.

The only debate is one that has been manufactured by those with a vested interest in undermining confidence in vaccines. Those like Andrew Wakefield, who has been accused of deliberate fraud by the British Medical Journal for suggesting there was a link between the MMR and autism all the while pocketing money from lawyers tasked with suing the vaccine manufacturers.

Wakefield was also poised to submit a patent on a single measles vaccine, from which he stood to profit substantially once he’d scared everyone away from the triple antigen MMR. He also stood to make millions from a diagnostic kit he had developed for autistic enterocolitis, a new condition he claimed to have identified in his 1998 Lancet paper (which has since been retracted by the publisher). So yes, I guess there are two sides, there is the side where all the evidence lies in support of vaccination, then there are the cranks and quacks with a vested interest.

Every year I reblog that Chris Rock joke for the 4th of July and every I get anti-sjs and conservatives embarrassing themselves and taking it so seriously that they write 4 pages of misinformation trying to debunk it.

And it’s so funny when they do so cause when comedians make jokes at the expense of marginalized groups they are the first to defend such jokes.

It’s 🌏World Outlander Day🌏and I am returning to my blog with a new (and more peaceful) perspective

A few days ago I was just exhausted by all the conflict in the fandom. So I took a few days off from my CO blog and really thought about what I wanted to do on this blog and in the fandom in the future.

I decided I just can’t do conflict anymore. It has taken too much of a toll on me. I give my fellow NSTs kudos for continuing to call out the hurtful and hateful things in the fandom. I will support them in their efforts but at this point I don’t intend on initiating any call outs on this blog anymore. I will of course always report people who leave hate on Mac’s IG, etc. but I don’t have it in me any longer to be doing the calling out myself.

I also don’t have it in me to be involved with any kind of conflict anywhere in this fandom. I’m done with that. I really just need personal peace. I apologize for the times I was too harsh in my calling out and I am sorry if anyone was hurt in the process. I wish everyone well in this fandom.

I will from time to time continue to civilly debunk misinformation about Sam and Cait and their probable SOs but it will only be occasionally, and only if it is some large piece of misinformation. I will also recycle old debunking posts on occasion as needed or posts that provide information about how fans can misinterpret co-star chemistry at PR events, etc. Links to many of those posts will continue to remain available on my blog’s sidebar (on the computer based platform).

I will of course support my fellow NSTs with their debunking of misinformation but at this point I feel like the truth is out there and Sam and Cait have been doing a good job themselves of setting the record straight.

I have a few projects to which I would like to return. I would like to finally write the last essay for the “No Verra Sensible” series in time for the two year anniversary of when the first essay in the series was published (which was in late June 2015). I also have some essays about the show and the books that I started but never finished. Finally, in a week or so I want to resume the Voyager discussion on my CEO blog. 

I know that I have said I was changing direction before and then didn’t follow through. But something really changed this past week for me. I’m way too exhausted by the fandom feud at this point and I just really can’t do it anymore. Again, I will always support my fellow NSTs who have the strength to soldier on but after nearly two years of doing this I really just want peace for myself–and would love peace for the fandom. 

Love you all in NST Village! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

I just have to laugh at the arrogance of ES lies that they pass off as “canon” over and over again

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We just DEBUNKED (again) the lie that the Sam/ Mackenzie winery photo was a PR set-up. (The woman who took it was NOT an Outlander producer and had co-produced one series for Starz two years before the photo was taken).

ES spread easily debunked misinformation all the time. Recently they claimed that Chris Albrecht went to college with Mackenzie’s father but it was discovered that they went to different colleges and are 12 years apart in age. We also debunked their claim that Mackenzie wasn’t on the helicopter with Sam.

The list of misinformation that is “canon” is long. We have a FauxHead in Paris being touted as Sam when all you have to do is see the uncropped photo to know it isn’t. It is also easy to prove that the petite women being claimed to be Cait at the Dodgers’ game and the Laophroaig anniversary event on Islay are not Cait. And we have the false claims about Sam being in Costa Rica for New Year’s a couple of years ago (despite witnesses saying he was in Thailand and Sam stating that himself). Then we have the famous fist bump photo where a fist that is too small to be Sam’s and which is missing some important markings is touted as being Sam’s fist. We debunked the Faux Abbie in Paris photo. And of course we also debunked the false claim that Mackenzie wasn’t in the Alps with Sam but had merely recycled old photos. We also debunked the claim that Cait gave Sam a kiss at the Saks/ Outlander windows event. The woman who took the video of the alleged kiss also stated that no kiss occurred

Then we had the claim that the Novel Adventures woman was in cahoots with a PR conspiracy around Sam being in North Carolina, which the Novel Adventures woman debunked herself. And of course Grant’s response to the Sam/ Cait wedding rumors debunked that one. We also debunked the Sam and Cait kiss in front of the window at SDCC2015. The Anglophile Channel also confirmed that there was no kiss between Sam and Cait at SDCC 2015.

I can go on and on but the ES claims of all these things they hold as “canon” simply aren’t true. 

I guess their followers so want to believe in the ship that they never bother to check what their leaders claim. That’s unfortunate. Because wittingly or unwittingly their leaders spread a lot of misinformation about Sam, Cait and their SOs.

UNBELIEVABLE: A Certain Bully Is Libeling Me Again!!!

A bully in the fandom by the name of marilyns-child (MC) is accusing me publicly of bullying her when she was the one who bullied me. I can’t believe the gall of this woman. This is the libel she is currently spreading:

“Funnily enough, ‘CO’ was one of the antis that harassed me so badly I had to change my name and go uber private for about six months. And even then, people went to my Twitter account, which I use primarily for an interest outside of fandom, and told me how much I sucked and how bad of a person I was.”

Okay, below the cut is the passage from the essay that MC wrote about me in December 2015 under her old handle of yourracingbelle. It literally makes me ill that I have to revisit this again because of this woman’s continued libel against me but I will in order to defend myself.

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Research PSA

I see this a lot where folks say “I’ve done my research and come to the conclusion that the Burning Times was a thing” or “I’ve done my research on [deity] but I still need some info.”

As someone with a BA in Religious Studies and a Masters of Library and Information Science who was trained in the fine art of looking shit up, I’m here to tell you that all research is not created equal.

Quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb. A ton of Llewellyn books, for instance, have the same tired misinformation that one or two academic books could fix. If the research you’re doing is from books that don’t have the best reputation for being credible sources of information, then it’s not that useful in the end, is it?**

That’s why it’s so important to ask yourself questions like: “Who is this author?” “What are their qualifications?” This is why it’s important to look at their bibliography to see what sources they used. If they made notes, it’s important to take a look at them (The Spiral Dance is one such example, because the author writes about how her views have changed and corrects some problematic statements she made in the original text). Barbara G. Walker apparently wrote some books about knitting that are considered classics, but near as I can tell, she is not an archaeologist, linguist, or historian, and most of the tumblr memes about Ishtar or the origin of the term “cunt” can be traced to her work. Seriously I have read her works, they’re about the exact opposite of scholarly.

It’s also important to understand that yes, academics have biases and sometimes they just spat something out because tenure, and you know what, academic stuff just isn’t going to be accessible to everyone, either because you need to pay to access it or you just don’t get what they’re saying, that’s why I’m constantly recommending GLE or lokavinr, because they are able to talk about these things in ways that make it easy for people to understand, and, unlike many academics, they are Heathens themselves and they take the religion seriously.

The next time you say “I’ve done my research” take a moment and think about what kind of research you’ve been doing, because you might just be rehashing the same old misinformation that’s been debunked five hundred times already.

**The exception would be if you’re looking for a more practical guide on how to do something and the author who does that thing happens to publish through Llewellyn. A book like Fire Jewel is not an academic text, it is purely a devotional book, and you should take any historical info in it with a truckload of salt, but if you want more practical info. from folks who like Freyja, you could do worse.