misi does things

a new armor dressup thingy for nino! his armor was outdated and i thought he deserved a new one. tried to make it slightly fancier while i was at it :3 i’ve been working on this here and there  since early february, i’m so happy it’s finally done. i have a long way to go on the subject of armors, but this one’s not so bad i think :’)

click to enlarge!



♥ Lines - Flats - Shading

♥ +50% per extra characters, 3 characters tops (for the halfbody)

♥ Fanart/OCs/Canon Char+OC - everything is go!

♥ You will need to provide references for the characters and the pose, or suggestions of poses, that you want. If you don’t have any, you can just write it down.

♥ 5-10€ fee for furries/nonhumans, soft NSFW, and very complicated designs (tattoos don’t get a fee if you provide a png image to slap on xP).

♥ Send me a tumblr IM to book a spot and I’ll confirm if you got it (you need no requirements, it’s just first come, first serve). I require payment in advance, via paypal and in euros. Once we’ve discussed your commission’s details and I have your references, I will send you my paypal.me and get to work!

♥ Only 3 slots - once I’m done with them all, I’ll reopen again.