Let’s cheers to this to celebrate a trophy father’s trophy son so we have to do it now and remember it later and if you can’t hang then there’s the door cause your nickel ain’t worth my dime so I’ll send you postcards and polaroids with all my heart then we can tally it up and settle the score to determine who are you now since they say it should feel something like fire when all you have are four corners and two sides.

Okay so I just really want to let this out. November 4th was the absolute best day of my life. Meimei or jaimejaimejaimejaimejaime and I went six hours before the show, taking a bus, train, subway, and another bus to get to the venue and sat outside in the cold in line to see the show. We weren’t going to leave our spots but couldn’t handle the cold so we asked people to look after it and went to Loblaws. Little did we know that VIC WAS THERE. He was getting soup but he was just so perfect and the two of us went up to him awkwardly and gave him a bag of gifts with notes attached to them to Vic and he was so sweet he smiled and said “Oh is that for me aw thank you.” There was a turtle, giraffe, dragon, and a monkey in the bag with notes attached to each Pierce The Veil member with their favourite animal. I wrote a very personal letter to Vic and Meimei wrote a personal one to Jaime. The craziest thing about that night was the fact that right before they played Hold On Til May, Vic came out and said “Why is this turtle shaped like a ball?” and threw it into the crowd. It was the turtle we gave to Tony and although he threw it to the crowd I was almost in tears because he actually acknowledged our existence and I have a strong feeling that they read our notes just because he could have done that at any point in the show but he did it right before Hold On Til May and that just makes it all worth it because I know that this song is so relevant to what I had written in my note to Vic. We met him after the show too and he signed my sketchbook and hugged us and we got a picture with him. He was so sweet and nice. I don’t know I might be jumping to conclusions but I can’t even express in the right words how much Vic means to me and just because of the little thing that he did makes my entire life. Honestly, if I were to die now, I would die happy because I met my hero who made a subtle but effective gesture. Vic means the world to me and unlike numerous people in my life he actually cares so much. So I just wanted to put this out there. Vic is an amazing person and he is my hero. Thank you Vic :) 

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1. first concert you attended?

Ahh this is a bit embarrassing but the Usher concert way back. 

2. do you draw/paint?

Yes I love doing both :)

3. first band to get you into music?

I don’t even know. The band that sucked me into bandom on Tumblr was Pierce The Veil though. 

4. do you have a close/personal friend that you’ve met at a concert?

Not really. I met awesome people at the most recent concert I went to though! 

5. what’s your favourite movie/tv show?

My all time favourite movie has to be The Road To El Dorado. But the Pirates of The Caribbean movies rivals my love. 

6. do you find piercings/tattoos attractive?


7. the lyric that means the most to you right now?

“Have faith in me” -A Day To Remember

“Darling you’ll be okay” -Pierce The Veil 

8. would you rather read or play video games?

Read for sure.

9. if you could listen to one band for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Pierce The Veil without a doubt.

10. there’s a zombie apocalypse. if you could save anyone in the world, who would you save?

I would save my best friend Meimei and Pierce The Veil. 

11. would you give up five years of your life if it meant you could spend the day with you idol?


My questions :)

1) Your favourite superhero? 

2) Best concert ever been to? 

3) All time favourite song?

4) Do you prefer day or night?

5) Favourite Disney movie?

6) Favourite subject in school?

7) Is there a specific band/artist you really want to see live right now? Who?

8) Do you like where you live?

9) Is there anything specific you want to do before you die?

10) Summarize your best friend or someone who means a lot to you. 

11) If you could go an an epic adventure, what would you do and who would you go with?