It was 0116, 072611..

Me and Ate Badette were chatting in YM as well as answering posts here in FB. I myself was listening to some songs in my phone.

And suddenly, I felt the earthquake.

At first, I thought I was just feeling dizzy, though I didn’t have high fever or I wasn’t even sleepy at the time.

Then it got stronger and lasted for a minute or two. Or three. I don’t know. All I remember I was feeling dizzy and was kinda moving in my chair and I feel the earth beneath my feet rumble.

Papa Tan (one of our close guy friend) pm'ed me about it. It stopped here first before it stopped there in Cainta, Rizal, PH. And to think Ate Badette lives in Caloocan City, PH she felt it all the same. Also a cm8 living in the Upper Antipolo area (I’m living on the lower area)..

I’m scared. I don’t wanna move. I was almost crying after.

5.9 - 6.0 magnitude. For me that’s strong already. Especially that I’m on the ground floor of our house and I’m just sitting. And there’s the Marikina Fault Line out there.

Thank God we are all safe. Still, let’s all pray for our safety. :’)

Punishment generally involves more chores, more studies, or partaking in an experiment. A lot of people seem to think that I physically or even sexually abuse her for some reason, which is completely false.

As for Tewi, she cannot technically get away with anything, as she must face consequences for her actions like anyone else. We can reprimand her or take away her privileges within Eientei, but I am unable to punish her to the same degree that I punish Udonge.