They’re bloody and bruised and more than a little bit battered when Cas grabs Dean’s shirt in one fist, yanks him in close. They’re breathing hard, a miracle in itself, Dean’s skin prickling like a thousand needles of light are itching to get out and Cas is just looking at him, like he can’t believe they made it and they’re still alive and everything–everything they’ve been fighting for, all of it, it’s over now and he doesn’t know what the fuck to do with that. Dean gets it. 

“Hey,” he half-laughs, half-sobs, and his hand comes up to Cas’s jaw automatically, “We fuckin’ did it, man.”

“Yes, we did.” Cas’s eyes are so bright, smiling, a little wet maybe but that’s okay. Their foreheads bump lightly and Dean feels delirious, dazed, when he moves his hand to the back of Cas’s head and slides his fingers through his sweaty hair. 

“I really wanna kiss you,” he whispers, his nose already skimming over Cas’s cheekbone, Cas’s breath warm and damp on his face. “I mean I always want to kiss you, but right now it’s like–Jesus, I want you so bad I can hardly think.”

“Dean,” Cas moans softly and that’s pretty much all it takes to get Dean to push forward, to suck a little on Cas’s lower lip and slide one hand under his shirt and okay so they stopped the world ending, again, and Sam is probably looking for them and they’ve got a shit ton of cleaning up to do–but Dean’s finally got Cas’s tongue in his mouth so all of that can damn well wait.

anonymous asked:

do you know any good long slowburn fics?

Okay! Sorry this took me 3 years. 

I’ll start with my personal favourite that is literally the longest and the slowest of slow burns:

 Redemption Road Written by spnredemption600k+ words, Canon!verse -

Takes place right at the end of Season 6 when Cas becomes god and the author works from there making her own ending and story. This is such an incredible read and the author writes the whole thing like it’s a series of supernatural. Each chapter is basically you watching an episode of Supernatural. I’m not exaggerating when I say how so freaking in character everyone is. So damn in character. I’ve never read anything like it. And it’s beautiful. And so long. So very very long but satisfying. It’s a very slow-build for Dean and Cas in this. And while it is destiel, it’s not just about Dean and Cas. It’s about all of them. Sam, Cas, Bobby and Dean. It’s pretty much like watching supernatural with the bonus that Destiel becomes canon. Cannot emphasise how well-written it is. (Also if you’re interested, I have it on my Kindle as one giant mobi file, rather than downloading 42 chapters separately. So if you want the mobi file, just msg me with your e-mail address and i’ll send it to you :D)

Clipped and Unbound Written by garrisonbabe - 50k+ words,  Angels as Slaves,

Castiel is a slave widely regarded as unbreakable and unruly. Dean Winchester is a billionaire ending a five year long search to rescue him. They’ll both learn that peace can be the hardest thing in the world to find. 

(I have a huge thing for fics where Dean rescues Cas from horrible situations and this story really gives that and it’s such a wonderful slow-burn as you read through Cas’s recovery and Dean being so patient. I adore this fic.)

Innocent Looks Written by CassondraWinchester  - 100k+ words, 

Cas is a beleaguered public defender who gets the Winchesters as his next case and for the first time ever believes his clients are truly innocent. How could they not be? Dean, the older one So earnest and honest, so utterly protective of his younger brother, and Sam, so knowledgeable about the law and how it works, he helps Cas build their case. They win, of course, and Dean insists they all go out and celebrate.

Cas wakes up the next morning, bound and gagged in the backseat of the Impala as Dean looks over his shoulder and grins.“Morning Angel.”

The Sawdust Men Written by linoresearch - 100k+ words, historical AU, set in the 50′s  

Castiel Novak is an inmate at a labour camp. Life is brutal and no one ever gets out. Castiel’s only goal is to go unnoticed by the barbaric guards, and the violent inmates. Dean Winchester is a soldier without a purpose since the civil war ended. Dean accepts an assignment at a labour-camp, under the mentorship of Alistair, the Commander. From the start, Dean and Castiel are drawn to each other, and their relationship develops in a way that changes their lives. But Alistair has his own plans for Dean, and Castiel is a complication. When Alistair fails to separate them through threats and violence, he turns to manipulation; feeding Dean’s confusion about his feelings for Castiel, and goading him into a terrible act in order to break him. As Dean and Castiel try to fight back, they uncover secrets that are more far-reaching than they ever imagined. In such a dangerous world, can they ever be together? Can they even survive?

A dystopian, alternate-history (diverging after the Great Depression in 1933) AU, set in America in 1950.

Sleeper, Awake! Written by OverlordoftheBees - 300k+ words, Medieval AU - 

When their Father cast them from Heaven, his Angels lost themselves in their grief. In 1424, they haunted the skies of citadels, as winged mercenaries turned animal, seeking bloodshed for a slight they no longer remembered. From Ardus, the central city of the kingdom, groups of soldiers took to the Roads to provide crucial supplies and transport amongst citadels. When Castiel, the last remaining Angel equipped with any sense of humanity, happened upon an attack to a Slayer’s party on the Road, he rescued the only survivor - Dean Winchester - and spared him from certain death. Under starry skies and the shadowy treetops of Ardus’ forest, the pair breached the boundaries of their relative humanity and divinity, discerning first friendship and then more, until, driven by love, Castiel was imprisoned by the Empress Lilith for the crime of animalism.

When the door to the tomb is opened, Dean is returned to him. Only Dean no longer knows him, and the year is 2013.

To Raise A King Written by riseofthefallenone - 100k+ words, Medieval AU

This must be some kind of horrible joke at Castiel’s expense. Is he truly expected to protect a King? One who has been their enemy for as long as he can remember? He is much more suited to being a part of the army, or at the very least someone who helps to train the knights. That would be far more preferred than having to watch over the King. It means Castiel would get to keep fighting – and that’s the only way he knows to give meaning to his life.

A Turn of the Earth Written by mishcollin - 90k+ words, Canon Divergence

Dean’s your typical half-orphaned, monster-killing 22-year-old until a trenchcoated stranger crashes into his back windshield one September night, claiming he’s an angel that knows him from the future and that he’s on the run. Frigging fantastic.

(Or, in which Castiel gets stuck in Dean’s timeline preseries and Dean kind of hates it—until he doesn’t.)

This is a serious must read. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Angel Rescue Written by squirrel_loves_wings - 60k+ Words, Au, Angels are Slaves

“This came down to the fundamentally different ways they saw the situation. Bobby didn’t think angels should be mistreated, but he didn’t see them as equals and didn’t particularly have a problem with angels being kept as slaves. Dean wanted angels to be free and equal to humans, period.”

In which Dean works in angel rescue and Castiel is newly rescued angel with a painful past.

I’m sorry I took forever to reply to this msg anon, but these are some good slow burns that you should definitely read!

fleurs sauvages (1.7k, pg-13)

Wherein Cas falls in love with flowers and Dean falls in love with Cas.

When all is said and done, when it’s as over as it’s gonna get for them, Cas fills the bunker with plants.

It starts off small—just a potted columbine on the table in the library—but when Cas tells Dean later that, “It symbolizes faithlessness,” in a sad sort of voice it makes Dean want to tear down the world just to put things right.

He’s starting to learn that maybe that isn’t possible though, that maybe Cas is okay with being practically human again. Not many people would be all right with giving up practically everything they are to save Dean, but Dean thinks that if there was someone then that person would be Cas. Cas eats and sleeps again now but he laughs too and smiles and watches movies. And Cas is so important, having him here is so vital, that Dean looks at the flowers and says, “Huh. It’s… nice. Very purple.” And Cas looks at him like he knows Dean’s talking a load of bullshit but he appreciates the effort anyway.

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ok but it’s a wonderful life au

dean winchester has had a good life. at twelve he saved his little brother sammy’s life when they were sledding on thin ice – it cost dean his hearing in one ear but he never minded. worked at the ice cream shop, flirted with the girls who came in (lisa braeden always tried to catch his eye), grew up reading national geographic magazines cover to cover.

he always wanted to travel. he wanted to build – cars, homes, families. he wanted to make people happy in concrete ways.

but then his dad died, and dean took over the family business – Winchester Building & Loan. basically the only business in bedford falls that WASN’T controlled by crowley, the greediest, slimiest capitalist in the country. dean had a responsibility to carry on his family’s work. he gave his college money to his kid brother, who went on to be a lawyer and a war hero.

dean worked day and night, tirelessly, putting everyone else’s needs above his own. he never got to travel. he never got to go to college. but he got to build homes, a whole new housing development. he got to defy crowley and defy expectations, and it was a good life.

until. until uncle bobby misplaced $100,000. and suddenly everything came crashing down.

which brings us to this. dean winchester, standing on a bridge, trying to work up the courage to jump. he’s got a life insurance policy in his pocket that puts in writing what he already knows: he’s worth more dead than alive.

and then this grumpy guardian angel, castiel, shows up.

castiel is wearing a too-big trench coat, he talks like he’s from three centuries ago, and maybe he is. he doesn’t get any of dean’s pop culture references. but he’s patient, and he talks dean down from the bridge. wipes the blood from his lips– “bar fight gone wrong,” dean says. cas has really, really blue eyes, but dean obviously doesn’t notice.

angel, second-class. hasn’t gotten his wings yet, he says.

“well, this job won’t help,” dean says. “i’m a lost cause.” he mutters something about “i wish i’d never been born,” and cas says, “okay.”

and there they are. in a bedford falls with a gaping hole in the middle of it, something missing that nobody remembers. dean winchester.

dean walks through the town, through his usual bars (he and cas get a drink together, and dean tries not to watch cas’s mouth on the edge of a shot glass). nobody remembers him, not even his best friends, victor and charlie.

winchester park, the housing development he built with his own hands, foundation up, doesn’t exist. in its place is a graveyard. in its place is sam winchester’s grave, sam winchester who died at the age of eight after falling through thin ice.

“You weren’t there to save him,” cas says, and dean shakes his head.

“no, that’s wrong. that can’t be– i– sam’s my brother. i’m meant to protect him. it’s my job.”

“sam never had a brother,” cas says. he looks at dean. he can’t understand why this human, this rough-edged, freckle-faced human, would want to kill himself. he’s flawed, but he’s good. kind. cas has spent so many millennia watching humans, and the last thirty years watching dean. humans are so special. and dean is the best of them all, in cas’s eyes.

he watched dean throw stones at an old house and make wishes on broken glass. he watched dean kiss girls, and boys. he watched dean fall in love, too many times, with too many people who never loved him back. and today, this night, he watched dean sit at a polished wood bar and pray, for the first time since he was a kid, pray for god to save him.

god isn’t here, but castiel is. dean would do anything for the people he loves; castiel is just trying to do the same.

in the end dean gets it, gets why he can’t kill himself. he sees the light in the world, in bedford falls. he sees that it was all worthwhile. and so he runs back to the bridge and this time, instead of looking at the water he looks at the sky, and he shouts at god, at the stars, “i want to live again!”

it starts snowing. his lip bleeds. he laughs until he cries. victor finds him on the bridge like that, takes him home, and–

there’s everyone in bedford falls, crowded into his old, broken-down home (he was so busy fixing other people’s homes he never had time for his own), wallets overflowing with money for him. money to help him, to save him. someone counts it all up to be $103,214.06

his mother cries. she starts singing auld lang syne and everyone joins in, and the room swells up with all this joy, all this christmas cheer, and dean can’t stop smiling.

but something’s missing. cas is missing. a bell rings, and dean thinks hey, maybe that’s cas finally getting his wings.

but it’s the bell over his door. because cas is standing there, windblown, snow on the shoulders of his trench coat. he’s out of breath and dean shoves through the crowd to get to him.

“your wings?” dean says.

“didn’t need them.”

“but you–”

“i fell.”


“i don’t need immortality. i don’t want my wings. i just want you. i want a human life, with you.”

people are singing christmas carols, in the street and in dean’s home. his pulse is rushing, face flushing. he says, “cas. i.”

“i want to be here, with you, in this wonderful life.”

dean pulls him in by the lapels and kisses him. he won’t let go again.


pairing: dean/cas

word count: 3k

summary: Dean just really wanted to celebrate a good hunt with the two most important people in his life. But things never go as planned, and when some stranger starts hitting on Castiel, it’s hard for Dean to keep his feelings to himself. 

additional tags: canon!verse, past s11

a/n: for the anon who requested this a lifetime ago, I’m sorry it took me so long. Thanks to @perennialcastiel , @winchestre and @shannon-kind​ for their sweet and important help <3


“Why are we leaving?” Castiel asks with honest confusion, leaning in between the driver’s and shotgun seat, his hands resting on both. 

Dean brings his gaze over to him, forgetting he is driving. His attention easily gets dragged away from the road by his brother or Cas.

“To celebrate.” He grins, looking ahead again. “We showed those assholes where they belong, huh? You killed so many in just a few seconds and well, you saw yourself how good Sammy did. Plus, it’s been ages since we’ve been out, especially the three of us together. I thought, y’know, it’d be fun.”

The excitement in his voice when he speaks of Cas and Sam is faded by the time he finishes his sentence. 

He shrugs. 

It sounds stupid when he says it like that, and part of him is afraid he’s the only one who feels this way. Like the three of them are a team, the three musketeers ready to save the day.

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SPN 12x16 codafic

1k, PG
Cas still gets cell reception in Heaven because of plot convenience :)

“You should’ve seen her, Cas.” Dean smiled a little. “She was so confident working the case and fighting off creeps. Hell, she beat the odds on that cure.”

That’s our girl, he wanted to say but didn’t, because that would be weird and where did that come from, anyway? Must’ve been something in the hotel mints he ate. Or maybe in the swimming pool water…

“I am grateful to hear she’s fine now. I will admit, when I saw your text earlier, I feared the worst.”

Dean gripped the wheel tighter with the hand not holding his phone, keeping an eye out for Sam. He’d made the call to Cas while Sam was stocking up on supplies before they headed back to the bunker. From his position, he would be able to see Sam approach the parked car. He really didn’t want to deal with Sam’s ribbing about how often Dean was calling Cas lately. It always reminded him of the fact that he very much didn’t want to think about why going more than a few days without talking to Cas made him anxious.

“Sorry man, that was a dick move, making you worry like that.” Dean had regretted that text the moment he’d sent it, but at the time he hadn’t been thinking clearly. His thoughts had been filled with worry for Claire, pain and horror at the thought of losing her, but also a need to contact Cas and let him know.

Cas had a history with her, after all. He felt responsible for her. Dean had felt strongly that he’d deserved to know what was going on with her. But in his hurry to contact Cas he hadn’t considered that even if Cas wanted to rush over to be with Claire, he couldn’t.

Sometimes Dean forgot that Cas couldn’t use his wings anymore.

It was cruel, what he’d done. And Dean felt guilty for it now. So when he saw the missed call from Cas after Sam and him had waved goodbye to Claire, he knew he owed it to Cas to call him and update him on the situation.

“It’s okay, Dean. I understand why you did it and I appreciate that you even thought of me while you must have had other things on your mind.”

Dean hated it - the way Cas so casually downplayed his importance. As if it was a given that Dean wouldn’t think about him at all, as if that was natural and normal. He gritted his teeth, trying to keep his annoyance in check.

“I know how important she is to you, Cas. Even if I hadn’t sent that text then, I would’ve called you immediately after the hunt was over, like I’m doing now. You deserve to know what’s going on with her. Hell, she even said she misses you.”

During their dinner the night before, Claire had not-so-casually asked about Cas. “So, speaking of creeps, where’s everyone’s favourite flasher coat wearing angel?” she’d asked.

“She tried to hide it, of course, but she was disappointed that you weren’t here. She misses you.” She’s not the only one. “Said she wants you to give her a call. Actually her exact words were: ‘tell that loser to call me sometime. He still owes me for, like, four birthdays.’”

Cas chuckled at Dean’s impression of her. Dean was glad to hear the sound.

“I’ll be sure to do that. I do indeed still owe her a few birthday presents. What do you think she would want?”

“Honestly, man, I’m pretty sure she just wants to hang out with you, though she’d rather die than admit it. She’s a teenager, after all.” Dean was probably breaking some kind of ‘cool older brother’ code by saying this, but – as he’d come to realize in the past few days - his feelings towards her were more parental than brotherly, anyway, so he didn’t feel too bad for ratting her out.

“Oh.” Cas was quiet for a few seconds.

“Yeah, and, uh, I wouldn’t mind coming with you. I know I just saw her, but I’d like to hang out with the kid while nobody’s in mortal peril, you know?” Dean had no idea why he was saying this, but it was true. He would like to hang out with Claire and Cas. Maybe they could hit a county fair, somewhere. Do some really cheesy, family things that would embarrass the hell out of Claire. Yeah, that’d be fun.

“I would like that very much, Dean.” The open affection in Cas’s voice made something not unpleasant squeeze in Dean’s gut. “I look forward to it as soon as my current mission is over.”

At the mention of Cas’s mission, all thoughts of cotton candy, shooting galleries and teddy bear prizes were chased from Dean’s mind. He grimaced at the reminder of Lucifer, Kelly, and the Nephilim. Right, this was their life. They never actually got a break.

“I hear you, buddy. Anyway,” he said, seeing Sam walk out of the convenience store, “I gotta go now. Keep me posted, you hear? Even if you don’t make any progress. I don’t like it when you go dark for too long.”

It was an admission he probably shouldn’t be making but if it encouraged Cas to text or call him more frequently, he really didn’t care.

“I will, Dean. Take care of yourself.”

“You too.” He hung up just as Sam opened the car door.

That night, he dreamed of multi-coloured rubber ducks, Ferris wheels, bouncing blonde curls, and smiling blue eyes.

(tag list under the cut)

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burning up for you, baby. deancas, ~5k. dean is a policeman and cas is a firefighter, and they get into a dangerous prank war.

“I’m gonna kill him,” Dean says.

Jo leans against his desk and sings, “No, you won’t.”

“This is the last straw.” Dean stares at the case files on his desk. Or rather, what used to be case files. All the actual data has been mysteriously replaced by pictures of cute baby animals.

No, not mysteriously. Dean knows exactly who did it. It’s Castiel fucking Novak. It’s always Castiel fucking Novak.

The Kansas City Police Department has always had a friendly rivalry with the Kansas City Fire Department, sure, but Castiel Novak has never been friendly. No, Castiel Novak is The Enemy.

“He has to be stopped,” Dean says, “and I have to be the one to do it.”

Read the rest on AO3

au where supernatural cannot end until dean and cas kiss. time ticks by. wars start and end and the cameras keep rolling. everyone involved ages but never dies. robert singer reduces into a literal bag of wrinkles. children grow older and have children of their own to introduce to the same show; two brothers, fighting evil. castiel is still a Bro™. they weep for the sweet release of death. jeremy carver, just two gnarled hands and a pair of glasses, writes the dialogue “you’re like… a Super brother to me, cas.” still no kiss. the earth is flooded and eaten away by time. no one watches but they still remain. no homo.

So I was planning on doing one of these for the new year but I got really busy and then I hit 5k and thought that it was a perfect opportunity to do one! Thank you to everyone who follows me, I love you all so much! And sorry if I forgot anyone below! :)

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healthy bromances, ft. gay sex

short drabble based on that hilariously atrocious article on nerd reactor. dean/cas, ~800 words, slightly nsfw

“Dean, I found something on the internet,” Cas calls from the dining room.

Dean sets down the butter knife he’s holding, mayonnaise clinging to the blade from where he’s lathered it into their BLT’s.

“You what?” he asks, wiping his hands on his jeans and making his way from the kitchen to where Cas is seated around the corner. There’s a laptop on the table in front of him and Cas’s eyes are fixed squarely on whatever’s on the screen. From the pinched, frustrated look on his face, it can’t be something good. “What did you find, babe?”

Cas’s eyes only flutter momentarily at the pet name before replying. “It’s an article someone has written about the Supernatural book series.”

“Oh no,” Dean groans. “Cas, don’t look at shit like that, man. It’ll just make your head hurt.”

“Charlie sent me the link. Dean,” Cas pins him with a serious glare, “this man is very wrong.”

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