I exist the way you want me to exist. I can exist as a bed time story you’ll tell the daughter you would love to have. I can exist as a representation of all your hopes and wishes, as I shoot across your night sky. I can exist as unending equations of physics and astronomical terminologies. I can exist as your ally in battle. I can exist as your closest friend. Tell me how you want me to exist. (“That’s too hard of a request, Cas, jesus.”) For out of all the reasons to exist in this universe, (“I dunno, man,”) I exist inexplicably for you. (“Just you. I want you to be you.”)

i like to think animals can still tell he’s not human, particularly the wild ones. so they can keep him company along the road

i wasn’t going to draw tonight but then !!! and 

♪ On the sixth day of Christmas Chuck Shurley gave to me six friends a smiling! ♫ ~12 Days of Supernatural