mishas world

A conversation that probably happened on the set of Supernatural
  • MISHA: You know what's really out there? ANAXIMANDER! WEST ANAXIMANDER!
  • JARED: Oh wow that's really out there. I'm sticking to my white American Texan roots. THOMAS COLTON. That's pretty safe.
  • MISHA: Safe could actually be interesting. MAISON MARIE is pretty safe right?
  • JENSEN: What are you guys talking about?
  • MISHA: Baby names
  • JENSEN: OH! I GOT ONE! JUSTICE JAY. It's my name (Jay) with a side of Justice!
  • MISHA: Justice Jay, really?
  • JENSEN: What's wrong with Justice Jay?
  • JARED: It's not as badass and Texan like AUSTIN SHEPHERD!
  • JENSEN: Excuse you what's more badass than a little JUSTICE brought into this world??
  • MISHA: I think you two are glossing over the fact that I have the wild wild WEST. I'm the clear winner here.
  • JENSEN: West? Direction? Compass?
  • STEPHEN AMELL: *walks by and crosses the road*
  • JENSEN: ARROW! ARROW RHODES! Hahahaha suck it losers!
  • JARED & MISHA: Are you being serious?
  • JENSEN: As serious as that Sirius Black guy!
  • DOG: *walks by*
  • JARED: Bram?
  • JENSEN: *puts on sunglasses and walks away*

Not only is Misha in a tux and looking dapper as all hell, he’s wearing a safety pin.

A safety pin.

He doesn’t give a shit if it’s a private event, a virtual safe space already, he’s making sure everyone knows he is someone they can talk to, someone they can feel safe with.

Even if you don’t love yourself, Misha Collins loves you.

leave me alone.
i’m done.

How Fall Out Boy Will Break Up #6
  • Pete: I'm not gay
  • Patrick: ha
  • Joe: ha
  • Andy: ha
  • us: ha
  • Obama: ha
  • Beyoncé: ha
  • Jensen Ackles: ha
  • Jared Padalecki: ha
  • Misha Collins: ha
  • The world: ha
  • Mikey Way: your dick is literally up my ass right now wyd

Can we just appreciate this man, he helps people even though he doesn’t have to. He spends most of the time helping people instead of being with his family and he cares so much and I find that we need more people in the world like misha Collins.

Reblog if it physically pains you to see pictures of your favorite celebrities at a comic con that you can’t be at