mishas of fire

not d&p related whoops !! but i made this in december of last year and i was like really proud of it and no one really got to see it so here it is !!! kind of like a supernatural stranger things crossover but follow my supernatural instagram @/novakology it would be v appreciated ily guys !!!

The Shrödinger show and the fandom that cannot lose

That’s right, we can’t lose here. Hear me out.

Imagine what would happen if they go this way: let’s say their goal is to go back to the « basics of the show », two brothers against evil personified by Lucifer, hardly any allies left; Cas stays dead, Crowley too. Okay. Who’s interested in this? Barely half the audience (and I’m feeling generous).

If Misha isn’t reported to be on set in August (not sure when they start shooting? anyway), a good number of people are not gonna bother tuning in for the first ep. If Cas is confirmed to not come back by the second, mayyyyybe third ep, this show is DEAD. They’ll lose half their audience.

If Misha is fired from the show, will he still want to come to the conventions? Somehow, I doubt it. Misha is highly appreciated by a lot of his co-stars. Will they stand up for him? Probably. So the conventions money takes the plunge too. The show will not be renewed for a 14th season, I’d bet my head on that.

Now, in this case, would the destiel/Castiel fandom die? Not at all! We’re used to stay for fan works; I follow people who have stopped watching three, four seasons ago, and are still there, doing their stuff.

So there’s only two ways from here; either they commit suicide, and we outlive them, because we still have twelve seasons of good subtext to make the most of; or they actually follow the story where it tends to go, and after this season, there’s just one direction here: destiel.

So for me this summer, spn will be both dead and alive. We’ll open the box in the fall.

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guessing mark is angry bc they decided to keep Misha on &fired Mark. guessing they didn't give him enough notice, he probably showed up to the negotiations &they said. "We're not renewing your contract since we gave Misha a promotion last year, it's too expensive to have you on." So Mark is just kinda pissed at the show. Also, Mark unliked that tweet that "insulted" Castiel/ Misha Collins &his fans. So I'm guessing he's more pissed at the producers than the cast. Guessing no SDCC SPN panel 4mark

we can only really guess at this stage.

Yeahhh, as expected, the final chapter is really, really easy and underwhelming in this game, haha. 

EITHER WAY, here was my #Squad for taking down Veld and six of the Deadlords! 

This game, honestly, was fun, and not at all as difficult as I was lead to believe it would be, even with some of the really clunky, old mechanics in place. I definitely suggest giving it a shot, even if you haven’t played Genealogy yet, though you may wanna read up on what’s what beforehand.

Soon, Misha Collins is going to know who Dan and Phil are.

x Misha Collins-Just Like Fire

A literally spark lighting up the world; Misha Collins is too precious for this world.

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Oh no this is not good. Apparently Mark is still following Jensen and Jared. Which I'm reading the comments and reblogs of Mark not following Misha. And is just giving so much fire to the anti-Misha people. Saying that Misha must have gotten Mark fired and stuff. This is not good.

Misha doesn’t have the power to get Mark fired, ffs. Mark is throwing a hissy fit but it’s not surprising. He was always giving Misha/Cas shit in his panels and it was tiresome and boring and smacked of jealousy. And like…dude, come on. It’s not a competition. People get killed and written off shows all the time, no need to be a diva about it, move the fuck on.