mishapocalypse aftermath

Mishapocalypse aftermath

Okaaaaay, so, as everyone knows, yesterday was the Mishapocalypse. I started posting and reblogging like crazy, and sadly, I got post limit like around 1 pm. I know, suuuuper early. I thought that was gonna be it for me, BUT one of my posts went viral [I’m not saying any of the gifs are mine or anything]. It started with some notes and I was hyped. When I got bored because I coudn’t keep participating because of the limit, I decided to go out and walk my dogs. I must have been gone for almost 2 hours and when I came back and checked my activity, my tumblr app had crashed saying that I didn’t have any notes, any side blog, ANYTHING. I got scared and went to my laptop and I had THOUSANDS of notes and tons of new followers! I had never had so many notes and I still can’t believe it. So, yeah, here’s the aftermath:

This is my legacy.

BTW, I only received like 3 anon hate and 1 cool person thanking me for my labor, so I guess everything turned out great, hahaha!

This was my first Mishapocalypse, so thank you to everyone who participated and made it great. And to my new followers: welcome to the madness of Supernatural/Castiel/Misha Collins obsession of my blog. I hope you enjoy the stay.