Turnabout Steampunk v1.0 released!

Turnabout Steampunk is an Ace Attorney fan game in a steampunk AU, by @sophiasw​ and RabbitonBooks.
It is a story-driven RPG, made with RPG Maker VX Ace.

OS: Windows. Requires RTP.

Trailer | Website | rpgmaker.net

+ Features +

A story-driven RPG.
A steampunky adventure with many AA (and PL) characters and items.
3-4 hours gameplay.
6 playable characters and one hidden character.
4 endings (2 bad ends, a normal end and a true end).

Caution: It contains KEY SPOILERS of Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies.

OK…No objection? Here it is!

Download and Instructions:

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why can't we have a legitimate apollo justice sequel? why can we not see more apollo justice characters in the series? why did dual destinies relegate apollo and trucy to the sidelines and focus on a new character when there were so many loose ends to tie up still? why can't they have waited to do the dual destinies story until after wrapping things up for apollo? why can't we see what apollo and clay would have been like as friends before he died? why can't we have more gavin backstory? why can't we see apollo and trucy meeting thalassa? why can't we know what kristoph gavin was hiding? why can't we see vera misham or ema skye again? why can't we get some god damn closure for apollo justice? why can't--