Turnabout Steampunk v1.0 released!

Turnabout Steampunk is an Ace Attorney fan game in a steampunk AU, by @sophiasw​ and RabbitonBooks.
It is a story-driven RPG, made with RPG Maker VX Ace.

OS: Windows. Requires RTP.

Trailer | Website | rpgmaker.net

+ Features +

A story-driven RPG.
A steampunky adventure with many AA (and PL) characters and items.
3-4 hours gameplay.
6 playable characters and one hidden character.
4 endings (2 bad ends, a normal end and a true end).

Caution: It contains KEY SPOILERS of Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies.

OK…No objection? Here it is!

Download and Instructions:

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mishame asked:

Your love is inspiring, your love of God, yourself, and your hunny

thank you sweetheart. i don’t share a lot of details about my relationship, but it makes me smile that you can see even with the little bit i show that love i have for him, as well as my God

I NEED a 7 year gap fanfic about Edgeworth helping a disbarred Phoenix that can’t find a job because he is THAT attorney and who knows how much time before he is kicked from his apartment and how Phoenix is feeling super bad about Trucy, that now is now alone so he visits a lot but Kristoph tries to get rid of her because she is the only one that knows about him and the fake evidence apart from the Mishams but thanks to Phoenix ridiculous luck she is saved and Miles notices and is super mad that someone had not only been the reason that his… his… that Phoenix was disbarred and now had tried to kill a 8 year old and because of this Phoenix starts getting the idea that he could, maybe, adopt her and Miles tells him how crazy he is and tries to be logical but he stats to think that if they jsut put a shit ton of secuity in the girl she is not going to be happy and with that and knowing that she knows who did this to Phoenix and that he always makes things work somehow?! so Phoenix adopts her and Trucy starts doing shows in the wonder bar and somehow Phoenix gets a job “playing piano” that is not the best jobbut is something and Miles helps him to watch after Trucy and with money, because there is not better use for von Karma’s money, and they are happy.
And Trucy sees them both as her daddys and Maya has always know they have this huge crush in each other and both of them try to get them togheter and it takes years (and maybe help from Kay and uncle Ray) for them to stop being stupid and notice that they want a relationship and then they go to europe, like a family, and Trucy insist in staying in Kurain in some of those trips, saying that seeing her dads doing legal stuff is super boring when she just wants them both to be dorks while there.
And then Phoeni and Trucy being super mega happy and celebrating when Miles becomes the Chief Prosecutor and Miles being so FREAKING happy when Phoenix name is cleared and just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Turnabout Academy AU where there was no murder and it’s just Klavier, Apollo, Athena, Pheonix, Hugh, Robin, Juniper, and Professor Courte talking about fun times at school, the Misham trial that Professor Courte was almost definitely watching or kept up with in the news, the fact that Themis changed the lawyer and prosecutor uniforms for no reason, and fifteen-year-old Klavier constantly fighting with Sebastian deBeste over the music room and their very different tastes in music.

anonymous asked:

Just a curious question, and no need to rush things; if you had to choose a faceclaim to your muses, which would you choose?

((Ughhhh!! I’ve been thinking about this for way too long, bth. Like…
•Lumi: Probably Hotaru/Sailor Saturn
•Zephyr: most likely Mitchiko Malandro from Mitchiko and Hatchkin or Fang from FF XIII
•Pela: I think Vera Misham from Apollo Justice: Ace Attourney is a nice fit.
•Winona: probably Lamiroir/Thalassa Gramarye, again Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
•The Widow: either Queen Beryl or Nelehenia, both from Sailor Moon.

If I had the patience and ability tho, I’d totally draw icons for everyone. But alas, not in the cards.))

koopakirby asked:

Robin Newman X Vera Misham

KK O MY GODDDDDD I thought you would have sent one with Clay because you know how much I love him


Who makes the bed: Vera…Robin jumps out of the bed and dOESNT CARE
Robin voice “It’s art babe don’t make it”


Who has the weird taste in music: Vera…scremo music NO it’s probably very odd tho

Who is more protective: Robin won’t let anyone touch Vera…Vera must be protected at all costs

Who sings in the shower: Robin and does it lOUDLY BECAUSE SHE WANTS VERA TO HER SWEET VOICE and Vera maybe too but it’s veeerrrry quiet but Robin nEVER MISSES ANYTHING AND STILL HEARS

Who cries during movies: Both but Vera does it rarely

Who spends the most while out shopping: BOTH BECAUSE ART SUPPLIES ARE SO EXPENSIVE and they both have to chip in; Vera usually adds a couple more dollars because she’s nICE

Who kisses more roughly: ROBIN

Who is more dominate: R-robin…

My rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10 thank you for showing me the light of this

endless-nine asked:

vera misham for the song prompt~

“You are a poisoner of minds
A speaker deep inside my mind
I find me waking up at night
Trying to find
What you are doing in my mind

You are the shadow that I fear
‘Cause you are always very near
You’re returning with the rain
And it’s raining again
And I embrace it as a friend”

Oh man Vera Misham, my lowkey fave AA defendant. It took me a bit to get something fitting but I feel like the opening verses from this song fit. The song (I can’t link because mobile) is No More Words by Cryoshell