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To spread some Ace-positivity after the Ace-discourse drama of today…

Here is a picture I took with @mishacollins 2 years ago with the purpose to raise some Awareness for Asexuality and also to offer a positive message to every Asexuals out there.

 His reaction was heartwarming to say the least~ 

It’s one of my fondest memory even tho it was back before I started my transition, when I was on chemotherapy, doing VERY badly and extremely sick. ( you can notice the mask I had to wear because I was immunosuppressed.) so I ain’t looking at my best there…

but it’s still one memory I hold very dear.

Thanks Misha for everything then~ 

So here is my message for everyone today : You are valid, you matter, Homophobia has to stop, Acephobia has to stop , Transphobia as to stop , everyone needs to stand together in these hard times.

Simply speaking, this is...

Television: What you watch.

Game of Thrones moves up to No. 2. with two episodes left.
The Tony Awards (No. 5) served us a beautiful reminder that hate will never win.
Orphan Black moved up five to No. 6 and everyone is still recovering.

Movies: Watch you watch, but longer.

☆ Word is Pacific Rim is getting a sequel. Word is that got Pacific Rim to No. 4 on Fandometrics.
Moana is back at No. 6. Congrats to Dwayne “The “Maui” Rock” Johnson” for his part in all this.
Bee Movie is at No. 15 after Jerry Seinfeld cruelly teased us of the non-existent Bee Movie 2.

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Music: What you listen to.

☆ We mourned a lot this week. Christina Grimmie (No. 1) will be as missed as she is loved.
Beyoncé slays through her tour, lifting her four to No. 4.
⬇︎ Demi Lowvato? Ms. Lovato fell eight spots to No. 19.

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Celebrities: Who you talk about.

⬆ An angel of our hearts took over Tumblr, but not even Misha Collins (@mishacollins) (No. 2) could beat out…
⬆ King Sebastian Stan, still reigning over this land at No. 1.
Lin-Manuel Miranda (No. 6) reminds us that love is love is love is love is love.

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Games: What you play.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 has been announced, pushing the franchise to No. 4.
⬇︎ Ace Attorney should go back to law school, it dropped to No. 15.
Skyrim (No.16)  is going to get remastered and it has you very excited.

Web stuff: What you explore.

⬆ We’re not trolling you: Homestuck moves up to No. 3 in celebration of Hivebent.
⬇︎ Hannah ❤️  (@mydrunkkitchen) returns to No. 15 after a spectacular Answer Time.

Mercy Pt. 2

Mercy Pt. 1

“If that’s what you really want, freshman,” Dean winks, “Then let’s begin.”

“Can I go first?” the words tumble out of Castiel’s mouth.

“Can’t wait to get your hands on me?” Dean smirks knowingly.

“I just wanna know what I have to beat,” he explains.

“You think you actually have a chance of winning?” the older boy barks out a laugh before gesturing to his legs, “then be my guest.”  Castiel takes a deep breath, gathering the courage to place a hand a shaking hand on Dean’s closest ankle.

He looks over at Dean with searching eyes to find the other boy grinning wide.  Cas swallows hard, moving to sit in front of Dean instead of next to him.  He slides his hand up farther to the middle of Dean’s calf, glancing up again nervously.

“C’mon freshman,” Dean taunts, “you’re going to have to give me a little more of a show if you think I’m giving up so easy.”

Cas puts his left hand on Dean’s left knee, sliding the other hand up to match.  Dean spreads his legs slightly, silently inviting Cas to crawl between them, but Castiel’s mind goes into overdrive and he has to close his eyes for a minute, steeling himself.  Having Dean like this, legs spread, the undeniable bulge in his pants so close to Castiel’s face, it’s just too much.

“You okay?” Dean asks, genuine concern leaking through his tone.  “We can stop any time you want.  I mean, I would win the bet and you would have to come downstairs to party, but we can still stop.”  Cas shakes his head no quickly, moving his hands up to the middle of Dean’s thighs.

“Ok baby, easy does it.  Take it slow,” Dean’s voice sounds tight.  Castiel thinks he going to cry.  Can’t Dean just say mercy already?  There’s no way he’s going to avoid going downstairs at this rate.  Cas slides his hands up another few inches, closing his eyes in concentration again and letting out a small moan.  The bulge in his sweat pants is becoming painful.

“Mercy,” Dean chokes out suddenly, “mercy.  Shit I can’t handle you like this.  Don’t move any higher if you’re not gonna rip off my pants and suck my dick right now, I swear to God Cas I can’t take it anymore.”

Castiel rocks back on his heels triumphantly, albeit surprised that he has that kind of effect on Dean.  He pulls his hands off the other boy’s legs.  “Take that!”

“Jesus Cas, don’t talk about taking things so soon.  Give a guy some time to breathe.”  Now that there’s some space between the boys, Dean is back to his usual cocky self.

“My turn!” he says gleefully as he switches spots with Cas.  “Ready baby?”

Castiel nods shakily, swallowing hard.  “Ok.”

Dean places steady hands on Castiel’s ankles, rubbing his thumbs across the bone twice, before sliding them up another few inches and then another few inches more.  When his hands reach Cas’ knees he squeezes; Cas inhales sharply and Dean smirks.  “Doing so good baby, look at you go,” Dean whispers darkly, his tone suggestive.

Dean moves his hands higher to the middle of Castiel’s calves and Cas screws his eyes shut.  Maybe if he doesn’t look at Dean’s predatory stare his raging erection will go away.  But the hands keep sliding up and Castiel can’t get his mind off Dean Winchester no matter how hard he tries.  He knows by Dean’s dark chuckle that the older boy has noticed his - er - predicament.  Castiel’s shallow breathing has given him away but there’s a nagging reminder in the back of his head: Cas got two thirds of the way up Dean’s thigh before he said “Mercy” and Castiel is going to have to beat that if he doesn’t want to join the party downstairs.  Which he doesn’t.  At all.

So he continues to focus on remembering to breathe, searching his head for images of his grandma and dead puppies, but nothing comes up.  Dean is in the forefront of Castiel’s mind, carving every other thought he has to read ‘DW’.  Dean slides up to halfway through Cas’ thighs.  “Dean,” Castiel whispers, a quiet moan.

Dean moves up another few inches, his hand stretching across as much fabric as he can cover, thumb brushing against the bulge in Castiel’s sweat pants.  Cas lets out a surprised gasp, eyes flying open.

“This is where Dean gave up,” he thinks pitifully, “only one more inch.”  Except Dean knows this too, and he’s not about to let Cas get off so easy.  Instead of moving one inch at a time, he suddenly grabs the top of Castiel’s thighs where his legs meet his body, reaching his hands around to grip at his ass, roughly clawing at the skin underneath Castiel’s pants.

Cas yelps, half moan, half cry.  A surprised “Mercy!” escapes his throat.  Dean laughs, pulling his hands away.

“Wow freshman, surprised you held out that long,” an impressed smirk lights up Dean’s face.  Cas focuses on breathing steadily.  “Guess this preview doesn’t get a full feature length production. Gotta say I’m pretty bummed, but a deal’s a deal.  I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the rest of the year.  But don’t think I won’t be coming back to see if you’re still not interested when this deal runs out.”  The older boy gets up from the bed and backs up towards the door.  He blows a kiss at Cas before turning around to leave.

A million thoughts go through Castiel’s head as Dean walks away, but the one in the forefront of his mind is a resounding “NO!”, so Cas makes his third bad decision of the day.

“Wait!” Cas says, the word leaping out of his mouth before he can fully think through what the implications are.

Dean stops dead in his tracks, turning back towards the bed with a triumphant smile, his eyes brimming with excitement.

“You could stay here and hang out just for a little bit, if you want I mean.  It couldn’t hurt,” Cas shrugs nervously, picking at his bedspread.

“I could,” Dean offers, perched at the door frame with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face, “but I would never want to impose.  Just my being here makes you uncomfortable, I can tell.  It’s fine, I’ll just go.”  He says the last part wistfully, as if out of a cheesy rom com.

Cas becomes frantic at the thought of Dean leaving.  “No!” he shouts as Dean turns to leave again.

“No?” Dean asks and Cas can hear the grin in his voice.

“Stay, please.  I want you to.” Desperation leaks through and if Castiel wasn’t so wrapped up in Dean right now, he’d probably cringe at himself.

“Is that right freshman?  You want me to come stay?  Wanna play Mercy again too? I saw how much you loved that game,” Dean’s glare is predatory as he makes his way to Castiel’s bed again.

“Dean - ” the younger boy starts, but he’s suddenly not sure where the sentence was going because Dean has his hands on Castiel’s ankles again, and - oh god - they’re moving up to his knees, climbing higher and higher back to the top of his thighs.  Then all of a sudden Dean fucking pounces on him, straddles his lap like he’s been waiting to do it all night and Cas - Cas whines deep and low in his throat because god he’s been waiting for it too.  And finally, after what seems like years of waiting, Dean presses his lips to Castiel’s and it all feels so fucking good: the bulge in Dean’s pants pressed to Cas’ stomach, Dean’s hands gripping Cas’ hips, Dean’s lips on Cas’, that Castiel can’t help but whine again, desperate for skin against skin.

Uncomfortable vibrations from Dean’s pocket interrupt Castiel’s frantic moans.  Dean breaks away with a cocky grin, still in Cas’ lap, and answers the phone.

“Hey dad, what’s up?”  Castiel watches Dean’s eyes widen perceptibly as the older boy chews on his bottom lip.  He begins to pick at a hole in his jeans and Cas tries to figure out the expression on Dean’s face.  Anxiety?  Fear?  Anger?   But that doesn’t make any sense.  Dean Winchester?  Scared?  No way.

“Yes sir, I’m on my way.”  Dean finishes, hanging up quickly.  He clambers off Castiel, uncharacteristically clumsy, and stands nervously beside Cas’ bed, obviously shaken up.

“Dean?  What’s going on?” Cas asks warily, but Dean just shrugs.

“Family business,” he says with a rush, “I gotta go.”  Dean presses a quick kiss to Castiel’s cheek before leaving the room shakily, closing the door behind him.

“Dean?” Cas asks again, sitting on his bed, dumbfounded.  The Avengers continues to play, the over dramatic moans come through the walls, and the house shakes with the bass of loud pop music.  Castiel blinks slowly, suddenly wondering if he imagined the whole night.  Swollen lips and shallow breathing remind him that yes, he really did make out with Dean Winchester and, yes, the same Dean Winchester just ran out without even a proper goodbye.

Castiel thinks to send Dean a text to ask what’s wrong, but then realizes he doesn’t even have the other boy’s number.  He makes a mental note to ask next time, if there will even be a next time, before realizing he has nothing better to do than finish the Avengers.  Cas rubs his fingers across his still tingling lips reverently as he turns his attention back to the Marvel movie, humming softly to himself.

What?!  Another killer cliff hanger?  Why yes indeed my readers, yet another cliff hanger.  Want part 3?  Let me know!

To everyone who sent in a message asking for Part 2: mishacollins-ismyspiritanimal aha-fuckthisshitimout wnchestersheaven @alltheanons