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What is your favourite cosplay photo of you and do you have any cosplay inspirations?

I couldn’t decide on one because I’ve been doing a lot of shoots recently!! *w*

Kogami Shinya - Psycho Pass

Mephisto Pheles - Ao No Exorcist

Shuu Tsukiyama - Tokyo Ghoul

As for cosplay inspirations - I really admire Mishacos. Their work is absolutely breathtaking and their Kaneki is literally so on point. <3 They seem like a really sound and lovely person too from what I’ve seen online! One of my all time favourite cosplayers. (for some reason it wouldn’t let me tag) -

Another inspiration would be Reika of course! Who doesn’t love Reika? <333

Thirdly - I think Kana is extremely talented and absolutely wonderful. Their makeup continues to inspire me every time they come up with something new!  http://natsunana.tumblr.com/

A lot of my amazing friends also inspire me a HECK load. We all support and positively influence each other, which is so important. <333

So Mishaco over on Something Awful's TFR just reported this:

“Anyway, now they ( I.O.) are doing the PM63c, which is a semi pistol version of the Polish military’s PM63 SMG. Well really its more like a submachine pistol, than a fullsized SMG honestly.
It fires 9x18mm Makarov and holds 25 rounds.

Its not out yet, but i am definitely going to grab one when they come out. Since the PPS43c was so reasonably priced, I am hoping the PM63c will come in at under $400 NIB. I also hope it comes with the holster, 4 mags, and cleaning tool.”

My body is ready 

My cheek weld is not