misha... did you notice how shy you get when jensen is around

Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 6

Summary: They say things never go as planned and oh were they right. When you are giving a second chance in life, you’re only just begun to live. A baby girl came to the world but it doesn’t mean their road is over yet. The story about their relationship and family while shooting Supernatural and attending Conventions continues…

Author: sleepywinchester [prev. deanwinchester-af]

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 1.6k+

Warnings: Fluff.


Title: Supernatural Live

A/N: Really hope you guys like. If so, please leave some feedback? xx


It was the second time you and Jensen have made the same sequence. The both of you would ran from one of the stores and hop quickly in the Impala, then Jensen would take off in a hurry. He parked the car back to the main mark.

“This time is just the take off, Jensen,” the director spoke through the walkie-talkie.

Jensen grabbed the device that laid in the middle of you. “Got it,” he said and placed the walkie-talkie back in the middle of the seat. “Can you pass me the gum?”

You hummed a ‘yes’ and grabbed the pack from the car’s compartment in front of you. Before giving one to him, you took one for yourself and grinned when Jensen clicked his tongue playfully. As you both waited for the director’s call to drive off, you glanced at the fans standing across the street. All quiet and observing their favorite show in the making.

“Do a dramatic exit,” you said with a half grin, and playful eyes, “Make em’ laugh.”

Jensen grinned as he took a photo of the fans. “A fishtail?”

“Yeah,” you nodded as excitement.

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Characters: Reader, Jensen, Jared, Bob Singer, Jeanie, Michelle, Misha (mentioned)

Summary: This was a request by @my-name-is-alice-ayers.  Can you do a jensen x reader where he and the female reader are sneaking around with each other because they don’t want anyone to know they are dating because they are worried it will affect their work on the show. But they get caught falling  asleep together in jensen a trailer but still try and to deny it to everyone. Thank you for your request love!!

Word Count:2.2k-ish

Warnings: fluff, literally one curse word

a/n: I’m really sorry it’s taken me so long to finish this. I’ve been without a computer for a little bit and I’ve been terribly busy. Please forgive me. I’ll be up and running soon:) thank you to @my-name-is-alice-ayers for requesting this, too

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“Cut! That’s it!” announced Bob just after Jensen, Jared, and Y/N ‘sped away’ in the Impala.

“Finally!”Jensen groaned. Because Jared decided he was going to relieve his bodily gas into the car without telling anyone, it took 30 more minutes than it was supposed to. It was already 1:00am and everyone was flat out aggravated and ready to go home.

As the trio got of the car and slammed their doors, Jensen and Y/N coughed and gagged.

Y/N strained out, “I think I need an oxygen tank.”

Jared laughed rolled his eyes playfully, “C’mon, you guys. It wasn’t that bad.” Jensen and Y/N both gave him the are-you-serious glare.

Before anyone could complain any more, Bob walked up to them with papers in his arms. “This is the call sheet for tomorrow. We may have some minor changes, but we’ll let you know when you come in tomorrow morning. Sounds good?” With a few ‘okay’s and ‘thank you’s, he walked away leaving the three of you alone again.

Y/N covered her mouth as she yawned, obviously a sign that she needed to get home soon. “Good job boys,” she told her friends. “I’m going to get Clif and head home. See y’all tomorrow.”

With a pat on Jared’s shoulder, she turned to walk away, but Jensen caught her arm. He spun her around to face him and with a pleading look said, “I’ll bring you home so Clif doesn’t have to drive across town to bring Jared home after you.” Although he didn’t make it very obvious, his eyes told her everything she needed to hear.

“Okay, yeah.”

“Well I guess we should get going before you fall asleep, then,” he chuckled, obviously rushing.

The both of them said their ‘goodnight’s to Jared and few of the crew members, eager to leave as soon as possible. When they finally made it to the car, Y/N let out a dramatic sigh of relief. “Finally, thank God.”

“You know, we’re starting to run out of excuses,” he chuckled, accelerating as fast as he could to get out of there.

There was a brief silence before she suggested hesitantly, “Or we could just stop having to make excuses.” Jensen sighed at her answer to him, but this facade that they kept up was going to go south one way or another and  Y/N loathed it with every fiber in her body.

She started acting on the show about a year ago, but was only supposed to have a 3-episode story arc. Her and Jensen were just friends, at first. A little flirting here and there, but nothing really serious until one day, Jensen had enough and just kissed her without any hesitation.

Y/N loved being there working with the Supernatural cast and crew, but it was hard to work there and be with Jensen. She thought that people would make it difficult for them to work together, so they’d decided not to tell anyone–not even Jared. At first, it wasn’t so hard, but months of it? She felt like she was drowning in so many lies that she couldn’t keep up. What made it worse was that recently she had been told that her character, Finleah, would now be frequently occurring on the show as a paradoxical-like character.

Although she told herself it was best for her and Jensen, a part of her thought that obviously if their off-screen relationship hasn’t affected their on-screen relationship by now, why would it after they’d told everyone?

Because Y/N was lost in her thoughts, the car fell silent. “Babe,” Jensen nudged her by pressing his knuckles to her thigh. She looked at him and he saw the vapors in her eyes for a quick second before he had to look at the road again. He couldn’t stand to see her upset; it made him feel like he wasn’t doing good enough.

“We will one day,” he comforted. “One day soon.” Those words made Y/N smile weakly. She loved Jensen, even if he didn’t know it, and  she wanted everyone else to know it, too.

 The next morning, Y/N had gotten up early because the call sheet read that she, Jared, and Jensen had to be there for 9, so being her always-prompt self, she made sure to be there for 8:30. When she got to set, though, she was told that the scene was moved to 12 because they needed more coverage on Misha and Jared’s scene. Of course. My luck.

As she groaned at the news, she turned to see Jared walking towards her. Before he could say so much as a ‘good morning’, she told him, “Our scene got moved.”

Then it was his turn to groan. “So you’re telling me I woke up this early for nothing?”

With a small giggle she informed him, “Oh, no. You still have a scene with Mish.” His eyes rolled out of his head at her words. Walking away, Y/N shouted over her shoulder, “Good luck J-Pad!”

She yawned as she walked to her trailer. Now that she didn’t have to get to hair and makeup until 11:15, she decided that it didn’t hurt to take a nap.

Before she got into her trailer, she saw someone running out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see Jensen jogging to the hair and makeup trailer, obviously late as usual.

“Jackles,” she called out at him.

With a confused look, he stopped jogging and turned towards her. “Y/N, we’re late. Let’s go,” he shouted, motioning for her to follow him.

“Our scene got moved dumbass,” Y/N explained.

His eyes widened, but for only a second and began jogging towards her. “Oh, psh. I knew that. Just making sure you knew.”

“Mhm,” she hummed, eyebrows raised. “Well, I’m going take a nap.”

She turned to walk into her trailer when she felt his hand grab her arm. “Come nap with me?” Jensen asked shyly. With a small smile playing on her lips, she nodded her head and followed him to his trailer, hiding like school kids even if their destination was only 30 feet away.

In his living space sat a medium-sized black couch that they fit in perfectly. Y/N giggled and plopped down and Jensen took the open space right next to her. With his arm around her waist, she rested her head on his chest. In no more than 5 minutes passed and they were both softly snoring.

It was around 10:00 when Jared barged in without knocking. “Hey Jay. Have you–,” he cut himself off when he turned to find his fellow castmates cuddling into each other.

“I knew it,” he whispered to himself. For evidential reasons, he took his phone out of his pocket and snapped a few pictures and an idea struck in his head. Walking out of his best friend’s trailer quietly, he giggled and decided to call Y/N instead.

“What’s up, Jare?” she answered groggily.

As much as Jared wanted to blurt it out at that second, he knew he shouldn’t. “We’ve got a scene in 30, okay?” he informed her. “They moved the schedule around again.”

Y/N sighed in aggravation. “Let Jeanie know that I’ll be there in a minute please.”

“Will do, Y/N/N.” He hung up. Oh, this will be good.

Placing a light kiss on Jensen’s forehead, Y/N gathered her things just in case anyone decided to walk into the trailer. Before fully walking out, she popped her head out and looked left and right. Once she knew that she wouldn’t be seen, she walked (well, ran) to the hair and makeup trailer that sat across the parking lot.

She rushed in the door out of breath, so Jeanie and Michelle gave her a confused and shocked look. “You alright there, hun?” Jeanie asked. All Y/N could do was nod. Knowing not to push her buttons, Jeanie patted the back of the chair, signaling her to sit down.

By the time Jeanie and Michelle finished dolling Y/N up, it was almost 10:30. If she wasn’t there at least 5 minutes before, she was going to have a heart attack.

Just as she reached the door ready to bolt to set, Jensen flung the door open. Both of them tried to hide their mischievous looks and act normal.

Jensen stepped back down and held the door open for her to walk out. “Thank you,” she said sheepishly while a blush crept on her cheeks. All Jensen did was smile back at her.

Although she wished she could’ve stayed there and looked at his shy face, she knew that she had a job to do. So with a small wave, she walked away, a little pep in her step.

Jensen stepped into the artificially lit room with still remains of a school-boy smile on his face. The two women who occupied the room faces him with smirks on their faces. As he looked at them, his small smile faded, but not completely.

“What?” he asked not-so-innocently. They both just laughed at him, but didn’t bother to say a word.

 Y/N finally made it on set at exactly 10:31. When she read the numbers on the wall, she could feel her heart start to race.

“Y/N!” she heard Bob yell in her direction. Hurriedly, she made her way to where everyone stood.

Jared was already in his marker ready to go.  He gave her a sly look and she couldn’t figure out why.

Looking back at Bob, she saw some post its in his hands. “Are you okay?” he first asked, noticing how ‘late’ she was. When she gave him a small nod, he continued skeptically, “So we decided we needed to add a quick little sniper to make it a little more dramatic when Finleah ‘leaves’.”. She nodded her head to let him know that she was following, so he continued, “I’m going to have Finleah and Sam kiss. Not long, but enough.”

We have to what? Y/N’s eyes widened at the words her boss spoke to her, but Jared let out a laugh, so she sent him daggered eyes.

“Let’s get going, okay?” Bob said. “We’ll shoot the kiss first, let you guys look at it, and then we’ll finish everything else okay?” Y/N noticed the camera’s looked off, as if they wouldn’t even be filming them in the at the right angle, but she didn’t say anything. She was just an actor, so her opinion was irrelevant. With a hesitant nod towards Bob, Y/N walked over to where Jared was standing and placed herself on her marker. She turned her back to him as the script said and took a second to get into character.

“And, ACTION.”

“Finleah, what are you doing?” asked Jared, his hand on her shoulder.

Y/N began to fake weep, her shoulders jerking slightly. “I can’t do this anymore, Sam. I can’t deal with the constant worry whenever you and Dean leave the bunker that you’ll never come back.”

In the background, the door to the set had opened to reveal Jensen. He took a few quiet steps when he realized that Y/N and Jared were doing a scene, so he decided to stand next to Robert and watch for a few minutes.

Y/N hadn’t noticed him until she turned to face Jared, but she kept up her act. “Sam, I love you and I can’t–” and that’s when Jared cupped Y/N’s cheeks with both of his hands and slammed his lips against hers.

Pushing Jared away, she felt herself begin to breath hard. Of course, she knew she was supposed to kiss back as part of the scene, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. The man she secretly loved was standing only 20 feet away from her. Jensen took a sharp breath in and Y/N was sure she could hear that sound sound from a mile away.

For the sake of not giving her and Jensen’s relationship away, she said in a low voice, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.” She tried to play it off by chuckling lightly.

“That’s alright,” Bob said, patting Jensen on the back. “Let’s go look at the footage anyway.” He waved the three of them over to the huge monitors. Y/N sent him a confused look, but went along with it anyways.

Jeremy sat in front of the monitors and clicked a few buttons before it came up. When Y/N and Jensen saw what was displayed, they both froze like deer in the headlights. Before them was a picture of the two of them sleeping together on his couch from an hour ago.

Y/N turned to see Bob and Jared standing with their arms crossed around their chests and smirks plastered on their faces. “It’s not what it looks like,” Jensen said guiltly, still looking at the screens.

Y/N couldn’t handle it anymore. All the lies and hiding were getting to her and she was over it. “Goddammit,” she muttered and with one swift movement, she turned Jensen around and kissed him. Hard.

Behind them, Jared, Bob, and a few others had gathered to holler and wolf whistle at them.

When she pulled away, Jensen’s jaw clenched in embarrassment. “Y/N, what the–”

“Jensen, shut up and kiss me.”

A Little Help from My Friends

Request: Are requests open? If so I’d like a Richard Speight X reader where rich flirts with all the ladies but when he sees the reader he stammers and gets so nervous, but eventually his friends tell you about his feelings in front of him and he goes crazy and walks out- then you follow after him and fluff or smut ensues ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr. x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected smut (be safe, guys), explicit language, public sex

Word Count: 3542

Originally posted by fraudulenti-vulpes

“Thanks, guys!” You called out to the crowd, waving a hand to all of the screaming Supernatural fans with a bright smile plastered on your face. You left the stage, the lights falling against your back as you made your way to the dim backstage area. You placed your microphone on a table, giving your fingers a few curls to shake off the ache from holding it for so long during your panel.

“Nice panel, Y/N,” a familiar voice greeted you, soft footsteps sounding from behind you.

You turned and smiled at Rob, your fingers carding through your hair to fix the strands. “Thanks! Is Rich back from his photo ops yet?” You asked casually, your mind automatically wondering about your long time friend, Richard Speight Jr., known for playing Gabriel on the show. You had never had the privilege to share a scene with him, but he did direct an episode you were in, and you saw him all the time during conventions. Plus, the two of you hung out with each other constantly. Being with him just felt natural.

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Living With Regrets - Part 6: We’re Family

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Rebecca (OC), Michael (OC), Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Cliff Kosterman, Jensen and Y/N’s parents mentioned,

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Warnings:  Implied smut, past abusive relationship, past deceiving behavior, Implied past rape (not graphic at all), threats   

Wordcount: 7100ish (for fuck’s sake! I am so sorry!)

A/N: This was a one shot - due to interest I worked on a storyline for a part 2 - it now has 10 parts planned.

Thanks a billion to the amazing and wonderful @blacktithe7 for being the world class beta that she is! And thanks to her for being patient and listening to all my whining over this one.

No hate towards Danneel. Let’s just pretend she is happy with someone else. This is fiction.


“You ready?” Jensen was standing in the doorway to Rebecca’s room watching her play when he felt Y/N’s arms wrap around his waist from behind as she rested her cheek against his bicep. Y/N and him had been together for a few weeks now and he had spent all his free time at the hotel with her and their daughter. They had both decided it with be best for Rebecca to get used to having him around, before they sprung the idea of another move on her. Today was the day they were going to tell her about it, and Jensen was nervous. He was afraid of how the kid was going to react. She was smart as hell, and he knew she would ask questions, which he was fine with. He just hoped she wouldn’t refuse or reject the idea of them being a family completely.

“Yeah… I guess,” Jensen mumbled without taking his eyes off Rebecca, who hadn’t even noticed they were there. She was deep in her game of being a zookeeper for her stuffed animals.

“Hey,” Jensen felt Y/N’s hand against his cheek, urging him to look at her. So he did. “She loves you Jay. There is nothing to worry about.” Jensen smiled. He loved how well she knew him, that he didn’t have to tell her how he was feeling or what he was thinking for her to know. Jensen bent down, pressing a soft chaste kiss to her lips.

“Let’s do this,” he sighed when he pulled back, making her giggle and shake her head at him lovingly before crossing the room and squatting down in front of their daughter.

“Rebecca. I got some hot chocolate in the kitchen. Do you wanna come and have some with us?” Y/N asked, and the little girl beamed and threw her arms around her mom’s neck.

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Summary: The Reader is at the All Hells Break Loose convention doing a panel with Jensen. Jensen then starts to stroke her head and shoulders. The Reader is not quite sure what’s going on. Eventually Jared and Misha come out and starting doing the same thing. She finds out its a prank and then she gets even with reprisal with funny outcome.

Pairing: Reader x Jensen, Reader x Jared, Reader x Misha, Richard Speight Jnr.

They are not married in this story. Their is no hate to any of their wives I love Danneel, Gen and Vicki. It’s just for the purpose of my story.

Word Count: 3105

Prompt: “You are going to regret crossing me in a few minutes, Yes you are.”

Warnings: NSFW, Touching, feeling uncomfortable, pranks, humour, coarse language and lots of moaning and groaning , smut, voyeurism, Foursome (Reader only), oral sex (male and female receiving), no man on man sex, explicit language, explicit sex scene. Lots of smut, orgasm delay, Safe sex.

Tagging: @deanwinchester-smut @demondeanismybaby @kas-not-cas @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @juanitadiann @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @thethingwewrite @jensen-jarpad @supernatural-jackles @darthdeziewok @donnaintx @one-more-spn-fan-girl  @just-another-busy-fangirl  if you wish to be tagged in future stories please let me know. Thank you

I like to thank @one-more-spn-fan-girl for being my wonderful beta for this story. It’s very much appreciated.

A/N:I wrote this as part of "Jess’s RPF challenge.“  I also saw a video where Misha was stroking Jared’s hair and shoulders and this kind of came out of my brain. I hope you like it. Comments welcome and much appreciated.

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A/N: Another Misha story?! Happy actor’s week! ;D

Artiste // Misha x Reader 

Words: 2496

Warnings: None!

Request: So you’re writing Misha requests?That’s actually very cool! Do you think you can write one shot where reader works on Supernatural set but as a make-up artist and she and Collins have a crush on each other. They’re talking a lot, whenever Misha sees her he runs to her etc. A little bit blushing never hurts ;) And it’s obvious to everyone but not for them. Jensen and Jared do everything to finally bring them together. Their plan is rather weird and embarrassing but successful. and Misha’s single.

– – – – – –

Your name: submit What is this?

If there was one thing the guys were good at, it was always messing up your masterpieces. And by that, you meant the makeup. 

Sometimes you were convinced that they did it on purpose. Jensen and Jared would come to you, grinning like idiots at how dirty they’d gotten, and you’d sigh and start over with them. Whatever it was, you always couldn’t resist the jokes about it. This was your job, anyway. Even if they did get into food fights when they weren’t supposed to, or wipe dirt on their faces even if the script didn’t call for it, it was fun for all of you to goof around. 

And it got even worse when Misha came along. 

That guy was a joker, even worse than Jared and Jensen, and he’d had you laughing the day he came in. 

“I guess you must be Y/N the makeup lady,” he greeted you that first day, and your smile had trouble leaving your face whenever he came around to get ready for the camera the rest of the day. It was like that from then on, constantly teasing each other and messing around, and soon, he caught on to what Jared and Jensen were always doing. 

“Hey, Y/N,” Jensen grinned, coming in that day with his fake blood nearly all smudged off. You groaned playfully and hit his shoulder, watching him fake the pain. “Don’t hurt me, it wasn’t me! It’s all Misha’s fault.” 

“I know what scene you’re filming right now and he isn’t even in it with you,” you countered, giving him a playful glare as you got to work. 

Misha’s character wasn’t set to film until this one was finished, and it was with Mark and Jensen in this current one. Mark had just barely come to get some touchups done. Something was iffy. As always. 

It made you blush that you even knew Misha’s filming schedule in the first place. You were always getting Jared and Jensen’s scenes mixed up, always genuinely happy and surprised to see one or both of them come in. With Misha, it was different. 

It’s because his name doesn’t start with a J
, you convinced yourself, nodding once as you applied more makeup to Jensen’s face. Less confusing that way. 

You didn’t even notice Jensen’s shit-eating grin until you pulled away to look at your work, and you raised your brow in suspicion, instantly wary about everything around you. From the look he was giving you, there was either something he wasn’t telling you, or he was about to pull a huge prank. “What?” you muttered, the corners of your lips twitching up a little as you fought your smile. “Why are you smiling like a freak?” 

“How do you know Misha’s schedule?” Crap. He caught on, too. 

As you fumbled with your words, the door opened up to reveal an equally ruined Jared, face nearly wiped of all makeup in general as he burst through the doors. It only took him a split second to see the look on Jensen’s face, and your blushing cheeks, and then he was grinning just like him. Something was up big time. 

“What’s going on?” he chuckled, taking a seat next to Jensen as he scrubbed the remnants of makeup away. “This wasn’t me, by the way. It was Misha.” 

“Why do you guys keep blaming Misha?” you snorted, adding a few more details to Jensen’s faux bruise on his jawline. “Is he even here today?” 

“You tell us, Y/N. Since you seem to know his schedule,” Jensen smirked, waggling his eyebrows to Jared, who had scooted his chair to be right next to Jensen’s as you worked. 

If it was possible, your cheeks flushed with even more color, but you couldn’t duck your head away like you normally would. That was the thing about being a makeup artist. You couldn’t look away from what you were doing. 

There was some unspoken secret between the two of them in that room, some sort of inside joke, and you kept quiet as they snuck glances at one another.
“All done,” you sighed, defeated, and then turned to Jared. “Let’s get that pretty face done, too.” 

“Oh, I’m going to lunch so I won’t need anything done for a while,” he smiled, nudging you playfully. “How come you don’t know our schedules? You’ve been working with us longer, Y/N.” 

The teasing was constant with these guys. You were expecting more, but someone called you out to be on set, and you bolted faster than actual lightning. Was it really that obvious that you had a crush on Misha? It was just a silly crush…it wasn’t like he had feelings for you, too. Most of the time you two were just flirting, nothing serious. 

Hopefully those two weren’t going to tell him about it. The only thing more embarrassing than Jensen and Jared teasing you about it was Misha included in it.

“Y/N!” the director called, waving you over once you went on set. “We need you to stay here for a little while. The rain’s making everyone’s faces fall off.” 

You nodded, acknowledging his request, but your eyes were only briefly on him until a pair of blue ones caught your attention, and in no time at all, Misha was running over, a grin ever present on his face. He nearly tackled you into a quick hug, careful not to make too much of a scene, and you flashed him a shy smile as he started babbling about what was going on. 

“I think I look so much better without all that makeup on anyway, but no one else agrees,” he told you, eyes squinting just a bit from how big he was beaming. “What do you think?” 

“I think you need to be camera ready but you do look just fine without any makeup on,” you agreed, shoving him away playfully and waving a few of the extras over to help them out a little. Most of the scene was gory and dirty, and they all needed to look the part, so you were in charge of dirtying them up with streaks of dirt and some bloody gashes, and that was that. 

Jensen and Jared and appeared halfway through your small line of people needing to be retouched, and you blatantly ignored them, hoping they wouldn’t say anything. 

“Misha, you’ve met Y/N,” Jensen smiled, a sly one that lit up his eyes in the most mischievous way. “She’s cool, right?” 

You whipped your head around to glare at him, sending daggers right into him so that he was paralyzed, but Jared had caught on and filled in for him. 

“Isn’t she just the greatest?” 

The best thing you could do to retaliate and make them both shut up for good was to dip a brush into some foundation and flick it at them, smirking evilly as it hit their faces and clothes just enough to make them flinch. 

“That foundation is expensive. You owe me money,” you told him with a curt nod, turning back to finish with the last actor before they ran off. 

“Misha’s next!” Jensen declared, shoving Misha forward with a huge smile, and gave him a wink before walking off with Jared, both of them apparently going to lunch now. 

There was a moment of awkward silence before you got to work, working on perfecting Misha’s face for the cameras once again, and then he smiled at you out of nowhere, something you were totally used to. 

“Sometimes I think that both of them have crushes on you.” 

He was obviously teasing, these two were fathers and husbands even if it was sometimes hard to believe, but you played along. 

“I think so, too. They came in just a few minutes ago because they said you ruined their makeup,” you revealed, not expecting the startled reaction from him. He looked genuinely confused, just like you would have guessed, and eased him with a smile. “I didn’t believe them, though. Those two are always messing stuff up.” 

Misha gave you a wry smile and nodded quietly, a first for him, and maybe it was just your imagination, but you were almost certain that behind all that makeup you’d just put on him, you could feel the heat of a blush. 

– – – –

A sick day wouldn’t kill your career. You really needed one; that was what your cough and rising fever were telling you. 

You looked as pale as the dead body you’d helped create and you were trying so hard not to cough on everything; the last thing you needed was to sterilize everything. So yeah, a sick day was going to have to happen. 

“I hope you don’t mind covering for me,” you told one of your assistants, voice apologetic as you packed up your bag to head home for the rest of the day. 

“No problem at all, go get some rest,” she assured you with a smile, patting your back sympathetically when you hacked out another cough. 

You sniffled a little and waved a weak goodbye, stepping out of your trailer to get to your car, but you bumped into none other than Misha before you could even get a few feet away. 

He was holding his face in one hand, eyes wide as he looked at you, and you saw Jensen and Jared running after him a few yards away, both of them looking amused but also a little worried. 

“Misha, don’t run away like that!” Jared cried, arms outreached for the actor, and you raised a brow. 

“Y/N, don’t let him go anywhere!” Jensen pleaded, but you weren’t about to do that without a good reason. 

“What happened?” you asked Misha quietly, eyes widening in alarm when he pulled his hand away to reveal a forming bruise on his jawline. A real one, not one you’d painted on before. And maybe it was a horrible time to brag, but your bruising makeup was pretty spot on. 

Jensen and Jared had finally caught up, flanked on either side of Misha, looking sheepish but not all that sorry to begin with. 

“Can you fix this for the shoot? We accidentally punched him in the face,” Jensen explained, Jared biting his lip to hold in the laughter. “We smudged his makeup and now he looks ugly.” 

“Guys, really?” you huffed, and the sudden release of air from your lungs made you cough violently again. “Now you’re dragging Misha into this little game of yours?” 

Both of them shrugged and nodded, not at all guilty, and you snorted a little at the gleaming in their eyes. They were up to something and it probably wasn’t something you would like. So, you’d give them a taste of their own medicine. Tease them right back. 

“As you can probably tell,” you began, waving a hand around your face and body, “I’m not feeling a hundred percent today and I’m going home early. Someone else can handle your accidental fight club today. I need fluids and probably some meds to help me sleep.” 

“Are you sick?” Misha asked immediately, completely disregarding his face to tend to you. It surprised you a little and you stepped back, eyebrow raised. 

“The more important thing is your bruise right now. That might be a bit of a sucker to cover up. How did they even accidentally punch you?” you asked him, reaching out to touch it, but Misha waved you off and scoffed. 

You watched in amazement as he wiped away the bruise with the pads of his fingers, easy and swift, and the realization that these three idiots had punk’d you yet again was nearly enough to make you even more ill.

“Are you joking?” 

Misha looked the most embarrassed out of all of them, so you left your glaring to the other two. 

“We can explain?” Misha tried, giving you a shrug and then looking to Jensen and Jared, a blush whirling across his face as he looked back at you. “This is going to sound like the stupidest thing ever but I already look so stupid anyway. Jensen and Jared were trying to be my wingmen – I hate that term and I’m never using it again – and they said that the way I can see you the most is by wiping all my makeup off to go and make you do it again. That sounds awful, though, and I don’t like wasting your time. So Jensen made a plan to pretend to punch me in the face and the one of the intern girls in the makeup crew, her name is Victoria and you might know her, helped me with the bruise. So that you’d have to help me…I don’t want to keep talking. Do you get it? I’m sorry.” 

“I get you,” you said quickly, pressing your lips together firmly as you sorted everything out. He’d gone out of his way to do all this just to get you to pay attention to him. As if you weren’t already doing that.

The way Misha looked so embarrassed made your heart flutter, and the smile that tugged at your lips spread without much of a fight. 

“Their plan was a little stupid,” you admitted, looking to Jensen and Jared, who still looked pretty damn proud anyway. You saw Misha duck his head, and you kept going. “But only because I always pay the most attention to you, anyway.” 

He looked up just then, looking bewildered that this had actually worked, and you gave him a quick smile before bursting into a very unattractive fit of coughs yet again, covering your mouth with your hand as you let it out. 

“Let’s get you home,” he urged, pushing you forward gently to lead you out for the day, and both of you groaned at the whoops Jensen and Jared were letting out, as if they had completed some sort of victory. 

“I think I’ve got it from here,” you teased him weakly, nodding towards the parking lot. “I can make it. My house is only ten minutes away.” 

Misha gave you one of those amazing smiles of his, shrugging a shoulder nonchalantly as he followed you out. “Consider this a really great first date, consisting of me making you soup and asking you lame questions about makeup.” 

“Won’t you get in trouble for leaving work?” 

It was then that you saw a grin so alike to Jensen and Jared’s that it actually scared you. 

“I’ll just tell everyone that those two giants punched me in the face and bullied me all day. Joke’s on them.” 

You felt lighter as a laugh escaped your lips, a little raspy, but genuine. And you even felt better when Misha tentatively grabbed your hand and led you to the car, making small talk to keep you aware. If anything, you were coming to the conclusion that Misha was the best medicine. Him and his fake bruise ideas.  

Safe and Warm

Summary: The reader is in a polygamous relationship with Misha and Vicki and on her way to their weekly dinner her self-hate slams into her like a bag full of bricks. Misha and Vicki help the reader through it.

Author: Nikki

Pairing: Misha x Plus-sized!Reader x Vicki

Gender: Female

Word count: 5,500+ post edit (was 4529)

Warnings: SEVERE SELF HATE! (like in detail self-hate); Polygamous (Maybe poly-amorous)relationship, fluff, NO smut(is that a warning?), inferred previous smut, body image issues, cursing

f/h/b= favorite hot beverage

y/e/c= Your eye color

A/N: This is how I experience depression and this story came from a dream that I had in my last “episode” it really helped me and I hope that maybe it can help someone else.

If you ever need to talk, my ask box is always open; I’ll answer anything that I can privately.

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Opening Eyes - Castiel/Misha Imagine

Summary: Sam Dean and the reader are transported back to the world where they are all actors. There are a few surprises along the way.

Requested By: @jayde0602

Coughing you turned over as water spluttered from your lungs. ‘Alright Y/n, you’re alright’ You felt someone pat your back. You groaned and sat up slowly. Sam was before you holding his head groaning. Dean was on his hands and knees coughing and spluttering. You bolted over to him. ‘Woah there bud’ You smacked his back. He grunted. You heard Sam curse behind you. ‘Jensen, you okay?’ You looked up at the man kneeling at Dean’s head who was patting his back.

He had a headset on him. You glanced around. Men and women stood around the three of you. There was cameras and computers and cars behind them. A tent stood on the far side of the clearing you had been in before you had passed out. You all were on the edge of the bank of the lake you had jumped in to avoid the stupid Angel battle. Angel battle, Cas. where was Cas. He had disappeared into the crowd after shouting at you and Winchesters to jump. Your head snapped around looking for him. 'Crap’ Dean grunted. 'Not again’ You felt hands on you and you jumped. Sam dragged you to your feet and then you both reached down to help Dean up. 'Not again?’ You muttered as someone wrapped a large grey blanket around you.

Dean grunted shrugging away from the one being draped around his. You shot him a glare and he sighed allowing the smaller man to do the same to him. 'The weird universe where we’re actors’ He grumbled hugging the blanket tighter to him. 'Are you three okay?’ A short plump man rushed forwards checking you and the boys over. 'We’ve radioed the paramedics, they’re on their way’ You wondered why you would need them, but then remembered that you were probably just actors and things like this were a big deal.

You allowed a smile to grace your face. 'We are fine’ You assured him. 'Although I think in need of a lie down, or a tea break’ The man waved you off. 'Of course, take the rest of the day off and however long you guys need to recover’ He gestured a boy over to you. 'Bob, get them to the tent and some tea and chocolate, chocolates good for shock’ The kid nodded and stuttered out for you three to follow him.

You did. Dean wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you under his blanket with him when he noticed you shivering. 'You alright doll?’ He whispered as you leaned into him. You nodded. 'How will we get back?’ You looked up at him as you made your way out of the group of people. 'What about Cas? What if he needs us and we can’t help?’ Your hands gripped your blanket tighter.

Dean let out a laugh and Sam smirked. 'Course you worry about the Angel’ You felt your cheeks heat up. Typical Dean. His best friend was back home possible dead and he decided to tease you. It was no secret, to anyone, that you were head over heels for the angel. But Cas had always failed to notice. At first you had taken him as shy and oblivious when he ignore your advances. Now you had just stopped, given up on them. It was true he was oblivious but he was also an Angel. He had no interest in you, he had no interest in humans like that. He saw them as fascinating creations, no more. That didn’t stop you crushing on him though.

Everytime you seen Cas you fell for him that little more. It was the eyes. The eyes that just shone goodness. The bright blue that would settle on you and send shivers down your spine. The full lips that just begged to be kissed, that he would part when he was confused. The lost look he would get when he didn’t understand something, oh you just wanted to take him in your arms and run your hands through those dark brown locks.

But what really made you fall for him was just him. How he was always there, how much he cared about humanity. How he had willingly gone against Heaven to help Sam and Dean. He was kind and selfless and good. He was pure and one of the best people you had ever met.

You glared up at Dean and he just smirked. 'Y/n’ You heard your name being shouted and you looked away from Dean. Your breath caught in your throat when your eyes fell on him.


He was running towards you. The trench coat flapping behind him. His hair was messed up. His eyes wide and a panicked look on his face as he sped towards you. 'Cas’ You breathed out. You slipped from under Dean he was saying something but you ignored him as you began to walk forwards faster than the others. Dean tried to grab you saying something but you were only focused on the Angel who looked pale and worried.

As soon as you were in reaching distance Cas reached out and took you in his arms. Your eyebrows furrowed as he pulled you into his chest. Tensing as he buried his face in your wet hair. 'I heard what happened. Are you okay? You’re not hurt? Oh I’m so glad you’re okay baby’ You slowly reached around and wrapped you arms around him too. Since when did Castiel hug you? And call you baby? And be this open about affection.

He pulled away slightly. His hands came up wiping your hair from your face. 'You are right? I don’t need to bring you to hospital? The medics have given you the okay?’ He leaned down his eyes searching yous. His hand on your cheek his thumb rubbing against your cold skin. You instinctively leaned into it likig the warmth of his skin against yours. 'You’re freezing’ He commented. 'But I’m okay, I’m not hurt. I’m just a little cold’ You reassured him.

You seen the tension leave his shoulder and the worry disappeared from his face replaced by relief. 'Thank God’ He breathed. 'I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you’ He smiled and then leaned down. Your eyes widened as he pressed his lips against yours. You tensed in his arms before sighing and leaning into him. He pulled away from the long peck and leaned his forehead against yours. His lips were as soft as they look. And set your body alive before. You gulped as he hugged you tighter. 'Cas’ You breathed.

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Jensen x Reader

Request from tinabean37:  Could you do a Jensen os where the reader is a huge fan and goes to a con on her birthday, and j2 finds out or is told, and they make a big deal of it and Jensen hits on the reader, and is cute and fluffy? I love your writing style! Thanks :)

I was so excited to get this request!  Because believe it or not, they are coming to my city and its on the exact weekend of my birthday!!! I am so unbelievably excited! So hope you all enjoy this! Including you tinabean37! Let me know.

Y/F/N= your friends name

“I can’t believe we’re here!” Y/F/N screeched

“I know, right. But we really didn’t need to spend money on the room. We don’t live that far from here.” Y/F/N jumped on the bed and plopped down on her back.

“Y/N! It’s your birthday weekend! We needed to go all out. Enjoy it!” You smiled at her.

“Thank you.” She jumped off the bed, walked up to you and grabbed your shoulders.

“You are so welcome!”

It was Friday night, the first panel was awesome. Not a surprise to either of you. You both walked down to the corner store to grab some snacks and drinks for the night.

You were on the elevator talking and laughing about what happened that morning when you hit your floor. You both stepped out, still laughing hysterically at something Misha did. You were digging through your purse to find your room key when Y/F/N stopped laughing. You looked back at her. She apparently stopped walking too. You walked back to her.

“Y/F/N, what is it?” she started elbowing you. You slapped her arm away and looked down the hall. You saw two tall, very familiar figures walking away from you, towards where your room was.

“No……It can’t be.” you looked back to her. “Could it?” she finally peeled her eyes off them and back to you. She smirked.

“Only one way to find out.” You scrunched your eyebrows. She took off down the hall.

“Y/F/N!” you didn’t want to run. You didn’t want to catch up to this embarrassment that was about to happen. You walked briskly though.

“Jared! Jensen!” she screamed. You closed your eyes squeezing them shut. When you opened them, your jaw dropped. These two tall familiar figures turned around and were facing you and Y/F/N.

“Oh my God.” you muttered to yourself. You picked up your step. As you approached, they all looked at you.

“Ah, Y/N. Well, I don’t have to introduce you to them, but this is Y/N.” she gestured her hands from them to you.

“Hi Y/N.” they both said in unison and smiled.

“Hi.” you smiled back and your pretty sure that your blushing.

“Looks like you girls are set for the night.” Jared looked down at your bag and saw all the goodies. Y/F/N jumped in to reply of course. There is no fear in this women.

“Yep. We’re going to have a Supernatural-thon.” You smiled but dropped your head and shook it. Then you heard their gorgeous laughs and looked back up.

“You girls from out of town then?” Jensen looked at you while he asked with that heart stopping smile.

“A, no actually, we don’t live that far from here….” Y/F/N cut in.

“Yeah, we’re just going all out for Y/N’s birthday.” You looked at her and smiled shyly. Both guys looked at you.

“Awesome! When’s you birthday?” Jared asked before Jensen could.

“Sunday actually.” They both raised their eyebrows.

“Really!? Well happy birthday. We might just have to make a shout out.” Now you know you were blushing. Your talking to your favorite actors, their wishing you a happy birthday, and now Jensen wants to make a shout out. You gave them a blush filled smile.

“Alright Y/F/N, let’s not bother them anymore. Let’s let them go back to their room and and relax.” you grabbed her arm and started pushing her to your room.

“Oh, you girls aren’t bothering us, don’t worry about it.” you both looked back to Jensen. “But go enjoy your marathon, and we’ll see you on Sunday if not sooner.” he winked and you both smiled and nodded.

“Oh we will! See you guys Sunday!” Y/F/N yelled as you both went your separate ways. Their room was coincidentally just down the hall from yours.

You opened your door and Y/F/N went into the room, you looked back watching Jensen and Jared as they made it to their room, then you followed Y/F/N and shut the door.

Jensen opened his door and let Jared enter, he looked back just in time to see you enter your room and shut the door. He smiled and then went into his room.

Saturdays panel was a lot of fun, and then the day came. The panel you’ve been looking forward to, and your birthday. 

You both got the gold package so your seats were a couple rows back from the stage. The guys came out and everyone cheered and screamed. It was definitely the best panel this weekend. They were hilarious and of course everyone had a lot of fun.

They were getting to the end of the panel, when they both looked at each other and had one of their silent conversations. Jared nodded and then left the stage. Jensen turned to the rest of you.

“So. Jared and I had the pleasure of running into two awesome fans in the hotel the other day. We got to talking to them and found out, that today is one of their birthdays.” Your mouth fell open. You didn’t know that he would really do a shout out.

“So Jared and I, took the pleasure of getting a little something.” Your eyes widened. They got you something? “So if I could get you up here…Y/N? Where are you?” he looked through the crowd and spotted you, he pointed to you. “Y/N, come on, come up here. Don’t be shy.”

You smiled and stood from your seat. Y/F/N patted you on the shoulder. You made your way up the aisle, and Jensen helped you up on the stage. He put a hand on your shoulder, and pulled the mic to his mouth.

“You didn’t think I’d really do this did you?” You shook your head.

“No.” He smiled and then turned a little wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you close.

“Alright. Well I hope you don’t mind that we got you something.” he looked at you and your smile couldn’t be bigger, you shook your head.

“Alright Jared, come on back.” Jared, Misha and Mark walked out on stage carrying a huge cake. Your jaw dropped. You wanted to cry. Then all at once they started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you, and then the crowd joined. They got candles that spelled out ‘Supernatural’.

After they were done singing, you blew out the candles. Everyone cheered and clapped. Jensen then yelled over the crowd.

“We’re all family…..So this is for all of you! You can grab some on your way out! Thank you guys, your all awesome! Have a great night!” more cheering and screaming erupted. Jared, Misha and Mark passed the cake to some staff and then they each gave you a hug and said happy birthday.

Jensen turned to you after you were done hugging everyone else and he pulled you in for a hug.

“We got you your own cake, we’ll get it to you later.” You could not stop smiling. He pulled away and smiled at you.

“Aren’t you glad I ran up to them now?” Y/F/N squealed. You were blankly starring at the elevator door.

“I can’t believe that just happened. That didn’t just happen. There’s no way. I have to be in an extremely deep sleep.” She grabbed your shoulders and shook lightly.

“Y/N…..this is real. That really happened.” the elevator reached your floor and the doors slid open. “It sucks that this is over.” You both made it down the hallway, you still in a daze. You opened your door and looked down the hall towards their room.

“You want a birthday drink?” Y/F/N pulled you from your daze and you entered your room.

“Absolutely.” you got a huge smile.

“Awesome!” she turned to mix your drinks.

A knock at the door broke you and Y/F/N from a laughing fit. You had Supernatural on the TV in the background as you both talked and just let loose.

You stumbled to the door, not from drinking, just from laughing so much. You were out of breath when you peeked through the peep hole, and then your breath was completely gone. Y/F/N noticed the change.

“What is it?” she pulled herself up onto her knees on the bed.

“It’s Jensen!” you whisper yelled to her. Her eyes widened. She started flailing her arms.

“Open it!” You bit your lip and then took a deep breath. Then after you pulled yourself together you opened the door.

“Hi.” he had a huge smile. You smiled just at the sight of him.


“I brought you your cake.” he lifted it a little, catching your attention down to his hands. He had your name put on it, it pretty much took up the whole cake. You chuckled and looked back up at him.

“You guys really didn’t need to do that.”

“I know. But it’s not everyday I meet a beautiful fan, and it turns out to be her birthday.” no doubt at all that your blushing now. Your smile of course never fading.

“You want to come in?” you turned your body slightly gesturing in the room. He nodded.

“Yeah.” he almost seemed shocked that you invited him in. After you shut the door, you stepped in front of him.

“Here, let me take that.” you reached out and took the cake from him. “I’m sure I don’t have to re-introduce my friend Y/F/N.” you said playfully, as you turned and put the cake on the bar that was in the room. He chuckled.

“Hey! That better have not been an insult.” You laughed. Jensen was trying not to laugh.

“No. How’s it going Y/F/N?” he turned to look at her,

“Good…..I think.” she looked at you and glared playfully. You laughed more.

“I love you!” that was your way of apologizing to her.

“I love you too.” she sat on the bed cross legged and grabbed a handful of popcorn. Jensen smiled at the both of you, and then looked at your friend.

“Hey Y/F/N, do you mind if I steal Y/N for a couple minutes?” she raised her eyebrows in surprise and slowly shook her head.

“No….no…absolutely, go ahead.” He chuckled and then looked back at you.

“Would you care to join me for a walk.” Your jaw dropped slightly.

“Sure.” you said slowly as you thought How is this really happening. He opened the door and gestured for you to exit first. You smiled and then looked at Y/F/N, she was silently bouncing up and down on the bed and clapping with a huge smile. You turned back to Jensen and made your way out of the room.

You both walked for about ten or so minutes, when you came to a lake surrounded by willow trees.

“Wow.” Jensen looked around and took in the scene. “This is beautiful.” you smiled.

“Yeah. I used to come here a lot as a kid, with my dad. We would fish, or just sit and talk, have a picnic.” you starred at the lake. Jensen could sense it was a sensitive topic so he didn’t push the matter. He cleared his throat which broke your daze, and started walking along the lake.

“So, was your birthday as good as you hoped it would be?” you chuckled.

“Better. I never in a million years, would have imagined talking to you guys, let alone walking around a lake with you at night.” He laughed.

“Well I’m glad we could make it a good one.” You looked at each other and smiled. You looked away first and Jensen eventually did too. All of a sudden he stopped walking. You stopped and looked at him. He looked like he was contemplating something as he looked around the lake.

“What is it?”

“Do you have your phone?” he looked at you and you nodded. “Can I see it?” You looked at him for a second and then pulled it out of your pants pocket. He reached out for it and you handed it to him. He looked back over the lake, and took two big steps backwards. You scrunched your eyebrows in confusion.

“What are you doing?” He looked across the lake and then back at you.

“Come here.” he reached his arm out and curled his fingers gesturing for you to come closer. You came to his side and he was doing something on your phone, you couldn’t see. Then he wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you close. He lifted your phone, he was taking a selfie with you! Your insides were screaming. You both got big smiles and he snapped a couple pictures, then slowly pulled away. He looked at your phone and hit a couple things, then he handed it back to you.

“There you go, some more memories to look back on.” all you could do was smile, you couldn’t speak to save your life. He started walking again, and placed his hand on your elbow to help you along. “For how much I don’t want to, we should probably start heading back.” he sighed.

“Yeah, you probably need to get going huh?”

“Yep. We leave in the morning.” You smiled sadly.

Jensen walked you up to your hotel door. You turned to look at him before you opened it.

“Well, thank you, for making this birthday, unforgettable.” He smiled his heart wrenching smile.

“Your welcome. Thank you for being here. I’m really glad we ran into each other.”

“Me too.” You were both smiling and enjoying each others stares, when Jensen stepped forward and pulled you in for a hug. You gladly hugged him back. As you both pulled away he kissed you on the cheek, lingering for a minute, then he pulled away completely .

“It was nice meeting you Y/N.” he slowly started walking backwards, not taking his eyes off you.

“You too.” you said sadly. He flashed you a sad smile and turned, walking to his room. You watched as he put his key card in and unlocked the door, then you did the same and went into your room.

He unlocked the door and looked back to where you were, catching you as you walked in your room and shut the door. The same scene he saw a couple days ago. He smiled sadly to himself wishing he could have spent more time with you.

“How’d it go?” you looked up to see Y/F/N anxiously waiting to hear what happened.

“It was nice. We walked around the lake that’s up the road and talked.”

“Did he kiss you?” You had a slight smile.

“On the cheek, right before I came in the room.” she squealed. “Oh, and he took a selfie with me.” you reached in your pocket and grabbed your phone.

“What!? Are you serious!?” You nodded and unlocked your phone. Your text messages were up on your screen. You saw the pictures that Jensen took. You were confused, you didn’t send them to anyone. You looked up to the top of the screen to see who they were sent to, and you saw the name Jensen.

“Oh my God.” you said just above a whisper.

“What? You didn’t accidentally delete them did you!?” she could have a heart attack for you in that second.

“No. He….he…” you coudn’t form a sentence.

“He what!?”

“He sent the pictures to himself.”

“Wait, what?”  she came closer and looked at your phone. Her jaw dropped. “He gave you his phone number!?” You looked at each other, shocked. “Y/N……..you have Jensen Ackles’s phone number!”

Part 2