[image: Misha Collins, with a red marker in his mouth, points to a piece of paper he’s holding that says “BuzzFeed.” There’s something written on the paper, but it’s too faint for me to read.“ Misha’s wearing a sweater over a button-up and a blazer over that, so he’s kind of rocking the sexy professor look.]

@SideOfGinger: "just hired misha to write for @BuzzFeed! He’s got weird ideas so far

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External image

@mishacollins: Not “weird,” “creepy." 

Source: Misha’s twitter

I dunno if this counts as strange but ahh well. Please excuse how the lighting makes me look so super pale in comparison to orange Misha. I got to chat to him for a while too as I was the last one to get an autograph, and he took my hands and smiled softly and said “You’re very beautiful.” I don’t know how I walked out of the room on my feet, I was so in shock.