I know what you’re thinking: “That’s just Misha holding his baby. What’s so strange about that?” Wrong. That is not Misha’s child. This picture was taken before his son was born. I don’t know whose child it is. When Misha posted this on Twitter, he wrote:

there’s a rumor floating around that i have had a baby. I have not (to my knowledge). Actually jim and i rescued this baby from a woman claiming to be it’s mother on the train platform in Frankfurt. Jim had it in his luggage on the way back to the US, but it was our bad luck that it woke up and started crying in his suitcase just as we were going through customs. Needless to say the border nazis took it away.

So Misha and Jim Beaver stole a baby in Frankfurt, apparently.

I dunno if this counts as strange but ahh well. Please excuse how the lighting makes me look so super pale in comparison to orange Misha. I got to chat to him for a while too as I was the last one to get an autograph, and he took my hands and smiled softly and said “You’re very beautiful.” I don’t know how I walked out of the room on my feet, I was so in shock.