And my final photo op! I’m so happy with this picture!! Jensen tried to take the pie while I was explaining what I wanted them to do and the poor guy looked heartbroken when I told him I was holding the pie! I just asked them to recreate the EW photo. When I turned back around to thank them, Jared stabbed the pie with his knife, Misha did the same with the spoon, and Jensen calmly handed me the fork😂😂😂

No-bad-angle Misha 😍

This man looks good even from angles that are unflattering to other people~

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Who wants a Misha heart button pin? I have 108 left from the Chicon batch so I’m making a list of those who wants one. I can only mail out a handful at a time every couple of weeks so it might take a while to get yours if you’re further down on the list. It’s still free and you don’t have to be a follower or give me something in return. I just wanna keep spreading the Misha love ♥

So please send me an ask or on IM to reserve your pin :) If I don’t reply back, that means I didn’t get your message so please send it again after a while.

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anonymous asked:

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate. Misha Collins is going to go home to his cute kids and not give a damn, get up and go to work tomorrow and not give them a second thought. Because he has a generous, forgiving heart. We should all be Misha Collins

Yes! If we were all a bit more like Misha Collins, this world would be a brighter place. :) 


misha’s panel at atlcon (with r2m in the beginning)

cas, random acts,  gishwhes, familly etc

(drop by youtube by clicking vid title to thank the lady who filmed the panel)

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quuuiiiiiiiick question. what's your opinion on misha and/or cas?

Quick Answer: 

As of S12, Cas being all S4ish has actually been kinda nice. I’m enjoying the Sastiel-y-ness of it all. 

As for Misha, I honestly can’t say I’m a fan of his, but ATLcon at least opened my eyes to something which affects how I see him now. 

I did watch the ATLcon Misha panel just to see for myself everything that I knew would piss me off (you know, instead of just reading about it on Tumblr), and I’ll start off by saying Hellers are the fucking worst
But I was actually surprised by Misha.
I don’t like him, and I sure don’t pity him for what happened, but there were a few times I almost felt bad for him because holy fuck Hellers are even rude to him.
Their ‘King’, and they’re assholes to him!
Like, beyond rude, you could see on his face more than once that he wanted to bang his head into a wall because they give no fucks about his acting or any depth to Castiel as a character, allllllllllllllll they care about is Destiel, and I can see where it’s really starting to piss him off/hurt him.
…He brought it onto himself, of course, over the years, but the fact that it’s getting to Misha, too? That he’s actively trying to avoid Destiel questions like he did during his panel? It goes to show how crazy the Hellers are and that he actively recognizes it now.

80% his fault, though, and I don’t pity him, but in those moments when the Hellers in the audience did it the most? I felt bad for him. Like one person asked if “he had any regrets in life”, and he didn’t want to answer at first so the girl started to walk away, so then he was then like ‘no come back, why do you ask that question?’ all soft voiced like trying to reach out and help the girl through her own inner struggles/regrets, and she was just the rudest with ‘oh, nothing, the fandom just wants to know ~eeevvverything~ there is to know about you’, and you could see on his face that he was pretty stricken, especially after the Destiel shit questions, so like…
They’re rude as fuck to him. His fault, but…damn do they sure know how to hurt the man’s feelings.
This coming from someone who doesn’t even like him lol, but even I felt bad, so that says something.He’s definitely starting to understand and see it now.

The monster he created.

I hope Destiehellers are proud of themselves.