Jensen’s Jealousy Over Jared At SDCC2016 ;)

This is another one of the best/most amazing videos on a long list of J2 TinHat history. The whole video is worth watching, it’s only 41 seconds long.

(Jensen’s look at 27 seconds is everything! He looks directly at Jared. It’s like he’s asking himself “What’s so funny? What the fuck are ya’ll laughing at?” lol.)


- K

I have a dog named Misha. And a dog named Jensen. I say some weird things to them. 
“Misha, stop humping Jensen." 
"Jensen, stop following me into the bathroom." 
"I don’t care if you don’t want a bath Misha, you get in that tub right now.”
“Jensen, no. Get off the bus. You’re not allowed to go to school with me.”
“Misha, stop eating my pillow!”
“Damn it Misha, give me back my teddy bear!" 
"Misha got Jensen pregnant, dad.” (Me when I told my dad my dogs were having puppies. Jensen’s a girl. Misha’s the boy.)