misha's puzzle

Register for gishwhes before May 15th and get 300 bonus Gishpoints! But to sweeten the deal, Misha has a puzzle for you to solve… 

 He’s written a personal email address on the back of a napkin and has hidden it… somewhere in the known universe. Find it & send him an email, and you and your friend will join him for a special Skype tea party. He’ll even show you how to make the perfect cup of tea! 

 Follow the clues on our social channels: https://www.gishwhes.com/g_blog/get-300-gishpoints-win-skype-tea-party/

Me: (way more confidently than I actually feel): Do you remember the pizza man?
Misha, puzzled: Yes…
(We stand awkwardly for a moment before he pulls me into whatever the fuck this is that I couldn’t tell at the time, but is apparently this awesome snuggle nuzzle which I’m now calling a nuggle)