misha's heart eyes

Spread the Word About Destiel-Cockles-Shippers-Connect!

We have already made a lot of connections, but it’s not enough!


  • Tell your followers to join!
  • Message the big blogs about this new way to meet shipper friends!
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This blog is helping shippers find other shippers living in their same area! Don’t we all deserve a friend to freak out with whenever Jensen and Misha make heart eyes at one another? Or a friend who understands just what all of Dean’s “Bert and Ernie/ Thelma and Louise” analogies really mean?

We can’t rest until ALL the Destiel and Cockles shippers are connected!



  • <p> <b>They:</b> Guys you are so stupid Jensen hates Misha, everything they do is scripted.<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * smiles and laughs at Misha's not-so-funny jokes*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * says Misha is his best friend*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * loves Misha "from the bottom of his heart*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * looks at Misha with the heart eyes™*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * respect Misha as a profesional, and appreciate how much he means to Supernatural*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> *touch Misha' s holy crotch and feels confortable with Misha around him and with physical contact*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * Spends time with Misha out of set*<p/><b>Me:</b> Omg you are right Misha is Jensen' s worst enemy.<p/></p>