misha x west


Misha talks about Jared giving West sugar at JaxCon 2017

😂😂😂 I don’t think uncle Jared has really learnt his lesson… This was at DCcon last year: (x)

Now, Jared’s side of the story:

Request to be adopted by The Collins Family 🙋🏽

How fun and genuine are they?

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The Unexpected Perks of Being a Nanny ~ Chapter One

Pairing Jared X Reader

Word Count: 2.1K

Warnings: Swearing

“You’re leaving?” To this very day, your mother’s words still rang through your ears.

The look on her face made you feel a thousand times worse about your decision. Four years ago, you needed to get away from your mom. She never really felt like family to you and your dad left when you were very young. You had a half sister and half brother. Twins, born from a different father than yourself. In the divorce between your mother and your step father, he gained full custody of the twins. You were about seven when they were born and nine when you never saw them again. Today however, you sat at the desk you recently purchased in your dingy, dark basement apartment, preparing for your finals in one of Vancouver’s finest Early Childhood Care and Education programs. With a smile on your face, you pushed the bad memories of your mother down and continued to read over your notes just one last time. You felt the finals went great, or so you hoped and thought. Your grades wouldn’t be posted until you graduated. Recently, you made flyers detailing your hopes to work full time taking care of kids, whether it’d be a nanny or a daycare owner offered you a job. With just your luck, however, you posted your flyers one week ago and you haven’t gotten a single message. You made your way back to the apartment, deciding to work on your resumé and send it out to local daycares and post it on websites promoting childcare. You heard a knock on your door and shot up, dancing over to it.

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Pair : Single!Misha x Reader
A/N: I know it’s been So long since I’ve updated it! But it’s finally here!!
Hope you enjoy!!

Part1: http://sincerelysaraahh.tumblr.com/post/122753873161/requested-by-anon-daddy-i-want-to-come-in

Part2: http://sincerelysaraahh.tumblr.com/post/122927046256/read-part-1


The Rays from the sun tingled Misha’s skin. He and The kids, decided to play at the park for a bit, before Vicki had to pick them up for the week.

Maison played in the sand, singing holes and dumping the sand all over her, while West ran all around.

Misha sat on the swing, watching his two little ones, but not able to focus. All he could think about was you. And how he screwed up the chance to ever ask you out.

It’s been a few days since you two seen each other, and he did whatever he could to say away from the bakery.

He didn’t want to make himself come off as a creeper.

“Daddy!” West yelled, catching his attention.

Misha snapped his gaze to him, and furrowed his brows. “Whats wrong Westy?”

His little boy began to push him on the swing, as laughter escaped from him. Something Misha loved to hear.

“When are we going to get cupcakes again? I want some!” He stammered still pushing his father.

Misha looked back at him, a smile appearing on his face. “You have a crush don’t you?” He teased.

West tried to keep from smiling, but couldn’t resist. “Nuh uh! You do! You like her!” He exclaimed. “My daddy’s in love with the cupcake girl!”

His son skipped toward Maison, still chanting out loud.

“I don’t know her! I-I” he began, but paused as he tried to figure out what exactly it was that he felt for you.

But then it him. Since the day he met you, he couldn’t keep from thinking about you. From wanting to know you.

Your smile was forever implanted in his mind, and he knew that was the same smile he wanted to see forever.

“Come kids! We’re leaving.” Misha stammered, hopping off the swing.

“Where are we going daddy?” Maison asked.

He scooped up his daughter into his arms.

“We’re going to get cupcakes.”


The bakery was a bit crowded. Not as much as before. But enough to keep you busy.

As Misha opened the door, West and Maison darted inside.

They made their way to the counter where you stood, giving the man his piece of apple pie.

As Misha set his gaze on you, he felt his stomach flutter. His lips slowly curved as he watched you do what you did best.

“Hi!” West croaked, catching your attention.

As you saw the familiar face, you couldn’t help but grow enthused. Seeing him somehow made you feel at ease.

“Hey kiddo! How are you?” You smiled, walking over to West, and taking him in for a quick hug.

“I’m okay.” He stammered.

Maison stood close to her brother. Peeping only enough to see you.

“And who might you be cutie?” You exhaled.

“That’s my sister, Maison.” West answered. “Our daddy said we can have cupcakes!” He smirked.

Daddy? That could only mean-

“Hey, you two shouldn’t leave me back there-” he stammered. “I could’ve gotten lost.” He winked, making them giggle.

“H-hi.” You exhaled, feeling your heart pick up.

He flashed a smile, making your knees grow weak, or so they felt.

“Hi.” He couldn’t keep his gaze off you, it felt like forever since he’s seen you, and yet he was still mesmerized.

“Daddy.” West groaned.

You snapped out of your trance and cleared your throat. “Right! Someone wants a cupcake, am I right?” You muttered.

You made your way to retrieve a few extra sweets for the kids, before bagging up the cup cakes.

“Thank you!” They chimed simultaneously.

Misha chuckled, as he watched the devour the cake pop you had given them.

“They love your sweets. They never seem to stop asking for it.” He laughed.

“Well don’t I feel honored.” You chuckled along with him. “They’re really adorable. And I’m glad they like my cupcakes, gives them a reason to come back every now and then.”

Misha enjoyed that you cared for the kids, even though you barely knew them yourself. The way you treated them with such kindness, it made him fall more into you.

“You know, I never did catch your name.” He exhaled.

You met his gaze. “Y/N.”

His lips curved more, making his nose scrunch up just a bit. “That’s beautiful.” He whispered. “I’m Misha.”

“Well nice to finally meet you.” You chuckled.

His phone went off, causing you both to jolt.

It was Vicki.

“I have to take this.” He seemed defeated.

“Yea, go for it.”

He made his way outside, putting the phone to his ear.
“Hey Vick, I was just about to call you-yea-no we will be home in a just a few. We stopped to get some cupcakes.” He spewed out. “We will see you in a little bit. Okay, drive safe. Bye.”

He shoved his phone back into his pocket, letting out a breath. As he turned on his heels, he stopped in his stance, as he noticed you with the kids.

Watching you as you served whip cream in their mouths from the can, watching them giggle along with you. It was something he hasn’t seen in so long. And it made him grow into pure bliss.

Misha pushed his way in and to you.

“Alright kids, unfortunately we have to go. Mommy is here to pick you guys up.” He muttered.

They both groaned, and frowned, not wanting to leave. “Can we come back next week?” West stared endlessly at you.

You stiffened your body and hummed. “You two are always welcomed here, but it’s not up to me. It’s up to your daddy.” You smiled, gently scrunching your nose to Misha.

West turned to Misha, and frowned. “Please daddy! Please!”

Misha chuckled, and nodded. “Of course we can. Where else are we going to get delicious cupcakes?”

“Yay!” He yelled.

West threw his arms around one leg, while Maison hugged the other. Getting whipped cream all over your jeans. You could only laugh.

“Alright, get your cupcakes and let’s go.” Misha stammered.

“See you guys next week!” You winked.

You met Misha’s Stare and reached your hand out toward him. “It was nice to see you again.”

He took your hand in, feeling an immediate spark. “Likewise.” He muttered.

You were about to make your way back the kitchen, until Misha cleared his throat.

“I-I was wondering if-if uh-maybe you’d want to go out uh, sometime?” He was hesitant.

Your eyes grew wide, shocked of what he had just asked. For weeks, you’ve been thinking about him. Wishing you’d grow the courage to actually ask him out, and here he was. Asking you out.

“I-I’d love that.” You exhaled, your smile growing by the minute.

Misha couldn’t contain his happiness. He let out a breath as he lightly chuckled.

“Well uh, what time do you close here?” He asked, never taking his gaze off you.

“7:00” you replied.

“Okay, well how about I pick you up after work? Maybe get some coffee?”

You nodded, still smiling like an idiot, or so you felt.


West slipped his hand into Mishas, snapping him out of your trance. “Right, I have to go, but I’ll see you at 7.”

“See you.” You stammered, trying so hard to keep from squealing.

You watched as they made their way out of the cafe. Misha still looking at you through the window.

But as he vanished from eye shot, you felt as if you were finally able to breathe.

“Oh my gosh.” You smiled to yourself. Feeling the blood rush up to your cheeks, as you grew with excitement.

“Tonight is going to be amazing.” Misha mumbled to himself.


Hello! I’m Beth and I used to do ships, but I also regularly write things that make me want to cry, and I’d love to do that to you in the nicest way possible.

Send a song, a character from supernatural, preferred pronouns, and your name,(the last two are optional I can write for everyone with a Y/N)
1) I’ll do them all
2) I’ll do them the best I can
3) I’ll listen to the song also
4) I will write in between

Popcorn and Craisins

Summary: Short drabble surrounding Misha, West, Maison, and Reader for their first Christmas together.  

Warnings: Fluff. Cute kids. Surprise ending.  If you don’t like sweetness, don’t read this.  

Dedicated to @d-s-winchester who wanted Misha Fluff. Not my gif.  

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“Misha,” you called out from the living room, where you were situated comfortably on the couch, your feet propped up on the ottoman, “I’m running out of popcorn!”

You could hear Misha in the kitchen along with the giggling of West and Maison and you could only imagine what those three were up to; they were just as mischievous as he.

“Poppin’ now, YNN,” you could hear the kernels popping as well as Misha yelling “ready, okay, here it comes!”  You waited patiently for the fresh snack, but it didn’t arrive.  

Meanwhile, in the kitchen you overheard your stepson’s gleeful voice.  You pushed yourself up off the couch and ambled your way into the kitchen and much to your surprise, there were the three loves of your life, catching M&Ms in their mouths.  More than their fare share was scattered across the linoleum and marble counter top.  Maison was crushing them under her palm and licking up the peanutty goodness.

“Caught it!” West pumped his fist in the air in celebration, crunching down on the peanut M&M.  

“Ah, ha!” you pointed a finger at the mess, “Having fun without me?”

“Never!” Misha watched as you plopped down on the barstool and graciously handed you a blue chocolate coated peanut.  “For you, my dear,” he raised his eyebrows as he placed it in your open palm.

You quirked an eyebrow, “You know, for a smart man, you sure don’t know me at all when it comes to chocolate and peanuts.”

“What do you say, kids,” he winked at them, “should we give YNN more?”

“Yes, Dada, yes!” Maison cheered and she watched as Misha counted down on his fingers.

“On the count of three,” he egged them on.  You shook your head and feigned surprise, three…two…one!  You were pelted with the rock solid candies and began swatting at them as they came flying, bouncing back towards the culprits.  

“Oh, this is war,” you reached into the bowl of warm popcorn and grabbed a handful tossing it at the three Collins on the opposite side of the counter. West countered with dried cranberries and you knew those would stick to your hair like tinsel on a tree. Craisins, popcorn clouds, and candy coated peanuts began to buzz by your ears, and before you knew it, the four of you were laughing hysterically on the floor of the kitchen, in a big pile of edible decorations.

“You do know we were supposed to thread the craisins and popcorn not destroy the kitchen, right. Mish?” 

The children nestled into either side of you, their heads on your chest, and Misha ran a gentle hand over your expanded belly. Kissing your bump he looked up at you from lidded eyes and his blue eyes glistened with mischief, 

“Now, where’s the fun in that?” 

“Right,my little bun of Collins in the oven?” he whispered to your stomach to which your baby kicked its father in response.

“That’s right, stickin’ up for Momma,” you teased, “thanks kiddo,” you patted your belly.

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Snowmageddon 2016

Characters: Single!Misha x Reader, West Collins, Maison Collins

Chapters: One-Shot

Warnings: None. Just sweet and fluffy

Notes: So this is all based off a dream I had last night. It was detailed an vivid when I woke up so I’m like this is totesmagoats going to be a fic. This is only part of the dream. **I love Vicki and think her and Misha are wonderful. No hate towards her but this is just how the dream happened.** Also, wrote this at 2 am sooo here’s hoping mistakes are minimal.

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“Wow the news actually got it right this time,” you thought to yourself. It was a Friday at the end of January and the snow was coming down hard. You had got home from work before it all started. After a long hot bath and getting into your cozy pajama pants and long sleeve crop top, you made yourself some hot tea. Sitting down in your chair in front of the fireplace, you pulled out your favorite book and just relaxed. 

After some time there was a light knock on the door. You almost missed it over the crackling of the fire. You furrowed your brow in confusion; who in their right mind would be out in this mess? You took a deep sigh and headed to the door. You were greeted with a gust of cold air and a face. A face you recognized. Standing at your door was Misha Collins. Your eyes got wide as your jaw unhinged and you just stood there staring. “Uhm.. Hi… Hello. I’m really sorry to bother you but my car broke down on the main road and I saw your light. Can I use your phone? Mine died.” You blinked a few times and stuttered out a “yeah… sure. Sorry. Come in.” He smiled and stepped in, two little bodies following him. You hadn’t noticed them when you had opened the door. You stooped down to meet their faces. “Hi. I’m Y/N.” You looked up and smiled at Misha. “What are your names?” You already knew the answers but you didn’t want to seem creepy. “I’m West!!! This is my baby sister Maison!” He threw his arm around his sister. You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your lips. Misha kneeled down and extended his hand. “And I’m Misha.” You placed your hand in his trying to will your cheeks from burning. “Nice to meet you.” You and Misha stood up. 

“Hey why don’t we hang your coats up here. You guys should probably get off those wet shoes and socks,” you motioned to their feet, “go warm up by the fire, I’ll get my phone.” “Thank you so much!” Misha said in awe. You smiled and nodded then headed off to the kitchen where your phone was plugged in charging. “I know a local guy that can probably help with your car. I can give him a call?” You looked to Misha raising an eyebrow. “That would be great thank you.” You called Bob. “Hey, it’s Y/N Y/L/N.” Misha made a mental note to remember your full name. “Yeah, there is a car broke down on the main road in front of my house… Yeah everyone is okay. They are here warming up. Oh…” You looked to Misha and made a defeated face. His shoulders visibly slumped. “Okay. Well when do you think you could get to it? That’s a few days. Okay. Alright. I’ll tell him. Yes a ‘him.’ No. Oh my God, shut up.” You pinched the bridge of your nose closing your eyes trying to think; missing the smirk on Misha’s face at hearing your end of the conversation. “Okay. So he’s in Flordia on vacation right now. He won’t be back until Wednesday as long as the airports are clear here.” 

You looked to Misha giving him a tight smile. Worry filled his eyes and he looked to hi kids who were busy pointing out shapes that formed in the flames of the fireplace. “Okay. Well thank you for trying. Come on kids.” He started headed for the door. “Whoah. Wait!!” Without thinking you grabbed his hand and he spun to look at you. “You guys can’t go back out there! Where are you going to go?” Misha sighed and smiled. “It’s okay. We’ll figure it out. We just…” You cut him off, “look please stay here. At least for the kids. I have plenty of room and a fully stocked kitchen.” He smiled, “are you sure?” “Absolutely!” You knelt down to West and Maison. “You two look like you could use some hot chocolate!” They squealed and giggled. You looked up to Misha, “is that okay?” He nodded with a smile. “Follow me!” Everyone followed you to the kitchen and you put on the tea kettle of water and looked to Misha, “I want you guys to help yourself. Make yourself at home. Anyone hungry?” “ME!” West and Maison shouted. “Haha you guys don’t like… pizza. Do you?” You looked at them questioningly with a smile. They nodded and shuffled from foot to foot. “Alrightty! Let’s make some pizza!” “How can I help?” Misha came up behind you. “Oh… uhm… Well my crusts are in the freezer. I’ll grab everything else. What toppings do you guys want?” “The kids will want cheese and I’ll eat pretty much anything.” He laughed. Wow. You liked hearing his laugh in person and not just on the videos you would see. You just stood there smiling like an idiot watching as he walked away to the freezer. 

The tea kettle started whistling. “It’s cocoa time!!!” You shouted over it. “Yay!” The kids exclaimed. You made them each a mug of hot chocolate cooling it with milk so it was a kid’s drinking temperature. “What about you?” You looked to Misha. “What can I get you? Cocoa, tea, coffee, something a bit stronger.” He laughed. “Tea would be great.” “Okay, well my tea cabinet is just there. Get whatever you’d like.” “Thanks. What about you?” “Hmm a good green tea right now would be good.” You pulled out a can of whipped cream and topped the kids hot chocolates. “Don’t tell your dad.” You smirked while looking at Misha. “Haha well they have had a rough night.” He smiled back. The kids “helped” with the pizza toppings.


A pizza and a half later the kids’ eyes were drooping. “Hey so sleeping arrangements. You three can take my bed and…” You were cut off by Misha, “No… no we’re not taking your bed. That’s insane.” You placed your hand on his arm. “Misha, my bed can fit the three of you. You’re in a stranger’s house and I think you and your kids would feel more comfortable together. I won’t take no for an answer. I have another bed in the guest room. Here. Follow me.” You took them to your room and hand the kids a t-shirt each of yours and gave Misha the longest-legged sweatpants you could find. Afterwards, you showed them everything they needed to know about where towels are and that you had previously bought a multipack of toothbrushes. “Wow. Thank you. This… this is incredible. I can’t thank you enough for opening your house to us.” “It’s my pleasure. I mean I feel that people should help other people. You know? It just… I don’t makes sense.” He smiled and you both said goodnight. You closed the bedroom door behind you and headed to the kitchen to clean up from dinner. Sighing, you closed your eyes but couldn’t help the smile creeping up on your face. What are the next few days going to be like?



Read Part 1 : http://sincerelysaraahh.tumblr.com/post/122753873161/requested-by-anon-daddy-i-want-to-come-in

Pair : Single!Misha x Reader


“So where do you want to go Westy?” Misha muttered, as he looked through the hole between the seat and the door.

West looked out the window and smiled. “I want to eat that yummy cupcake we had. The one with lots and lots of chocolate!” He squealed. Licking his lips as he remembered just how amazing they were.

Misha nodded. In fact, he had hoped his son wanted to go back. It would give him an excuse to see you again.

It’s been almost two weeks, and he still couldn’t get you off his mind.

“Sure that sounds great!” He muttered.
“Maybe we should get her something since she gave us those yummy cupcakes last time.”

West furrowed his eye brows. “Like flowers? Girls like flowers right daddy?”

Misha chuckled, and nodded. “Yes, they do. Good job West!”

He turned to face the front, and turned the key into the ignition.
“Let’s go get some at the store before we go get some of the cupcakes okay?”

He couldn’t help but have a smile plastered on to his face as he imagined your cute reaction as he gave you the flowers.

This wasn’t something Misha was used to. Getting this way for a girl. He was nervous but excited all at the same time, and somehow he loved that feeling.

(At the store)

West walked around as Misha followed close behind.

West found a small little cupcake keychain.

“Daddy!” He croaked.

Misha squared down to his son. Staring directly at him. West shoved the keychain into his face and smiled.

“Can we get her this?”

Misha watched his son gush over the chain. Staring at it as if he won the lottery.

“Of course! I’m sure she’ll love it.”

West chuckled and walked toward where the flowers were.

“Daddy! Get these ones!” West exclaimed. They were red roses, typical, but he let his son decide what to get.

“Why not.” He cackled.


You were tired from being on your feet all day. Baking up a storm since you somehow grew busy.

Something about an actor showing up? You weren’t quite sure. But it didn’t bother you.

You loved it and you couldn’t help but feel excited.

The door bell rang as both West and Misha walked inside.

You were too busy to even notice. But he did. He couldn’t stop looking at you. Your hair pulled back into that same messy bun. Your apron covered in flour. He had the biggest smile like a child on Christmas morning.

“Come on daddy! The line is going to get long.” West pulled his father up to the front.

Misha could feel his heart racing and his stomach flutter as they took a step closer to you.

As the lady ordered her Carmel covered Apple, Misha and west walked over.

You met his gaze, your breath hitches to the back of your throat. You thought you were never going to see him again. But here he was, standing before you.

“Hi.” His lips curved up into that cute smile you grew to like.


You both stared at each other for what seemed like forever. Just gazing into one another like two lovebirds.

“Daddy! Can I give it to her now?” West interrupted.

Misha blinked and cleared his throat. “Right yea! Sure westy.”

You finally took your gaze off the guy and averted your eyes down to West.

He had flowers in his hands.

He propped up on his tip toes and placed it on the counter.

“This is for you. Thank you for the yummy cupcake!” He flashed a smile. Making your heart melt.

“Aww this is so beautiful. Thank you.” You walked around the counter and knelt down in front of him.

He threw his arms around you without any hesitation. Pulling you in as close as he could.

“Oh and this is yours too.”

You looked down at his hand where the keychain laid on his palm.

“This is perfect. Thank you sweetie.” Your voice shook as tears welled in your eyes. Never in your life have you felt loved like the way this little boy has shown you.

Misha cleared his throat. “Yea we wanted to thank you for being so kind that one day.”

You propped up and place the keychain in your pocket, and walked back to the other side of the counter.

“It was really no problem. But thank you for this.” You met his gaze. “Seriously, this is beyond amazing.”

He curved his lips up, and nodded.

“I should put these in water.” You smiled as you put your finger up motioning for them to wait.

You ran to the back and placed the flowers in a cup and filled it with water.
Your cheeks hurt so much from smiling. The cute boy you gushed over the past couple of weeks, making your friends, family and coworkers annoyed with you. But here you were, getting butterflies all over again.

As you walked back over to the register, the boys were surrounded by girls. Cameras were out, flashes everywhere. You weren’t quite sure what was going on.

“What’s happening?” You whispered to your coworker, Marisol.

“Well the actor the customers were talking about? Guess that’s him. I think his name is like Musha callen? I don’t know.” She stammered.

You furrowed your brows. Everything was making sense. Of course you knew who he was! He was the guy your best friend drooled over from that show. Along with the other two guys.

“Thank you all for coming out. It means a lot. But West and I need to get our delicious cupcakes and make our way back home to Maison.” He muttered.

He walked toward you, making your heart pound faster.

“Sorry about that.” He smiled.

“Don’t worry about it.” You exclaimed. “The same as last time?”

He nodded.

As you handed him the cupcakes, your hands grazed over each other, causing a spark to ignite not only in you, but in him as well.

You swallowed hard. Not knowing what to say or do.

“Daddy? Can I eat my cupcake now?”

Misha shook his head and licked his lips.

“Yeah. Hold on.” He pulled out his wallet and you caught his attention.

“No, don’t worry about it. You both didn’t have to get me the flowers and the beautiful key chain. So please, this is on me.”

He smiled profusely, yelling at himself to ask you out.

“Thank you.” He let out.

“of course.” You whispered.

He pulled west up and placed him on his shoulders. They made their way out of the store.

His heart pounding, as regret washed over him.

“Good job Misha. Messed that up.” He muttered to himself.

“Good job Y/N.” You whispered under your breath.


(It’s long for a drabble but I will call it that. I will start with the new chapters the soonest possible!)

“Hello everybody and welcome to yet another episode of ‘Cooking fast and fresh with West’!” Misha exclaimed with a big smile at the camera.

“I am Misha and this is West and today we are really happy to have two guests with us” he turned to look at you as you balanced Maison on your hip, the camera moved back so that you were obvious as well.

“You probably already know both. One is my absolutely adorable daughter, Maison. Say hi!” you took her hand and waved it at the camera. You both chuckled as she visibly frowned at the camera with a small pout.

“And the other is, might I say, the most beautiful woman in the world that I am lucky to call my best friend for years now” he threw a hand around your shoulders, a wide grin on his face “(Y/n)”

“Hey everyone!” you smiled, setting Maison on top of the counter and waving at the camera.

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Imagine riding an airplane with Castiel and your kid for the first time. “Jesus Christ, how can you be taking pictures at a time like this?” you asked. You were squirming on your seat and sweating bullets. You weren’t that big on riding airplanes. “Me and Daddy are very brave. Right Daddy?” West asked Castiel. “Yes we are Westy, yes we are,” Cas smiled at West. “But we have to hold Mommy’s hand so that she can be brave too,” he said, and with that, West grabbed your hand, immediately calming you down.