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wAIT SHIT I forgot to gush to you about Kiss the Baker and The Siren and the Sea Monster! I LOVED Kiss the Baker, it's so fluffy and the way Dean explored his sexuality was so sweet and positive, it's a very good fic. And The Siren and the Sea Monster!!! Lord! Can I just say, I fucking LOVE Octo!Cas, it's my guilty pleasure, and your fic was so good!! Everything you write just gives me heart eyes. Ok, now I'm done :D

Kiss the Baker is the fic of my heart, Nonny.  I have a printed copy of it signed by Jensen and Misha sitting in a glass case with all my expensive knickknacks.  Every time someone says they love it, I feel like I’m being hugged.  So thank you for that.

Also, tentacle porn ftw, amirite? :D 

Yeah, I’ve seen that guy before. Cats go into his house, but I don’t see cats come out of his house.
—  APH Turkey, about APH Greece

So has anyone else noticed how….touchy and nice and smiley Jared is being around Misha the last few cons? Cause I’ve noticed and am so so happy to see it.

Like I know Jared and Misha are friends and, like most friends, they rib the ever living fuck out of one another. But I’m pretty sure Jared started noticing all the hate and threats Misha was getting a while back and this feels like his answer to it and his way of making sure he doesnt ad any fuel to that toxic hate fire. Putting his arm around Misha’s shoulders all the time, revving the crowd up even more when Misha crashes a j2 panel, making WAY less jokes about him. Like none at all. He just hugs Misha and smiles at Misha all the time now and is being so open about their friendship and the fact that he likes Misha and I love it. I just love it.