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Strictly Professional (Part 2)

Summary: Misha shows up at your door, and the two of you end up spending the night together. Everything seems perfect until you wake up the next morning.

Pairing: Misha x Publicist/PA!Reader

Word Count: a little over 2k

Warnings: smutty smut smut, a touch of 69ing and sprinkle of dirty talk for some pizzazz, an angsty cliffhanger bc I’m an asshole

A/N: this is gonna be the only part that’s 98% porn and 2% plot. but I couldn’t help myself; yall know I gotta include a part that’s just smut hahah.

*Warning: NSFW gifs below the cut!*

Strictly Professional Masterlist



You stood there, mouth agape, totally surprised that Misha was standing at your door instead of out drinking with the guys.

“Misha, what’re you doing here?” you asked.

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I thought this as being part of the LwR universe but it can be read as anything really. 

Glitter Everywhere

“Jensen!” Misha very dramatically yelled through the curtains, when Jensen hadn’t shown on stage 2 minutes after Misha’s own late arrival.

“Coming. Son of a bitch,” Dean growled into the microphone somewhere backstage causing the fans to erupt into a roar of laughter.

Jensen was running his hands up and down his clothes when he pushed through the curtains to take his place next to Misha, who eyed his friend up and down.

“Jackles I know Y/N is in Rome this year but couldn’t you wait until after the panels?” Misha smirked clearly amused by his own joke, which Jensen promptly ignored. Instead he started banging his hands together as if he was trying to get something off them before stepping up to the microphone.

“Mish you know what the worst thing about a house full of girls is?” Jensen pretended to sulk but he wasn’t fooling Misha, who grinned back at him.


“Glitter everywhere!” Jensen yelled into the microphone before doing a little jig as if he tried to get the glitter off him much to the crowd’s amusement.

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Hilarious Gold Morning Panel J2

Ok so apparently during the episode with dear Jessie there lies a funny story. Once upon a time there was a 6-10 wine tasting, and Jared and Misha had a little too much to drink, especially Jared. Misha threw up in his bed, and Jared showed up to work the next day still just a little (lot) drunk. He threw a shoe at Jessie, and he sat on the back of the couch and broke it, all while the crew (and little Jessie’s father) watched with 😐 faces. And Jensen’s just in the back laughing going “he’s still drunk”. Then the first AD told Jared to go to his trailer and sleep it off and Jared said “that sounds great”. Jared was laughing the entire time he told the story, and Jensen was just as adorably long suffering as always. The boys were suitably hilarious this morning.

“Well, he /is/ pretty hot.”

You can blame Jensen and Misha for this. (ao3)

Jensen is in the green room, relaxing for a few minutes before his trio photo-ops with Misha and Jared, minding his own business. He’s chatting with Jared about the panel when Misha slides up next to him, and wraps a possessive arm around his lower back. 

“So, you think I’m hot.” 

He states it matter-of-factly and Jensen almost spits beer all over Jared, who, traitor he is, starts keeling over in laughter. 

“You act like this is brand new information,” Jensen replies, flashing a cheeky smile at Misha. 

Jared tries to compose himself, but waves a hand between the two of them, huffing for air, and says, “I’m gonna go.” 

He practically runs out of the room, still laughing, leaving Jensen and Misha alone. 

“Well, color me surprised, but you’ve never blatantly expressed your love for my hotness in front of  fans.” 

Jensen shrugs, setting down his beer on the table, and turns, placing his hands on Misha’s hips.

“Maybe I just don’t care what anybody thinks anymore.” 

“Really?” Misha says, voice dropping it’s sarcastic tone into a soft uncertainty. They’ve been together for years, but it’s always been something hidden. It’s smarter that way, a lot of people wouldn’t understand the kind of relationship their two families have. 

“Yeah.” Jensen’s smile goes soft, and he leans in to press a kiss against Misha’s mouth. 

“So, you’re totally cool with me making out with you onstage then?” Misha teases, eyes twinkling clearly seriously considering the idea at the next convention. 

Jensen chuckles, “Okay maybe not that far, but I’m good with… ya know touching more, bringing up how awesome and sexy I think you are at every possible chance. Stuff like that.” 

“I can work with that,” Misha says, smirking. He presses a kiss against Jensen cheek and pulls back a little out of his arms, digging his phone out of his pocket. 

Jensen squints at him as Misha opens the twitter app and starts flipping through screens, searching. 

“What are you doing?” 

“You’ll see,” Misha giggles, tilting his screen away from Jensen. 

Misha taps away some more, and then pockets his phone, grinning, and wraps his arms back around Jensen. A few seconds later Jensen’s phone vibrates in his pocket.  He drops his hands from Misha’s body, eying him warily and pulls out his phone, reading the notification popped up on the screen. He raises an eyebrow, at Misha’s tweet, licks his lips, then re-pockets his phone. 

“Smoking, huh?” 

“Seemed more fitting.” 

“Yeah, well I’ll show you smoking right no-” Jensen hand’s slide across Misha’s hips, sliding down to grip his ass, coaxing a stuttered gasp from Misha’s lips. They’ve got a few minutes, and could make good use of a table nearby. Last night was good but Jensen’s already itching for another taste of Misha’s mouth. 

“Hey guys,” Jared’s voice sing-songs from the doorway, “I know you really wanna fuck right now but we gotta head upstairs.” 

Jensen and Misha sigh, practically in unison, kissing one last time before pulling apart and heading towards the doorway. 

“I hate you right now,” Jensen says once they get to the door, pointing an accusing finger at Jared. 

Jared smiles, slipping an arm around Jensen’s shoulder and flashes a grin at Misha, who stares back at Jared with a faux look of pure malice.  “Yeah, I love you guys too.” 

The three of them separate in the hallway once they see a volunteer, and together, head up to the photo-op room, where for the next few hours Jensen will desperately try not to touch Misha too much in front of the fans. You know, like always, just maybe this time he’ll let a little more touching slip through his reserves.

New Year’s Kiss


The mistletoe was still hanging- whether from neglect or deliberate intention was up for debate- and it happened to be right above a certain Administrator’s assistant.

It was one minute to midnight, and Misha, attempting to look subtle, had sidled up next to her, one moment all innocent conversation and pleasantries, the next, he had picked her up with one broad sweep and pressed his lips against hers.  The chant from the main room started: tennineeight

When they got to zero, he still hadn’t let go, and didn’t seem inclined to do so at any point in the near future.

For too-much-tv-no-social-life

They had decided to go out for a drink after finishing the first day of shooting, nothing unusual. The unusual thing though was, that Misha was late. Misha was never late, in fact he tended to be over punctual. Most of the time he and Jensen had to wait for Jared, who was usually always late.
But right now he was standing right next to Jensen, waiting patiently for Misha to show up. He had sent Misha text already five minutes ago, but Misha hadn’t answered.
“Okay screw it,” Jensen said, “You go ahead to the bar, I’ll go get Misha and we’ll meet you there.”
“Or we could both do and just text him?” Jared suggested.
Of course it was an option Jensen had considered, but he hadn’t seen Misha in weeks and it would be nice to have five minutes just with Misha. So Jensen shook his head.
“It’s okay, see you later,” he said and already walked towards Misha’s trailer. He could have sworn he heard Jared mutter something like “stupid, horny boyfriends” and chuckled.
When he reached Misha’s trailer he knocked, but entered before waiting for Misha’s permission.
“Hey, Mish, what are you doing? You’re late and Jared is,” Jensen stopped mid sentence to stare at a half naked Misha awkwardly dancing to some song playing on the stereo. Jensen didn’t know if he should laugh at Misha dancing in his weird Misha way, or be aroused because water was still dripping from Misha’s wet body.
“Jared is?” Misha asked, and turned around, not bothering to stop his crazy dance moves.
Jensen blinked at him confused until he realized he never finished his sentence.
“Jared is waiting,” he said perplexed.
“Oh, yeah sorry, the fake blood wouldn’t come off,” Misha answered and took a towel to dry his hair, his entire body shaking and moving.
“What…uhm,” Jensen tried not to laugh, “What exactly are you doing there Mish?”
Misha looked up, his puppy eyes staring directly at Jensen.
“Isn’t it obvious?” he asked, “I’m dancing.” And just to make it more obvious he lifted his arms and swung them around like a propeller, hips awkwardly swaying.
“Or failing at it,” Jensen couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore.
“What do you mean,” Misha still didn’t stop and Jensen’s laughter was giving birth to another unicorn.
“That you can’t dance,” Jensen giggled,”there is not one single dance you could pull off.”
He didn’t notice how Misha’s eyes got a nuance darker, but he heard the the low growl in Misha’s voice when he said, “You’re so sure, Ackles?”
Jensen just laughed it off, “Bring it out, Dimitri…Mish? What..what are you doi-”
Misha walked straight forward to Jensen and pushed him backwards into a chair. It was actually quite clear what Misha was doing when he swung his leg over Jensen’s lap and started circling his hips to the beat of the music. Jensen started to blush and stuttered, “That’s…that’s not…I meant…,” but Misha’s hands started to wander over his body, eventually teasing Jensen’s nipple through his shirt. Jensen couldn’t help, but moan. Misha’s movements got faster, the friction was driving Jensen insane, especially when Misha grabbed Jensen’s hand and placed them on his perfect, sharp hipbones. It didn’t help that Misha was only wearing boxer shorts, Jensen could feel that Misha was as hard as he was. He slowly started rubbing circles on Misha’s hipbones. Misha started placing kisses on Jensen’s throat, working his way up to Jensen’s jaw. Jensen was sure Misha could feel his pulse flying the moment Misha started basically grinding his crotch against Jensen’s, before he melted his and Jensen’s mouth together for a kiss. Misha tugged slightly on Jensen’s hair, his hips circling more frantically, lips locked with Jensen’s, until Misha came with a silent cry, panting into Jensen’s mouth. He separated his lips from Jensen’s to catch air. His hips now were moving so slow it was almost torture.
“You know, there is another kind of dancing I’m really good at,” he whispered.
“Really?” Jensen croaked, his cock painfully hard, dripping with precum.
“Yes, it’s called Horizontal Tango,” Misha said with a smirk and suddenly got up, “But I don’ t think we should let poor Jared wait any longer.”
He winked and walked across the room to get his clothes, leaving a horny and confused Jensen in his chair.
“Fuck you, asshole,” Jensen yelled.
“Maybe later, big boy,” Misha answered.