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What If I Kissed You

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Y/N Y/L/N, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Brianna Buckmaster  

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: A few adultish thoughts, Drunkish!Jensen, tipsy!reader, not much. Mostly fluff.      

Word Count: 1700ish

A/N: So I have been writing a lot of angst lately for my series and for and for angst day (yep I am gonna make y’all cry that day). So I kinda needed a change of pace. When I heard Temecula Road’s What if I Kissed You this one shot popped into my mind.

Thanks a billion to the bestest little sister in the world @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this one for me

Note hate against Danneel - I love her. For the purpose of this fic Jensen is single. 

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Being around Y/N on set was bad enough, but tonight it was down right impossible for Jensen to focus on anything else but her. It was a beautiful night in Rome. All his friends, well work friends, were there. Misha and Jared were laughing and talking about something right next to him, but Jensen didn’t pay attention to them at all.

His eyes were solely fixated on Y/N and the way she was laughing and dancing with Brianna. Hell, he couldn’t even hear the music over the sound of her bell like laughter ringing in his ears. He was drunk and not only on the “apple juice”  he had been drinking all day, but on her. She filled his senses and Jensen allowed his mind to wander as he watched how the short summer dress she was wearing clung to her curves in all the right places. Her tanned skin was almost shining in the lights of the club and her hair was swaying with her every movement. She looked happy and free.

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Love at First Video Part 26: Free Time

Misha Collins x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

A/N: I’m so sorry guys! I turned this fluffy little story into a little bit of angst!

You hated the days that Misha went to work. Not because it left you alone with the kids, but for the fact that you hardly even saw him right now. There were many nights you would fall asleep, lonely in that big bed you shared, only to wake up as he was leaving bright and early the next morning.

You understood an actor’s life was hectic and crazy, filming when they needed to, be it night or the middle of the day. But you hated the fact that the only time you seemed to spend with him was at breakfast, or if you were lucky a hurried love making session before you both collapsed in exhaustion for the night.

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@winjennster​ and @destieldrabblesdaily​ … I think there will be a second, porn installment of this tomorrow, but for now … we’re going with crack and fluff. Hope that’s good with y’all.

I am such garbage.

Misha busts up laughing as soon as Jensen walks into the green room.

“What?” Jensen asks, looking around—confused when he sees nothing funny.

“Seriously?” Misha wheezes, pointing right at Jensen and then doubling over, bracing his hands on his knees.

What?” Jensen asks again, this time—looking down at himself and feeling his cheeks burn. He doesn’t like being a punchline—especially when he doesn’t know what the joke is.

“I just … I can’t!” Misha barks. The man smacks his own thigh before straightening out and wiping at his eyes. “Oh my god! This is great!”

“What!” Jensen is yelling the word now and throwing his arms out to his sides. This joke is getting old very quickly.

But Misha doesn’t seem to mind Jensen’s frustration in the least. He just coughs and chuckles some more, finally sauntering over like he’s the king of the room. “Captain Cotton Candy” he finally says, walking around Jensen in a wide circle.

“What?” That word is getting old as well and it’s filling Jensen’s mouth with dust.

“Piggy Pants.”

Jensen scrunches up his nose, but realization begins to dawn on him as soon as Misha rounds about his side.

“Bubble Gum Britches … Kirby Crotch …” Misha mumbles on.

“Okay … yeah, I get it.”

“Oh no … there’s more.” Misha stops in front of Jensen, rocking back and forth on his heels while placing his fingers on his chin like he’s deep in thought. “I think you also said it looked like my ass was blushing …”

Jensen laughs with the memory. “That was a good one.”

“And Rich wished me luck on my ‘My Little Pony’ audition.”

Jensen cracks in half laughing now—not sure if he has heard that one yet, but it’s fucking hilarious.

“Oh … oh and Jared said that my pants may have been the same color as Pepto, but they certainly had the opposite effect— and he followed the remark with some very colorful gagging noises.”

Jensen can’t help but laugh louder—bracing himself with a hand on Misha’s shoulder, but Misha shrugs it away.

“So … what I want to know is: why I can’t go two seconds without everyone’s heartless ridicule, but you can walk out there looking like a gilded ear of corn, and no one says a word!”

“I believe” Jensen clears his throat, finally calming down, “that you just said one.”

“Yeah, but it’s still not fair! I wear pink pants once and then you come out dressed as the bottom half of an Oscar and I’m the only one to say anything?”

“How do you know? Jared could have been making fun of me all morning” Jensen throws in defensively.

“Was he?” Misha asks with an incredulous eyebrow.

Maybe.” Jared did smirk when he met up with Jensen in the hall, but he didn’t really say anything about his outfit, at least, not yet anyway. But, Jensen isn’t going to tell Misha that right now … this is more fun.

“I doubt it. Nothing is wrong when Jensen Ackles does it.”

Jensen rolls his eyes with that one. “Oh c’mon, man! Your pants were pink!”

“And yours are the color of baby shit!”

“That’s at least a color found in nature! Yours can only be found in nail polish and Barbie’s convertible!”

Misha huffs, now placing his hands on his hips. “I swear, I should just wear those fucking things everyday … eventually you guys would run out of things to say about them.”

Jensen squints at the man, quirking up the corner of his mouth. “You really wanna take that chance?”

“If it’ll make Jared sick … it would be worth all of your pant-colored bullshit!”

“I’m pretty sure bullshit is darker than this” Jensen says, pointing at his own pant leg.

“You would know—the stuff comes out of your mouth constantly” Misha responds, turning an icy shoulder to him.

“Aww, c’mon, Mish. You know I tease you out of love … and I love those pink pants” Jensen adds in, stepping in closer to his friend and laying an arm around his shoulder. “Whenever you walk around in them, it’s like watching a taffy pull.”

Misha growls and stomps away, leaving Jensen’s arm hanging in midair.

Jensen laughs again, remembering how Misha looked at that other convention when he was rushing away to his photo op, and the pink fabric bunched up around his butt, looking like a pair of his daughter’s bloomers … Jensen couldn’t stop laughing for a solid five minutes. He really does love those pants … they always put him in a better mood whenever Misha wears them; which isn’t often these days. His smile turns soft when he sees Misha aggressively open a bottle of water and chug it down. “C’mon, Mish … I’m sorry.” He moves in close once more, stopping when he reaches the man’s side. Once there, Jensen peeks back over his shoulder to make sure the door is closed—it is, and with that, he turns back a drops his head forward until it rests against Misha’s brow. “I do really like those pants” he whispers again, trying to sound more sincere so his friend believes him.

“Yeah … whatever” Misha spits, seeming like he’s about to pull away, but he doesn’t—instead slipping in closer.

Jensen smiles and winds his arms around Misha’s waist. “I do … you don’t happen to have them with you, do you?” He watches as Misha slits his eyes, staring into Jensen’s with a fierce intensity.

“I do … why?”

“Because … I wanna see ‘em again” Jensen offers, squeezing Misha tighter.

Uh huh … but, why?

“Because …”

Misha shifts in his hold and finally pulls away a little. “I’m not going to put them on just so you can tease me again” Misha grumbles, looking more hurt than he probably intended.

Jensen feels bad, grabbing the man by the belt loops and yanking him in close once more. “No … jeez, I’m not gonna …” Jensen growls with frustration, more at himself than anyone. “I just … I didn’t …”

Misha’s face relaxes, now falling into confusion. “You didn’t … what?”

Jensen sighs, repositioning their bodies so his head can lay down on Misha’s shoulder—easing instantly as he breathes the man in, feeling his warmth sooth him like steam from a hot shower. “The last time you wore those …” Jensen continues, more confident now that he can drown in the familiarity of their touch. “I didn’t—I didn’t get to take them off of you.”

It doesn’t take more than ten minutes for the two to find themselves back up in Misha’s room … two pairs of pants—pink and gold, lying in a garish pile on the floor.

Imagine Jensen making a comment about your sex life during the San Diego Comic Con which you have joined as new member of the cast.

“Honestly, when I got told that I was chosen for this role amongst so many other talented actresses I was over the moon. And getting to know her, (Y/c/n) I mean, is even greater than I thought.” you said with a smile at the microphone, looking around the room.

“She’s- she’s a very intricate person, she balances perfectly between madness and total logic. She seems to be so peaceful within her sometimes that you don’t know whether she’s planning to hug you or rip your guts out at that moment.” you chuckled and everybody laughed “Of course there is a reason to all of that which we will get to know this season.” you said with a shrug.

“As you see we’re gonna have lots of fun this season!” Misha said with a grin and you chuckled.

“Well, I believe she is one of the most interesting Supernatural villains and I am really happy to portray her.” you said casually.

“But could we like get any more information? Like, is there probably going to be anything with her like in- the Darkness situation?”

“Oh you mean Darkness and Dean situation?” you smirked, raising an eyebrow and people laughed.

“I vote for it!” you heard your husband exclaim into the microphone, eliciting feats of laughter from people and you.

You leaned a little bit to look at him at the other side of the table and chuckled at the grin on his face before looking back at the crowd “Well, about that-” a small smile was playing on your lips as you tried not to reveal anything.

You had read the script about the first 4 to 5 episodes and seen some chemistry, weird chemistry anyway, between her and Dean. Closer maybe that with Amara, but definitely really interesting. Maybe, if the writers end up making her the good guy in the end then who knew- something could probably happen.

“-So far I have seen a few things, read the scripts and what not, but she has a game in her mind and the boys are part of that. There are times she uses them as puppets and others- you could say that she wants, maybe needs, more from one of them. Monster or not there is always a part in everyone that needs to be loved-” you stopped for a second as the crowd cheered at your words “But- But-!” you raised a finger.

“How sure can you be the kind of love she wants is that kind we all do? She has a dark soul, one that only one of the boys can reach but that you know doesn’t necessarily mean Dean! And be sure she won’t be willing to give in to that, on the contrary she will do everything to fight it in ways that will probably…. make you hate her to be honest.” you shrugged with a smirk and although some – alright many – groaned they still all clapped as you giggled.

“My!” Mark spoke up giving you a look “People next time just don’t ask her a question! It will give you more food for thought than answers! Seriously? Is that all you had to say?” he gave you a look at which you laughed.

“I like sparking the interest of people.” you shrugged “Plus I like creating mystery.”

“Wow, (Y/n) Ackles everybody!” Misha was the one to speak up this time “Don’t you- don’t you get tired of this? I mean gosh, even when it comes to your songs- let’s not talk about the twites oh dear Chuck!” he shook his head.

“Why are you such a tease? She’s a real tease guys!” Jared spoke up with a nod of his head and Jensen did the same.

Boy you tell me?!” he exclaimed int his microphone making sure everybody heard. Just a second of silence followed.

“Wh-what?” Jared raised an eyebrow at him making Jensen’s eyes widened at his slip up as everybody, along with you,erupted into a feat of laughter.

Jensen merely shrugged, he too laughing at it “Well she is.” he said again with a shrug.

You brushed your tears from your face, your stomach hurting from all the laughter as you looked at him. Your cheekswere red and tha was definitely not because of the laughter.

“What?!” you mouth to him and he just laughed, winking at you which only made you laugh more.

“Oh gosh.” you wiped away some tears “Thank Chuck for waterproof mascara, especially when Jensen Ackles is your husband.” you chuckled and more people laughed.

Well this Comic Con is going to be one hell of a ride, right Jensen?”

Is This Really Happening?

Characters: Jared x Reader, Jensen, Misha
Words: 1555
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader wins a visit to the set of Supernatural and soon strikes up quite the friendship with Jared.

Originally posted by shotgunbrother

Your heart was beating wildly as the driver pulled up to the set of your favorite show, “Supernatural.” You still could not believe you had won the contest to be able to visit the set and meet the actors. You were shaking and nervous, but you were so excited. This was literally a dream come true.

           “Y/N?” as soon as you stepped out of the car, a familiar voice said your name and you felt the nervousness even more.

           You looked up at him and smiled, “You’re … Misha Collins,” you said, barely above a whisper.

           Misha gasped, “Am I really?”

           You giggled, “Sorry. I’m just really excited.”

           “Well, I’m excited to get to show you around and introduce you to everyone,” he said, “We like meeting new people.”

           “I can’t believe I’m here.”

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anonymous asked:

I know this is impossible because Misha's brain but what could possibly be going through his head when he brought up Jensen's trailer? When they tease each other and imply the other has a crush on them, it just makes me think that maybe they are just friends. I mean wouldn't they want to keep it secret? I love cockles but I admit I don't understand this stuff and I just never know how to feel about these things. I think you have some great insight when it comes to Misha so is it a good thing?

Well—first of all, thank you. I love talking about Misha and Jensen’s friendship because at its roots, that’s what it is. Whether anything romantic is happening or not, those two are still very, very close. And like with any very, very close friendship—the people around them can wonder “just how close are they?”

It happened with my best friend. We were both considered lesbians while we were growing up because we were just so close … and we played into that because, well … why the hell not? It wasn’t really not true. We may not have been sleeping together, but we were extremely intimate. We always said we’d end up together some day. We called each other “my other half” and “my soul mate” so really—I think a very close friend is basically a lover without the skin to skin.

Now, with Jensen and Misha … I feel like they may be very much the same way. I (sadly) don’t have any evidence to prove the skin to skin stuff, so I can’t say if they are sleeping together … but it’s a lovely thought to have, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were; because the one thing that my best friend and I didn’t do, was check each other out all the time. Jensen and Misha always look one another up and down, and stare at the other’s backsides, and lick their lips when they are looking at the other speak. Yeah … I didn’t do that with my friend. So, the fact that Jensen and Misha do do that, probably leads all the people who are constantly around them—to tease them about being closer than they let on. Since that whole cast and crew is so tight knit, I imagine that this teasing soon turned into a running joke. Every actor has pretty much said so at one point or another. Ruth talks about the “crushes” on set and others talk about how Misha loves it when Jensen sings … it’s not a secret that they all are aware of the closeness between those two.

Now—as for Misha’s comment … let’s just think about Misha’s personality for a second. He is not one to hide from something. He doesn’t shy away or get embarrassed by most ideas and comments that are thrown at him; so when friends, family, fans … basically anyone, comes up and says “Dude, why are you flirting with Jensen so much?” he wouldn’t respond with “Me? No! I would never!”

That’s just not Misha’s style.

He’d more likely say: “Well, what else would you want me to do?”

Misha likes to play along, he likes to go with the joke—and he often likes to further the joke, because he enjoys turning things around on people. People who tease are usually pretty easy to tease back and Misha knows that. My friend and I did the same thing. When someone would be like “Are you two lesbians or something?” Instead of denying it, we’d grab each other, slip our hands into each other’s back pockets and just say “Maybe. So what?”

That person would usually get flustered and leave us alone. Misha defuses situations by playing into them.

Now, with that being said—when it comes to his close friends, I’m sure he’s not trying to get rid of them when they make those comments, he probably just enjoys the easiness of going with the joke. It makes him feel like part of the fun rather than on the outside of it, and I think that honestly—that’s all that “Jensen’s trailer” comment was. It was him just being part of the fun. Turning the conversation back to a running joke that is familiar to both him and Mark. It made that situation, that moment, more friendly and comfortable for the both of them. Everyone does this with their friends; and it usually always sounds weird to someone who isn’t on the inside with them.

But just because this all is a running joke on set, doesn’t necessarily mean that Cockles isn’t real … it’s just not that big of a deal.

The people who are on or work for Supernatural may know about the real relationship between Jensen and Misha, or they may know that there isn’t anything sexual between them, or they don’t know anything for certain and they wouldn’t care either way. No matter what, Jensen and Misha probably don’t go around announcing that they fucked the night before. And if they are trying to keep something secret… well, being really secretive is usually the quickest way of telling people that you have something to hide. However, again … if you go along with a joke or mock an idea, you come off looking less suspicious.

Again … Misha knows this.

And he’s good at it.

Unlike Jensen.

Jensen is my biggest tell that they might actually be romantically involved. Where Misha always acts like he’s just messing around and teasing and having fun, Jensen tries to do the same thing … but the boy kind of sucks at it.

Jensen will joke about Misha—trying to act like there’s nothing going on, but usually, he just ends up complimenting some physical aspect of the man, or saying something he didn’t intend to say, then he gets all flustered and quiet. Like the “that’s how he sounds in the morning” comment. He was trying to tease the guy about the squeaky voice he just used, but ended up putting the spotlight on himself.

God bless Jensen and his horrible subtly.

So, I know I rambled just now but hopefully you got what I was trying to say. Friendships and relationships and human actions and error are all multidimensional and can’t be defined in one instance. We often judge without thinking of how we ourselves do things. Put yourself into these situations, how would you act? What would you mean by doing it? What would you say?

There are no exact definitions and no one can climb inside someone else’s head to figure out what’s going on, but we can assume as long as we keep things based on human nature.

I truly believe that Jensen and Misha—at least once, have been romantic. That is just my opinion, but I do believe it’s true. How Misha acts and especially how Jensen acts lead me to that conclusion; but I am not going down swinging on that idea. If Chuck himself came down to me and said that those two were only friends, I’d accept that easily—because their friendship is beautiful and close, and I know from personal experience, just how happy a friendship like that can make someone. So just because kissing and sex wasn’t involved, doesn’t mean that a level of intimacy wasn’t felt.

Cockles is real … it’s real because those two care about each other.

anonymous asked:

Hi you! I always agree so much with the things you post regarding Cas sexuality, Megstiel and other stuff and now I wonder what do you think about the jibcon situation and jared and jensen comments about destiel?

#Long post.

Aw, thank you! I guess this thing being my special interest pays off somehow then. ^^

I have to see the video before I judge for sure, I’ve given up on PR being any indication of the show one way or another when it comes to ‘where ships are going’ (the actors are too often joking, or deflecting, or outright lying because they were prompted to or that’s what they’re supposed to think), but yeah, they hurt, even though I’ve seen some accounts that justify them well by the fact that he’s likely talking about what he was talking about with Wincest—which is that he’s not playing them as though they’re together already. He’s not playing Dean like he’s fucked Cas or they’re in a relationship; he’s playing Dean like that’s set to happen, and it’s all onscreen, no secrets left really. I could believe that, but it doesn’t matter, cos I’m watching the show to figure it out. I stopped trusting Jensen’s word as opposed to Dean’s actions ages ago. (As for Jared, I wasn’t aware he said anything? Sources, people?)

On another note, though, about fandom’s reaction.

I need to say a couple things—NOT TO YOU specifically but fandom’s readers in general—first and foremost:

His discomfort isn’t important.

Let me fucking say this again, in case someone missed it.


Stop it, fandom, STOP prioritizing what is understood as the whining of a straight guy over his character and the relationship his character has with another male character being justifiably read as queer because the narrative frames him that way to keep us around over the feelings of queer people who express justifiable disappointment when the baiting seems to be revealed as just that—baiting us and switching over to “just friends” and “HETERO HETERO HETERO” (which usually turns out to be normalized rape and which usually reduces female characters to the prevalent cultural stereotype of lying women, in this particular show).

And god, PLEASE quit telling us not to be disappointed by something that is set up to disappoint us and remember that he, the straight guy, has the power and privilege to disappoint us and blame us for it. Even if you’re “trying to help” or whatever, it reads as telling us our feelings aren’t valid because we weren’t as cynically resigned to the world hating us and erasing us—telling us that this love story is ours and then snatching that away—as you were.

Let me make it really clear so you don’t miss this.

In the event that he meant with relationship potential instead of already in one, Jensen disliking Dean/Cas as a queer pairing, disliking that it gets read that way when he “doesn’t play it that way” (and so said by a man who self-professedly doesn’t remember a lot of what he does as Dean, who’s not Method, who just kind of lets go and trusts that he’s acting like Dean would after ten years of playing him) as some sort of disrespect to how he plays the character…is not necessarily homophobic. It definitely has tones of heterosexism, but it’s not necessarily homophobic.

HOWEVER. Jensen saying that he’s “glad Dean and Cas didn’t have so many scenes together” or some variation of this because it’s been “blown out of proportion” is. It is homophobic, and let me tell you why. 

Because that implies he’d rather the narrative suffer, the characters suffer, the characters’ and relationship’s development (things he and Misha have both admitted they love playing) according to the what’s already been established between them suffer, the fans be deprived of their relationship in general when it’s one of the major selling points of the show, than have to deal with the straight boy discomfort of his character being read as queer and in love with another male character.

If Jensen would rather avoid Dean and Cas scenes than accept the very valid, and in many ways purposefully encouraged, reading of Dean and Dean/Cas as queer and closing in on canon romance more and more by the episode, that, would in fact, be homophobia.

If Jensen would rather spare himself those readings than play Dean as Dean is to be played, if he would rather Dean—Mr “No One Wants Him Here More Than I Do”—be deprived of a rich onscreen relationship of any kind with Castiel just so he can avoid his character’s queerness, that’s homophobia. If you dispute that, then you are buying what homophobia sells: that straight people are being hurt somehow by having people read them—not even them, but their characters—as queer. That these straight people should blame those viewers reading said queerness for this punishment we’re heaping on them instead of the fucking writers and other PTB for writing queerness into the text only so far as to make us seem “delusional” when we can see it and others can’t.

Queerness is not a punishment for straight guys offered by queer people who don’t know what friendship is between guys; queer readings are not damaging to the character, the relationship, or the show, much less the actors in the show (unless you’re—y’know—taking them to the point of SPN_gossip and hating on their actual wives). If Jensen is uncomfortable, I’d like to fucking know why, and if he’s not, I’d like to know why fandom feels more comfortable projecting their own discomfort onto him than examining whether or not anybody should be. If you, as a part of fandom, are taking this as law, as indication that Destiel HURTS Jensen and thus should be kept away from him in any and all ways including in the professional capacity depicting Dean onscreen, I’d like you to examine why he’d be hurt by it and whether that discomfort is important in the scheme of the dreams of literally thousands of queer people—dreams that have been teased, been created, by the text itself.

Because let me tell you, it’s not.

Back to reading what Jensen said and why, even if it makes no difference. I personally think that part of how Misha and Jensen acted afterward, after this conversation, is meant to keep easing us into the idea of these men being intimate. I think that much of what’s already been said, about how there’s nothing “secret” between them offscreen (and I’m thinking that’s a good thing, considering how many of the times fandom postulates they fucked coincide with unappealing situations), that there is no actual MUTUAL romantisexual relationship we can’t see, that they’re not together, is entirely correct. But they are kindred spirits, they’re soulmates (a word that is too explicitly romantic when not between brothers to use, something that’d tip us off way too fast for the show’s current pacing of this storylne), and so Jensen’s really not wrong about a lot of what he knows.

I also need people to remember that Misha is Method and Jensen is not, and that’s part of why Misha pays more attention to this shit while it’s happening between their characters—and is more cognizant of what he’s saying with how he acts when playing Castiel as a result—than Jensen does; Jensen has admitted before that he doesn’t remember some of what he does in-character, that he just lets go and the Dean part of him takes over after ten years, that he has to forcibly tug himself away from Dean’s mindset at times (and tell me you can’t imagine Dean Winchester saying ‘there’s nothing going on between me and Cas where you can’t see, assholes, you’re way overthinking this’ even as he then turns around and ruffles Cas’s hair and stares at him lustfully/lovingly). I need people to remember that Misha likely knows exactly what he’s doing a lot of the time and Jensen does not, necessarily, know.

I need people to pay attention to the fact that Jensen does joke with Misha about ‘Destiel’ (the nomenclature declaring this a ‘slash ship’ like Wincest is important), that he’s cognizant of its existence, but mostly as a joke between bros—‘lol so much homo in this’—and that not only is that disrespectful and homophobic/heterosexist if he has no respect for the possibility of it being canon, of playing Dean as canonically interested in Castiel (though we’ve yet to see him push to make the romantic feelings mutual—another thing I think Jensen knows subconsciously but can’t say out of respect for Dean) but it makes it—like it is with Misha—much harder to figure out where PR coincides with his portrayal of Dean.

‘PR is not showrunning’, as neven-ebrez would say, and I believe her. Watch the show. What Jensen says isn’t important; what Dean does is.

(Unfortunately, some of the stuff I said here I don’t really have sources for; I’ve seen them but I don’t remember where. Feel free to link me?)

anonymous asked:

I can practically see Misha being a little shit and teasing the hell out of Jensen like, "Wow, you really know how to nail a story, don't you? Why ever pussyfoot around a crap trap when we could skip to good bits and be all clear on the fact that I stripped down."

“Well, what did you want me to do, Mish … walk them through the entire thing?” Jensen huffs, leaning on the armrest of the couch.

Misha can’t help but grin, even as he’s rolling his eyes and tossing his hands into the air. “A good storyteller would normally summarize the whole thing, yes … not just skip ahead to a part that wasn’t even the main focus.”

“It was my main focus.”

Obviously … you realize what people are going to think now, don’t you?”

Jensen shrugs, still maintaining a straight face, something that Misha envies to no end. “What they always think, I guess.”

“Exactly!” Misha chirps, practically hopping at the man who is the epitome of cool and collected.

Jensen just arches a brow his way, finally pulling himself up to his feet. “Well … it ain’t like they’re wrong.” Misha is soon being wrapped up in Jensen’s arms, quickly losing hold of the reigns he once had on this whole thing.

“Why are you so care-free now, but as soon as someone asks you about this shit on stage, you turn into a giggling girl with a crush?”

Jensen’s composure cracks ever so slightly, a small twitch to his lips. “Because now, I don’t have to hide anything.” He leans in close to draw the other man in for a kiss– blue eyes fluttering closed before the connection finally breaks among heavy breaths and trembling fingers.

Misha smiles, deciding that he’s probably not going to get anywhere with this subject, so he’ll try to get somewhere else with the help of his tongue. Soon, he’s bending down, pressing kisses and bites all along Jensen’s neck, still chuckling to himself over the man’s screwed up sense of secrecy. “Not like you were really hiding anything then either” Misha mumbles into Jensen’s throat, always needing to have the last word– even if he’s lost the war.

What?” Jensen asks, breathless and hot– no longer the epitome of anything but a mess.

“Nothing … nothing at all.”

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headcanon cockles: misha sending nudes to jensen because it's his birthday

but misha is such a tease he would totally send jensen ridiculous pictures and act like they’re leading up to nudes and jensen would get increasingly more frustrated like damn it mish just show me ur dick already and then misha would stop responding and finally at like 12:01 a.m. he sends jensen the dirtiest most filthiest picture he can manage and there’s a bow on his dick and the caption says “hope you had a good birthday, old man.”