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Misha talks about Jared giving West sugar at JaxCon 2017

😂😂😂 I don’t think uncle Jared has really learnt his lesson… This was at DCcon last year: (x)

Now, Jared’s side of the story:


are you trying to tell me this isn’t what happened?


The Gypsy Camp:  Home of Vampire Emmet Kellsim Jr.

What’s a good Vampire or Werewolf story without a Gypsy Camp? This is the home of my vagabond characters Emmett Kellsim Jr. (the now Vampire Clown), Misha the Dancing bear, and Baba Yaga the Witch. (click on the pictures for hi-res version)

When I moved the camp from Windenburg to Forgotten Hollow and updated it for the new Vampire Game Pack, I wasn’t sure I was going to share it, but since this is a NoCC version of the build I figured what the heck. The build features  2 caravans for Emmett and Baba Yaga and a “cage” for Misha.  It also features the Abandoned Sewer Treatment Plant where Vampire Emmett is hiding out until he’s cured.  I intentionally didn’t share any images of Emmett’s subterranean hideout so it will be a surprise for those who download the lot.

You can find both the build and the Sims in my SimDoughnut gallery while in game.  Just use the hashtags  #gypsy  #caravan # or #emmettkellsimjr. I hope you enjoy the build, and as always, if you use the lot in your game I’d love to see your screenshots.

Have fun :)!

i actually can not confirm or deny whether or not misha has a delicious watermelon cinnamon aroma because while this picture was taken i was justifiably holding my breath out of nerves…. so yeah im THRILLED with my decision to have done a special pose featuring mushy fruit with misha (even though while i was waiting i kept kicking myself for not going in for the traditional misha bear hug). the photo op went by in a blur. i hugged misha awkwardly with one arm as my cinnamon container dug into his back and i was trying really hard to not drip any watermelon juice on his clothes. when i explained that i wanted him to “use his imagination with the watermelon while i pretended to dust his hair with cinnamon” HE LOOKED INCREDIBLY ADORABLY CONFUSED so i added “the internet told me that you smell like watermelon and cinnamon” but i don’t think that clarified anything for him AND THEN THE PHOTO WAS SNAPPED AND I WAS WHISKED AWAY but luckily i had my misha imprinted watermelon to wipe away my tears ($560 on ebay). to wrap things up, im so glad that i will always share this special watermelon memory with misha. best weekend ever

Happy Birthday, Jensen

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 696

Summary: The reader has a special surprise for Jensen today, to celebrate his birthday. 

Happy birthday to our favorite actor, (or second favorite, whichever, I can’t decide between Jared and Jensen)! And congrats to Mark and Sarah Sheppard on their little one! :) Enjoy, everybody!

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Highlights of Misha’s 2016 Houscon appearance

“I flew in [to Houston] with the boys

Misha can’t talk because he’s tired from shooting so late poor bby

“If you’re being supportive of Richard right now please don’t do that”

His daughter had an imaginary (female) friend named Bobby

and apparently Bobby said f*ck

“so i choked her and i killed her” (Maison on Bobby cussing)

West being West just breaking stuff

Misha’s bemusement over new question lottery thing

More questions about pranks with j^2 (”those assholes”)

Misha a crying mass in the corner bc of pranks my smol son

Jared tweezing Brad Creasser’s ears behind the camera during Misha’s dialogue

Fan: “I have a friend…”   Misha: “Congratulations!”

Want to prank your friend? Fill their parent’s car with concrete and drive it into a lake.

“It gets them every time.”

He’s giving out Valentine candy the precious babe afklkksjfkjhfd

He thinks Cassy is a cool name (congrats to all the Cassy’s out there)

“it is kind of fun to have fans. they’ll do whatever you say.”

“S-H-I-T… oh I forgot you guys are old enough to spell. Damn.”

school is only a tiny bit helpful… stay in school ads are BS (true)

“you need to drop out of school immediately” (true)

jk stay in school kids

“Don’t let failure derail you, because you will have lots of it”

His acting mantra: “I SUCK, and I love to fail”

More valentine’s treats he’s so adorable

Plumber’s crack video (YANA)

“I could feel the breeze… I thought it was back. But it was not back. It was crack.”

“I think it is a very nice crack.”

He only shot it once because the kids would only cooperate for 5 minutes

His favorite superhero is The Greatest American Hero

Ftm transgender fan who calls himself Cas!

Who didn’t actually know who Castiel was when he picked his new name

Of course another prank question

Apparently J2M dumped 20 gallons of water on Kim Manners

And they accidentally broke a crew member’s ribs… oops

“I used to have long hair”

When misha was 18 the passport processor checked the “female” box on his passport because of his long hair

Half the con attendees were first-timers

A beautiful fan performed a Random Act for a friend in Misha’s name

and she’s been watching the show for 11 years [12 to 23 years wow]

Other characters Misha has played: Jimmy, fake-Misha, God, Lucifer

“Who doesn’t like throwing stuff at ducks… pain in the asses, aren’t they?”

He had a dog named Bear-Dog when he was younger

Misha spent years believing that the dream he had about his dog chasing a stick into the lake and emerging as a giant black ‘Big Bird’ was real

“This blew my f*cking mind”

“Then i moved to new schools i would tell people that and i had no friends”

my poor bby i’ll be your friend

(shoutout to @the-faerie-circle for helping me out with an error i made (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ)


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