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Co Workers (Part Fourteen)

A/N: Well, here it is lol

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Drunk Y/N, a break up, and a cliff hanger because I can’t help torturing ya’ll.

Word Count: 2.1k

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“We need to get going,” you said as you pulled away from Misha, but he grabbed your arm and spun you back around into him.

“Hey,” he said, “it’s okay now, you know I’ll never treat you that way, right?”

You nodded and reached up to him for a kiss before turning away from him again. You were way too numb for this situation. You should be feeling something. Anything. But you weren’t; and that scared you.

The next day, you woke up earlier than Misha and left before he did, you needed sometime to think about everything yesterday and you needed to do it alone. On set, you got your hair and makeup done quickly and went to your trailer to sit in that cozy chair you liked, and read your script some more. It felt similar to before you and Misha had gotten together.

You were starting to think that maybe you needed to give yourself some healing time. Especially after realizing that your relationship with Andrew wasn’t as good as you thought it was. You were still feeling numb, to everything, and you had no idea why. Misha’s words from yesterday echoed in the back of your mind. Baby girl that’s still abusive. Abusive. You couldn’t get that word out of your mind. You thought about all the times you’d had with Andrew.

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Co Workers (Part Nine)

A/N: Just throwing this out there, I have no idea when this series will end. So I suppose as long as you guys keep reading it, I’ll keep writing it <3

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: 2.1k

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You and Misha were making your way down the hallway, hand in hand, smiling and laughing. You had completely forgotten about the pictures that had been released, it didn’t matter anyhow, the only thing about them that was true was you and Misha. Right as you got to the room where the photo ops were, your phone buzzed in your pocket. You pulled it out of your pocket to see who it was from, not worrying about reading it right now. Your smile fell when you read the name that flashed across the screen. Andrew.

During your photo op, you were able to ignore the fact that you had gotten a text from Andrew. Especially since you deleted right away. You didn’t know what it said, nor did you want to know. You just wanted to enjoy the last day of the convention. Misha had noticed that there was something up with you, though he decided not to ask until later, when you both got back to Vancouver.

The rest of the day went smoothly, the fans were great, the rest of the cast kept telling you that you were a natural with your new found fame. You even had enough confidence to crash a panel. But you were happy when it was time to fly back to Vancouver. You hadn’t thought about it until now, but technically Vancouver was your home. Sure, you had your family back in Missouri, where you were originally from, but you now that you were twenty-four, you didn’t really consider your parents’ house your home anymore.

The flight back was long and quiet. You and Misha had company in first class this time, so there was no fooling around in the bathroom. The cast was teasing you about that as well. They kept saying hey guys, the bathrooms open! And no really, we don’t mind! You sunk further down into your seat with every joke that popped up. The photo that had been released had been dealt with, and now you were going to get teased for the entire time you were on the show.

You and Misha had decided to stay in your own apartments for the night, you were both really tired and needed to be up for filming in the morning, which wouldn’t happen if you stayed the night together; but apparently it wasn’t going to happen with you in bed alone either. You had gotten used to Misha being in bed with you the last few nights, and as you tossed and turned in your bed you decided to text him, maybe he’d still be up too.

Y/N: Are you still up?

You sat up as you waited for a text back. You looked around at your small bedroom, thinking about how comfy it was. Maybe you’d live here full time. Maybe Misha would want to live here with you. Your heart stopped a little at the thought. Everything was great with Misha. He had gotten Renee to the hospital with the help of her family a couple of hours before you flew home, and he was feeling much better now that, that weight was lifted. Your phone finally went off.

Misha: Yep. What’s up?

Y/N: I can’t sleep, wanna join me down here?

You waited again, this time laying back down and just staring at your ceiling, the thoughts of Andrew’s text message creeping into your head. What did he want? He had told you to never contact him again, so why was he contacting you? He hadn’t tried texting you again, so you were able to push the thoughts out of your head again just in time to hear a knock at the door. You jumped up and looked through the peep hole. You excitedly opened the door for Misha and welcomed him in by jumping up into his arms, and wrapping your legs around his waist.

“Miss me that much in just a couple of hours?” he asked you before kissing you.

Mhmm was all you could get out as you were too busy kissing him. He kicked your door closed and walked with you in his arms to your bed. He’d been here for less than a minute and you’d already decided that this was one of your favorite moments with him. It was simple, and he felt like home.

He laid you down and he crawled in bed next to you, you two laying on your sides facing each other in silence. You loved just looking into his eyes, you never quite understood how someone could have eyes that were so blue.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are yet?” Misha said, breaking the silence.

“A few times, yeah,” You blushed while you giggled, he never stopped giving you butterflies. “And have I ever told you that I’m glad you came into my life?” He smiled at you, that big, full of life smile that you loved.

“You haven’t actually told me that yet, but I’m glad you have now.” You scooted closer to him to kissed him and he wrapped an arm around you. When you pulled back the two of you talked until you both fell asleep. You were happy that the conversation still flowed easily, and you were happy that you were here in his arms

The next morning you sat up quickly, realizing that the sun was out, and you weren’t at work.

“Misha!” you shook him awake, he didn’t come to quite easily as you had. “Misha it’s-” You looked at your phone noticing the many missed calls you had- “Misha it’s eleven!”

He sat up just as quickly as you did.

“Shit.” He said, “Come on, we gotta go.” you both jumped up and rushed out the door, not even bothering to change out of your pajamas. You both jumped into his car and he raced to set. You called everyone back that had called wondering where the two of you were, luckily they were able to work on the scenes that you and Misha weren’t in.

“We’re not like, gonna get in trouble are we?” You asked Misha as he drove to set.

“No, they’re just probably not gonna be very happy with us for the day.” He said reassuringly, putting his hand on your knee. You were getting ready to say something when your phone rang. It was your mom. You hadn’t talked to her since you’d moved to Vancouver, so you figured you’d better answer.

“Hey mom.” You shot Misha a be good look. You still hadn’t told her about you and Misha, or that you and Andrew had even broken up.

“Hi honey! What are you up to?”

“I’m on my way to work, I overslept so I’m just now on my way.” You and your mom talked for the entire car ride to set. She had called wondering if you’d be coming home next weekend for your dad’s birthday, since you didn’t go home for Christmas or New Year’s. You told her you would, which brought you to explaining that you had broken up with Andrew, sparing the details of why you broke up. You weren’t even going to tell her that you were dating anyone, but she’d figured it out. You didn’t tell her it was Misha though; and somehow, even though she didn’t know who, she convinced you to bring him home with you. You said your goodbyes when Misha parked the car. And you hopped out, you and Misha both making your way to makeup.

“So, I’m meeting your family next weekend?” He asked you.

“Well since you’ve figured it out I guess I don’t have to explain it to you.” You laughed.

“Do they know who your boyfriend is?”

“Uh..no.” You said nervously, watching the ground as you continued to walk. He put his arm around you and kissed your head.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”  He assured you.

When you got to makeup you were immediately pulled apart and into chairs, you guys were really late. Someone from wardrobe actually came to escort you guys to the wardrobe trailer to ensure that neither of you would make stops along the way. You were rushed straight to set to begin filming. Neither of you had hardly gone over your lines, so there were a lot of screw ups and a lots shit, sorry’s coming from you.

At the end of the day, when you were all given the okay to go home, you were relieved. You instead went straight to your trailer to read your script. Your stomach was still in knots from messing up so much today. Even though everyone assured you that it was okay, and that it happens to everyone, you couldn’t stop kicking yourself over it.  You looked up from your script when you heard Misha walking in.

“You could always do this in my trailer you know, it’s a little bigger over there.” He said, he had his hands in his pockets. He still hadn’t changed out of Cas’ clothes.

“I don’t mind it over here-” you shrugged- “it’s cozy, comforting.” You sat your script down and looked up at Misha, smiling.

“Have I ever told you how sexy Castiel is?” You said, shifting in your seat. Misha raised an eyebrow at you, and walked towards you. You stood up and met him in the middle of your trailer. You pulled him down to you by his tie and kissed him. You pulled away from him a little bit after a moment, “I’ve actually been wanting to get my hands on him for a long time.”

Misha smiled at you, while putting his hands on your hips and playing a long.

“I think we may be able to arrange something.” He said using his Castiel voice. You smiled as your hands came up and slipped his trench coat off, then his jacket. You gripped onto the sleeves of his shirt and sat him down on your small couch. He began to loosen his tie as you slipped out of your pyjama pants that you had just put back on minutes before Misha walked into your trailer.

“Take your shirt off too, angel.” you said as you slipped off your shirt and panties, double checking that your door was locked. You knelt down to undo Misha’s pants as he finished unbuttoning his shirt. You wanted to spare the lecture you would get if you ruined a perfectly good set of clothes. He pushed himself up slightly so you could pull his pants down, him finishing up taking his shirt off.

“So-” you said as you straddled him- “do you do this for all of your fangirls?”

“Just you.” He said in his Castiel voice once again. You reached down and guided his erection to your entrance while holding onto his shoulder with your other hand, wasting no time sinking down onto him.

“Y/N” he groaned once he was fully seated inside of you, he gripped your hips tightly as you began to move up and down slowly. Misha began to guide you by your hips to encourage you to move faster, only you stopped him so that you could grind down onto him, making his cock to penetrate you even deeper, causing him to throw his head back and dig his fingers into your hips. You slowly raised yourself up enough so that just his head was inside of you. You made eye contact with him before you dropped yourself down onto him hard enough for him moan louder than you were for a moment. You continued with the slow, deep grinding until you felt yourself close to the edge. When he realized this be began to thrust upwards into you, you leaned back enough to support yourself on his knees as he circled his thumb around your clit. His thrusts became faster and faster until your orgasm ripped through you. A few thrusts later he followed and began shaking underneath you, his cock twitching inside of you as he spilled out into you.

You fell forward onto him while he was still inside of you.

“So, you wanna go home and do that again?” He asked you, your head resting on his shoulder.

“I would, but I think we’d be late for work again tomorrow.”

“There’s a bed in my trailer..” He trailed off, lifting you to sit back up. You smiled and nodded. You climbed off of him to clean up a little and put on enough clothes to make the walk over to Misha’s trailer. You knew this was going to be a good night.

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