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From:  Misha Collins on “Larry King Now” - Full Episode Available in the U.S. on Ora.TV
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Daily dose of Misha

1. Oh… some tongue-lip action and the smile
2. Please imagine you are every word he is vocalizing, look how carefully he tastes every part of you to say you out loud. Just look at his lips, is mesmerizing.
3.  tiny glimpse of the Dom!Misha  eyebrow  and the mouth twitch thingy.

You are welcome.

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anonymous asked:

you know how cas' hair never turns gray cause hes an angel / they make misha dye it. what if the last season in the last few episodes, they let misha grow it out and its the starting point of cas giving up being an angel to be with dean. dean: cas i think you age is finally showing. cas: *touches his hair and smiles* yeah, thats what happens. dean: i thought angels dont age in their vessels? cas: they dont. dean: *is quiet* cas: im not an angel anymore. i want to be here, with you

anonymous asked:

im just going to confess something here: i love when misha or jensen starts a joke and then the other one finishes it, in a way. i don't know if you get me? thanks for reading this tho :)

Oooh no – I get you! And I love it too!

Like when one says something snarky,  so the other plays right along …

Or when they tell that same damn story a million FUCKING times, and the other always has to give a performance just so we all know what they’re talking about …  never realizing that YES, WE ALWAYS KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!

Or when they just forget that other people are around at all …

Or when they take turns telling the same story, finding new ways to tease each other as they go …

Or when they use props to help make a joke …

Or the times that you’re pretty sure they scripted something– just for an easy laugh …

Or when they actually have a script right in front of them,  but they both get the same idea on how to make it funnier …

But most of all,  I love the times when it’s obvious that they know the other so damn well,  that they don’t even have to be making eye contact in order to make us crack up…

So yeah,  Nonny– I totally get you.


I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Five

Summary: You come back to set after your time with the Padaleckis, and things are strained when your working patterns clash with Jared. Things go downhill when you start to feel sick on set.
Words: 3.1k
Jared x Reader, (mentioned Jared x Reader x Gen), Misha, Jensen
Warnings: angst central, nausea 
Betas: my girls @ruined-by-destiel and @blacksiren
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The rest of your time in Austin was more of the same.

Most of the days were spent with the Ackles’ - Jared and Jensen weren’t lying when they said they spent most of their downtime together - pictures being snapped by Danneel and Genevieve at random intervals.

The nights were spent wrapped up in Jared and Gen, having the best sex of your life.

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