misha is my princess


Misha: Good morning princess did you sleep well ?

Kayla: Yes dada !

Misha: You know you are going to be a big sister soon :)

Kayla: Big sista ?

Misha: Yes :) Isn’t that exciting ?

Kayla: No !

Misha: No ? And why not ?

Kayla:: Me not like babies >:(

Misha: But you are a baby as well….

Kayla: Am not !

Misha: You are not ? And what are you then ?

Kayla: A plincezz !

Misha: Oh yes of course what was i thinking. Come on your majesty it’s time for you to take a bath…

Kayla: *Giggles*

Misha HousCon 2017 Panel Summary

Misha just came on stage and everyone held up #IwishForThis signs and he said he was going to cry.

He’s wearing a #IwishforThis button.

About Cas’ speech in first blood: Misha said he was really tired, had been up all night, and the pain in cas’ face was his real pain. Cas‘ scene was true heroism and Misha was excited to play a big scene like that.

Misha on that emotional end scene in first blood: “Well I had to fart.”

Misha made up his favourite line: „He who hesitates disintegrates“. Other fave is „I learned that from the pizza guy.“

Misha worked as a pizza delivery man.

His kids love pineapple pizza.

Misha says as the person who knows him the best, he can say Cas is always trying to do the right thing.

Is anything ever going to work out for Cas. Misha: “Spoiler. No.” Nothing will ever turn out right for Cas despite his best intentions.

Misha’s response to torture on set is laughter.

When SPN wraps Misha will be in assisted living. And he doesn’t know when that will be and what he’ll do.

Misha says that Jared is the girliest on the cast. “He has the longest hair and the largest breasts, so…”

Misha’s favourite thing to do in the entire world: “I’m not supposed to talk about that.”

Misha thinks we need more listening and less talking in this country

Misha wants to do politics and then maybe architect and now he doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up.

Misha says he’s a terrible knitter. But he can make a pair of socks.

Misha had a terrible time at college. So, he took a year off and came back energized. His tips for college: Take a year off.

“Trying to make lemons out of lemonade”

If Misha could be a Disney princess, he would be Snow White. He says to a young fan: “Let’s run away and be Disney Princesses together!”

Misha: “At one new school my mom sent me in cowboy boots and pink tights. Which I thought was awesome”

Misha “I am shy and introverted. But I’m in an environment that forces me out of it”

“Enjoy where you are now. Being shy gives you a chance to have a fertile imagination.”

Misha once carried a huge burlap bag of yarn, which he was planning to sell, from Nepal all across the world – on his head. People were like, put it down man, and he was like “No, we’re gonna make a million dollars. When he got home he was full of sticks and dung.

Misha: “Jared and I were good at words with friends. We bet $10 a point and he blew me out of the water. When I finished weeping I dumped what I owed in his trailer. In nickels and pennies.

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