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Do you know why Misha was homeless for a while with his mom and brother? i always thought he might have been abandoned by his dad. Or did his dad not have the means to support them? it looks like they have a really good relationship now (or did they make up?)

That’s a very observant question, but I don’t want to spend too much time speculating about his parents because they’re private figures. I don’t think that they deserve to have their personal lives examined just because they’re related to someone who got famous.

Misha’s parents did split up when he and his younger brother were very young (Misha was 3 or 4). At DCon 2014, Misha said that he and his brother would take the bus to visit his dad every other weekend, and at NJCon 2013, he introduced his younger half-sister from his dad’s second marriage and described spending time with them when they were growing up. So no, his dad didn’t abandon them.

About being homeless, in a 2010 interview with TV of the Absurd about Random Acts’ involvement in Haiti, Misha said, “I have an amazing mother, but when I was growing up she didn’t always have a tremendous amount of material resources at her disposal. We were on welfare and very poor for some time and we were homeless for a while.” On Girl on Guy, Aisha Tyler’s podcast, in 2013, he said, “We were occasionally evicted, and often didn’t have money for rent. Me, my mom and my brother, and usually at least one dog.”

In 2008, he told Every Joe that his house burned down when he was in high school (which eventually lead to his mother building the Center for Cultural Evolution, which is now affiliated with Random Acts). And at JIBcon 2011, he mentioned spending the night in jail with his mom once because she had a warrant open for something, which was probably financial related - like she had a warrant out because she failed to pay a traffic ticket or bounced a check.

And yeah, Misha seems to have a healthy relationship with both his dad and his mom at the present time. He did a sing-along with his dad during the 2014 Christmas livestream, and he brought his mom onstage at AHBL Melbourne 2012.  So … I don’t know all the details, but everything’s cool now.

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Wow. Who knew the answer to my sadness/blah mood was an abundance of cockles grossness on your blog. ^-^


99.9% of Cockles shippers ARE ALL ABOUT ALL THE LOVE. We just celebrate it all.

**Danneel flirting with Misha on Twitter?

WE BE LIKE: “OMG Danneel is so hot and awesome and sexy and beautiful and funny and sweet. See how much she loves Misha?”

**Jensen taking hot selfies with Danneel’s BF Elisabeth?

WE BE LIKE: “OMG Elisabeth is so beautiful and hot and Jensen clearly loves her. I wonder if he enjoys watching her make out with his wife?”

**Misha traveling to Haiti with one of Jensen’s BFs, Jason?

WE BE LIKE: “OMG Jason is so hot and talented and such good friends with Jensen and wow he clearly loves Misha. I wonder if Jensen’s at all jealous or if it just makes him super happy to see the people he loves also loving on Misha?”

**Jensen taking JJ out in public wrapped in West’s old baby blanket? Jensen sharing stories about West taking his first steps at the Ackles home and peeing in their bushes? Misha talking about his kids playing with JJ and JJ sleeping through it all? Misha talking about West almost drowning in the pool in Jensen’s backyard?

WE BE LIKE: “OMG the adorableness is too much. The wives clearly love each other for the families to hang out like this and I wonder if they do 4somes? Quick! Gimme all the domestic fluffy JMDV fics!”

**Vicki writes a book about threesomes and polyamory and how hot the sex with Misha is?

WE BE LIKE: “OMG I hope they’re having all the sex. All of it. With Philip and Jason and Jensen and Danneel and Elisabeth and Rob and all the sexy people.”


And it’s awesome and happy.

And then, of course, there’s Jensen and Misha and all their flirting…

But seriously could you imagine Misha and Ellen DeGeneres joining forces? OMG that would be so unbelievably cool. Like if Ellen got a GISH team together and made it part of her show? God these are things I want.