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Supernatural 007 [AU]

  • Misha Collins
  • Jared Padalecki
  • Jensen Ackles

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January 27


Heat of the Moment by @casownsmyass
   A case brings Dean and Sam back to a town where Dean met his high school sweetheart.  Crossing his fingers that he’ll see her again, he goes to a local bar.  What will happen if he does see her again?

Raspberry by @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms
   A tickle fight with Dean leads somewhere much more fun.

Rumor Has It by @manawhaat and @mrswhozeewhatsis
   Rumors had been spread through the fandom about Jensen and Misha and their convention activities, and behind the doors of a penthouse suite, you learned the truth.

Frisk Me by @rizlow1
   You’re a cop, in hot pursuit of a murderer, and guess who crosses your path?

It’s My Business, Sweetheart by @ruby-loves-supernatural
   The reader is upset that Dean doesn’t notice her, Sam makes her feel better.


Adventures in Dating by @chelsea072498
   Dean meets a woman online, their first date does not go as planned

The Specialty by @imagineteamfreewill
   It’s your birthday and you decide to go get a drink at your normal bar before spending the rest of your night relaxing. The bartender, however, isn’t the usual man, and it gives your night an unexpected thrill.

Prank Wars 2K15 by @mrs-squirrel-chester and @mrs-moose-chester
  Remember when Dean pranked Sam in 10x17? This is how we thought Sam would have paid Dean back. (Not fluffy, but funny.)


Never Say Goodbye by @a-screaming-ghost
  Daddy!Dean and daughter!reader through the years.  Mix of fluff and angst - so good!

Not Losing You by @angelkurenai
   When you get injured on set, Jensen is upset.

Just Give Me a Reason by @girl-next-door-writes
   You agree to help your friend, neighbor and long time crush, Dean get a coveted promotion by attending his bosses Christmas party as his wife.  What could possibly go wrong?


Raindrop Series by @67chevy-imagine
  The reader meets Sam and Dean on a hunt and joins them.

Out of the Park by @iwantthedean
  Jensen Ackles was a star player in the MLB, until a cheap move by a base-runner landed him on the DL. Always arrogant and slightly cranky anyway, his new assignment as coach for one of the women’s baseball teams is not an idea he is fond of.  Y/N has been playing baseball all her life, and ends up on Jensen’s team.

And He Wished Upon a Star by SPNxBookworm on AO3
   In an ugly world ruled by demons where humans are enslaved and hunted and killed, Dean must find his way through blood, loss and power. In this journey he realises that whether eternal or ephemeral, beauty can be found anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes it’s in the laughter of his brother and sometimes in the warmth of his father’s eyes. Other times, Dean remembers his mother, and how she always told him that all his wishes could come true one day, if he just thought of it hard enough. Eventually when everything starts to crumble beneath his feet, Dean is forced into a desperate fight to keep his family together. And in this journey he finds another thing that he never expected to: love in the arms of an angel.

Black Dog by @theychosefamily67
  Sam and Dean rescue a young woman, but who is she?

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it sure as heck wasn’t purchased by Misha himself, Mr. Blowjob Shirt, Mr. Flamingo Shirt, Mr. Weird Sweaters, Mr. Mismatched Suits, Mr. Maybe-Probably-Borrowed Suits, and Mr. Shirts With Holes In

I don’t think there’s many people Misha knows who would spend that amount of money on making him look pretty (at least, anyone whose lavish gift Misha would accept to wear specifically for JIBcon), and we know Jensen does take Misha shopping and cares a lot about what Misha wears and how he looks, and Misha always looks suspiciously good whenever Jensen is around.

……….but jesus fucking christ why the fricketty frack would anyone buy a $978 jacket???? who would do that??? I know, I know, RICH PEOPLE. seriously though, once you go above maybe $200 or $250 I don’t think it’s possible to find a significant increase in quality or tailored fit (or humane material acquisition and/or labour) so at the point something costs a _ t h o u s a n d _ d o l l a r s _ you’re basically just paying for the label

people who Misha knows with a lot of money who would pay for a label: Jensen