misha in 24

Things that will make you go blind

Misha Taking off his shirt:

Misha with long blonde hair

Misha having hips that don’t fucking lie

Misha being inappropriate in public

Misha Collins being inappropriate on screen

Jogging booty

Misha Collins wearing this outfit

And this one

Castiel being a cute, untrusting, squinty angel butt

Misha Collins shipping it so fucking hard

And having the bluest blue to ever blue

Basically don’t ever look at Misha Collins. It’s a trap.

do you ever want to cry because of how kind-hearted and selfless misha is? or because of how much of himself and his time he devotes to doing good and making a difference in whatever way he can? or how about how he doesn’t want to be thanked or considered a hero because he genuinely doesn’t think he’s doing anything out of ordinary? he’s too fucking good and he makes me want to be a better person every god damn day.

  • me: *lowkey wants to change my icon to something not jared/sam*
  • me: *instantly feels like a cheat*
  • me: *changes to another jared icon instead*
  • me: yes good

I am running around SDCC and some guy comes up to me when I’m looking away and asks if he can take a photo with me.  I start to say “of course!” and realize it’s Misha Collins.  What comes out is a very garbled “Oh my god.”  I was (I think) super cool in his photos and stayed in character for the pics, but when his bodyguard had my phone for photos, I let my true emotions show.  You’ll note the first two photos are blurry, I’m not sure if that’s the bodyguard’s fault or the fact that I was so excited my vibrations threw off the auto focus.

Best of SeaCon - Day 2

1) Mark Pellegrino continues to fucking be amazing at his panels. Plus, he seemed happier here than at BurCon (which was, like, four days after the election, so… Understandable). His entire panel was amazing.

2) Jim Beaver is fucking awesome. “John was not a bad dad but…” Fan: “But Bobby’s better!” Jim: “Well, there you go.”

3)Jim’s favorite line: “Get off my property before I shoot you so full of rock salt you crap margaritas.” Claims it’s worthy of F. Scott Fitzgerald

4) Met @evansrogerskitten and she’s motherfucking adorable

5) The trend of meeting people from Tumblr who geek out over @saxxxology then turn to me like “And who are you?” continues. I’m not bitter, because I didn’t expect anyone to know me and I just feel bad that everyone looks so sorry they don’t know me. I’m no one and Saxxy is the shit. It’s cool. xD

6) Jim Beaver ships Bobby/Mary way more than Crobby

7) On what it was like going from serving in the military to becoming an actor: “Better.”

8) Bobby’s signature weapon in the zombie apocalypse would be himself.

9) I hugged the shit out of @kayteonline and it was glorious.

10) Crobby kiss

11) Literally every word out of Mark Sheppard’s mouth IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL

12) @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid began her campaign to get our asses to PHX Con


14) I made Saxxy regret our friendship at least, like, twice

15) Rob: “She gave me gold TP, and it made my bottom gold.” Rich: “PROVE IT!”

16) Rich and Matt whispering “evil” and “human” and “Robbie” in Rob’s ears like they’re horror movie whispers

17) Rob wants Tim Omundson to play Jesus and Rich has a spot on Tim O. impression

18) Fan: “How do you sing all weekend without losing your voice?” Rob: “Lotta drugs.”

19) Matt was born with a rhythmless crotch

20) #DickChat

21) Matt Cohen: “A bag of Dick’s is better than a bag of White Castle.”

22) Rob is trying to kiss every one of his friend’s wives

23) What even are the R2M panel questions…? “I’m a cat and cats are better”?! What…??

24) Misha appeared during R2M’s retelling of the flight from hell story, confused af but going along with it

25) Vicki, West, and Maison were three feet from me and SO FUCKING ADORABLE OHSBSKVDNS

25) Maison: “No, nope I’m gonna grow up and then I’m gonna die!!”

26) Maison left the moment Misha started talking about Trump, then West ran up on stage and said hi. I’m dying

27) Misha announced that next year’s winning team for GISHWHES is going to a sweet Motel 6 in Delaware

28) Misha’s OTP is Wincest (I vomited)

29) Misha trying to mime a BJ without his kids seeing

30) The other angels undermined Misha trying to make angels look cool and stern and badass and just made Cas “a weirdo”

31) Cas raised Sam from perdition by lubing up his fingers and sticking them up Sam’s ass

32) Misha’s yam a minute story

gay-street-deactivated20170925  asked:


Okay, since a lot of people seem v curious abt what happened, I’m gonna give a full account for the first (and last) time:

I first learned about @froekenpest through Tumblr. I was a huge (and distant) fan of her art, and I finally snapped and send her this ask gushing abt how much I loved her and her art, and wrote her a piece about this rimming nsfw artwork on her sideblog @froekensynd. That escalated and I wrote two more things. Anyway, we didn’t really talk yet, we were just distant mutuals (an admiring one from my part.)

Then the drarry groupchat on discord happened.

Of course there was already a groupchat I’d created in December, but that was a close, tight group (you were a part of that Penni but ofc u know that) but Suha, @dr-aco took it to discord and abt a 100 other people joined (which is amazing!!)

After a few weeks Misha (froekenpest) joined, and we all freaked out (none more than me) and I tried so so so insanely hard to be cool (though that resulted in Never Have I Ever with me being drunk on the roof and throwing a 43 bottle into the water but - yeah anyway we bonded. Drunk chatting will do that, apparently.) We started talking in private more and more, especially because we were speculating about doing an Iliad!au drarry collaboration, and we had to start up the project, which was a very nice excuse to talk to Misha 24/7, an excuse I abused v much. (Sorry not sorry.)

We started flirting more, on my side because I was insanely attracted to her (c’mon, she’s beautiful, funny, talented, what else do you want) ((but I didn’t realize how much I liked her until later oops)) and on her side bc… well, idk. I guess she was attracted too, for whatever inexplicable reason. 

But we never took it further than flirting because I thought she was way out of my league (c’mon, she’s bloody froekenpest and i’m just sappypotter) and she because she thought I was taken (I wasn’t.) 

Tumblr anons hinting at us being fem!drarry, or giving us a shipname didn’t exactly help to tone down my pining lol.

Then my parents and lil sister went away for a trip to Scotland, and I was all alone for a week, I drank a bit of wine after work, cycled home, chatted with her with my tipsy af mind, and it sort of… escalated. She had to run home, I dove into bed and things got v nsfw v quickly. 

The morning after we talked, and decided to make it official - from that moment it all went pretty quick, and I fell deep and hard. I guess it had been a long time coming, bc literally no one was surprised when we told them, haha. But anyway, I still can’t believe it, I’m floating abt one foot above the ground 24/7 with a stupid big smile plastered to my face. We’re gonna do long-distance, and we can make it, bc we’re both stubborn fucks and stupidly in love.

The end! (or the beginning, depends how you look at it.)