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Omg where does it say west took his first steps in Jensen house and how jaded notices jensens misha laugh I NEED to see it for professional reasons obviously

someone who was at asylum 7 said that misha said it at the coffee lounge (like a m&g)

‘Misha told a story about West taking his first steps in Jensen’s garden and falling head first into his pool. Problem is: he fell onto a step and hit his head pretty hard (Misha: „It’s weird but somehow seeing your kid drifting in the water with a huge bump on its head, slowly sinking underwater is something a parent doesn’t like to see.“)’ [x]

and i think the laugh thing is in reference to burcon 2013 but i’m sure there are other instances too

aka when misha came out, jensen did this: (for literally no reason lmao nothing funny had happened)

and jared was like

So, I never really figured I’d be sharing this story on tumblr, but after Destielcon I figured I would.

This picture was taken at Chicon 2013 at the end of Misha’s M&G, so this story is kind of old. (My apologies for the shitty quality, it was a cellphone pic). 

Chicon 2013 took place 3 days after the airing of 9.03 (not coincidentally, at the time this picture was taken I had neither eaten nor drunk a single thing for three days and was exhausted from more or less continuous crying), so my memory of the M&G is far from perfect.

Here, though, is what I remember.

At this M&G, Misha and I talked about asexuality.

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Hi,Sera,I really love your blog and you:) You’re so nice and your analyses are very logical, I enjoy your blog very much, thank you. I watched 2012 vancon J2 Sunday panel, a fan asked them what character they have empathy with more than they play, I noticed that when Jensen answered Cas, Jared’s face changed, that was very subtle, then Jensen noticed that he explained SAM is the first choice.

So I want to talk about Misha in Js relationship, I think Misha is a PR strategy to promo the show, Jen and M or Jay and M (or dexxxxl whatever) are to satisfy the different fans, but sometimes it’s too intentional and too much over, and that make me uncomfortable. I think J2 are also tired of that, maybe they get along with M not as well as we “KNOW”, even though I don’t have some proofs. And what do you think about this?

Finally, I feel a little sad, Jared could kiss M, Jensen could kiss M, but J2 cant kiss each other in public, fake relationships can be shown without strain, but the real relationship have to be hidden, even I know hiding maybe is protection. And thank you for reading my ask, and excuse my poor English. Have a good weekend bisoussss :)

Hello, dear anon!

Allow me to apologize for taking such a long time with responding to you. I’ve had to ponder on what to say on this subject, seeing as how mentioning Misha seems to always bring negative attention my way. Anyway, this is a relevant topic of conversation considering the nature of my blog, so let’s delve into it!

I think Misha is a PR strategy to promo the show 

Absolutely, my friend. I think this is the case. I don’t think he was brought on for the specific purpose, but the potential must’ve been seen early on. Misha’s ability to talk to the fandom probably affected the choice to keep him and his character as series regulars for so long. I was not a part of the fandom back in season 4, so I can’t say how successfully he drew attention away from the real life relationship of our J’s, but it seems to be working now.

Consider this: season 4 introduced Misha, G and Clif (got promoted) to the SPN family. All of them are distracting the fans from finding out the truth about the J’s. Misha is paired with Jensen in one part of the fandom (encouraged by Misha, probably endorsed by TPTB), Jared is (legally) paired with G and Clif polices (policed? not that much anymore) the fans and oversees that things don’t get too gay when the J’s are out and about together. The holy trinity of bearding, if you will.

I think J2 are also tired of that, maybe they get along with M not as well as we “KNOW”, even though I don’t have some proofs. And what do you think about this? 

Oh gosh, this is where it gets hard. I do detect an annoyed vibe from them occasionally when someone mentions Misha, but I can’t really figure out the dynamics of their relationship. When you watch the Mishalecki panel from last year’s Jib con, everything looks fine, doesn’t it? And Jensen + Misha panels don’t look that bad either. But the things they say about each other can really throw me at times. Like how Misha basically called Jared talentless at this year’s Asylum, for the second time?

Human relationships are more complex than simple like and dislike, though. I’ve read and seen a good many things that speak for Misha being a supportive friend to the J’s and just as many things that speak against it. Perhaps their relationship fluctuates between getting along great and not getting along at all. Do you have that one friend that annoys the living hell out of you and makes you angry, but you forgive them after a while and give them a new chance? Perhaps that’s Misha to the J’s and Jared or Jensen to Misha, who knows? I hope they all get along - working in a friendly enviroment is so important.

And finally, yeah, it’s such a shame how we don’t get to witness the J’s giving each other little pecks on the cheek. Jared did say that he does it “all the time.” I guess they just don’t feel safe enough to show that to us, seeing as how it might be a little too real. I’m sure they could pull it off as a joke, but they don’t seem willing to risk it. I actually made a little post about this a long time ago, here.

Still, we don’t actually need them to kiss in public, do we? There are mountains of suspicious little puzzle pieces that suggest they are a couple, and them not kissing might as well be one of those. Their deep affection to each other is apparent in everything they do.

Oops, this got pretty long, I apologize. Thank you for sending me your support, sweet anon! It means the world to me to know that my words resonate with someone! I hope the rest of your week goes by smoothly!

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A Jensen and Misha photo op journey:

Finally - and rarely - think of something to do in a photo op. Prep the props. Get into photo op line.Think about ditching props. Think ‘what the hell, you can only politely ask’.

Finally reach front of the line, facing Jensen and Misha and - showing said props - politely ask… giving a total 'it’s seriously not a prob if you don’t want to do it’ out. Realise that Jensen hasn’t quite worked out what said props are saying yet *g* (in those, granted/with all dues, rushed few moments you get to explain your 'photo op request’.)  Get a 'no, no, it’s all good’ from Jensen and Misha. And an added 'it won’t work if you don’t turn around’ from Misha. (smartass *g* )

Photo taken.

Wander away wondering how it will turn out and if the laughter from some in the room was a good or a bad thing. *g*

Autographs: Take a moment to say thanks to Jensen for being okay to do the photo op. Receive a genuine smile and - with his hand placed on his heart - 'it was totally okay… you know, we addressed it in the 200th, it’s out there, it’s all good’.

Receive another smile. Say thank you. Walk away happy.

The End.

P.S. Pick up photo - wish you hadn’t grinned like a loon. Realise you probably couldn’t have stopped yourself anyway. *g*

Note: Would appreciate if the watermark was not removed. Thank you. :-)